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September 2018

Friday September 28, 2018

Bad Party
The Republican Party has forced us into a locked room pressing their hand over our mouth to prevent our yelling and intends to gang rape us.
- C.Blare 180928
Wednesday September 26, 2018

The History of Tinker Toys, coming soon on KDX

Blare OnAir Recorded 9-20-18 Titled- Silliot
Technical objective of achieving suitable compression fully realized!
Carl turns down social opportunity so he can talk on the radio.
Carl expresses misgivings about his friends and associates.
Complains about some website moderators.
Disapproves of certain official conduct.
Defines the new word: Silliot.
Tuesday September 25, 2018

The Devil and his Demons
Portrayals of the Devil on stage and film have long tended to come up with a figure much resembling Donald J. Trump with the evil slanty eyes, ruddy complexion, horns hidden under scribbled hair and red tail, albeit in Don's case seen frontally in the form of a necktie.
Surrounded by gleeful apprentices, devils have their demons, bringing to mind the eternally melting face of the decomposing Mitch McConnell up from the ground feasting on sacrificials and voicing evil intentions through an ingrown mustache along with neck-biter Paul Ryan ready for spinal-fluid snack as souls flow in for the feast from the wars and border kidnappings.
Christians are everywhere basking in the spell of reflected glory.
Of course this little melodrama is fantastical, possibly removed from reality, yet the resemblences are remarkable.
Now back to secular life. - C.Blare 180925

Tributaries and Their Confluences
- C.Blare 180925 11:14 AM CDT
This Blog was instituted on July 1st with multiple purposes in mind, some of which have come to conflict and need re-thought.
The foundational job of the Blare Blog is to provide a voice to the radio station (KDX) and serve as kind of a tour-guide and visitor reception desk where we can report on our own activities and explain why we exist and what we do.
Being a news, talk, think station it happens that some of our programming leaks into the Blog making it a companion news, talk, think channel.
Having been a promoter of legal low power broadcasting for our first ten years the Blog might naturally interface with our relationships with various radio hobby groups and their forums, except that at the exact time we launched the Blog we'd decided to end our function as a hobby promoter and continue simply as a stand-alone radio station. Yet, to become briefly abstruse, the "two inertias" have confluenced into a whirly pool.
De-coding, we count two inertias: 1.) What stands at rest tends to remain at rest; 2.) What moves tends to stay in motion.
It's hard to know which is which, because our work in low power radio seemed to be drifting calmly along until a renegade Trump admirer launched a hostile takeover of a low power radio group so as to reverse its up 'til then smooth evolution toward a mature and intellectually enlightened organization, putting it under diktats from his own authoritarian low minded policies, dreamed on the spot and put forward without membership approval, in effect severing ties with KDX.
As a reaction to being "overthrown" I figured that the Blog keyboard would provide the battleship helm for "exposing", "reporting", and "critically reviewing" the low power groups and forums.
But doing so would run at cross-currents with closing the KDX hobby involvement and the old ship needs to be docked before it crashes into the pier.
So, it comes back to being no more than a radio station planning to explain its existence.
Sunday September 23, 2018

Reality is Out There Waiting To Be Found
It is ugly and disturbing that someone like the “hobby master” (esoteric inside reference) claims to own the rights to public information, but, as Artisan Radio (colleague) points out, the DMCA makes it easy to do that.
At KDX we have long taken the approach that so long as what we transmit sounds like a “normal” radio station, the public doesn’t have any tendency to wonder what it is or where it comes from. Radio comes as aural information and most people are not very aural in their sensibility.
Websites are bigger targets because they appear as visual stimulus toward which people are more “awake” and responsive.
Negative destructive type persons do more to drive the web than anyone else, which puts decent people on their guard.
This posting is simulcast together with the Low Power Forum of Record.
(Excerpted from an ongoing forum on another website making little sense out of context) C.Blare 180923 9:44 AM CDT

Saturday September 22, 2018

The Equinox
Friday September 21, 2018

Differing Opinions - C.Blare
The reason I'm able to express my opinions is because I have The Blare Blog. Those with different opinions have no reason to tell me about it, they should start a blog of their own.
Thursday September 20, 2018

Programs to Come and Go
Consortium News is opening a news podcast while, in an unrelated move, Buzzfeed News is closing a news podcast.
-from KDX Journalism Part Time Reporter Carl Blare
A silliot is a silly idiot. - C.Blare 180920
News Media Survival during Florence 180919
The Wilmington StarNews evacuates and Survives
Tuesday September 18, 2018

CAFO Effluence On the Air
(CAFO=Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)
Listening this morning to the FM station in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, while they worked out technical issues resulting from Hurricane Florence, we happened to hear a newscast from Townhall, a source previously unfamiliar to us at KDX. Curiosity pointed toward the website at [] which labels itself a "conservative" news source. The home page overflows with left bashing stories achieved through lie, deception, omission and obfuscation, pairing Townhall with the likes of Fox.
-C.Blare 180918

How Many Communications Channels?
During Hurricane Florence KDX has been covering the event by re-streaming the internet signal from an FM station in Willmington, North Carolina, which was relaying live coverage from a local TV station, itself also streaming on its own website and carried on cable systems.
While all this was going on we posted notice of our role in all the interactivity on a broadcast forum site and describe it now here on The Blare Blog.
Phone calls were made, Emails sent, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In notified, prayer said and in-person conversations held. Communications went out on all channels. Along the line the Willmington TV station lost its transmitter at a remote tower location which needed to be overflown by helicopter to seek a means of access through surrounding flood waters, while viewers had the option of tv cable or streaming from the station's website except where delivery to the home was cut off, leaving radio as the last channel standing. -C.Blare 180918
Monday September 17, 2018

Women inspire men to great things
and then prevent us from doing any of them.
-Oscar Wilde in film: A Good Woman
Sunday September 16, 2018

Protect the Protest
Anti-SLAPP Task Force


Debate Defined
A debate is an intellectual competition in which the winner is found most persuasive, not necessarily right. - C.Blare
Saturday September 15, 2018

Thinking Inside the Tetrahedron
You can't think outside a box you've never thought inside of.
C.Blare 180915 7:31 AM CDT
Thursday September 13, 2018

The Prison Strike - C.Blare 180913 5:39 PM CDT
The U.S.Constitution enables use of convicted prisoners as veritable slaves.
During time of Draft (Selective Service) is yet another form of slavery in which politicians can send soldiers involuntarily onto gunnery ranges as biological living targets with full honors at burial.

Carl's Better OnAir Shows
There may not be any "Best of Carl", but there are Better Carls and here's one of them now:
Blare OnAir August 8, 2017 titled- "Acting Lord At Large"
On this show we talk about Brooce MICRO1700 behind his back, and an intellectual property theft by a former chairman at the ALPB who took our "Acting Lord" title and used it as his own.


This story from the Polemicist is either very good journalism or it's not.
We at KDX know which it is, but will you?
This Story

Words Overboard
Spellcheck agreed with my spelling and use of "imminent", and presented many similar words including eminent, immanent, immanant and emanate, that exist to prevent vocabulary self-confidence.
-C.Blare 180913 12:57 N

Renewed Dedication to the Low Power Cause
Since 2007 KDX Worldround Radio has served the listener who built it, me of course, as a solution to poor radio programming available in  the local area. From time to time I tune the dial to be sure that the poor programming is still going, and am disappointed all over again by what is heard.
The majority of local stations broadcast religious programming which is never any different as there's so little to say about the patch-work of children's short stories that comprise religion. The rest of the programming centers on perpetual sports including numerical game statistics and intrusive gossip about the lives of adult game playing "professionals".
In the middle of the night several nationally syndicated shows specialize in small talk, last night hearing a host describe his laundry circulation based on how often he changes his socks, and the imminent appearance of the Anti Christ set in a science fiction frame.
It is therefore delightful to own a station completely under our own control that can be programmed at or above the special school level. You'd think more people would start their own transmitters.
- Carl Blare 180913 9:54 AM CDT
Wednesday September 12, 2018

Welcome Doctor Leana Wen
Incoming President of Planned Parenthood

When KDX Opened a Hush Up Department
-This is a news release from May 25, 2017-
Unwanted Programs Can Be Paid to Leave the Air
The growing number of right-wing nationalistic christian theocratic misogynist racist supremists no longer have to tolerate lefty libtard radio programming such as our skeptical, rational, intellectual, atheistic, religion scam exposing, secular, humanistic, elite classical music, scientific, factual, truthful, realism based shows as heard on KDX.
Now you can make it all go away with hush money tossed at the problem.
Contact Program Prevention Director Bent Krutz in the Hush Services Office.
KDX Hush Services is funded through a grant from the City Back-Office for Gentrification.

Our Sausage and Savior

Sunday September 9, 2018

Banned Art

If you come to a fork in the road have dinner.
- C.Blare 180909
Saturday September 8, 2018

The Absurdity of Lawns
- The Atlantic/radiowest
Friday September 7, 2018

KDX is not a music station.
Now let's hear Molly Lewis singing
Pantsuit Sasquatch

Conversation with Elon Musk
Elon Musk visit with the Joe Rogan Experience
Highly worthwile
Thursday September 6, 2018

What happens at a 4-way stop when you signal a driverless car to "go ahead"(?)
- Carl Blare 180906 2:21 PM CDT
Wednesday September 5, 2018

Anonymous View from Within the Trump Administration
-New York Times
Carl Blare & KDX present this NYT Opinion without comment
Tuesday September 4, 2018

Hindsight would be helpful but the tushy is blind.
- Carl Blare - 180511
Sunday September 2, 2018

Coins Have Many Sides - C. Blare 180902 3:46 PM CDT
There's a stickler in all of us that wants to cast shade on other people's ideas, especially when we are right according to the laws of physics and reason.
What we ignore is that hobby radio is driven in many cases by fantasy and we do harm to the hobby if we puncture the rising balloons of inspiration stemming from the fantastic sense.
In those halcyon Knight Kit days when two glowing tubes put The Champ's "Tequila" from one room to another on the 3rd floor of the parent's house where I could watch the loudspeaker-cone shove air back and forth as Wattage drove the voice-coil, I was at the very center of the most interesting radio exhibition since Nathan B. Stubblefield sent harmonica music through the air at his farm in Kentucky around 1892.
Of course being reminded that C-QUAM remains failed and one more rock station is meaningless are useful as sanity checks, but too much sanity can be a downer, so a little fantasy now and then helps spark things up a little bit.
In my fantasy the next phone call will be from a college girl who likes older announcers.


I can't tell people to go to hell because I don't want to run into them when I go there.
- Carl Blare 180902 9:19 AM CDT

The Latest Date Coming Up In a Minute
Radio stations give the current time as a normal routine but never seem to mention the day's date, which KDX is thinking about doing.
Today, for example, is estimated to be September 2 but the page hasn't been turned on the wall calendar and we're still seeing August, so it would be helpful if the date came over the radio.
As good an idea as it is, having 2nd thought, I foresee inadvertently skipping the task of updating the date, possibly putting listeners confusingly off-schedule and it would be our fault.
The idea is hereby canceled.
- Carl Blare, date withheld

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