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June 2020

Monday June 1, 2020 8:04 AM CDT
Breaking News: Artisan Radio Blog Signs On

Fellow broadcaster Artisan Radio adds a new blog voice to his web platform
The Artisan Radio Blog
Monday June 1, 2020 9:12 AM CDT
I Thought I Heard Voices

Nights have been deeply silent under COVID quarantine, except that Saturday night I plainly heard voices penetrating the walls of the Internet Building, home of KDX Worldround Radio, while I was on round the clock security detail standing watch over the food stock. Stepping out onto the Parade Review Stand (formerly the front porch) it sounded like a large sports-type crowd was moving east on an adjacent street within 100-feet, blocked from view by the forested nature of our campus. Now two days later I see in the newspaper that a police station a block-and-a-half away was a gathering point Saturday evening for a street-blocking protest in response to George Floyd's murder last week in Minneapolis. News photos show National Guard troops blocking access to the police building. Having spent time in the Guard I could see myself standing there opposing the crowd and realized how foolish I'd feel if it were really me. The activists against white sadism are heroic defenders of an enlightened future in which civilization is no longer betrayed by militarism.

Monday June 1, 2020 10:59 AM CDT
Up in Space
Elon Musk's Space X & NASA Crew Dragon
Monday June 1, 2020 11:57 AM CDT

The All New Artisan Radio Blog posted generous praise and a link to our Blare Blog, along with defining a "blog" and its place in the social media spectrum. Along the way this was said by Artisan: "blogs by definition are one-way communication.  They provide an outlet for the blogger, but no one else." That statement holds true in most cases but the Blare Blog offers slightly more in the way of social value... there are Blare Blog Correspondents providing feedback and original viewpoints so to generate a veritable quasi-forum. In fact Artisan ranks among the Correspondents!
Monday June 1, 2020 1:31 PM CDT
Good News Bad News
- a word to the world from Carl "mister" Blare -

Good news -- Death is no problem because there'll be no judgement nor punishment; only deep non-existence of which the dead are completely unaware.
Bad News -- Life could go on for quite awhile with the earth failing and burning around you and your pain.
Monday June 1, 2020 3:16 PM CDT
The Rising Fall of Trump's Reich
Macho Man Rooftop Strut

Trump loves .. theatrical displays of Presidential power.
He believes that you project strength by proclaiming it—that if you say you are macho, then you are.
But, on this violent, tragic weekend for America, there was no narcissistic photo op that could obscure the reality that
he is a deeply unpopular, deeply insecure politician, who is struggling, as never before, to lead his divided country.
A few hours later on Saturday, after Trump flew back to Washington from Florida, he retreated for the night behind the high walls of his fortified executive mansion, defended from an angry crowd by a heavily armed swarm of riot police and National Guardsmen.
For twelve hours, Trump said and tweeted nothing, as the fires raged outside,
and as the “American carnage” of his strange, apocalyptic Inaugural Address
finally seemed to become manifest in televised images of a country at war with itself
and plagued, once again, by its long and awful history of racism and police abuse.
Trump did not offer new versions of his race-baiting tweets of Saturday morning, about “vicious dogs” and tough-guy tactics, to stop the riots.
Nor did he mention the pro-Trump crowd of counter-protesters he had sought to summon that morning to the White House,
but which had entirely failed to materialize.
The Macho Man did not seem so alpha anymore. -- quoted from the New Yorker article linked above

Monday June 1, 2020 3:56 PM CDT
Know Your Reichs

The word "reich" is German, meaning either "realm" or "empire", and the book Das Dritte Reich by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck set out the three reichs we know:
The First Reich (962 - 1806) The Holy Roman Empire; The Second Reich (1871 - 1918) The German Empire; The Third Reich (1935 - 1945) Nazi Germany.

Emperor Goofus T. falls short of getting his little reich off the ground due to disorganization and he wouldn't know what number to give it because of his ignorance of history. Now you're smarter than he is.
Monday June 1, 2020 4:09 PM CDT
Sporadic E-Skip

On rare occasion broadcast stations in the FM & VHF bands are heard at wildly unusual distances, and no one is more aware of this than Correspondent Bruce at his Radio Monitoring Bunker on the east coast who reports that two events have been reported over the weekend. Bruce took time away from a drain unclogging job he was working on to let us know that WIL-FM, 92.3 MHz from St. Louis at 100 kW was clearly heard near the Atlantic Ocean, and another DXer heard a NOAA weather station at 162 MHz from a midwestern state. According to Bruce the physics behind E-Skips are not well understood, but we have a hypothetical proposition...we believe it's caused by clogged drains.

Monday June 1, 2020 4:34 PM CDT

You want to amount to something, but how does one become a Blare Blog Correspondent?
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Just send Carl "mister" Blare an email saying "You want in."
Operators are standing by.
Monday June 1, 2020 6L51 PM CDT
Not To Be Deterred

I am here with a specific message while numerous incoming messages compete to grab my attention.. the first thing is I smell fish. The neighbors are having a fish fry in their back yard and I wonder if COVID Virus could be riding on the scent. The second attempt to topple my concentration comes from Attorney General Barr who is lying to me on a newscast in violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution... he is claiming in absolute terms that "far left agitators are being bussed in to cause civil unrest" and so justifying a strong military pushback against protesters. I strongly suspect there's violence being deliberately staged by undercover law enforcement elements so as to discredit honest protesters and justify their bringdown. The "Trump Crime Organization" is run by Sharks, and if you've seen enough American movies you will know that one doesn't go against Sharks. That's why now is not the time for me to go overboard on the subject, and why I'm sticking to my single message of the moment...

Record video and audio of everything all day and get it streamed safely into cloud storage so you can back up what you may happen to witness. If you have the time and sense of duty put yourself in places where there'll be something to witness. Don't be a protester, be a protest protector. Capiche?

Monday June 1, 2020 8:01 PM CDT
When the Looting Starts the Shooting Starts

So Tweeted the Towering Statue of Decayed Beef. In attempting to force his words into a more favorable context, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed toward "the 7 looters shot in St. Louis", which is to say, "Louisville". Except that 7-looters weren't shot in either of the one city.

Tuesday June 2, 2020 8:52 AM CDT
Canada Shows Concern for Its Lower Neighbor

It must be a scary time to live in the U.S. right now.

You have to deal with Covid, riots and, of course, Trump.

I'd liken the situation to when Hitler managed to seize total power in Germany using the Jews as an enemy, but I just don't think that Trump's all that smart.  He appears to be a big bag of hot air and bluster who is waaaaay out of his depth at this point.  Unfortunately, if he doesn't declare something like martial law and attempt to seize total power, he's gone (and somewhere in that dim brain of his, he knows it).

Be safe. - Artisan Radio
Tuesday June 2, 2020 9:15 AM CDT
Irony Clad

Trump's weakness is that he has no empathy.
Our weakness is that we'll have empathy for Trump.
Tuesday June 2, 2020 10:41 AM CDT
Remember Yourself

Listening this morning to "Watching the Hawks" from RT America hosted by Tyrell Ventura bringing an excellent report from the street in front of the White House about the veritable rebellion taking place across the country it struck me that this is excellent reporting and for a moment I was disappointed that no one was tuned in according to the status window of our Icecast Server, but then I remembered myself; I am here listening and very proud of the voice KDX presents. Whatever anyone else is doing that keeps them from hearing what we do it is likely that they will not be so well informed.
Tuesday June 2, 2020 6:13 PM CDT
Houston Police Chief to President Donald Spongepants
If you don't have something constructive to say, keep your mouth shut
Wednesday June 3, 2020 3:18 AM CDT
Israelis Training U.S. Police On Large Scale
Wednesday June 3, 2020 7:46 AM CDT
Uses for Unlicensed Radio
- Radio World -
Wednesday June 3, 2020 9:57 AM CDT
We Can't Breath

Thousands of necks are sticking out in protest against institutional sadism.
By commenting publicly about it we stick our own neck out.

To say that "all lives matter" is to merely state a given.
The essential statement "Black Lives Matter" is to remedy what heretofore has not been given.

The Democratic Party is not good at what it does. Consider Joe Biden.
The Republican Party sides with facism than argues over semantics.

Religion has been dwarfed by COVID-19.
Prayer is what people do while remaining quietly out of the way.

Shot at and stink-bombed by peace officers leaves a smell.
Orange Hitler holding the Bible upside down leads the stench.

- Carl Blare
Wednesday June 3, 2020 11:34 AM CDT
Making It Up
(as we go along)

Some people make beds. Carl Blare makes decisions. For example it has been decided that the Low Power Hour will return to the polluted air with all new episodes telling amazing tales of success in the field of unlicensed radio broadcasting.

The original series of 211 episodes of the Low Power Hour became part of part 15 legacy and the new series will become part of part 15 legacy. What else could it be?

If they can catapult two men up to a space station we should be able to catapult one transmitter for 200-feet.
Wednesday June 3, 2020 3:59 PM CDT
Shouting Distance by Radio

The legal unlicensed radio stations of interest to this Blog radiate over the same distance as loud yelling, except that we make no noise without radio receivers tuned and listening. Boiled down to basics there are two moving parts to the process of broadcasting: technology and programming. Succeeding in both areas benefits from shared information and experience among the greater community of small-casters and such specialized contact is lubricated by dedicated forums, blogs and associations, but the current state of things is dreary, as often discussed here and at Artisan Radio's Blog.

We could use a decent central low power radio forum moderated by intellectually limber managers who comprehend radio's place in a cosmopolitan world. That's the bottom line and a career opportunity for someone who doesn't scamper when the anti-hobby trolls buzz around like fly-mosquito hybrids with their virtual pepper spray. Yes, even our small pastime has its detractors.

It was the Christians who recognized that we have no saviors, so they invented one. If they did it so can we.
Wednesday June 3, 2020 6:04 PM CDT
Live Eagle Cam
- YouTube -
Thursday June 4, 2020 8:12 AM CDT
Speaking of Birds

This from Boomer:

I was whacking weeds on my estate, an area where I have an abandoned ancient shopping cart as part of the decor, and I looked in the cart and saw straw inside, and then a nest with two robin eggs in it, which surprised me, it wouldn't be hard at all for a raccoon or coyote to get in and chomp them. I've seen a lot of robins around, and believing that they're territorial, that may have been the only spot that hasn't been taken in the area. Robins might have a band plan like radio stations that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, in order to maximize their worm resources. - Boomer
Robin Cam 1
Robin Cam 2
- BoomTube -
Thursday June 4, 2020 9:41 AM CDT
We (May) Owe Our Lives to Ivanka

Only conjecturing, but as I see it we are spared nuclear incineration for the simple reason that Donald Spongepants is cognizant of the reality that ordering nuclear strikes might harm his cherished daughter, the one person for whom he has human devotion. If this is true, Ivanka's well being is our well being.
Thursday June 4, 2020 10:48 AM CDT
Pandemic in Progress

Talk and behavior of "restarting the economy" and "re-opening society" are unfortunate examples of human impatience and denial of reality all happening while the COVID-19 crisis is in full bloom with new cases developing unslowed.

Quarantining in place has proven itself to significantly minimize risk which rises sharply by "coming back out" and, inconveniently, joining protest crowds. Others may be giving their lives for their vote, as elections are held.
COVID-19 Dashboard
- Johns Hopkins University -
Thursday June 4, 2020 11:29 AM CDT
Chinese People from Russia Are Mating with Space Aliens and the Telephone Poles Are Part of It

Don't let stupidity stop you from being an activist against your own technology.
We All Know It's the 5G
Editor's disclosure - Microwave energy is known to cause thermal heating of certain body cells,  but the cell phone signals are solid.

Friday June 5, 2020 6:16 AM CDT
International Shortwave Websites
Provided by Outfar Press, producer of Shortwave Report
Shortwave Internet Links
Friday June 5, 2020 9:18 AM CDT
What Is It?

Everyday the media magazine TV Technology sends a "Quote of the Day" and today's was said by Steve Jobs:
"Older people sit down and ask 'What is it?' But the boy asks 'What can I do with it?'"

I'll have to say that I don't grasp the point of the quote. To start, why do older people "sit down" while nothing is said about the stance of "the boy"? Is the kid sitting or standing and are we to believe that either party is coming from the context of a computer work station? Steve Jobs, after all, is the father of Apple Computers, isn't that correct? And the older people, why do they care "what it is"? And being blunt I'd say to the kid "you can't do anything with it because it's not yours." As an older person I'd wonder if it could serve as an antenna.
Friday June 5, 2020 12:36 NOON CDT
Brilliant Move by D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D)
- Washington Post -
Friday June 5, 2020 2:16 PM CDT
Know Your Rights to Protest
- ACLU -
Friday June 5, 2020 3:27 PM CDT
Not Since Martin Luther
Friday June 5, 2020 5:04 PM CDT
Michael Vadon / CC BY-SA (
Pig smears lipstick on entire face, wears suit, and attempts to take over the free world
Saturday June 6, 2020 7:34 AM CDT
Is It Happening Again?

While spinning through hard-drives deleting programs so as to free space for new episodes, it crossed my mind that much of what I was erasing is the best programming of our time and marks a period in radio history. If I am not saving it, who is? It's exactly like the 1940s when 16' disks brought scheduled programs to affiliated radio stations and were discarded upon use.

Saving and storing recorded media is not a simple process and we are not oriented toward safe-guarding our history, partly because doing so takes time and resources away from present and future endeavers. We only come to notice at a point decades later when someone wants to stage a memorial program looking back only to realize that the source material was pitched years earlier.
Saturday June 6, 2020 12:32 NOON CDT
Saturday June 6, 2020 1:52 PM CDT
Do You Know About #Babygate?
Orange Hitler Adds Extra Layer of Fencing
- This link shared from Artisan Radio Blog -
To demonstrate exactly who is the captive the protesters should snap a thousand padlocks on #Babygate and throw the keys down the sewer.
Saturday June 6, 2020 5:45 PM CDT
On the Air
- 1957 TV Series produced by David Lynch and Mark Frost -
Sunday June7, 2020 9:07 AM CDT
We thank Artisan Radio for first bringing our attention to Sarah Cooper.
Sarah Cooper Accolades
Sunday June 7, 2020 10:37 CDT
Is Social Distancing Anti-Social?
The WILW Radio Blog

Sunday June 7, 2020 11:30 AM CDT
New Covid-19 Finding
Severity of Covid-19 Might Be Linked to Blood Type
Monday June 8, 2020 7:29 AM CDT
Strong Week Starter

So you wake up on a Monday morning and oh, we're still in a pandemic and peaceful protesters have grown in number and are coming down your street. The world seems so serious and what you need is a fresh viewpoint that will convert all the negativity into something to laugh about. Here's the formula: click over to this next website and watch the video marked "Bunker Boy"
Artisan Radio Blog
Monday June 8, 2020 11:28 AM CDT
Stereotypes Will Hold Us Back

The unfortunate reality of stereotypes is upheld everytime someone exhibits the behavior that makes stereotypes true. In parallel with peaceful protests against police brutality a car full of young black men broke into a pawn shop and began looting television sets. A shop employee came upon the scene trying to prevent the thieving and was shot dead by one of the thieves later tracked down and arrested based on video surveillance. Black men unthinkingly sabotaging the good efforts of their neighbors.
Rob McKee Cartoon
This cartoon fairly and honestly depicts the conflict between righteous anger and opportunistic criminality. If reporting and commenting on the difficulties in achieving equality between races cannot address those blunt truths that weaken hopes of advancement we have no chance of ever moving forward. Of course, predictably, this cartoon is being criticized as "racist" in complete ignorance of how honest it is.
Wednesday June 10, 2020 12:47 NOON CDT
Boomer Blog and Shopping Cart Update

Hi Carl, glad your blog is back on, I got the Closed message for a while last night. Maybe you could find a picture of a stage with red velvet curtains that are drawn, meaning that the show will be starting at some point, maybe pin a sign to the curtain.

First, a robin update, the picture of the eggs I sent? They're now a three pack of pretty big sized baby robins at this point, laying on top of each other, it looks like it's crowded to overflowing in that nest. At least inside of a shopping cart they can't fall down.

I barked about it and finally got started on a blog, the same as all of the radio resistors seem to be doing now. I'll just stick things I've been learning about in there. I wouldn't leave the ALPB, but when it's slow there, a blog might be good for overflow. I'll see if I can really get into it like you guys.

The Boomer Blogcast

Excellent move, Boomer! The radio world benefits greatly from having a new voice from the low power point of view!

Wednesday June 10, 2020 1:34 PM CDT
From Blog to Blog

In a June 2 entry titled "Hospital Radio" the Boomer Blog talks about carrier-current live radio in hospitals, and this recalls for us here at The Blare Blog an early encounter with such a station in a VA hospital. The VA's chief engineer overheard the voice of a patient and invited him to host a program on the hospital's CC station, and about that time a new FM station was being started and happened to appoint the VA engineer who set up all the equipment, while I was onboard starting my second job in radio. Connections sometime pay off and the good voice that had been doing shows at the hospital was brought on board the FM where he launched a popular city wide show which, as years went by, resulted in his rise to national prominence as midnight host on 50 kW KMOX. And of course I'm part of my own story having built a conglomeration of low power radio stations and blog.
Wednesday June 10, 2020 1:50 PM CDT
A Career in Parking Lots

The pandemic has opened a new day for parking lot radio and many pre-existing low power radio stations are considering the addition of a parking lot. Toward this objective KDX Worldround Radio has opened a new Parking Lot Division and developing the world's first Parking Lot Kit, now accepting pre-orders.
Saturday June 13, 2020 5:41 PM CDT
We Were Lost But Now We're Found

Just after writing about parking lots on Wednesday we did something inadvertant that caused our server to collapse. After much reconstructive effort we are at last again a web presence with the website and the streaming radio service KDX-OGG. Radio programs resumed at 3:44 PM CDT this afternoon.

Thanks go out to loyal technicians who are always there when we need help getting across the street.
Sunday June 14, 2020 8:31 AM CDT
When Endings Start

The ending of the year 2020 starts one week from today on Saturday June 20 the Longest Day of the Year, following which days will shorten by 1-minute per day until there are none.
Don't take the knee. Take the butt.
Sunday June 14, 2020 9:20 AM CDT
Gone with their Minds

Sunday June 14, 2020 10:29 AM CDT
An Interesting Analysis of Audio Servers and Streams
Black Paper from
Sunday June 14, 2020 12:55 PM
As the World Falls Off the Wall Humpty has Been Put Back Together

As two of you know, KDX Worldround Radio, its website at, and This Blog, fell off the wall four days ago and went unheard from until slowly we've been able to return one egg shell at a time pasted back together. One part of the experience in particular taught some important lessons. We became acutely aware that almost nothing happens inside a computer without a working browser, and part of our trouble resulted from Firefox becoming trapped outside of consciousness. It wouldn't run and refused to re-install, so we found the old Internet Explorer, a Microsoft browser famous for never having been very good, but for several days it was all we had, but frustrations grew and we finally resorted to Opera which got us up to a limp, but ultimately was unwilling to download many of our radio programs which come as mp3 audiofiles, Opera stubbornly insisting that we wanted to listen to the programs and kept playing them but said NO when we tried to have them our own way. At the brink of unhappiness we used new knowledge aquired during so many naps to blunder through until Firefux was brought back into our life and once again we have control of this high speed train so graceful the way it would shoot into the sky if the trestle were taken overnight for scrap metal.

Sunday June 14, 2020 5:53 PM CDT
He's Back!
Mein Dumbp
The Reincarnation - Photo by Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images
Sunday June 14, 2020 6:19 PM CDT
Unknown Table Manners

Eventually we'll be reintegrating with the restaurant scene and taking table with a colleague, sitting there in our face masks. The food arrives and neither of us knows the protocol for getting the food into our mouths without unmasking. If we lower the masks below the chin they'll be contaminated with neck virus. If we unmask where will the masks be laid without infecting the table. By handling the masks we'll need to wash hands again which necessitates wearing a mask while away from the table. After all that the food will be cold. Has anyone written about this? Well, I guess I have, despite knowing nothing about it.
Monday June 15, 2020 7 AM CDT
After All That We Know More

From the time last Wednesday when our server-computer malfunctioned we have learned many things previously ignored as we've admittedly been laissez-faire about the Windows Operating System, having come from the Amiga Computer culture which was the superior operating system until it wasn't. Some grudges tend to get very old before bygones are finally gone. Now, amid a crisis of broken Windows, it's become necessary to wake up, become "woke" as it were, and pay closer attention to how Windows 7 fits together and what to do when it doesn't. We've come to know why so many people are clutching their Windows 7 machines despite Microsoft having evicted the system in favor of Windows 10 about which nothing good has ever been said.

The other closely related matter is that of browsers, mentioned in yesterday's Blog, and we learned beyond doubt that Firefox is the browser for intellects and intellectuals. To be unfair, we reject Chrome and Edge untried because they're products of Google and Microsoft, respectively. And as we indicated Opera falls short of deserving such a grand moniker but are reminded that Artisan Radio plans to launch an operatic radio service alongside his Old Time Radio channel.
Monday June 15, 2020 9:11 AM CDT
Technology Goes Under Water
Monday June 15, 2020 9:28 AM CDT
The First Worldwide Radio Broadcast was Operatic
100 Years Ago
Monday June 15, 2020 9:41 AM CDT
International Shortwave
World Shortwave Countries
Monday June 15, 2020 3:04 PM CDT
The Meaning of "International"

KDX Worldround Radio, in addition to journalism from numerous news agencies in the United States, also carries frequent newscasts in English from Canada, China, Germany, Japan and Russia, with more voices to come.
Tuesday June 16, 2020 9:11 AM CDT
VOA Invaded by Trump Appointees
Terrible Mess of Things at Voice of America
Tuesday June 16, 2020 10:24 AM CDT
Order, Disorder and Both

We take a standpoint about whether certain minds are disordered, such as religious minds and those of the extreme right, and we consider happenings in the daily scene to be "orderly" so long as they run "smoothly" without disturbance to the general tranquility. By observing the panorama of existence we automatically keep score on the order of the moment from a personal mixture of subjective and objective attitudes and expectations. These musings on what constitutes "order" grow out of wondering how the words "law" and "order" have become bundled together as if law someway depends on order. To say that order requires law is like saying that morality requires religion. For definitive guidance in law we consult lawyers but on matters of order we'd be hardput to locate an orderer, one who provides professional assistance on affairs of order. Perhaps a beer would nurture our inquiry.
Wednesday June 17, 2020 9:42 AM CDT
Efficiency Amidst Turmoil

For many it's careerus interuptus, nearness avoidance, peaceful riot protests, police funding questions, and dodgy delivery traffic with USPS, IPS, FEDEX and Amazon Prime arriving and leaving porches and delivery docks nationwide.

During the first months of quarantine we wondered how many deliveries the neighbors could withstand before bankruptcy or the collapse of their load bearing beams but now it's us. Recent outage of our web radio server machines have us clicking SEND TO CART as we fortify against signal outage by increasing electronic backup capacity by ordering double redundant periferals so KDX can continue telling people the world is flying apart.

In this third paragraph we reach the point of this moment in blog time by telling how impressive it is that our supplier is a champion of efficiency in response to our purchase order. From the first SEND of the e-mail our inbox has been peppered with moment by moment progress reports regarding each individual item as it moves into the distribution network. "Your Order has been Received", "Your credit card has been charged", "Your trackball mouse has been moved from stock into the boxing room", "The trackball box is now labeled", "Trackball put on tuck", "trackball flying on airplane", "trackball landed and is being put on truck", "trackball is out for delivery", "trackball is now on your front porch, known by you as the Parade Review Stand", "trackball is inside your door", "trackball is waiting for you to open the box." Imagine this happening for each of about one dozen separate items.

We'll be evaluating the main load-bearing I-beam that supports the floor of the Internet Building, home of KDX Worldround Radio.

Wednesday June 17, 2020 10:45 AM CDT
Radio Havana Cuba and KDX

Today for the first time KDX carried a 1-hour international newscast from Radio Havana Cuba, featuring the headline story of 2,000 Cuban doctors and medical professionals that have dispatched to 27 countries to collaborate on COVID-19 treatment and a campaign to nominate the Henry Reeve medical contingent for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Also heard was Arni Corno's long popular DXers Unlimited, recounting Arni's love since the 1950s for DXing AM shortwave at 4 AM pre-sunrise.
Wednesday June 17, 2020 10:53 AM CDT
Politics On Radio

One very loyal KDX listener tells that he does not listen to "political" programs carried on KDX and we understand this completely. In prior years I have never given mention to political affairs over the microphones along the way and have been deeply apolitical, never ascribing to any of their so-called "parties" except to say that I am "independent". But there is a reason KDX delivers political news and it's cynical. We want to display and demonstrate what pointless, feckless, impotent, self-serving, inept, corrupt, and free-loading grubby people most politicians and their games tend to be. But of course if you already know that, why would you want to be told about it?
Wednesday June 17, 2020 11:59 AM CDT
What Happened?

Depends who you ask. His story (history) might be different than her story (herstory). You had to be there.

Events are physically tangible when they happen but flee afterwards into however many memories behind however many eyes witnessing where curation relies on editor's filters across a range from self-defense to revenge to obfuscation, whichever spin suits the spinner. The Commandments cover the issue with "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness" while court culture uses magic conjuring to elicit "The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth" but undoes the spell with dictates from the bench limiting what can be said or considered: "The jury will disregard", "the testimony is too far removed in time" and other truth quashers.

Anyone who dislikes what they remember is free to alter the retelling into a more agreeable version basically achieving "what they would have done if they had it to do over again",  known as "revisionist history". My own fame depends on it. Makes regrets disappear.

Nothing is beyond a reasonable doubt.
Thursday June 18, 2020 8:04 AM CDT
New Radio Chief Dirties House

Some newly appointed administrators come into an organization to "clean house", but that's not the way it works under the Trump administration.
Reverse House Cleaning
Thursday June 18, 2020 9:43 AM CDT
FCC Enforcement Actions

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States is to the electromagnetic spectrum as the National Park Service is to public parks. The spectrum, like park ground, is a finite resource now in higher demand than at any time as a consequence of enormous growth of wireless communication which has virtually saturated available space, with leftover crumbs for the low power broadcast community as we stake out small openings for our programs. It behooves the small operator to remain abreast of FCC enforcement activity as agents scour the airwaves to safeguard licensed users, the listening public, and impose violation notice upon anyone exceeding the regulations. We hope never to see actors in our own category named in any list of culprits. Perhaps due to the covid emergency the last published enforcement date was October 7, 2019, after which either no violations occurred, no violators were found, the paperwork is delayed, or the detection teams are in quarantine. While we (in the U.S.) are authorized by the Part 15 Rules, no license requirement pertains, and so it falls upon each of us to continuously survey our own radio emissions to ensure compliance. A certain heel nipping comes by way of anecdotes about rogue inspectors who "don't like" part 15 stations and opt toward citing them for having been born. Part 15 Lives Matter, so we think.
Thursday June 18, 2020 1:05 PM CDT
Living Words

Something Artisan Radio said:

I've noted a disturbing trend on at least one Part 15 Forum.  Posts are being edited, substantially changing the content and initial intent, but being left up as if they were original (and, in fact, the original posting date is left intact).  How can you trust anything on these Forums if information can (and is) being changed at any time at the whim of the administrator(s).  Yes, there is a note at the bottom of the post stating that it has been edited, but you don't know what has changed.  Plus, even that note is optional.

We do not modify the content of any blog post, except to change spelling or grammar, and even then it is done within a short period of time upon the post appearing.  Other than that, the posts are presented in all their glory as originally intended.  If something needs to be updated or clarified, it is done in a new blog entry.

You can trust the Artisan Radio Blog.

In response to Artisan's commentary... my experience at the Part 15 forums is that a bulk of what I posted over several years was deleted by several moderators without notice of any kind. It took awhile for me to become aware that I was being chopped because I rarely looked back to review myself. Then I learned that moderators who posed as my best friends at ALPB meetings were slaughtering my forum contributions without redress.

As to policy here at home, The Blare Blog is what is known in literature as a "living document", only slightly similar to the idea behind the so-called "Living Bible", which brings up a side argument after which I'll get back to The Blare Blog:

The Bible is a static patchwork strung together by anonymous scribes deep in the Vatican in a fog of altar wine based on supposed found scrolls authored by a hodge-podge of one-named uncertified takers of dictation coming across the divide from One God known to be perfect and unable to err, yet declaring changes from the original plan, speaking through the face-mask of hearsay.

The Blare Blog, by difference from all of the above, consists of mini-essays that are subject to corrections, revisions and rejections with no effort to preserve the first drafts for tomorrow's scholars.

Thursday June 18, 2020 2:25 PM CDT
Paying Tribute To a Good Transmitter

As spring 2020 approaches expiration, KDX is sending on only one transmitter, various other transmitters silent as we've been tackling hardware/software issues with our automation computer, the single transmitter being a C.Crane FM2 which we have married. She is a beauty and lives in the kitchen, now known as the Upper Management Lounge.

As I, her husband, sit here at the workstation commanding the program flow over stream station KDX-OGG, with audio sending on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi traversing the 35-feet back to where she resides against the back wall propped up on a round outmeal box weighted in place by an old heavy-duty battery to avoid tipping. The housewide signal from that exact location fills the house like a wave-guide, being distinctly receivable in every room, office, closet and secret chamber. It's even good for yardcasting about halfway to the top and bottom of the campus.

The C.Crane FM2 would benefit from only one modification, and that would be a button to place it into the mono mode. There are good reasons for this which have been written about.

We are unable to have children for trademark reasons.
Thursday June 18, 2020 3:29 PM CDT
Crazy Writing on Walls Closing In

Exiled in a radio news bureau the world seems to be losing its future the way the Antarctic is losing its ice shelves. Whatever hope there was seems to be eroding as sink holes open in the economy and persons infected by the covid virus approach the juncture between life and death only to learn that their hospital bill could range between $40,000 and over $1,000,000.

The local sheriff sends word that hundreds of evictions are primed for execution and Secretary of the Treasury Minutia schemes to transfer more trillions to rich bastards while idiot boy Prsident Spongepants adopts the red triangle symbol of Nazi political prisoners wondering whether it could be made orange.

Delivery truck demolition derbies race around the streets signifying the final world going out of business sale as we desperately order what consumer goods will make our lives complete.

Men driven mad are marrying their own transmitters.
Thursday June 18, 2020 4:04 PM CDT
New Approach to Grounding

Radio transmitters refer to grounding in two distinct ways: as with all electronic equipment there are important safety aspects to electrical grounding, and for efficient antenna radiation grounding is vital. In a Radio World Article (May 13) Paul McClane describes new and purportedly more effective methods of achieving a strong ground by a process he names GroundLinx.
Educational Upgrade on New Grounding Methods
Friday June 19, 2020 7:36 AM CDT
What We Know So Far

Every KDX day starts with Fault Lines, a program from Radio Sputnik which until this week had been hosted by Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan who've been working from their respective homes since covid lockdown. But this recent Monday Fault Lines was opened by Shane Stranahan, Lee's son, who had already been a regular fixture with daily updates about covid-19. After introducing new co-host Jamarl Thomas, Shane explained what was going on.

The program's hook had been based on hosts coming from the left and the right, Garland Nixon being an ex-police officer with left leanings and Lee Stranahan coming from the right as a career journalist. The problem came as their relationship turned from a heated exchange into a clash, as Shane explained, resulting in their departure from the program.

As Shane and Jamarl carry forward with the daily morning show we do not know what to expect in the days ahead, but the uncertainty itself makes for a daily attraction always wondering what might happen.
Friday June 19, 2020 8:09 AM CDT
Street Quarry

Not fully recognized is the degree to which hunter culture infuses the American way. Mingling as soldiers, policemen and even court judges, are huntsmen whose craft is to bag game and bring it to ground. The best target is a dead target.

Perhaps fewer of us would be stalked and targeted if the hunters were required to eat their kill.
Friday June 19, 2020 10:48 AM CDT
Knowledge Missing from What We Know

So often the self declared engineers writing on the radio forums will reveal the little understood secret of "balanced audio lines" as against the lay person's unbalanced audio cables. The one is a three-wire circuit while the other is two wire. How the "grounding" or "shielding" comes into it becomes part of the more elaborate explanations, and usually the reader isn't exactly sure what's being said whether due to grammar handicaps on the teacher's part or plain inability to grasp unforeseen concepts.

As often as some version of the foregoing has come along what never seems to get said and is typically left out is the equally important matter of "line levels" every bit part and parcel of the differences in conductors in the two categories of equipment, those being "consumer" and "professional". Two-wire "amateur" equipment standardizes on a -10 dB line level, while industrial "pro" equipment sports a much higher level ranging between 0 dB up to +8 dB, differences so significant they contribute to substantial distortion when mismatched.

What's really needed by the forum engineers is a preparatory course in methods of instruction so their efforts contribute to better results at the consumer end.
Friday June 19, 2020 3:59 PM CDT
What is the difference between a garbage scow and a cruise ship?

I don't think there is one.
Friday June 19, 2020 7:35 PM CDT
The Wrong Thing to Say At the Least Opportune Time

While everything is being re-branded why don't we replace the expression 'white person' with 'standard person'.
Friday June 19, 2020 8:03 PM CDT
KDX has just taken on eight staff announcers that will be heard during our daily schedule. Perhaps at some point we'll give them blog time so we can know their take on world events. Since 2007 I, Carl Blare, have been the station's voice, now I'll be able to sit quietly in the KDX Radio Museum Pantry along with boxes of old technology and dormant recording formats.
Saturday June 20, 2020 6:12 AM CDT
Frequent Openings

Of obstacles faced by low power radio stations finding suitable spots on the dial is challenging in many locations. In this regard KDX Worldround Radio has been fortunate with always a few more choices than needed for strong dial presence, and recent events are enlarging the pool with four slots opening on the AM band following FCC pulling of license for violations and word of an FM noncommercial facing possible closure in the wake of lost funding brought on by the covid crisis. With the pandemic locked in place indefinitely and economic circumstances on a downslide we may be seeing more radio stations bowing out.
Saturday June 20, 2020 9:55 AM CDT
Holiday Ideas

Juneteenth is ready made for declaration as a federal holiday.
Juneteenth History
As a practical matter some older holiday ought to be jettisoned to avoid having too many non-workdays and Columbus Day is ready for scrubbing for obvious reasons. It wouldn't do right now to touch Martin Luther King Day, although many white bastion municipalities ignore it and my gripe is that King was a religious figure and I'm touchy about keeping state and church apart, but clearly human governance is tailored to large degree by miseducated emotions and one is prudent to remain aloof from the fray, to speak fancifully.
Saturday June 20, 2020 12:07 NOON CDT
The Summer Solstice All Day

There will be a cessation of rioting for one day while we observe the Longest Day of the Year, the Top of the Year, a milestone defined by inter-solar relationships among local celestial bodies. There's nothing supernatural or fantastical about it. One thing that always stuns me about it is how quietly it takes place given the massive scale of the planetary objects involved. It serves as a lucid glimpse of truth in a generally unexplained existence where the most evident knowledge is that no one knows, never has, never will, exactly what' going on. Impressive too is the fact that the orbiting chunks of matter that provide temporary ground for our scrambles pre-existed and will long post-exist our brief blinking visit.
Saturday June 20, 2020 1:38 PM CDT
A World Governed by Childish Emotions

To intentionally confine selection of a Democratic nominee for vice-president of the United States to a black woman would be a bluntly racist way of choosing, yet that's the approach being bandied as we wonder if critical thinking is nothing more than five meaningless syllables.

Maybe they forgot that such appointments are made based on excellent qualifications and impeccable ability with no prejudice toward anyone who meets the criterion.
Sunday June 21, 2020 8:28 AM CDT
Loosing Their Heads

Within a 24-hour period four food brands dropped their iconic images to disarm claims of racism against Aunt Jamima Pancake Mix, Uncle Ben's Rice, Cream of Wheat Breakfast Cereal and Eskimo Pie icecream bars. Three featured likenesses of black people, and one of them called on Eskimo Indians to equate with the cold north where tribes reside. It has not yet dawned on these deep thinkers that the only choice kept open is to identify products 100% by white associations which will eventually be considered racist when someone realizes that black faces never appear on food packaging.
Sunday June 21, 2020 5:56 PM CDT
You Needa Audio?
Uneeda Audio
Interesting electronics stuff.

Uneeda Audio talks about PZM (Pressure Zone Microphons) and by chance KDX has been recently using one of our collection of PZMs to record the Covid-19 ambience of a socially distanced city and airing these soundscapes in place of talk programs during some hours. We'll be coming back to this subject in the days ahead, but for now here's another trove of useful information:
Crown PZM Manuals
Sunday June 21, 2020 8:06 PM CDT
Buckling Under the Heat

Somewhere around 90 (F) here inside the Internet Building and the AC hasn't been turned on because it's no one's job so no wonder I'm having uncharacteristic thoughts. I'm not a cruel person, but there are certain freaks in the government who really need to be sent a message. What I'd like to do is put on an asbestos mitt, grab a wad of steaming hot pasta and whip them over and over until they finally say, "When are you going to stop doing that?"

That's exactly the kind of thing that the moderators at the Part 15 forums would delete, so it gives you an idea of what readers are missing at those boorish sites.
Monday June 22, 2020 8:11 AM CDT
A Trio of Blogs

It was Boomer' Blogcast where it was wondered whether Part 15 was "Sunsetting", but ironically the appearance of Boomer's Blogcast only weeks after the launch of the Artisan Radio Blog and given this Blare Blog it seems low power radio hobbycasting is resurging. I can tell you that my mornings have become busier as now I've got to check all the blogs in addition to the New York Times to see what got done while I was over in pillowville.

On topic, Boomer wrote:
Right now I have a backup of blogs to post, 3-4 of them waiting and have to get time to sit down with it. See when I start to type about exciting tech topics, I want to run off and try some of those ideas!

I just started, but I like having the P-15 blog, it's another form of freedom. I don't know how much I've been censored at the others, or who is editing posts, but it bothers me even that readers could be shown spooky ads that claim to be trending on just what the post is about. Ads were appearing right in the middle of postings over at Part fifteen org for a while. I have ad blocking, Firefox plugins, Ublock, but when I look on a computer that doesn't have that, then I see what others might be getting.

We can do it ourselves without all the clutter and tracking and just write on simple pages in text, a throwback but a good throwback, fitting with our small radio and short antennas as you said.

The FCC should allow larger antennas, we need FCC Viagra. I like The Legacy's idea for LPAM using a service that's already established and doesn't interfere, TIS rules allowing 1 mile of coverage, everything seems to be right to be able to broadcast that way on a small scale, techniques proven.

And this morning the Artisan Radio Blog introduced the Boston Typewriter Orchestra which makes me want typewriter bridges and themes in between newscasts here on KDX. Reminds me of the days when my wife and I used office supplies to percuss along with symphonic music as part of our business day here in the Internet Building.

I think our Trio of Blogs bring culture to the Part 15 pastime.
Monday June 22, 2020 3:18 PM CDT
Technical Question for Qualified Readers

The LAN (Local Area Network) of computers here within the Internet Building are connected by ethernet cables through a router tied to the internet by coaxial cable, which is to say we have no Wi-Fi, except that two computers each have USB Wi-Fi Adapters.

I intentionally purchased one of the adapters out of curiosity so I could see what kind of Wi-Fi activity exists in the vicinity, and a second adapter arrived unexpectedly along with a newly refurbished computer we obtained.

Now that we'll have two computers with two Wi-Fi adapters, can those adapters talk to each other? Will it be possible to extablish a Wi-Fi link between the two computers?
Tuesday June 23, 2020 10:30 AM CDT
What Did I Tell You

KDX is all in on DRM.
It Would Be For the Best
Tuesday June 23, 2020 10:33 AM CDT

In the morning mail -

You can get two Wi-Fi adapters and their computers to talk to each other with a 'peer to peer' connection, and I believe I've done it successfully in the past, but it seems easier to connect both machines to a router by wireless, with shared folders on each machine, just like you'd do with a wired LAN.

I have two machines on wireless like that, one is Windows XP on the main studio, the other Win 7 and running the show on my AM station. I can record and mix in the studio, download shows on another computer and process them, and send music across 5 computers, wired and two wireless.

Before I had this set up, I used USB memory sticks to walk the files from place to place, but doing it by LAN and wireless is much nicer.

The SDR Play came in, and that should be fun. It uses an SDR program that I have to find and download yet. I also need cables for the type of antenna jacks it uses to connect it to something. I may be looking for an active antenna. I found that with the RTL SDR, it works much better when the antenna is outdoors. -- Boomer

I knew you walked dogs, but files is new. Oh, and I don't know if it's been talked about yet on the Blog, but software defined radios are currently being tried by three of our lab technician friends and we went through the same thing involving patch connectors to attach antennas and agree that outdoor antennas are more affective.  What I am so far puzzled by is how to receive the FM band and the 1.9 GHz cordless phone band.
Tuesday June 23, 2020 10:59 AM CDT
Clear the Sky Go By Rail

It's been heavenly under the quiet skies free after long last from the nasty blasty jets while over 60,000 aircraft sit parked away somewhere. How criminally negligent it's been to hurtle tons of machinery above human population centers over all these years, while the national rail network has languished in decline.

Mankind's two greatest inventions are broadcasting and railroad trains and it's time to downgrade air flight into a secondary category of industrial utility.
Fix the Trains
Tuesday June 23, 2020 12: 20 NOON CDT
World Radio History
Tuesday June 23, 2020 12:40 NOON CDT
KLAN is Taken

An FM station in Glascow, Montana, is assigned the FCC call sign KLAN and TV Klan is an Albanian TV channel. Closely related is a "clan", a group descended from a common ancester, something of a trailer park blue-blood, no reference intended to Bob Fwordly's faux ALPB micro-clan.
Tuesday June 23, 2020 1:15 PM CDT
Masked for Distance

At the onset of covid-19 we had on hand this carton of Liberty ISOSAFE Cone Masks originally aquired for working in dusty construction zones and they served for a couple grocery trips, now we have a 50-piece box of LANSWE 90% efficient Disposable Face Masks for the summer, provided by New Egg Computer Marketplace. The cone masks were white, these more paperish ones are light blue. I see people in black facial covering which takes me back to my Lash Larue days.
Tuesday June 23, 2020 2:38 PM CDT
Strength Knows Weakness

U.S. President Trump has refused to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, despite his own government's guidelines, and has regularly suggested that Biden and others who wear them are showing weakness or fear. That is a pronouncedly adolescent stance against an adversary which is vastly oblivious to whether infectees are "weak" or "strong" in some carnival way, as in a wrestling match. Donald is a big boy now and could impress everyone if he showed the manliness to wear a goddamn mask as an example for all the weak-headed Trumpers.
Tuesday June 23, 2020 6:16 PM CDT
For Immediate Release
Rocky Mountain Mike - DUMBTOWN
Martha Stewart - Home for President Put to Pasture
-- The Bob Cesca Show on the RELM Network
Wednesday June 24, 2020 8:29 AM CDT
All the Stream Directories

Low power stations who stream are typically found on their own websites and perhaps one or more of the public directories. For example, KDX Worldround Radio streams from and is also found on (the Official Icecast Diectory), and There are many more directories and this link provides an informative listing of most of them:
Streaming Radio Directories
Wednesday June 24, 2020 8:36 AM CDT
Home School College and the Virtual Campus

My wife and I coined the name "Home School College" to describe our lifestyle, consisting of always learning and researching, self-starting scholars as we were. As such we never intended to be a "school" and have always balked at people who wanted us to reveal the secrets of success which, given our status as a commercial media service, have tended to be proprietary. Circumstances are somewhat different now that we are a hobby radio enterprise where information sharing has become part of the style of operation, except that we try to refrain from becoming anyone's on-call specialist. The ideal relationship arises from cultural exchange through barter.
Wednesday June 24, 2020 9:09 AM CDT
The 18-Mile Wire Above Manhattan is Not An Antenna

Although it could serve as one, but only as a secondary purpose. The wire is an example of how bizarre religion can get.
Magic Within the Wire
Wednesday June 24, 2020 5:59 PM CDT
Haunted by Inheritance

At this moment the Oregon Symphony Orchestra is performing on KDX the 4th Symphony by American composer Howard Hanson, subtitled "Requiem", for the reason that he was moved to write it upon the death of his father. What it means to me is indirect, because until recently I'd never heard more than Hanson's 2nd Symphony, which literally became the soundtrack for me one year on a very personal level. It was for me at the time, and for thousands thereafter, a stirring and beautiful experience. Howard Hanson died at some point along the way but American news media never tends to spotlight obituaries of more notable intellects so only now can I consult Wikipedia to see that it happened on February 26, 1981, age 84.

Endlessly fascinating is the fact that certain creative persons invest themselves in constructing monuments in whatever field, be it written literature, music, or the building of architectural wonders. From the reference point of life we're inclined to ascribe a kind of immortality to such work, but the arttist has only his lifetime to complete the novel work and no one else will ever chance upon the same combination, the creator finally ceasing to exist despite what he leaves for our benefit.

It's really a form of fatherhood that stands above common biology, and the work takes on a sibling rank to those of us who love it. The everyday public who remain persistently unimpressed do not belong in the same family and if they somehow wedge themselves into the fold can only be spoken down to.
Wednesday June 24, 2020 7:04 PM CDT
Odds Looking Bad

Making fun at the expense of handicapped persons is in bad taste and here we've made sport over Trump's many disorders, however what I believe is at the root of our response to the absurd man is an embarrasment over having no mechanism for undoing his sticky little hands from our nuclear buttons.

If we can learn something from our stalemate it would be that democracy is no more effective than a coin flip depending on how many MAGATS you have (MAGA - Trump Supporters).

Thursday June 25, 2020 8:38 AM CDT
Stored and Restored

As of 3 AM most of the website and The Blare Blog have been recovered and restored with only a few missing links and images that will soon be patched.  The situation dates from mid February when our main server crashed . KDX has been operating from a spare temporary server during the interim without access to primary contents. A USB hard-disc docking device was employed to retrieve missing data from the broken server. Are you receiving me now?

Thursday June 25, 2020 10:45 AM CDT
Remarkable Alternative Universes

I never could have guessed that a certain individual close to our radio operation is a Trump defender. He's never shared any comment large or small about the president in several years of working together, so it was brain-stopping to be informed that our coworker feels strongly that criticisms of Trump amount to attacks and finds Trump admirable and charming. What makes it particularly incomprehensible is that our associate is intelligent and logical in other ways. To the majority of people who see Trump's defects so clearly it is the Trump defenders who represent an imponderable dent in the fabric of sanity. It's like they have a mothering instinct.
Thursday June 25, 2020 11:26 AM CDT
Writing By Blog

In his May 30 blog titled "Why a Blog?", Artisan Radio wrote: "The value for me comes in the writing.  To get the facts, and sometimes my opinions, 'out there'." And that's what it is. The Blare Blog follows the same impetus... writing is a form of speech, speech is an outward expression from an author's mind to fellow humans telling what we know and what we think. Blog reader's provide the counterpart which completes the circuit; they want to know "what the blogger thinks", giving the finishing patina to the social encounter.
Thursday June 25, 2020 11:57 AM CDT
Go to School

There's a movement afoot to capitalize the "B" in "black" when referrring to the so-called African-American race. Let's do some unpacking. If we capitalized that  "B" we'd also need to capitalize the "W" in "white" and the "L" in "latino", as well as every word in "people of color".

The reason I fudged on "African-American" is because not all blacks descend from African, as many came from Haiti and other various countries and islands, as well as most blacks nor their parents have never been to Africa.

Because I am three generations removed from Swiss ancestry, am I Swiss-American? Or, perhaps I'm a blend of Danish-French-Swiss-Swedish American stemming from another branch of the family. I once flew over Colorado; am I a Coloradan?

Pulling down some statues, aside from being a bit of non-sequitur given the murder we should really be concerned about, is alright with me. Apart from whatever symbology a statue might represent I've always felt that statues clutter up the landscape and pose no equal to well coiffed botany.
Friday June 26, 2020 10:07 AM CDT
No Vaccine So Far But Try Some of This
Friday June 26, 2020 3:38 PM CDT
Diplomacy Is Called For

Word from Boomer:

Hi Car, I guess I'm outed, I've been a staunch conversative the whole time, and I hope that doesn't change things between us, since it should be all about radio, and everyday politics needn't define how we associate in broadcasting. We've known each other for several years, and I was this way all along, so why should you change anything, you just know a little more about me now.

Glad you worked until 3 am to recover your site and older blogs and get it back on line, it looks good and it's fast as usual, unlike commercial sites out there that use sometimes hundreds of items on a page and load slowly, yet might have 1/10th of the readable content that yours has. - Boomer

Carl takes the stand, the prosecution has questions: "Mister Blare, how do you intend to get out of this?"

Carl speaks. thereby waiving the right to avoid incrimination by remaining silent:
Oh me my goodness, Boomer, no! I mean, I wasn't writing about you, I was writing about someone who has no part in the Blare Blog, a person known only in civilian life. It comes as an immense surprise that you reside on the Trump side of the street, although you do like dogs, as you've said. Well, I'm trying to learn several things and you can be instrumental. I sincerely want to understand how intelligent and creative persons, which you and the unknown civilian are, yet somehow remain blind, indifferent or unaware of Trump's conspicuous, obvious, glaring, blatant and plainly obvious malicious cruelty, destructive and deconstructive way of governing, immoral, unethical, enourmesly deceptive, dishonest and psychologically impaired low class Hitler immitation. There is no way on earth to support his racism without also being a racist; no way to deny earth sciences (air and water pollution) and medical sciences (Covid) without also being something approaching a flat-earther; no way to overlook his mysogeny without also being disrespectful of women, no way to ignore his theocratic, anti-intellectual and anti-educational manifesto without being anti-Constitutional. Other than that things are fine.

And as you say it IS about radio, and radio is the ideal place to have open conversations unlike the conservative commercial radio stations which apply a strictly one sided propaganda laden message, and for that matter unlike many alternate news organizations which deal perhaps narrowly in truth and accuracy. Bob Fwordly wouldn't tolerate open cultural exchange and broke every rule the ALPB had spent months drafting in his haste to assassinate Artisan Radio and me through hostile takeover of the group we'd help build, accusing us of developing a simbiosis (not exactly the right word but I can't think of it right now and will fix it later) while, in gross contradiction, saying that the aim of the ALPB was to foster a simbiotic relationship among members.

All this aside, you, Boomer, are a member of the Family of Radio and correspondent emeritus to The Blare Blog and as such are being handed a key to the Internet Building with the unrevokable privilege of coming here anytime day or night, but don't eat everything in the refrigerator.

Maybe this will be one of the greatest conversations ever had on a radio hobby site.
Friday June 26, 2020 5:57 PM CDT
Part 2 of Word Exchange RE: Conservatism and Its Trappings

The Blog has realized we need an articulate conservative prepared to dscourse on the polarized distortions between today's political divide. I already have two questions as conversation starters:

Q.  What do conservatives conserve? Not the natural environment as we've seen by their destructive disregard for nature conservation.

Q.  Why are conservatives secretive about being conservative? Like some deep rooted guilt.

The Blare Blog is becoming a forum in slow motion. Reply within 30-days.

Friday June 26, 2020 9:04 PM CDT
Thoughts in the Fading Light

At this time of day a chorus of thoughts join voices stemming from the day's many activities, so I'm thinking about the tree branch that dangled short of denting the car, the ten-thousand words all day on KDX describing the state of the worldwide crisis, work in progress rebuilding the backup capacity of our website, and further thoughts about the newly opened line of discussion regarding conservatism. One thing stands out from Boomer's message, the part where he said "It should be all about radio", and that means many things once put to critical thought.

For the community of low power radio operators and their forums and blogs "radio" is the "common interest" that sparks our frequent return to see what's newly being said about the central interest, and a different version of this is true between me and the "civilian" I referred to as the Trump supporter that came unmasked much to my shock... the common interest with him is not radio. In fact he has told people that "Carl Blare is only daydreaming about having a radio station" and his saying that could open up a whole other conversation, but it mainly reveals an ignorance about what radio is. As it happens he is a self-taught computer geek who has often been of great help in building my dream station.

Difficulties have arisen in some low power relationships because even radio buffs hold different conceptions of what radio is to them. On the forums I was continually derided for going "off topic" and talking about things that "weren't radio", but to me everything is connected to radio because the medium is a communications resource and there's nothing in the universe that can't be referenced in a radio discourse and those who would castrate topics not aligned to their worldview are to me the height of conservatism and exhibit the behavior expected from them, so there we connect radio with the heart of a problem I have, knowing how to correspond successfully with conservatives because I don't consider them to be anything more than righteous and dogmatic. My saying it out loud may sound impertinent but it is to be prized none the less as being bluntly honest, for what that's worth. At this moment I have managed to describe a classic foil employed by those on the right to muzzle such honesty by forcing the thing called "political correctness" in which THEY, the holier authorities, dictate what cannot be said. Moderators at the forums have been clone examples of the "father knows best" boss figures just described.

Circling all the way around back to friend Boomer I so far have not been able to see the signs and symbols that mark a conservative as I understand it to be, and wonder if perhaps Boomer is living in a delusion and only thinks he's a conservative by way of some misunderstanding about word definitions or political rankings. After saying all that it's necessary to announce that we are not in a fabricated court room on the way toward rendering judgments. It's only a Radio Blog and we'll be right back after this message.
Friday June 26, 2020 10:09 PM CDT
Destined to Fail

The BLM, Black Lives Matter, movement is dooming itself with broken thinking that continues to attach itself to the protests. This time it's a rush to end the time honored practice of white voices performing black characters in animated movies. This in itself is a racist idea because it essentially holds that black voices are a different species and that white voices, no matter that the same English is being spoken, are a breed apart. The only real way to meld two races is to consider each equal to the other.
Saturday June 27, 2020 6:07 AM CDT
Blog Evolves

Freely speaking by blog can veer at times into the hyper personal or other revelations possibly not fit for public consumption and it's not unusual to have a "day after" kind of moment when the writer feels uncomfortable about something said. While it's easy enough to redact and delete it seems to me that retension of such material in an offline state is preferable for preservation of the total record. As a way of managing the situation The Blare Blog today establishes a holding cell where removed material can be isolated pending future review.
Saturday June 27, 2020 7:12 AM CDT
The Way to Have Fewer Deaths from the Corona Virus,
is to Have Fewer Tests.
-- U. S. President Donald J. Trump
Saturday June 27, 2020 7:30 AM CDT
International Voices from KDX

KDX Worldround Radio has been establishing itself as a comprehensive global radio station presenting major radio voices from many countries, already including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Cuba, and arranging soon the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and South African Broadcast Corporation, all programs in English. With all of this we continue to bring programs on technology, symphonic concerts and natural soundscapes absent human speech. Our continual monitoring of other stream activities finds no other station as versatile as KDX.
Saturday June 27, 2020 7:43 AM CDT
True or False

The conservative man is good with police brutality.

Carl Blare sees no other way to rationalize the matter; it's all part of the same package.
Saturday June 27,2020 10:40 AM CDT
Another Gotcha

Using only black voices to produce animations with black characters will necessitate picking black actors who sound "black enough" to instill the character with authentic blackness. Those black actors that could pass for white based on how they sound would not qualify.

The Blare Blog is not being pickayune on these issues to mock or poke fun, although it has a fun side about it, my wish is that we can get it right making changes to old culture in the process of building an all inclusive society. Wrong moves now are apt to disempower the whole effort.
Saturday June 27, 2020 10:53 AM CDT
Conservative Masks

The Ku Klux Klan is a conservative committee formed to resolve social unrest. Some of my best friends are conservative. Does that make me complicit with the KKK?
Saturday June 27, 2020 12:01 NOON CDT
Individual Ingested in a Greater Whole

Belonging to a membership organization whether in spirit or written contract requires surrender of individuality. Henceforth the organization determines belief and agenda as one absorbs into the group. Such is true of political, military and religious affiliation, by which one subscribes to a set of standards governing physical and mental viewpoints, exercise of personal deviation from group-think constituting disloyalty to the group. Actions requiring the group to assertively act as one, transforms it into a mob in which responsibility is diluted through community sharing. It is because of these things that I consistently combine all the names, titles and emblems of organized groups into interlocking equivalences wherein conservative means white supremest means Republican means right winger means theocrat means racist means authoritarian means pro-lifer means GOP. For non-party purposes some residual remnants of an individuated human is able to cast a presence, but this fractional person is mainly subservient to the greater whole of the Party.

The description used for a groupless non-participating private individual is "free thinker" for the purposes of religion and philosophy and "independent" in politics. At one time the military had some ugly ways for demeaning anti-militarists, but since the end of the draft the volunteers are pretty much in a hell of their own making if they decide they made a mistake and I'm not aware of whatever kind of support might be sought if they manage to stay alive amidst possible "friendly fire".
Saturday June 27, 2020 3:30 PM CDT
Message from Bill Baker at The Radio Source
Safety Radio Stations Go Viral
Saturday June 27, 2020 4:22 PM CDT
The Statue of Brutality
Saturday June 27, 2020 6:40 PM CDT
Word from RagFM

We made contact with Johny of RAGFM in New Zealand to say thank you for several times providing excellent guidance in locating and selecting new computer-servers to put us back in operation following the crash of our original computer tower, and quickly received acknowledgement:

Hi Carl
All good down here, stations running with no problems.
Winter down here so all we have had is rain and more rain.
Lock down has finished down here, but our borders are closed and every one coming in are tested and have stay in hotels for 2 weeks and are tested again and must be covid free before they can leave and join the rest of us here.
Have a good week.  -- Johny
RAG-FM 107.7 Raglan New Zealand
Sunday June 28, 2020 10:28 AM CDT
A man of words is a man who places stock in the meaning of words

A man of his word is a man who keeps his word

A man of few words is a man with little to say

A wordy man talks a lot

Sunday June 28, 2020 11:07 AM CDT
From the Bruce Radio Monitoring Station

Hi Uncle Carl!
Thank you for the computer info!!
In this picture - the GE Superadio is tuned to 90.9 MHz, and from YOU - it's KDX!
91.5 and 91.9 are the other 2 stations.  I've never broadcast 3 Part15 streaming sources from the FM band all at the same time before now!

Sunday June 28, 2020 11:10 AM CDT

The Rebuilding, and resistors and capacitors don't care about our politics --
Hi Carl, no, I was glad that you answered that way on the Blare Blog, and the only thing that potentially could have bothered me was the 5 minute belly laugh I had from reading your comments.. :) It was not long after I ate, and I had to stop laughing so I wouldn't possibly get sick! Thanks, I needed that, it got me away from my SDR for a bit.

I do think that on radio forums, and other forums, worldly politics could be a stumbling block, just like anything that's about something else than the main topic of the board. If I ran a forum, I'd want to be mindful of others, knowing that some do their radio hobby to be in touch with the finer points of resistance, capacitance long ground leads and signal range, to lose themselves with radio for a while.

Another side is that people come with personalities that include interest in world politics and they make small talk about it with their family, at the bus stop, to a cashier, or with their chauffeur. For some it's like bringing up sports or the weather in conversation, so it's natural for some to want to talk politics.

It's a tough job to put balance on everything. I thought that the ALPB's best hope was when Jim Henry took the helm, he was active, fair, and experienced in forum operation from running boards since the BBS days. Most importantly, he wanted the job and had the qualities of a leader.

I'll have to read your thoughts on Black Lives Matter. I've heard a few comments about their motivations, but feel that the moment everyone jumps on something and says you must act that way is the very moment to question why.

There was a Twilight Zome dealing with mob thinking during crisis, I think it was called The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street, and a broadcast leads people to catch a virus of thought that leads them to acting like a mob. This was original Twilight Zone during the Cold War, but it's not outdated, and still worth the watch.

Great blog, carry on! -- Boomer

So much for new tricks.
We have different definitions for 'radio'.
Monday June 29, 2020 7:05 AM CDT
By Analogy

All professions have their hobby groups, even sewer systems. Many sewer hobbyists insist that it's all about the parts - elbow pipes, large pipes, manholes and sewer lids while more advanced members would claim that the parts are only a means toward the end, which is the carriage of sewage itself.

Radio is also comprised of component parts, i.e., resistors, capacitors and antennas, but the advanced followers have an 'end justifies means' argument in noting that radio infrastructure carries information.

Therefore sewage and information are part of the full hobby in either case.

Probably everyone can identify sewage, but less thought may have been given to what is 'information'. It is built on the shorter word 'inform' and that's what radio can do, in addition to having electronic parts.
Monday June 29, 2020 8:49 AM CDT
Making the Morning Rounds

First making sure KDX-OGG is up and streaming we nurse a coffee while browsing a few favorite daily sites including the low power forums and blogs. The new Artisan Blog takes first look and lately has been missing frequently during what we guess are construction related outages. Next comes the Boomer Blogcast which hasn't produced anything new since the June 5th essay on the "Sunsetting of Part 15". Over to Hobby Broadcaster which recently has been paying homage to an unusually high number of radio professionals passing out of this life. Then comes Part15-dot-org and a fresh discussion of antenna connection complexities given the technical limitations imposed by the FCC. On to the hijacked "Old ALPB Site" where about 5 members take a look to see if anyone of them has said anything but none has. So to the New York Times Morning Briefing which lands in the email box to see how much trouble we're in today so far as our species of toxic animalis concerned.
Monday June 29, 2020 9:56 AM CDT
Talent for the Unethical

There's good money in sly, cynical, butchery of truth.
Kayleigh McEnany White House Press Secretary
Monday June 29, 2020 11:30 AM CDT
Mask or Die

It bugs me on Saturday night when Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live as heard on KDX, blares his libertarian chant that wearing masks during the pandemic is tyranny and his followers gather publicly everynight in defiant maskless protest. Meanwhile, a more reasonable spokesperson said earlier on KDX that masks are a public health issue, not a civil rights issue, which is the stand shared by us at Worldround Radio. To our consternation Free Talk Live is also carried on over 200 full-power licensed radio stations, and we wonder how so many senseless owners can afford having those stations. COVID-19 is being very slow in eradicating stupid people. Still, there's a morbid fascination tuning in each week to see if those libertarians are still there.

Monday June 29, 2020 12:46 NOON CDT
New Show from KDX and Plans for the 4th

Our good friends at Radio Phvern put us onto a high quality text to speech software that has been populating KDX with announcers and program hosts, resulting today with the new "Joey Show" which I'll link in a moment.

Quite a few things are planned for Saturday the 4th, including a long-form recording from sunset to dark so we'll be able to relive the bombast the next day on Sunday with a soundscape broadcast on KDX. At the same time, on the air Saturday from 4 to 6 PM CDT will be the return of chamber music from "Music Mountain", a legendary concert series from Falls Village, Connecticut, followed by another live "Free Talk Live" show from Keene, New Hampshire, so we can count the times host Ian declares tyranny for face masks.
The Joey Show
Monday June 29, 2020 1:42 PM CDT
The theatre was on fire but I didn't yell 'fire' because it was crowded.
Monday June 29, 2020 4:16 PM CDT
Classical Music Timing on Radio

In a blog dated June 27th Artisan Radio talked about the difficulties of fitting classical works into a schedule that is framed by the hour and half hour, a complication as old as the history of radio. Artisan's idea of pairing long and short works into neat hour lengths is a solution I used in my Symphony Music series, about 32 programs now stored on the shelf.

Various concert series received from present day classical programmers are packaged in 2-hour sets with a station break as close to midway as possible.

Actual live concerts in symphony halls of the world tend to time out at 90-minutes with a 10-minute intermission prior to the longest featured work. The first two works on the schedule are usually a brief overture and a reknowned concerto.

Operas are day long events and the closest I ever came to opera on radio was as local announcer for a station that carried the Metropolitan Opera on Saturdays.

KDX presently maintains a collection of appealing shorter works to use as filler when small amounts of time open up.

Artisan Radio Blog
Tuesday June 30, 2020 7:08 AM CDT
Why KDX Closes During Local Storms

Storms that bring wind and lightning can do severe harm to radio facilities. Most full power stations remain on the air during storms at great risk to themselves, and many stations become hobbled when lightning wrecks vital facilities or wind damages antennas or other physical structures. By closing down and disconnecting during storms KDX improves the liklihood we will return intact following the fury.
Tuesday June 30, 2020 9:41 AM CDT
Randy Rainbow
Make Him Mask
Tuesday June 30, 2020 9:53 AM CDT
A Part 15 Station Under Development
Radio Phvern
Tuesday June 30, 2020 9:56 AM CDT
Bruce follows up on the June 28th "KDX Super Radio" bit:

Alright Uncle Carl!  I will be sending you some text on my GE Superadio.  Also on the WMEX logo and why that's there, as well as some info on the 2 other stations that are streamed - WWUH and WAPJ.  And a little bit on the other radio in the picture - that ham radio handitalkie in the foreground.
Best Wishes -- Brooce
Tuesday June 30, 202011:23 AM CDT
Small Talk is Polite Talk

In Artisan Radio Blog 6/27 it was written:
I was saddened to read on the Blare Blog that a fellow Part 15 broadcaster and blogger admitted he was a right winger, and presumably a Trump supporter.

Even though I did like him and his writings, I find it difficult to give him a pass, as virtually everyone in the radio world who has similar views has eventually shown themselves to be liars and completely lacking integrity.  Like Trump, like supporters.

A day or so later Artisan added:

Have you noticed that those who want to keep discussions surrounding Part 15 Radio confined to its technical aspects only are mostly white nationalist, far right wing conservatives?

Around the same time blogger Boomer wrote:

If I ran a forum, I'd want to be mindful of others, knowing that some do their radio hobby to be in touch with the finer points of resistance, capacitance long ground leads and signal range, to lose themselves with radio for a while. Another side is that people come with personalities that include interest in world politics and they make small talk about it with their family, at the bus stop, to a cashier, or with their chauffeur. For some it's like bringing up sports or the weather in conversation, so it's natural for some to want to talk politics.

I also see that efforts to confine the discussion to small talk is a way of preventing any opportunity to discuss really serious matters, such as the fate of mankind in the world as a consequence of mans' 'politics'. We should remain children and tend to play things.

It was a moderator at part15-org that demanded that the site serve the newbee 12-year old first discovering the wonders of radio electronics. Experiencing life as a 12-year old grows old after awhile ending eventually in retardation. There's got to be a future beyond childhood to give purpose to our resistors and capacitors.

Incoming comment from Artisan Radio:

One of your correspondents wrote: "If I ran a forum, I'd want to be mindful of others"...

That's an interesting statement coming from an admitted, right wing Trump supporter.

Perhaps he's referring to the right others, such as older, white males.

For those on the right, most of all Trump, aren't mindful of blacks and other persons of color, women (except for certain, animalistic purposes), immigrants, scientists, media types etc.

I believe that the real reason Trump supporters hide their allegiance is that it's difficult to believe anything they say once that allegiance is known.  How can you take any sort of technical or scientific statement seriously when the basis for their belief system is anti-science.  Or, at least, science that serves their purposes, i.e., greed, power, racism et al.

The remark makes something clear that I've been overlooking... Trumpers ARE anti-science, so how could they take radio seriously? Is that an inadvertant hypocrisy? "We believe in radio parts but not inmedical science nor earth science?"

Tuesday June 30, 2020 2:00 PM CDT

Important Disclosure

Knowing what is unfolding here on The Blare Blog requires a clear explanation lest we appear to be picking on one of our Corresponding Participants for being a 'conservative', in this time in history when that label is approximately the same thing as being a Nazi in 1940 Germany. Other radio forums would by now have stripped our membership and pointed fingers of "ad hominum", accusing us of 'attacking' one of our fellows. The process employed here on The Blog is simply that of critical review in which all contributors have equal access to the lectern. We have already been bypassed more than once in our extended offer to provide a floor for articulating the fundamentals of conservatism in a manner that might correct any misconstruals. The webmaster at the hijacked ALPB told me there is no such thing as "critical review" given the fact that he had never heard of it, but there are college courses and degrees in the field. Unless something changes the only vocal spokespersons for the right are the hate radio/tv hosts who themselves avoid holding rational conversations.
Tuesday June 30, 2020 3:08 PM CDT
Jim Jones All Over Again

Some may remember the religious fanatic named Jim Jones who took his followers and founded "Jones Town", where members proved their faith by drinking poisoned Kool Aid and all died.

Today we have Donald Trump who demands the show of faith indicated by refusal to wear a mask for protection against COVID-19. "Die for Don".
Tuesday June 30, 2020 6:56 PM CDT

In sincere interest I have asked many conservatives some very simple questions they have never answered.

Q.  What do conservatives conserve?
Q.  What is 'supreme' about white supremists?
Q.  What is significant about the 'right' unless they think it is the opposite of 'wrong'?
Q.  In that case what would the 'left' be opposite of?
Q.  'Pro life' to you means women cannot manage their own reproductivity, yet 'pro life' does not apply to blacks or imigrants?
Q.  Again on 'pro life', it is taken for granted that conservatives are Christian yet the Doctrine of Free Will does not apply to women?
Q.  In the case of lynching blacks how does the Commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' apply?
Q.  Whey does the KKK conceal their identity if what they do is righteous, and in what way does the Christian Cross relate to it?
Q.  There are plenty of Nazis that do not care that the Nazis lost the war with Germany, and by the same token there are many Confederates who believe 'the south shall rise again", true?

Conversations with conservatives can't seem to start.

Artisan is the first to ring in:

After reading your latest blog post, I became interested, and found this:
Origins of Left-Right Politics
That answers one question for me, Artisan, and I genuinely did not know that history. But can we suppose that most conservatives would not have done the scholarly thing you did by linking to a definition or even trying to express something of their own? Would a conservative take the time to read all those words and upgrade their knowledge? Not, according to my view of it.

Tuesday June 30, 2020 9:26 PM CDT
Boomer Arrives Hours Ahead of July

Resistors Might Actually Care About Our Politics --
Hi Carl, I was word-playing with you, but I guess I was discounting the power of politics to bring about stronger conclusions in these dramatic times. Not trying to be a troll, just be a conversationalist, which really takes no political sides, since anyone is eligible to speak.

Really, I don't take a strong side on politics, if I polled myself, I'd probably find I was somewhere in the middle and leaning towards liberal on some issues, conservative on others. I'm more like my parents in that way than contemporary.

One thing about low power radio, at least over the past 50 years, the majority of the pirate radio stations have had left-leaning politics, it seems to me, with youthful idealists wanting to free the airwaves, stop the war, big corporations and damage to the environment. That's why it's interesting to me that the forums are that conservative. I guess P-15 forums really are a different animal. I wonder how they started, and how they got to the place they are.

I'm not against pirate radio as much as the Part-15 groups seem to be, it's also low power radio for a change, I'd just want it to be legal. The power to broadcast was taken over by corporations who had the advantage technologically, and average people didn't have a chance to participate in this new technology as broadcasters, they were allowed to be listeners only and accepted their role. Now we have newer tech, the internet, with much more access, so the public is exploding all over it with ideas, letting it all out.

Again, sorry for being so foxy, especially in this moment we're all living in. -- Boomer

Boomer, I say earnestly that you have a sensitive penchant for observation and expression with rich depth of field. In a picture focussed on political treacheries your bandwidth stretches to include incidental asides that, as details come to light, are part of a holistic whole, pirate radio among them. I don't think part 15 groups are against pirate radio, I believe they put on an act as a way of convincing any government eyes that the site is legit. Many of them have other social forums where they relax and start wondering what a few more meters or Watts might do with an antenna. In fact so-called 'piracy' is yet another risky topic that brought moderator wrath upon me when I dared say that civil disobedience might be valid grounds for defying the Rules, in some cases. The BLM could do wonders with low power radio and we wonder why it isn't happening, I'd welcome the excitement in this dull radio town.

It seems that you (Boomer) are not the one who will teach me conservatism. Probably conservatives are not teachers in as much as they're cult followers, and now you've clearly disarmed by thinning the broth, and for me, other than an appreciation for hunting horns, it's not a fox hunt.

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