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August 2018

Friday August 31 2018

In Memory of Aretha Franklin
Coming Out of Your Shoes
If this doesn't touch you, you are one white bastard.

Have you ever listened to the string quartets of Shostakovitch?
Probably not too many people have.
-Carl Blare 180831 6:05 PM CDT

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption according to 592 scientists. Despite that I intend to get a 593rd opinion.
- Carl Blare 180830 4:16 PM CDT

Thursday August 30 2018

Peaceful Paranoia - Carl Blare 180830 2:42 PM CDT
If you think they're out to get you perhaps take heart in the fact that they're out to get anyone they can, not just you.

Wednesday August 29, 2018

As part of experimental trials with our audio compression we recorded the following BlareOnAir program as a way of testing the result, and by chance Brooce MICRO1700 called from Hartford about his "new" 1939 floor-model radio.

Blare OnAir Part 1 - By the Way 180829 36:10
Blare OnAir Part 2 - By the Way
180829 39:10

Things That Are Not Open to Discussion - Carl Blare
Many things are not open for discussion, leaving us unable to say anything about it. - 180829 8:03 AM CDT

Monday August 27, 2018

Meat On My Mind - 180827 8:28 PM CDT
Being suggestible I eliminated sandwich meat from the diet upon reading how bad processed meats are. Since then all I think about are slabs of meat on whole wheat with green leafy layers but hold the mayo. Well, reports of contaminated mayo were seen and, I'm suggestible, had I not mentioned. There's little else to say about it, but frankly I may go back to meat since hearing that the oldest living person ate olive loaf every day.

Blare OnAir - Title: Honesty & Other Policies 180827

1-Man News Radio - 180827 11:01 AM CDT
News radio requires constant busy work unless the programs are pre-produced from outside sources and automated.
KDX Worldround Radio is able to exist thanks to many splendid outside sources that give permission for airing their programs.
However, as news director, time is quickly eaten up if I decide to pursue particular stories not covered in available programs.
At the height of California’s fires we were able to tap into Fire Updates from KZYX in Philo, but the Updates vanished as fire containment improved, and not even California newspapers seem to be saying much about the recent status of the fires, but we’ll spend more time searching.
Meanwhile in Hawaii as the hurricane (“Lane”, I think it’s named) took the stage the volcano went silent and we wonder whether the hurricane meets the volcano at any point, perhaps dowsing it in plumes of steam.
John McCain’s death is mentioned on all the newscasts and all of them say very nice things about him, so a side-story comes to mind about how people never speak badly of the dead because of some kind of unwritten superstition. There’s a story in it.

Friday August 24, 2018

Blare OnAir - Titled: Guilt - Recorded Aug. 24, 2018


President Trump is a psycho that Tweets in the middle of the night about things he knows nothing about.
- James Risen, journalist for Fox News Channel
speaking about Reality Winner via Democracy Now

Wednesday August 22, 2018

Think Radio - 180822 7:18 PM CDT
KDX Worldround Radio is a retirement hobby, or so I believe we said somewhere on this website, but tonight the expression "retirement activity" sounds good, so should we change it? Perhaps there's no difference to split, but titles and labels are the industrial tools used to define abstract radio entities so we're always contemplating refinement in the quest to project a high definition image. The station's "genre", meaning "kind" or "sort", is supplied by way of a "tag" which states a general category of content found on the schedule, in our case "news, talk". But again we got to wondering, this time about the word "think" which is what all the news, talk on KDX tends to stimulate. We could call ourselves a "talk, think" radio station. There'd still be news, of course. We'll have a public comment period before making a change, then do whatever we want.

A Presidential Sighting - by Carl Blare
Standing out back near the alley I spotted the President walking by himself cutting from the alley across a corner of the yard about 75-feet away. He made furtive glances to see if I was watching, and since I was, he felt self-conscious about whether he was walking correctly, perhaps looking fat, possibly having bad posture or wind-mussed hair.
- from a pre-dawn dream 180822 12:48 N CDT
Monday August 20, 2018

Off Again - 180820 9:02 PM CDT
So many individual storms have passed through our broadcast area that we've lost count of the times we've shut down servers and transmitters to protect the electronics from damage. That explains why some of the time visitors can't find us; it's because we're experiencing another storm.
Today, however, we weren't fast enough. Before we even suspected a storm was approaching there was a colorful burst of red/orange/yellow out the window of the Upper Management Lounge accompanied by a loud bang, following which we discovered that our FM transmitter was blown by inducted static discharge.
Until repairs are made we have a temporary transmitter (K293FM) carrying our programs with another storm expected overnight.
Sunday August 19, 2018

How I Know I've Become a Better Writer
I've recently become more aware that I'm not as good a writer as I thought I was.
- Carl
180819 12:15 N CDT

Coherent Interference - 180819 10:03 AM CDT
The category of our radio station as defined by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules is described in a section on interference. The device used for transmission is called an "intentional radiator", and is permitted to send music and speech as low wattage interference. In a previous time these things were called "phono oscillators" because they were first invented to send phonograph records to a nearby radio without wires. KDX Worldround Radio has been providing high quality interference since 2007.

In God We Trust
Because You Can't Trust the Money
- Carl Blare

Saturday August 18, 2018

Draining the swamp is an ecological crime.
- Carl Blare, 2016

Select Opinions 180818 3:22 PM CDT
Listening to a physician interviewed on KDX we are advised to seek a second opinion when a doctor's recommendation comes with life-altering risks. Of course the expense rises by involving a second physician, so we are pleased to announce that Dr. Proctor Cavalier, medical consultant to KDX, now offers both first and second opinions. In the event of a tie, he will include a third opinion.

Parades On Radio 1808118_10:48 AM CDT
There's no doubt a history of parades on radio so I'll assume as much. I'll also take it for granted that Donald Trump's desire to hold a large military parade in his own honor would be worth using our stereophonic sound generator to put the whole thing on KDX, but he's been foiled by large cost estimates from the Pentagon and the host city of Washington in the District of Columbia (D.C.).
In our ignorance of things Federal we asked why the annual Veterans Parade in May wouldn't serve the same purpose, Trump need only invite himself, and were informed that this other parade is held for low IQ veterans and Trump would only be an attendee along with the general public, no match for his stable genius.
Being a protegy among problem solvers I here come up with the idea of a parade hobby group, much like an old radio hobby group now disbanded.
Parade hobbyists could mount something resembling a parade at no cost, which is what hobbies are all about, and we'd be out there on the street rolling along on lime colored scooters flanking the presidential stretch limo, claiming to be escorting the actual President, unseen behind tinted windows.
The blazing marching bands would be totally wiped out by low flying fighter jets and bombers, and when I say "wiped out" I mean that you wouldn't be able to hear John Phillip Sousa amid the roar.

Thursday August 15, 2018

Breaking Spaghetti in Two - 180816
- physics

If they put Trump's picture on the dollar
we'll really need money laundering.
- Carl Blare, 2-minutes ago
Tuesday August 14, 2018

Don't Discount Omarosa - Carl Blare 180814
The white people's code for discounting women and black people includes the "bad review" (disgruntled employee, etc.) and the general public falls for it even while priding themselves in being non-racist; non misogynistic. The louder the "superior" white bosses defame the black/female the more likely it is she's being honest. Plus Omarosa's book has a clever title.

We'll be reviewing "Unhinged" following what offers to be a pleasant read, and then we'll follow up.


Pence Calls Space Force Necessary
to Protect Us from Gay Aliens.
title of an article by Andy Borowitz
published in The New Yorker
Monday August 13, 2018

Things are not what they appear
but don't be fooled by that.
- Carl Blare - Dec. 9, 2012

Sunday August 12, 2018

Blare OnAir - Title: Coffee Reinstated
Aug. 12, 2018 - Length: 57:00

The reason you can't nail jello to the wall
is that nails aren't good enough.
- Carl Blare, 2009
Friday August 10, 2018

If the Ten Commandments are posted in the courthouse
the government ought to be required to obey them.
- Carl Blare - June 27, 2005
Wednesday August 8, 2018

Worship - 180808_4:04 PM CDT
The phenomenon called "worship" is another piece of why religion seems ludicrous. Children grow up with the ridiculous story about God's need for being worshipped. Millions in Sunday church outwardly demonstrate their "worship" of the no-show called "God".

I have been worshipped, and got to thinking about which ordinary mortals qualify to attract such reverance, and that's what I'm writing about.

In humanity's general social pool romance, heroism, fame and beauty are prone toward occasional adulation. A few of us manage to qualify in more than one category. For example, radio, TV and movie personalities are worship magnets, together with musical artists. Being visibly recognized determines the frequency and quantity of fans, an abreviation for fanatics. Radio hosts are protected from too much recognition so long as their photograph has not been put on billboards.

Narcisists like Donald Trump are worship self-starters but sustainance eventually requires an added boost of greater and greater public recognition and much energy is spent tabulating the numbers.

Unwanted worship poses a management problem when, say, a woman falls in love but triggers no reciprical emotion, over which many men leave town with no forwarding address. Or visa-versa, gender wise, except that these days a simple #METOO declaration can flip the matter of who ends up leaving town.

Therefore being the object of worship is like any other human "achievement", it has benefits and penalties. It's something you end up wearing like clothing. You'd feel incomplete without it.
Tuesday August 7, 2018

X-Sheriff Arpaio Blow Job
- Sacha Baron Cohen

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star To Be Removed
News from Boing-Boing

A. Imagine Donald Trump's library.
B. You'd have to.
- Dick Cavett
Sunday August 5, 2018

When a Studio is a Pod - 180805_10 PM CDT
Radio broadcasts and recordings have been done in studios since the beginning of time, a special room set aside for studious undertakings. At KDX our studio couch has stories to tell, but meanwhile, across the street...

Podcasters operate from pods, which Wiktionary's Definition 5 calls: A small section of a larger office, compartmentalised for a specific purpose.

Yet radio programs and podcasts are technically the same thing, so we best accept the fact that studios are interchangeable with pods.


Humiliation Awaits - Robert Covington, Jr.
- The Daily Banter
Saturday August 4, 2018

Top of the Month - 180804_5:39 PM CDT
As The Blare Blog moves into its second month we are very concerned about our numerous radio friends in Northern California, now being scorched by historic wildfires. This afternoon we began relaying Fire Updates from KZYX in Philo, a station near the worst of the burning, with new mandatory evacuation orders being announced for several locations.

At the same time wildfires continue in Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Colorado, as well as European fires, fueled by extreme heat and drought conditions in the northern hemisphere.

The Little Church Cop - The Daily Kos

World's Largest Train Set - Boing Boing

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