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July 2018

Tuesday July 31, 2018

World's Smallest Cam Drone - Boing Boing

Cameras At the Radio Station - 180731_2:42 PM CDT
Security. That's how cams prove useful here at KDX. We are continuously refining our capacity to see around the campus and a small camera drone could do the rounds. In the meanwhile it is Carl Blare who does foot patrols several times daily.
Monday July 30, 2018

Roy Moore Detected - "Who Is America"
Sacha Baron Cohen
Sunday July 29, 2018

Global Heating - 180729_3:45 PM CDT
Fires out of control are eating away at the world's trees and eliminating houses and towns with a death count. Those who find themselves out of harm's way are inclined to go shopping, as I just learned on a trip to the Walmart Grocery Store, and I will say the real problem is overpopulation still being prodded and prompted by the Church.

Defining "church" is a field of study at theology schools whose teachings vary according to denomination and periodic encyclicals which are religion's way of evolving artificially.

By small oversight (that is, by way of overlooking or ignoring a point) the definition of "denomination" goes usually undiscussed, but it means "to name". So, by denomination I have been membered as a Catholic and later as Lutheran, although I contend the 1st Amendment (U.S.Constitution) would allow me to freely be both, which I do from time to time.

Deceptions are creative territories when you consider that "non-denominational" churches are still what? They are religious and churchish, also being named, as required by the secretarys of state throughout the Union. A truly non-denominational church would not have any name whatsoever, not be religious, nor claim to be a church.

Anyway, the serious climate problem is consuming what there is of earthly life and as I see it the real problem is over-population which brings us back to church.

The religions forbid contraception and abortion, thereby forcing reproduction upon trusting believers who've been Shanghied into accepting nonsense in place of knowledge, given its (nonsense's) snack-food-like fairy-story simplicity.

As I surveyed the ambling families in pursuit of consumer goods in the store aisles I realized that while they'll be accused of arson and later famine, it's really the churches who are culprit in ending the world.

Language Uniting and Dividing - 180729_9:09 AM CDT
An authoritarian white nationalist recently said to me that citizens of the United States of America should be required to speak Standard English as the one official language. Never mind the fact that this person's understanding of his one language is so narrow that whole concepts normally expressable in English are foreign to him.

In the world there are thousands of languages and many countries commonly speak several of them, such as Switzerland with four official languages.

The field of broadcasting encounters language considerations whenever cross-border or internal enclaves are being serviced, for example the Voice of America (VOA) sends programs in about 42 languages, varying as target audiences are added or discontinued.
Friday July 27, 2018

"History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true."
 - A. Tolstoy

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."
- Oscar Wilde

When we're young we're very stupid. As we age we get better at it.
- Carl Blare 170116
Wednesday July 25, 2018

If the sun burns but there's no one there to hear it is there a sound?
Solar Sonification - 180725_9:52 PM CDT

Tuesday July 24, 2018_8:12 AM CDT

Film Noir is a Place of Mind - 180724_5:32 PM CDT
Even radio station operators spend time pursuing other interests, and one of ours is viewing a daily "film noir" movie. These are normally films shot in the late 30s, throughout the 40s, and into the 50s whose black and white gray-scale shading and moodish scenarios give them that "noir" look.

Are you following me so far?

Scriptually the noirs vascellate between juvenile and brilliant, something ascertained along the line while the spools feed through the projector.

Technically these films are a product of lighting, camera angles, actor's quirks and monaural sound captured in mysterious ways with unseen microphones.

Radio plays a part in many of the movies because radio was riding high as a direct competitor to theatre attendance in those days, and many performers crossed over between the two mediums.

So it comes to be wondered whether there is an audio version of the film noir atmosphere that would apply to radio broadcasting; I almost ended the sentence with a question mark.

Audio has a way of standing on its own because it under-passes cameras, lights, and color spectrums direct to brain, long known as "theater of the mind".

The book length version of all this no doubt resides on the shelf of a used bookstore.


Cary Grant on the Low Power Hour - 080724_4:57 PM CDT
By special request
Low Power Hour # 81

Small Pence
Monday July 23, 2018

The Internet is Sinking - 180723_6 PM CDT

5G Rollout - 180723_5:06 PM CDT
Sunday July 22, 2018

Streamers Who Broadcast to No One - 180722_8:40 AM CDT
Saturday July 21, 2018

ICE is ISIS - Michelle Wolf - 180721_3:15 PM CDT
Friday July 20, 2018

A Song We Could Get Behind - 180720_6:56 PM CDT
Please Take My Scissors Away
Wednesday July 18, 2018

Aldi in a New Light - 180718_4:45 PM CDT
The German owned grocery chain Aldi is not the cheap low-end store many think it is. I learned this only earlier upon encountering an article explaining the astounding story of how Aldi is unique among grocery outlets. So, wouldn't it be great right now to link to that article so you can share my experience? But trying to find it again hasn't paid off, using our StartPage search tool.

Anyway, it seems that Aldi has a very sophisticated routine for selecting products based not only on price but also quality. With a renewed mental picture I today visited Aldi and looked at $4.98 wines. Without lingering, I grabbed Moiselle Sweet Red (California) and headed back to the station.

Frankly I dislike sweet wine but moreso hate so-called dry wine, and never choose white wine.

Years ago I followed local Missouri wine as it re-established itself following the prohibition, but watched it deteriorate into candy water under the pressure to produce more profit.

The moment of decision arrived and, with "Skeptic's Guide to the Universe" feeding out to our several radio outlets, we sampled.

Oh wow!, I might have said if there'd been a microphone, this so-called sweet wine is actually semi-sweet! Believe me that's no small matter when it comes to wine. Semi-sweet is a balance between "candy" and "dry".

My news nose had pointed toward success and I have no idea where that Aldi article can be found.

Streams and Tributaries - 180718_1:04 PM CDT
KDX Worldround Radio broadcasts by internet stream several hours everyday making news, talk available to all 400 countries of the world. This morning we expanded the reach of KDX through several upgrades: mp3 streaming has been added alongside our signature .ogg stream (reference to the technical formats of the signals), and have joined the Steamcast Directory ( on top of our affiliation with the official Icecast Directory ( and the Transmitter Room here on the Homesite.

Time spent sifting among thousands of other streaming stations available on these sites tells us that the vast majority of radio delivers hit music with a near vacancy of news, talk, making KDX distinct as a scarce resource.
Tuesday July 17, 2018

Net Neutrality Reconsidered
180717_3:08 PM CDT
Monday July 16, 2018

"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."
- Albert Einstein

"Unless you can make a bad decision you are not truly free."
- BoB Dobbs

"Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool."
- Mark Twain

Sunday July 15, 2018

FCC Prejudice Against LPFM - 180715_8:52 AM CDT
Cram those translators

Way to Go - 180715_6:12 AM CDT
Solution to Plastic Waste
Saturday July 14, 2018

To be born again
find an agreeable mother.
- Carl Blare 180714
Friday July 13, 2018

Something Wrong with Judge's Mind - 180713_6:20 PM CDT
ISP's Have Right to "Edit" the Internet


The Musical Component - 180713_2:23 PM CDT
Billed as a "news, talk" station, KDX Worldround Radio maintains a classical music tradition, celebrated today by the start of the 89th Season of Concerts from Music Mountain in Falls Village, Connecticut.

For a period of 8-years KDX carried concerts from the WFMT Fine Arts Network including the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharminic, San Francisco Symphony, Dallas Symphony, Sante Fe Chamber Music Festival and plenty more.

It was with great reluctance that we chose to reduce our classical fare to make way for a larger talk schedule, but several series continue in the present day, including Deutsche-Welle Festival Concerts, weekly concerts from American Public Media and chamber music concerts from the Isabella-Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

Stored in the archive are 30 "Symphony Music Concerts" programmed and hosted by myself (Carl Blare), given light of day around some holidays, and plans are set to produce a series of "Ignored Symphonies" showcasing works that deserve to be known.


The Trump Baby Balloon - 180713
Up in the sky! There, by Big Ben!
Thursday July 12, 2018

The FTC Steps In Where the FCC Fails To Tred
Net Neutrality and the Federal Trade Commission
180712_6 PM CDT


The Republican Party of America
Image from

Severed Ties and Former Friends - 180712_6:17 AM CDT
We believe that it is impossible to hold allegiance to the Trump Regime without also aligning with white supremacy, racism, xenophobia, misogeny, nepotism, homophobia and complicity in the war crimes and crimes against humanity being administered around the globe under the flag of the U.S.A.
Wednesday July 11, 2018

Blare OnAir - Listener Rules
180711 - 15-min


You can lead a horse's ass to knowledge,
but you can't make him think.
- Carl Blare, earlier today
180711_12:33 N CDT


The Ultimate Talk Show Table - 180711_7:41 AMCDT

Civility First - 180711_7:24 AM CDT
Tom the Dancing Bug
Tuesday July 10, 2018

About the Low Power Hour - 180710_6:04 PM CDT
It's been quite a few years since the Low Power Hour was launched, "The program all about low power broadcasting in the Homeland and the World", and recently No. 120 would have been produced except for a faux pas on the part of the intended guest, who on his own, without consulting me (the host), invited a bunch of other people with agendas of their own, so I hung up the phone.

If you've been to the Mallway of the Hobby Radio Super Center you may have seen the wall blocking access to the 119 Low Power Hours, and it's uncertain whether they'll ever be available again for affiliated stations.

The sticky part has to do with the associations mentioned in the opening and closing announcements, as follows: "Presented in association with the Association for Low Power Broadcasters (ALPB) and Part15_dot_us".

No longer the case.

Part15_dot_us, a low power radio forum, was devastated by a hacker attack and no longer exists, and the ALPB, previously a membership organization, has been subjected to a hostile takeover and dissolving under dwindling participation.

Estimates indicate cost of nearly a million dollars to remove the now defunct opening/closing announcements from the entire library of programs.

I think about this every night, then I fall asleep.


Social Websites - 180710_7:57 AM CDT
Just about everybody participates in so-called "social" websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and numerous forums, but "polite" society more often degenerates into non-social and even anti-social bullying and trolling.

It is with this in mind that we here at KDX are developing the world's first anti-social website, called Fistbook, where people come to denegrate each other. We believe that if people are able to express their malcontentedness on Fistbook, there will be fewer incidents of traffic rage, random shootings and domestic batterings.

KDX Worldround Radio - Serving the Public on Its Own Terms.
Monday July 9, 2018

Blare OnAir - Title: Pansy
180708 Part 1 - Length: 15_min
Blare OnAir - Title: Fistbook
180708 Part 2 - Length: 15_min

Sunday July 8, 2018

Freethought Radio - 180708_12:12 N CDT
Freethought (or "free thought") is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma. In particular, freethought is strongly tied with rejection of traditional social or religious belief systems. The cognitive application of freethought is known as "freethinking", and practitioners of freethought are known as "freethinkers". The term first came into use in the 17th century in order to indicate people who inquired into the basis of traditional religious beliefs. (This paragraph taken from Wikipedia under Creative Commons License)

KDX Worldround Radio, our station operated as a personal hobby, is at the center of freethought media representing a significant percentage of world population who reject or doubt dogmatic ideologies.

Many programs contribute to the cause of illuminating human intelligence and these fulfill the "talk" aspect of our News, Talk agenda.

Someday soon we'll talk in particular about our secular programs.


Ex-Republican Operative Steve Schmidt:
The Party of Trump Must Be Obliterated
180708_11:42 AM CDT
Saturday July 7, 2018

Mother Jones Podcast - 180707_2:43 PM CDT
ICE Has Found Another Way to Prolong Family Separation

The Extreme Heat is Way Worse Than You Think
180707_2:04 PM CDT

IN REASON WE TRUST - 180707_10:34 AM CDT

Duterte and Stupid God 180707_8:07 AM CDT

Friday July 6, 2018

When is Name Calling OK? - 180706_10:24 PM CDT
Resorting to name calling is great short-hand that quickly bypasses fancier descriptives which can come later following due deliberation. It was convenient the other day to refer to a particularly obnoxious person as "what an ass hole", postponing more refined words until the next day.


Radio Programs - 180706_9:36 PM CDT
A few days ago I mentioned that I live inside a personal radio station that supplies programming of my own choosing, but said nothing about those programs.

KDX Worldround Radio is a News, Talk station. As such, we depend almost entirely on programs produced and made available by other entities, given our limited staff of one.

My job as nominal news director is to find and secure permission to air the best reports and discussions available, made easy by the robust condition of journalistic activity on the world wide web, but not so easy when it comes to avoiding polarized right-wing propaganda pushed by corporations in collusion with the (U.S.) government.

The Republican Party under President Donald Trump has quickly pointed the Nation into a fascist theocracy becoming more entrenched by the day, decent journalism being a target for demolition, placing KDX and its programs in jeopardy.

- - Statement of Philosophy - -
"I am not Paul Revere out to warn the citizenry.
But the citizenry and I would like to hear what Paul Revere has to say."
- - Carl Blare - 2010

Our Statement of Philosophy well explains why KDX carries the voices of many Paul Revere's; journalists who valiantly expose the swindles and exploits never mentioned on mainstream news outlets.

That's our news division here at KDX. The next time the topic of programming returns we'll talk about the freethought shows.


"Suppose you were an idiot.
And suppose you were a member of Congress.
But, I repeat myself."
- Mark Twain


Trump's Brown Children - 180706_7:30 PM CDT

Air Conditioning is Making the Heat Worse


Mediums and Media - 180706 3:12 PM CDT
Of course the word "media" is the plural of "medium", but then what is "multi-media"? Is it not a double-plural? I put this question to a video teacher I know and he unconvincingly said some words in defense of saying "multi-media". This would probably be a better blog entry if I remembered exactly what he said, but that's the gist.


Civility or Uncivility

Call In Radio Show Helps Immigrants Connect

The Original Motto Project
Thursday July 5, 2018

Response to a Fascist's Provocation - 6:13 PM CDT


Cool News for the Heat Wave - 180705_3:20 PM CDT
Here is your Special Access Pass to the Hobby Radio Resources that is walled-off to other website visitors. If you enjoy radio, you'll find a lot to do in this fun house.
Free Pass


America's Birthday Celebration Continues Into the Weekend
180705_12:55 N CDT

About Right Wing Trolls - 180705_3:32 AM CDT

Wednesday July 4, 2018

Texas Style Reception - 180704_5:35 PM CDT

Get Your Kid Back by Volunteering to be Deported
"Along with surveillance goes voyeurism"
- Dr.Robert Epstein,
American Institute of Behavioral Research & Technology

"Not Only Do I Know the Best Words

But I Also Write Good" - D.J.Trump - 180704_7:53 AM CDT
News You Wish Was Fake
Tuesday July 3, 2018

Death By DeciBel - 180703_10:35 PM CDT
Only yesterday we visited a neighborhood brewery and were subjected to fantastic velocity levels coming from the bar area, what no doubt was some kind of "music". Under such Abu Ghraib conditions we screamed our order for one twelve-pack of Summer Lager.

It's an interesting comparison to think about the careful modulation levels required to maintain a radio carrier within specified levels and the virtually unlimited volume bombasity achievable with high powered audio amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Exiting that establishment was a joy and a relief.


Application Form to Get Your Child Back - 180703_9:56 PM CDT
Apply Here


To the Wonderful People of South America - 180703_8:48 PM CDT

KDX Worldround Radio brings you a Very Special Concert of the Music of Waldo de los Rios of Argentina
South American Suite and Other Works
for a limited time - radio station use only
Monday July 2, 2018

What's With the Walls? - 180702_11:18 AM CDT
The Blare Blog is the only selection available (at the present time) from the Hobby Radio Super Center Mallway. All the other selections are blocked by brick walls. What is going on?

Think of them as "Trump Walls" blocking access to the radio programs produced by KDX Worldround Radio during the Silent Protest we've declared through September 22.


One Man Wants a Parade

Believe What You Want
Make Earth Flat Again - Trump?

Official Launch Ceremony
Sunday July 1, 2018

Opening Fanfare

Personal Radio Stations - 180701_12 MIDNIGHT CDT
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to operate your own radio station from home or office? Chances are you've been unaware that it can be done legally and inexpensively, but it can be done and I've been doing it for over ten years!

Why do I operate my own radio station? Because I'm able to choose my own programming from a vast assortment of choices and listen to it when convenient on radios located anywhere indoors or out in the yard.

The secret is hidden deep within the rules of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) which explain how to obtain and operate the affordable equipment (in the U.S.), liberating you from the limited choice offered by local stations.

There are perhaps a thousand small stations in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and other countries, all legitimate and authorized by the rules of each host country.

You may have noticed news stories about so-called "pirate radio", but that's a different category pertaining to stations exceeding permissable power levels.

In this Blare Blog we'll share some of the day to day experience of living with a radio station.


Words - 180701_9:25 AM CDT
Saying shit, fuck, cunt and so-on can be done freely on the internet but not so on radio, with one exception: the very low powered stations we are talking about have no content restrictions according to the secret rules governing them, but the government doesn't always go by its own rules. So-called "obscene" language heard on the airwaves, perhaps by a neighbor, can result in complaints to "authorities", investigations, crackdowns, a lot of damage done before laws are consulted. Enforcement agencies at all levels are over-staffed in anticipation of crimes that they contrive so as to keep themselves employed.

Confounding the problem for small stations is that speech embedded in free programs is not predictable. As an example there's the guy who recently made the news by fooling the President into accepting a prank phone call aboard Air Force One, now being pursued by the Secret Service, the fact of which has not been kept secret. But, getting to the point, KDX obtained a copy of Stuttering John's program containing the prank call and started playing it on the air for our own amusement, not knowing that Stuttering John would toss in a description of anal sex he'd enjoyed with a girlfriend. We scrambled to remove the program and ourselves have now planned an escape  involving river travel.


Concentration Camps on U.S. Military Bases

Trump Sends 1,000 Detainees to Possible Death


Popular Disk Jockey Dan Ingram Died Sunday, June 24th
Dan Ingram on 77 WABC New York


When violent weather approaches our area of operation the KDX Web & Radio Servers get shut down as a safety precaution, which makes The Blare Blog unavailable until calm returns.


Blare On Air - Title: Blog Day
180701 - Length: 29_min


Concluding Ceremony with Storm Approaching

And so, the Blare Blog is bored. Born.

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