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December 2020

Wednesday December 30, 2020 6:52 PM CST -- Google Street View
Here in the office we had mail that needed to be postmarked by an approaching deadline in order to avoid fines but the mailman hasn't been by for several days and I was not looking forward to the mile drive to a familiar side-of-the road mailbox, so I wondered about a much closer box I'd not visited since the reconstruction of that nearby mail point. So I scoped it out via Google Street View and was able to observe at close hand the required entrance and exit from the postal box which would have been very confusing had I driven there not knowing. As a result I was able to reach the destination smoothly and efficiently in morning rain.

Wednesday December 30, 2020 4:40 PM CST -- Empty Parking Lots
It's been since June that Information Station Specialists issued a newsletter.
The Source Information Radio Newsletter
And Parking Lot Radio (dot) Com has had no development updates since October.
Preparing a New Part 15 Transmitter for Certification
It is highly probable that the onset of winter has stalled the application of parking lot broadcasting.
As we head for spring perhaps things will pick up.

Sunday December 27, 2020 5:36 PM CST -- Just Exactly Who Are the Pirates Here?
From Artisan Radio -

All this talk about piracy, music, video and otherwise, angers me immensely.  The companies and politicians that cry piracy the most are supposed to understand the law.  They obviously don't.  They call many legal uses of artistic works piracy. They themselves use their considerable economic might to sidestep existing laws and international agreements, and yet expect everyone else to respect the law.

A case in point.

The Berne convention, which I've written about in my blog, details copyright protection for those countries that have signed the agreement (which number well over 100, including the U.S., Canada, most countries in Europe, etc.).

There are many works that are copyrighted in the U.S. (which has somewhat draconian laws) that are not copyrighted in these other countries, including Canada.  What that means is that in those countries, there are no restrictions on using these works, including streaming (from servers located in those countries, of course).  It is entirely legal.

In Canada and Europe, for example, all the early performances of Elvis Presley from the 1950s and early 1960s are in the public domain. Copyright in the music itself is dependent upon the lifespan of the creators, so it may or may not be legal to stream a particular song without royalty payments.  Even such works as the early performances of the Beatles from 1963 are in the public domain in Canada.  The music is, of course, not, and royalties would have to be paid for that.

I understand that much of the focus in the new streaming piracy laws is directed towards offshore servers hosting content which is likely copyrighted (as those servers are located in a Berne convention country - even Tonga, the site of many of those servers, signed the Berne convention), but a lot of otherwise public domain material is caught in the resulting maelstrom.  Just as some Part 15 broadcasters will be/are caught in the over-the-air piracy fight.

Sure, go after those blatantly breaking the copyright laws.  But respect the Berne convention and recognize that other countries, with other copyright rules, do exist.

- Artisan Radio

Sunday December 27, 2020 10:07 AM CST -- The Truth of the Matter
Richard Powers reporting -

Hello again Carl,
As I read the articles you link concerning these new enactment (felonious streaming), my thoughts immediately went back to a few articles I read in the last few months an entirely different aspect concerning this streaming issue. For example..

Bob Dylan, David Crosby and Stevie Nicks are joining the growing ranks of artists who are signing away the publishing rights to the songs they've written... Modern-era changes in royalty payments and tax implications involved with estate planning are likely part of this decision-making process....
"I can’t work, and streaming stole my record money," Crosby said via Twitter. "I have a family and a mortgage and I have to take care of them, so it’s my only option. I’m sure the others feel the same."... 
The three big recorded-music companies use their leverage of owning the song companies to ensure those companies don’t advocate for songwriters, and they push the economic improvement we’ve seen with streaming so they, not the artist, get the lion’s share of the money at the songwriter’s expense.... -- Rich Powers

No doubt, says Carl in response. They have always exploited the talent and the inventors.

Saturday December 26, 2020 5:25 PM CST -- RDS University
The most comprehensive exploration of RDS (Radio Data System) solutions for low power U.S. Part 15 / Industry Canada is being compiled by Artisan Radio Blog V2.0, with a question raised as to why the manufacturers haven't added such capability to their certified products. My guess is that the cost of developing and re-certifying their transmitters for such capability would prove too great given the comparatively small demand for such devices. Another complication might come from the fact that U.S. has a different system, not RDS, but RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System).

Saturday December 26, 2020 4:21 PM CST -- Horrible Dog juice all over the orange carpet at 180-G

Boomer speaking -

Merry Christmas, you have to know the band Negativland to get the title.

When I see this picture from Brooce, I feel like I'm at the library, reading the spines of books that were put into the shelves upside down. You see, they got a temporary assistant librarian for the holidays who didn't know what he was doing.

I've seen Bruce pictures sideways before like that before, either that or this Christmas is a most unusual day.

Have fun listening to symphonies. I'm glad to see that the Artisan Blog is going again, it can take a lot of strength to do a blog. - Boomer

Saturday December 26, 2020 4:11PM CST -- Piracy and controversial copyright laws tucked inside COVID relief bill? 

Tha Dood reaching out from West Virginia

   Seen this in The HFU posting. Certainly not surprising.
This package should be for more for Swine Flu for the amount of Pork Barrel that's in it. +90% of it having absolutely nothing to do with COVID-19. Geez... Certainly not a very Merry X-mas to us. This is a plain Merry X-mas, FU, to the MAX!

The new $2.3 trillion spending bill just passed by Congress that includes $900 billion  coronavirus relief also contains a new law that'll punish piracy services that illegally stream large ...

 Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Do I dare ask what else is rammed in there?

 - Tha Dood

Saturday December 26, 2020 7:13 AM CST -- Join Me at the Coffee Table
Good morning. It looks like we all survived another Christmas, although the bills will come due in the days ahead, so it's really not over. At KDX we used the holiday to explore small system errors that linger following the large computer crash and continue in test mode going into the weekend. A temperature dip down to 12oF put us into a deep slumber where comfort was hoarded underneath quilts and within dreams for close to 12-hours. Now back in what passes for the real world everything is turned on, radio programs are streaming, contacts will be made with consultants as we analyze our operating system and attempt articulating the bugs. A bunch of technical stuff. Everything o.k. with you? 

Friday  December 25, 2020 12:53 NOON -- Ersatz Queen Christmas Message
Her Fake Majesty the Imposter Queen

Wednesday December 23, 2020 4:50 PM -- Let's Make Up
Just thinking, and I believe I understand a few things about women and their cosmetics. Try this:
Women who wear makeup want to win the approval of the man.
Women who skip makeup feel very comfortable around their man.
- Carl Blare

Wednesday December 23, 2020 3:23 PM CST -- Sometimes You Get a Perfect Match
It's raining now. Up until moments ago the day was breezy and unseasonably warm, somewhere in the upper 50s, but just as SymphonyCast began on KDX Worldround Radio the daylight became less and less and the just perceptable sound of rain sprinkling on leaves puts a stop to chirping birds. Music by Swiss composer Frank Martin fits the scene as temperatures are descending into a predicted icy range. There won't be much parking lot radio today unless preachers use screen projection so they can be safely inside while the parked congregation ramps up their dashboard heaters. Delivery vehicles keep coming as Christmas waits for no rain and is one deadline people are never forgiven for missing. For us lucky enough to have a place to quarantine sending radio programs out and about is our way of giving to neighbors who use their radios to listen outward in the urge to stay connected with city life.

Wednesday December 23, 2020 2:29 PM CST -- Update to Bruce Listening Station
Regarding the table on the right side of the photo: That table is the test bench/ham station/listening post, writes curator Bruce. Although that doesn't rule out the chance that ladies have used it to apply makeup.

Wednesday December 23, 2020 6:15 AM CST -- THE ARTISAN RADIO BLOG RETURNS
Artisan Radio Blog V2.0
Footnote to Artisan Blog on Berne Convention:
Berne is a city in Switzerland

Tuesday December 22, 2020 2:45 PM CST -- Christmas

Pursuing happiness
Driven by guilt
- C. Blare

Tuesday December 22, 2020 10:23 AM -- Bruce Reception Center Carpet
Location Unknown
Radio Listening Station and Ladies Makeup Table

Tuesday December 22, 2020 9:55 AM CST -- Quote of the Day from TVTechnology Magazine

Simplicity is the final achievement
- Frederick Chopin

Tuesday December 22, 2020 9:49 AM CST -- Felonious Streaming Bill Fuller Detail
On Monday (12/21) our Blog posted first word of a proposed streaming bill that would make unauthorized streaming a felony, but that report contained little detail. This second link carries much more information.
Felony Streaming

Tuesday December 22, 2020 6:02 AM CST -- Starting Up in a New Year
For us at KDX Worldround Radio a new year begins at the Winter Solstice for the obvious reason that on that day the world changes course and heads back toward the sun. Even so we adhere otherwise to the common wall calendar used by everyone else which we regard as a blatant symbol of humankind's errancy. Be that as it may the coffee is poured and the day activated by the turning on of the KDX transmitters and rolling up of window shades here inside The Blare Blog. The next order of business is some schedule changing beginning with revised plans for the annual KDX State of the Station Message originally set for Thanksgiving, re-scheduled for the Solstice, and now slated for December 31st, consisting of a special edition Blare OnAir program presenting a virtual open house and tour of our campus at Home School College. Also changed are target dates for the forthcoming new cartoon series being added to The Blog, no longer scheduled for the 13 Days of Christmas, but not yet given a specific opening date.

Monday December 21, 2020 5:10 PM CST -- End 80 Radio Loud & Clear
Richard Power (End 80 Radio) gets back to us:

15.2 Special Temporary Authority.
( a ) A petition for rulemaking requesting an amendment to permit the operation of an incidental or restricted radiation device in a manner inconsistent with this part and not in accordance with the provisions of some other part of this chapter may be accompanied by an application for Special Temporary Authorization to operate the device on a developmental basis where it can be shown that such temporary operation would aid in
final determination as to whether the proposed rule should be adopted, and that such temporary operation would otherwise be in the public interest....
I'm taking that quote directly from the
VOLUME II • AUGUST 1976 addition of the rules and regulations, because I find that particular one interesting because it's telling you which pages
are to be removed and replaced with these pages. But anyway, if anyone were to put forth another petition for amendment of the part 15 rules, I believe 15.2 would be a key to legitimately make such a proposal. In my opinion the previous two or three proposal I have read we're rather
ridiculous and presented no arguments whatsoever. They basically just said we want 10 watts and eliminate the ground lead so we can serve our community effectively... Such nonsense.
15.2 suggest that a petition for change of the rules can be accompanied by a request for temporary authority to operate and a matter not consistent with the current part 15 rules in order to demonstrate that doing so will not cause interference. However such request is not necessary because the last 45 years has already clearly demonstrated that the use of substantially longer ground leads than what is permitted has proven itself to be in
the public interest with its widespread use in at least 48 states. Such operations number in the many of thousands of installs at national Parks, advertising billboards, special promotions, restaurants, car lots, churches, campgrounds, airports, and the like. All of which operated under
15.219, with none of them being installed at the ground... None of them... There is absolutely no history of compliant installs in respect to the three meter rule, with exception a few hobbyist who have decided transmitters on the ground ever since Richard F's one man Crusade to show that the methods used for the half century have all been non-compliant. There is no denying that Richard F's interpretation of 15.219 is accurate. However, just because he's correct does not equate with him being right. What he did was very wrong and of no benefit to anyone or anything. It was most certainly an opposition not only to hobbyist, but to the general public as well. I don't despise him like I used to, he does on occasion provide information which is beneficial to our hobby. But he had no right
to ever stick his nose in it.
 But allow me to get back to the point because I've gone completely off track..
The point or rather the subject is what would constitute a valid petition for rulemaking requesting an amendment of the part 15 rules, or more specifically 15.219 so as to enable what's a practical means of installing the equipment... In most cases it is not practical to install ground
level for obvious reasons, such as a most certain risk of vandalism, theft, accidental damage or injury to a unsuspecting passer by since it's an unnatural ground level obstruction, and also prone to be at risk to wild animals or even pets, and then there was a matter of flooding from heavy rains or snow.

What else?.. Well, the whole objective to the part 15 rules is to prevent interference. So if we consider 15.4 sub parts b and c which defines what interference is, it's quite simple to conclude that broadcasting on an unoccupied AM band with a quality transmitter which doesn't splatter is not a potential of interference as defined by the rules themselves. Therefore since there is no potential of interference there is no valid reason not to allow a reasonable variants to the length of the ground lead for the purpose of installing the unit at a reasonable height.
There really is no valid argument to allow a power input of greater than the current 100 milli watts for unlicensed use that has no restrictions on when, how often, or what material you are permitted to broadcast. The primary objective should be to enable the user of utilizing his certified equipment in a manor which does not risk citation.
Well there are a couple of my rough ideas toward a valid petition. I think the two or three previous petitions I have seen in the past are embarrassingly naive.. If someone wants more power then they would be better petitioning for a new licensed low-power service of some kind.
Part 15 AM is a beautiful thing as it is, we just need to find a way to remedy the damage which Richard F has done to the part fifteen community. A petition to increase the ground lead permissions would accomplish that.
Okay that was fun, I hope the voice to text software didn't make me sound completely ridiculous. They are my thoughts on the matter.
Take it with a grain of salt, - Rich Powers

Monday December 21, 2020 5:08 PM CST -- The Solstice Comes Off On Schedule
We're heading home!

Monday December 21, 2020 10:22 AM CST -- Illegal Streaming May Become Felony
The linked article mentions video and television streaming but we guess might also apply to audio and radio streaming.
Proposed Bill Streaming Felony

Monday December 21, 2020 7:21 AM CST -- Response and Comment
Richard Powers writes -

Hey Carl, a couple of times this December your view concerning the problems with the part 15 forums particularly struck me.. Admittedly, I have been guilty of brow beating the specifics of the rules when discussion begins into blatant disregard of said rules.. So I suppose.. Well,.. It might sound as though I'm contradicting myself when I say what I'm about to say but the fact is I completely agree with your viewpoints on the matter, and think you express them quite eloquently.
Please excuse me.. I'm trying to gather my thoughts to present my take on the matter while using voice to text software because all I have on hand at the moment is a busted up screen on my Android tablet that leaves me unable to actually type my comments, and also makes it extremely difficult to edit it when the software interprets my word as something different than what I actually said... For example, when it comes out 'nudist letter' instead of newsletter, or 'water bumper' instead
of what a bummer.. But anyway well let me try to get to the point cuz I'm just rambling now...
In one of your more recent comments you said..

"... There are really two modes for what we argue: 1.) Plain academic curiosity, or 2.) Criticism of the FCC's slack in refusing to provide a means to utilize raw natural resources (blank frequencies) for creative development. We see a strong justification in favor of civil disobedience in this arena. Except that The Blog believes that the dissident daring to operate in excess of sanctioned RF power should only do so in advancement of a reasonable public cause and not simply as a pointless exercise in defiance...."
Although overall I wholeheartedly agree, I I can't say that point 2 criticizing the FCC for being against creative development is correct, in fact, I think it's just the opposite. It's quite clear that the FCC has always been rather encouraging in utilizing creative use of part 15. This is probably most evident in the case of a campus broadcasting. Time and time again colleges and what not has asked for more, and time and time again has given him whatever they wanted.
It's also evident although not as clearly that the FCC has permitted the bending of the 15.219 rule to establish creative
use the outdoor whip and master installs by the Department of the Interior for over 40 years now.
Another thing to consider is the Talking House. Between 1985 and 2000 over a half a million talking House transmitters have been manufactured... I seriously doubt the FCC is unaware that the unit by design is not compliant with the three meter rule, for that matter is the 25-ft transmission line of its external ATU. 
Point being the FCC is never been an opponent to part 15 use. The NAB has.

I'm not happy with this presentation I'm trying to express; it sounds too much like random rambling.. And I'm not thinking very clear anyway... It's probably the rum. I'm just going to conclude this for now. But before I go I just want to mention concerning RDS that Zara for that although I don't think it helps Artisan very much for his quest. It's a free download

The Blog very much appreciates your views, Rich, and I understand the drop-outs caused by voice-to-text software. I carefully made a few edits to repair some stutters and I'm sure nothing was lost by my careful fixes.

In days to come I'd like to circle back and react to the matter of college radio and possibly other readers might contribute to the conversation.  Also, I'm already beginning to re-think what I said in 2.) criticism of the FCC's slack.

Sunday December 20, 2020 6:35 PM CST -- Astronomy News :Breaking
Earlier at just 4 in the afternoon as the daylight was dimming we noticed trees were very still with no breeze and yet at the same time the earth was moving away from the sun at 66.616 MPH while spinning at 1,040 MPH. You'd think that would stir up something of a breeze, but perhaps we have centrifugal force to credit for the calm. Things will change quite arrestingly tomorrow morning at 10:32 EST when the earth curves unto the tip of the elliptical path and for a brief moment make a U-turn heading back toward the sun! The Winter Solstice is only noticeable by the shortened light distribution framed by longest nights. Mountains don't get flung free due to the change in direction and oceans don't pour off into space. The common populace holds their celebration 4 days later when they're sure the world is really returning toward longer days and the Christian Church takes credit for the event by calling it Christmas and the calendar people retain until January 1st the declaration of a new year owing from an ancient calculation error by monks scoping out the whole thing from their candlelit drafting table down in the wine cellar underneath a stone monastery.

Sunday December 20, 2020 5:42 PM CST -- About Astrology

The aim of astrology is to bring the motions of the celestial bodies into relation with the wretched ego,
and to establish a connection between a comet in the sky and squabbles and rascalities on earth.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday December 20, 2020 9:21 AM CST -- RDS Issues

Well, there are problems with software RDS.

I managed to get JMPX working (sort of) but no RDS output.  Turns out you need a sound card capable of output sampling at 192K, which takes it out of the realm of most on-board devices, and pretty much to the high end, expensive ones.

Such a sound card would also be required for Stereo Tool.

There are also maybe some minor issues with JMPX.  It takes the meta data from a Winamp-like interface, which I think is included in the extended file info of the audio stream.  At least that's as best I can tell, without going into the program.  Media Monkey provides such an interface (as, of course, Winamp does).  It's unknown if Zara does, or if such info is preserved across audio processing applications such as VST (which I use).

I was thinking I might have to modify the JMPX source (it is open and I do have it) to take input from the currentsong.txt file provided by Zara.  The biggest challenge will be to get all the tools and libraries necessary to recompile and make the application on my computer.

Still, for about US$50 more, I can get a PC-controlled transmitter (essentially an Software Defined Transmitter) with RDS built-in.  It can (theoretically at least) be taken down to below Part 15 power levels.

Unless I can dig up an inexpensive sound card, the transmitter might ultimately be the way to go.
Media Monkey

I'll keep you informed. - Artisan Radio

Saturday December 19, 2020 4:52 PM CST -- Progress on the RDS Front

Thanks for the info, Carl.

I was so focused on hardware implementations of RDS that I didn't consider the possibility of software.

I found an open source one - JMPX, that I will be investigating.

Stereo Tool, in its latest implementation, seems expensive (at least for the version that contains the FM broadcasting stuff, including RDS).

If I was doing Artisan Radio commercially, Stereo Tool would be no problem.  For experimentation, not so much.  However, I will give the trial a try if the open source alternative doesn't work out. - Artisan Radio
JMPX Download Site

Friday December 18, 2020 8:26 PM CST -- Two Potential RDS Remedies

StereoTool (software) is a fully professional audio processor and transmitter input processor for AM or FM or plain audio recording\streaming authored by Hans Von Zutphen in Denmark. By injecting the output from StereoTool into the mono input of an FM transmitter StereoTool acts as a stereophonic signal generator and provides an RDS feed to the transmitter. The 75 uS pre-emphasis can also be produced from StereoTool, in which case the pre-emphasis capability of the transmitter itself would be turned off.
StereoTool Documentation

The EDM-TX-LCD-EP is an outstanding FM transmitter that can be adjusted for legal field strength with RDS controlled from a computer. Although it is not certified we take this opportunity to re-evaluate the actual rule about certification, which I think is often mis-understood, at least in the U.S.
FCC Rule -Intentional Radiators 15.201 - 
(b)Except as otherwise exempted in paragraph (c) of this section and
in 15.23, all intentional radiators operating under the provisions of
this part shall be certified by the Telecommunication Certification
Bodies pursuant to the procedures in subpart J of part 2 of this
chapter prior to marketing.
Note the last sentence: "Prior to Marketing". That means that the manufacturer is responsible for obtaining certification before he can sell a pre-built transmitter. From this point the matter branches in several directions... kits, which are not 'pre-built' and home-built transmitters are not subject to certification. Furthermore, putting my considered opinion into the issue, prebuilt transmitters being subject to certification before marketing puts no obligation onto the end-user regarding certification. The end user is only responsible to operate according to 15.239 (in the U.S.) and the advisory to use certified transmitters anecdotally recommended by some FCC agents is merely an informal guideline to make safe operation easy to achieve for the technically challenged hobbyist. Whether the Canadian rules can be viewed in the same way is not known by us but the question is worth revisiting. Oh, and you'll notice that the EDM self-desribes as a "kit", based on the fact that it comes with an un-installed power connector which the buyer must solder to the circuit card, and a necessary connection and securing of the two circuit boards comprising the finished transmitter.
EDM FM Transmitter with RDS

Friday December 18, 2020 7:18 PM CDT -- Get a Move On

Impatience often slows things down more than it speeds them up.
- C. Blare - 6-Minutes ago

Friday  December 18, 2020 6:44 PM CST -- RDS / RBDS
RDS (Radio Data System) is a world standard except for the U.S. which has a slightly different system called RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System). Perhaps Decade and Broadcast Vision, which are certified for both the U.S. and Canada where Artisan Radio is based, consider the difference in systems to be an obstacle to implementation.
RDS / RBDS Wikipedia

Friday December 18, 2020 5:45 PM CST -- RDS (Radio Data System)
Artisan Radio in search of Certified FM RDS

I've been looking into FM broadcasting with RDS.

To put it bluntly, I'm extremely disappointed with the current FM transmitter manufacturers.  There are literally NO certified transmitters that support RDS.

You can purchase a car transmitter that transmits RDS data for a few dollars (it uses the MP3 tags from songs on an SD card).  It might or might not be either FCC or IC certified.

You can purchase other car transmitters that use data from ipods or iphones and transmit RDS.  One seller is currently offering 2 for US$19 on e-bay.  This appears to be FCC certified, and is a name brand.

You can purchase uncertified, overpowered Chinese transmitters on e-bay that are fully PC controlled and send RDS data for US$100-US$200.

And yet the Decade or Broadcastvision, two examples of certified FM transmitters, costing much more, don't have it or anything close to it.

It's certainly possible to 'hack' a car transmitter to get more than a few meters of range, and up to full, legal Part 15 specs. There are plenty of Youtube videos that show you how to add an antenna to one of these.  While technically not legal as it wouldn't be certified, as long as you're not getting more range than a certified transmitter I don't see any issues.  The problem here is no PC control - you're essentially running an automated jukebox.

I suppose you could write automation software for the iphone that would support an RDS transmitter with the right interface, but that would be a lot of work.

There's one Chinese transmitter on e-bay that costs US$150 with PC control software, and is supposedly variable in power output from 0 to 200mw.  That could be a solution, but again, technically not legal, even if running at legal power levels.  There's a huge difference between a car transmitter running at most maybe a few microwatts and one of these.

I've seen several posts over at Hobbybroadcaster about a transmitter made from a Raspberry Pi.  Subsequent research showed that this spews out harmonics and is not even remotely legal or desirable.  I found a transmitter board with RDS that can be used with a Raspberry Pi and/or other micro-controllers, but I'd have the same worries with it.  Most of
these are experiments, proof of concepts, with little regard for running continuously (and legalities).

All in all, disappointing.  It should be possible to come up with a transmitter running Part 15 power levels & RDS/PC Control, given what I'm seeing, for under US$100, and then you would have to add the certification costs.  Certainly it should sell for under $150.

C'mon guys.  There's a market here.  A Raspberry Pi with lots of filtering and power control could even work.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel and come up with yet another new, low power transmitter. - Artisan Radio

There may be an answer to the problem... check back to see what I can turn up. - Carl

Friday December 18, 2020 1:55 PM CST -- Newly Lost
New ideas that aren't well communicated become lost ideas.
- Carl Blare - 2-Minutes Ago

Friday December 18, 2020 12:33 NOON CST -- Spherical Antennas
Starting from questions about the mystery of  'temperature' my musings led to wondering about the potential of spherical antennas for radio transmission. Let me lay it out.

This all results from my feeling chilly this morning and hugging close to the oil-filled space heater in the KDX control room. I know where the heat comes from but often wonder what produces coldness. All I know is that open space without a heat generator tends to be cold, but is cold a thing in itself or is it also generated from a cold producing source? No doubt this line of thinking also stems from the approaching winter solstice when we'll be farthest from the sun.

The Sun is the main heat source for our planet and sends out all kinds of radiant energy across the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. The Sun is a massive spherical transmitting antenna sending energy in all directions, our earth luckily receptive of a relatively small beam of that energy.

By an intellectual leap I switched to curiosity about the orb shape for terrestrial radio antennae and did a search which turned up a whole trail of to-be-explored websites, including this one:
Sphere Based Antenna

Thursday December 17, 2020 6:46 AM CST -- Keep Out of the Otherside of the Law Fence
Of several reasons why I parted company with the prevailing low power radio forums is their militant forbiddence of any talk they deem to be 'outside the lines', which is to say, which looks beyond the rules, for example to inquire about "what would happen if a transmitting antenna were 15-feet in length instead of 10 as per rule 15.219?" I think it's an operator's responsibility to know about what they're not supposed to do so they know why they're not supposed to do it. Does an extra 5-feet of wire increase the range by an inch or a foot or 5-feet? By leaving that small amount of distance unused is some definable good accomplished, or, if the air-space is occupied by an illegal 5-feet of reach does it become tantamount to 'interference' as defined by the FCC? Interference to whom? Empty airspace going unused is necessary to conserve in the empty state for what reason? There are really two modes for what we argue: 1.) Plain academic curiosity, or 2.) Criticism of the FCC's slack in refusing to provide a means to utilize raw natural resources (blank frequencies) for creative development. We see a strong justification in favor of civil disobedience in this arena. Except that The Blog believes that the dissident daring to operate in excess of sanctioned RF power should only do so in advancement of a reasonable public cause and not simply as a pointless exercise in defiance. Breaking the rules in itself is not a cause but is only a means toward some greater end-cause of public interest. Laws are blind and do not think. Those subject to law are free to have thoughts about the law which render the law unfit to a situation but when weaponized the law is rigid and the individual classified as a violator without recourse to simple reasonable argument. Most citizens are cowed by the citadel of the law and resort to political correctness as a cheap brand of diplomacy which is more of a surrender. By the simple words blogged here The Blare Blog raises suspicions in the sawed-off view of the stunted righteous who are apt to reach wrong conclusions about what we are saying, and as Ray Bradbury wrote in one of his dystopian short stories, "Anything you say is permanent!"

Thursday December 17, 2020 5:49 AM CST -- Boomer In the Morning

Hi Carlllelogram, who isn't a square,

Thanks for posting the link to the EBN newsletters on my site, for those who might be interested in old hobby radio history. One can even make their own set of EBN newsletters by printing them out, and they'll look much the same as what readers got by US mail with their subscription. I test-printed one page, not bad. One newsletter has a few pages where the corner areas were stained by coffee or more likely transformer oil and it scans with a blacked out area, so I'll have to work on that one more to try to fix it.

I like EBN's unabashed take on experimental radio, high power, low power, Part-15, pirate and commercial, all under one roof. With few publications about hobby transmitting and home broadcast at the time, they had to cast a wider line, but I think it shows a free spirit on the editors' part to report on it all.

The hobby radio periodicals I remember from then were EBN, ACE (focusing mostly on shortwave hobby broadcast and listening), and a late 1990s magazine, Hobby Broadcasting by Andrew Yoder. Anarchist style publications regularly printed articles about starting your own small radio station, though the quality of the info ranged from solid to half baked, like being too specific to one location or having access to a certain type of equipment that couldn't be found elsewhere.

I will start to scan, when I can. - Boomer

You can when you scan. Blog readers appreciate the contribution.

Wednesday December 16, 2020 9:51 AM CST -- Creative Radio Misuse and Other Fun Madness
2-Tube Radio In a Hat and Other Such Things

Tuesday December 15, 2020 5:38 PM CST-- New Conspiracy Theory
Artisan Radio on the Tip Line...

I have found absolute, incontrovertible proof that Donald Trump received far fewer votes in the 2020 U.S. election than has been reported.  This proof was in the form of a note scribbled on a napkin that I found on the sidewalk in front of my domicile.  It was written in big letters using a sharpie, so it must be true.

The note revealed that Trump supporters substituted Trump ballots for Biden ones across all 50 states.  This allowed a potential landslide victory for Biden to become much closer.

If you think about it, it's silly to think that the Biden fraud Trump is trumpeting (pun intended) would have only occurred in the swing states, and not in any of the states that Trump appeared to win.

And let's face it.  There's no way that there are 75,000,000 people stupid enough to vote Trump in for a 2nd term.  Is there?

- Artisan Radio

Yes, and I've thought of a few other things... I think Trump's case of CoronaVirus that ostensibly sent him to the hospital was a little stage play, along with members of his family getting the virus at the same time. None of them has been reported to have any followup symptoms or treatment the way members of the general public have experienced. For the Trumps, the disease is over and done with no concerns of a recurrance. They've forgotten all about it and not carried the act any further. Furthermore, while Trump's been raving about not getting re-elected, it seems not to have crossed his mind that the huge number of covid deaths together with many more laid-up in hospital may have all been Trump supporters that would have voted for him had they been able. There are so many lies that the Trumps forget to fill in the details that would make their stories more believable. - Carl

Monday December 14, 2020 6:45 AM CST -- Part 15 Thinking
Before turning it over to Artisan Radio,  this reminder that outside the U. S. "Part 15" is a euphemism for 'low power radio' and inside the U. S. it refers to the F.C.C. rules regarding low power radio. Now, from Canada, Artisan:

Artisan Radio has been doing legal, low power broadcasting for over 14 years now (we started in the Summer of 2006).  In all that time, I've seen very little creative thinking surrounding the uniqueness and individuality of Part 15 radio (present company and a few select others excluded).

It seems that virtually everyone talks about being different, and yet they want to sound like 'professionals' (i.e., the "big boys").  They claim to want to serve their community and listeners, and yet almost everyone plays the same music, accompanied by, if they're lucky, the same silly jingles.  Most just play continuous music.  Talk about boring.  And the reality is that most have just one listener (i.e, themselves) - my BS meter starts pegging when I hear some talking about
dozens of listeners for their station.

Country, Top 40 (or 100 or whatever), album rock, oldies - pick a genre and you're going to find licensed stations, probably in your locale, that do the same.

Complicating the situation is that most Part 15 stations have one employee, so it's virtually impossible to have many hosted programs, i.e., chatter between programming bits.  Oh, there are a few that produce weekly or intermittent one/two hour shows - Tim in Bovey's Oompah Hour, your Low Power Hour and Blare on Air, and I've even done some with Teenage Dreams and Surfin' The New Wave. But these are few and far between.

Even voice tracking presents its challenges if you decide to go that route.  The more expensive, payware automation software can come with Voice Tracking, but you have to still manually record the song ID's, and that can be time consuming.  It's possible to be creative and use Text To Speech software to automatically generate voice overs with free
software such as Zara, as I have, but the results are fair to middling at best.  Good voices are expensive, and difficult to license.

So what to do?  The Part 15 Forums tend to just regurgitate the same old, same old.  How to generate audio to sound like every other radio station.  Bring up the same old, tired, technical arguments about grounding on AM, how far FM can legally be heard, etc.  All the while railing against the very radio stations that they're attempting to emulate.

I say, let's do something different.  Don't just assume that doing what Hobbybroadcaster says you should is right for you.

KDX is unique in that it's virtually the only Part 15 talk station existing today.

I want to make Artisan Radio the only Opera (and classical vocal)-centric station out there.  I want to add a weekly hosted opera show, and make it available for over-the-air broadcasting to other stations (it could also be streamed, depending on where you are located and the copyright laws there).  I'd like to throw in some OTR carefully (I already created a 7x24 OTR radio stream, but wasn't happy with the results.  I ran it for a week and took it down).  I'd like to experiment with AM, and look at using RDS for FM (which is one solution, in addition to automated voice overs, to identify what is playing -
virtually all new radios being sold these days have RDS).

If we all became more creative, and really focused on doing something different than what is already on the air waves, we might really get more than one listener as well.

Anyway, just some thoughts. - Artisan Radio  

Monday December 14, 2020 6:37 AM CST -- EB Newsletters
Booming In:

I gained access to a computer with a superior scanning system and copied more of the EBN newsletters, adding 6 new ones at the Radio Dog Food page, as they are in high demand. When I get back to that computer again I'll do more. A better method was needed, it seemed to take an hour to scan and correct each one with my ancient system and software.
March 1988 was up already, but it's been re-scanned. I did not check all the links, if there's a problem, let me know.
- Boomer

Sunday December 13, 2020 7:46 PM CST -- Coming Soon
As the year nears its end the Blog will be busy bringing news and special features including a major announcement from Artisan Radio about the nearing launch of a new low power radio venture following weeks of planning and preparation, watch for that between tonight and tomorrow.

Boomer has added more part 15 radio related publications to his website and we'll post the link and instructions probably by tomorrow.

One week from now we'll reach the Winter Solstice, the only significant event for the Blog this time of year for reasons we'll talk about on the Blare OnAir 'State of the Station' edition to be produced on the 21st for release thereafter, telling the fortune of KDX Worldround Radio in the past year and plans for 2021. We'd originally intended doing this program on Thanksgiving but... excuse me, I forgot.

December 25th will start the new 13-episode cartoon we've had in mind, touted as "The World's Least Funny Cartoon", and I can tell you that being intentionally unfunny isn't any easier than managing to be funny. The subject matter will be fictitious so the people we make fun of can't claim personal umbrage.

Nothing is planned for 2021 since no one is certain whether it will be held.

Sunday December 13, 2020 9:57 AM CST -- I Was Just Thinking
Numbers continue rising regarding COVID cases around the world but what I haven't heard about are the seemingly many people who continue in apparantly normal health. Are we to assume they are just lucky, or might they be impervious to the virus? Examples of such people include the workers at the grocery store who continue reporting for work as the months go by and have had no sick time. Many others we know have managed to escape symptoms and we wonder if their time will come... a day yet to arrive when fate will catch up.

Sunday December 13, 2020 8:45 AM CST -- Watch In and Watch Out
This is Carl Blare speaking from the look-out basket high atop the 10-foot KDX transmission tower where we stand-by to report on whatever comes next. We have had unconfirmed reports that 'something might happen at any time and no one knows what it might be', so KDX is here for you acting as the eyes, ears, mouth and whatever other organs contribute to pixel accuracy ... hold on! Something is going on just west of here, I would say... 200-feet down the way where something moved but as we look closely things are still once more ... I would say TOO still! It's not natural for things to be that still! One of us should walk down that way and inspect the area but we don't know the risk ... are you still hearing us? Hello?

Sunday December 13, 2020 8:39 AM CST -- Loopy Antennas
The following message comes from Blare Blog Correspondent Boomer

I know what you need for reception at all angles of the radio, a circular antenna.. :)

Here are some ideas, how about taking a small town or district, and putting a loop of wire around the whole area, maybe on poles or in the ground, like a lasso loop. It seems if the radio receiver was inside of the loop, you wouldn't have nulls, because the signal would come from all directions, not a single point source antenna.

What about having three vertical antennas surrounding the town, each broadcasting a synchronized carrier and audio signal. That would seem to give a more solid signal.

I'd like broadcasters to experiment with things like this, but it seems the FCC has never approved synchronized broadcasting for use by all stations, only for testing. When you think about the signal loss that nulls cause, if you could eliminate those nulls, a station would seem to be all powerful. - Boomer

Saturday December 12, 2020 5:13PM CST -- Circular AM
Earlier I mentioned seeing a line about circular polarization of an AM antenna. It's literally a single line of text...
'It is difficult to arrange for circular polarization on the AM frequencies for obvious and lengthy reasons.'

It is literally the last line of an article titled: Mini Lesson- Horizontal, Vertical & Circular Polarization
Experimental Broadcaster's Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 4 on Boomer's site linked below by Rich Powers.

Saturday December 12, 2020 2:16 PM CST -- Antenna Search and Research
As all of us have experienced, radio reception on the AM radio dial depends on which way the radio is turned/twisted/faced/pointed. By rotating the radio the received signal reaches a zenith in strength and then falls off to a null where the signal almost entirely disappears and background brings in barely perceptabile music and voices from somewhere far away. What we hope to achieve in our International Antenna Laboratory Research and Experimental Facility is the discovery of a medium wave transmission antenna that will be received at maximum strength at all angles of a twirled radio so that no listener will unwittingly endure weak reception by not knowing how to change the azimuth of their tabletop radio so neatly placed on its shelf. But how?

Friday December 11, 2020 9:49 PM CST -- Holiday Mood Getter
2020 WTF

Friday December 11, 2020 5:51 PM CST -- Long Night of the Living
As days dwindle down and darkness comes so early it feels like midnight already at 5 in the afternoon when covid silence becomes the undisturbed groundplane like a deafness. Inner thoughts become actually loud as they crowd uninvited in the form of persons and incidents long gone, momentarilly again so real it feels like you are a camera obscura facing backward in time and could very nearly pick up again where things left off decades ago. To take back control from the soundlessness we have electronic reproductions of music and movies that themselves, though we normally overlook the matter, were originally rendered by now dead names that inhabit what part of the world we call our own; ghost stars we know like family. Around us, unseen but told of in the news, are the dead and dying from the contagion and the engines passing on streetways are either frantic souls driven mad by isolation or body trucks enroute to hospital exits. Reaching out into the black winter air is the nightly 'Disperse Dispatch' from KDX, hours of so-called 'ambient music' which is not so much music as it is a musician's concept of how silence would sound if the volume were amplified to the extreme. All of these things are joined by an evening meal consisting of numerous life-forms that sacrifice themselves so we may remain for the time being on the outer side of hospital entrance as if those glass doors were there waiting for us.

Friday December 11, 2020 12:32 NOON CST -- Man Uncomplicated

The nature of man consists in this, that his will strives, is satisfied and strives anew, and so on forever.
Indeed, his happiness and well-being consist simply in the quick transistion from wish to satisfaction,
and from satisfaction to a new wish.
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Friday December 11, 2020 11:28 AM CST -- Free Graphics Programs
Windows has a fairly complete availability of open source/free programs in almost every category, but we've never become aware of a presentable paint/graphics program, which now we're searching to accomplish.
11 Free Paint/Graphics Programs

Friday December 11, 2020 10:51 AM CST -- My Blog and Me
I've noticed that throughout the day many thoughts and experiences become small internal conversations I have with myself in which I visualize telling the Blog about it, i.e., the neighbor receives a never ending string of package deliveries from USPS, Fedex and UPS; the book I'm reading gives the most excellent description of a philosophy of music; Cod is a fish worth knowing about. But I squelch most of such thoughts never putting them in the Blog partly because the Blog blabs it all to the world without asking me if so and so can be allowed to know what I said or thought. The way it works I can never have a confidential intimate sharing because the Blog is so loose-lipped. In that way I become a moderator as if the Blog were a forum in which everyone needs to be watched as if trolls reside in anyone and trust can never be an open door, not even for myself. Who knows how this present entry made it through.

Friday December 11, 2020 7:13 AM CST -- Official KDX Christmas Song for 2020
Apocalypse Christmas by the Rifftones

Friday December 11, 2020 6:10 AM CST -- Circulations
Loomings of Boomer

A circular AM antenna. I don't remember the article, could it mean a circularly polarized antenna? I know those exist on FM, it's what most licensed broadcasters use. Circular wouldn't really be practical or wise on the AM band as I see it, the horizontally polarized part of the wave would send the signal into the sky, wasting it and causing more interference bouncing down to distant stations. You want to keep the signal out of the sky and have it reach receivers as a ground wave, and the most current science says that's best done using a vertical antenna.

Another kind of circular antenna could be the loop antenna, a closed loop like UHF TV antennas once were, but larger. They put out a strong near field signal that dies off quickly, and you can operate the antenna anywhere, the loop is not affected by objects that much, you can make a wire loop around a room, and the signal will get out just fine. The loop doesn't need to be connected to ground to transmit or receive, think of the ferrite bar antenna inside of a pocket radio, that's a small loop. A carrier current system is pretty much a series of loop antennas connected to each other, made up of the wires that go from pole to pole and down into houses, or from the hot to neutral wires within a building.

It seems like a lot of Part-15 info needs to be rediscovered by every new generation, and forums don't really help, they bury the info as old news, so people have to ask the simplest questions time and again. Maybe that's not a bad thing, new members can be in wonder about it themselves, and in their dreaming state, they might come up with some new ideas to advance the state of the art. There's also the social function of asking questions of the group.

Panaxis was great for the pre-web era, a concentration of radio knowledge for home broadcasters, and kits you could buy. Some people went on from the kits to become broadcast industry professionals, and they'd write in to talk about what they were doing, and encourage new entrants. It wasn't just throwing a diagram on a forum with a ten word answer, you had to write a letter, stamp it, take it to a mailbox, and then wait for weeks or months before it was published. To get over those barriers, you'd probably put some thought into what you wanted to say.

One history I've thought about a lot and currently seems 'lost' is most of the works of LPB company and carrier current broadcasting. In business for decades, they must have had records of the tests they made on their equipment as they were developing it, the things they did for FCC approval, and every installation at a school, camp or drive-in theater, and the issues they ran into, each install being unique, because the lines and couplings are different in every situation. LPB went out of business, and it seems none of their techs have appeared on line. I'd think it would be a good business for the techs to come back and repair the old equipment for those who still had systems running.

I hope part-15 broadcasting still has some energy in our low energy radio and this is not the last generation. - Boomer

Jeff Station8 had contact with two former LPB engineers and obtained copies of several LPB papers which (are?) were posted at the Old ALPB website with permission. My own copies of some LPB documents are on my Radio Resources page.

It's true that a failing of forums is that information disappears into a digital sink hole, but the social aspect remains attractive because our species of upright beast is crudely social. It would go far if a perfect forum had an excellent dedicated editor who could collate all information into an indexed book-like side-branch.

Thursday December 10, 2020 4:08 PM CST -- FCC Votes to Enable Broadcast Internet Over ATSC 3.0

Thursday December 10, 2020 1:47 PM CST -- SpaceX SN8 and Other Missions

Thursday December 10, 2020 12:05 NOON CST -- The KDX Stream Room
Closed to Public
How did you get in here? The public is never allowed in the Stream Room

Thursday December 10, 2020 10:18 AM CST -- Part 15 Does Not Apply to Outer Space
We don't know how high in the sky the FCC Part 15 Rules extend, but there is a spheric layer, certainly above the atmosphere, where U.S. Federal Law no longer applies, however there are no doubt international agreements and treaties governing what can be done in the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, and for that matter in outer space itself. Be that as it may there is the matter of getting there, and experiments in space flight seek ways of lifting micro transmitters above and beyond earth's gravitational pull.
Up and Beyond

Thursday December 10, 2020 9:09 AM CST -- Business Hours
KDX Worldround Radio and The Blare Blog do not have business hours because we are not a business. KDX is a hobby and hobbies do not provide formal hobby hours nor a physical location available to the public. Public relations are not part of the hobby and private relations has no department, however, if you are determined, there is one undisclosed path open to you.

Wednesday December 9, 2020 10:53 AM CST -- PSAs from NAB
Radio spots (public service announcements) on COVID-19 and other causes.
Advice to the Audience

Wednesday December 9, 2020 6:45 AM CST -- Boomer Morning Show
Boomer, your mic is on-

Hi Carl Orff,

'Free Power' radios come and go in the tech press, but I'd never seen one like Rich Powers found, with dual tuners, one for tuning stations in, one just for power. Most free power projects pick up a local station and use the microamps for other experiments. Some use full wave rectification, and voltage multipliers with a stack of diodes and capacitors. I've seen newer version that are wide band, they pick up RF energy from many sources at once, RF and static in the air, we're in a constant ocean of it. Free power is something interesting on the experimental edges of the science of electronics.

I like the Build Your Own Broadcast station too, that's the kind of article that would be so exciting to me to see in an electronics magazine as a teen. It's all I wanted to do, be a DJ and broadcast, even throwing a promising career as a CB radio operator away to be on AM broadcast.

I've seen that station before, posted as 4 separate pages. I like that it's carrier current and not just another antenna type like a Knight, and that it uses a power transformer for full isolation from the line. It must be milliwatt, low volt radio, using two low power triodes in series and the small capacitor to feed RF into the power line. Still, that will work, around the house at least. Tha Dood pointed out that some AM intercoms use 20 milliwatts into the power line.

As for the Experimental Broadcasting Newsletters, I have a stack of those in hard copy, and eventually want to get those posted to the site, it just takes time to scan and convert them to PDF. They are very interesting historically, and many of the circuits are still usable today. EBN was a small press publication put out by Panaxis, a maker of hobbyist broadcasting equipment, as a way for users to keep in touch and learn about new tech and products.

If Rich Powers can make PDFs and has the time for the project, I'd agree to send him the image files of what I have, if he can send me his e-mail address privately. I have several dozen scanned but not put into PDF yet, and there are still more to be scanned.  - Boomer

The Blare Blog appreciates the Experimental Broadcasting Newsletters. In one of them I read something I've long wondered about: The writer said that building a circular AM antenna would be very difficult.

It seems to be true that much part 15 history is now passed and exists in the past. Panaxis is an indication of that, since it's history comes to us in small mentions about products and publications no longer found except for archivists like Boomer and Rich Powers who provide the life support for modern low power radio.

Wednesday December 9, 2020 6:10 AM CST -- China Fusion Reactor
Popular Mechanics

Wednesday December 9, 2020 6:08 AM CST -- China Weather Modification
The Guardian

Tuesday December 8, 2020 5:29 PM CST -- Major Science News Out of China
Tonight's News with Rick Sanchez  from RT America brought two earth-changing stories out of China. It has been reported that by 2025 China will have weather changing capability able to literally control weather over an area the size of India. And directly on the heels of that breathtaking story comes word that China has thrown the switch on a Nuclear fusion-reactor power plant that produces energy on the scale of an actual sun. KDX has made a hasty search for links to these news developments coming from other sources, but thus far have not found mention. Of course we will post followup information as it becomes available.

Tuesday December 8, 2020 4:38 PM CST -- Blog Management
Restoration of the full Blare Blog is nearing completion, opening holiday reading opportunities for the quarantined. We began this incarnation of The Blog in 2018 but suffered a server crash which required deep sea diving equipment to recover all the contents. Some links and graphics may still be broken but soon will be fully repaired.

Monday December 7, 2020 8:15 AM CST -- Indoor Gas Stoves Are Dangerous
Who Knew

Sunday December 6, 2020 11:57 AM CST -- Hope for Sitters
11-Minutes is all it takes

Sunday December 6, 2020 11:32 AM CST -- No Golfing On These Links
Rich Powers Sunday Hour. Good morning Rich!

Hey Carl, sorry I forgot to provide some links. On Boomer's page, besides the newsletters he's also got a great Procaster review, also a Sonos processing tutorial... which I'm not familiar with, but the presentation is clear cut, and of course there is lots of carrier current stuff, as well as other highlights.

The other link to the electronics magazine also has interesting articles, but it's the free radio project that intrigues me.
- Build Your Own Broadcast Station pg.. 32
- Free -Power Radio - pg..,. 78
- Flea -Power Hams: The Davids In Goliath 74 

Saturday December 5, 2020 7:29 AM CST -- Smell That Power In the Air
Rich Powers Saturday Hour. Good morning Rich!

The experimental broadcasters nudists letter on boomers site has all kinds of cool articles, only three issues, all from the 1980s, so it covers the topics taking place at that time, changes to the part 15 rules, the struggles for AM stereo, and something called FM2 which I never heard of. Also the proposal to expand the AM band to 1705, unfortunately was going to take a few years for manufacturers to produce radios capable to receive it. There's a field strength meter you can build for less than $10, the article also explains the difference between signal strength meter on your radio and actual field strength. Story of Saint Elmo's Fire that tells you how to prevent static buildup on your antenna, and a cute story of some guy getting busted on the AM.. Quote..  so he  could listen while driving around town - any  other audience was not a consideration.

But my favorite is probably the one about WUMS which essentially operated as the first travelers information station back in the 1930s and also happened to be a pirate station. Was tried in Federal Court in the 1930s and again the 1940s, both times walking away clean. He continued to broadcast till the 1980s and is transmitter is now in the Smithstonian Institute.
A search online for more issues turned up nothing, evidently the only issues to exist are found only on Boomer site. Water bummer.

Anyway I wanted to ask you about this Free -Power business..

Electronics Illustrated July, 1965 Provides this schematic and parts needed as well as the instructions to build it and displays some excellent illustrations and pictures of the completed project on a 4x9 piece of quarter inch plywood. Here's an excerpt exactly what it is...

Electronics Illustrated July, 1965 pg 78 through 80

.....Our Free -Power Radio enables you to combine the past with the present. It actually is two radios in one. One receiver uses a transistor that can act as a detector and amplifier at the same time. The other receiver (which we'll call the power receiver) is of the same design as the first crystal sets. It snags the signal from a powerful local broadcast station and converts the power to DC. The DC is applied to the transistor in the first, or signal, receiver. The transistor then amplifies the signal from the station you want to listen to. The result of this is greater earphone volume than would be possible from one of those early - crystal sets alone..... ...

What I want to know is why not more power receivers.. Maybe 4 or 5 of them? And then maybe utilize a larger earphone diagram and incorporated to a horn to further passively amplify the audio like the old victoria's, only a lot smaller. The point being to be able to set it on your desk and listen to it without the assistance of the headset. Does that sound plausible?

Before I go here's a little trivia that I just noticed, the guy who in 1983 started the company Radio Realty and came out with the very first talking house, the little gray box that looked like o telephone answering machine.. Well he got the idea while on vacation, where he heard the part 15 broadcast in Yellowstone National Park in 1970.

- Rich

On the first matter, the experimental broadcasters nudist letter on Boomer's site... what is the URL for that site? We have several Boomer IP addresses, but apparently not that one.

The Free Power Radio Project clangs a bell in our ancient memory... years ago a conversation with a radio engineer about the tapping of power from strong nearby radio stations... he agreed that it would be very possible to do but that it would literally sap power away from that station's signal strength and would amount to "theft of power", except that we were talking about running whole households on that power and the small-scale project being talked about now would be a "hill of beans" but if enough of them were built it might add up to some drain on the station's Wattage...

The Realty Radio idea was a brilliant brainstorm and I say the idea should be brought back and part 15 transmitters used first to promote housing sales but furthermore the transmitters should be included in the "perks" to the new home owner... permanently installed home radio stations! Be sure to give credit for that part of the idea to me, Carl Blare.

Friday December 4, 2020 2:38 PM CST -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Coming Unglued
Picture: John Hain/Pixabay
What's he doing today?

Thursday December 3, 2020 5:29 PM CST -- It's Not Over Until the Savior Returns
More monoliths being replaced by other monoliths. There's more than one lith. There have been quidroliths, if that's a valid term, and more are trending.
Out of Work Metal Workers in the Area

Wednesday December 2, 2020 2:04 PM CST -- Last Days for Universal Radio
Glenn Hauser delivered word on recent 'World of Radio # 2062' this message from the Universal Radio website:

Dear Friends Of Universal Radio, 

Time waits for no one, and that includes Barbara and myself.
We have decided to retire and our current location in Worthington
will close on November 30, 2020. Even though the store is closing
we will fulfill all existing customer orders and have a large amount
of inventory to close-out. The Universal Radio website will be maintained
for the foreseeable future to sell this remaining stock, publications and
some select products. Unfortunately the lack of a store front showroom
will preclude us from carrying some manufacturers’ products.

I am very fortunate to have been in the radio business for over 50 years,
13 at Radio Shack and 37 at Universal Radio. We have met many wonderful
people along the journey who have supported me personally as well as
Universal Radio. It has been a privilege to have a continuous career in
the fascinating field of radio since 1969.

Please accept our sincere “Thank You” for your support of Universal Radio
for these many years, and for the months to come.

Our new address for correspondence and mail order is below.
This is not a store front.

Universal Radio Inc.
752 N. State St. Unit 222
Westerville, OH 43082

Phone: 614 866-4267

Thank you.


Fred Osterman N8EKU
Barbara Osterman KC8VWI
Universal Radio Website

Wednesday December 2, 2020 8:53 AM CST -- Gunhild Carling On Stage
Bagpipe Jazz

Wednesday December 2, 2020 8:14 AM CST -- Witness to the Removal
As reported earlier the mysterious monolith in the Utah desert disappeared. The following report comes from someone who witnessed the removal.
Seeing the Monolith Go

Wednesday December 2, 2020 6:19 AM CST -- Temperature Aboard the International Space Station

Starting the morning here on earth inside the Internet Building on the campus of Home School College, home of KDX Worldround Radio, we are naturally sensitive about the temperature because it's 23oF outside and chilly inside because we intentionally operate on lowered overnight temperatures and now will bring the control room up to around 65o for the day. Outer rooms like the bathroom are kept about 55o. But that's us down here on the surface of the planet.

We got to wondering about temperatures aboard the International Space Station.
Comfort Level On the I.S.S.

Tuesday December 1, 2020 2:06 PM CST -- A Splendid Bit of Music
Composed and performed by Daniel Lentz this delightful and exceptional work was first heard by me in the very early hours as part of the 'Disperse Dispatch' program which fills many KDX overnights and I just thought maybe you'd enjoy it too.
Talk Radio

Tuesday December 1, 2020 9:25 AM CST -- There and Back and There
Zak Podmore took the trip to visit the monolith. When he heard it had disappeared he went back to see it gone.
Zak's First Hand Account of the Monolith

Tuesday December 1, 2020 7:41 AM CST -- What I Make of It
In a post earlier this morning at 7:07 AM Rich Powers raised several issues from the past and present. First was the question of whether Wyoming exists and next, discussion of past duplications, obsoletions and changes to Part 15 FCC rules which are as hard to research as is proof of Wyoming. Of these matters I wish to comment first on the Monolith.

When I first laid eyes on photographs of the monolith it looked to me like stainless steel but the news item described it as 'chrome'. My knowledge of metallurgy is of little help in this regard, but I immediately wondered if this was a 3-meter AM radio antenna of very sophisticated design. The fact that it was located so far from human population would make sense if this was an experimental laboratory facility designed for measurements well away from interfering activity. But what of the question of Wyoming's existence?

I have never traveled to Wyoming and so can not speak as a firsthand witness, however we have known a part 15 station operator from Casper who lived day to day in full confidence that Wyoming was firmly underfoot. He is the legendary RF Burns, driven away by a chairman of the ALPB as 'detrimental' in a disagreement over fine-points of policy. The real question here is whether the ALPB exists. It is now being investigated as a possible cult involved with horse trafficking.

Tuesday December 1, 2020 7:07 AM CST -- Wyoming Doesn't Exist
Incoming report from Rich Powers -

Hi Carl,

I was going to talk about that monolith they found in Montana a week or two ago. Evidently it's actually been there since 2016, but no one had a clue about it until recently. Anyway, it caused a kind of frenzy with masses of curious people flocking to the remote site out in the middle of nowhere miles from any kind of civilization to witness the spectacle... only to discover it had already disappeared just as mysteriously as it had appeared... When I sit here and picture the scenario, all I can think about is would not that have been a great opportunity for a part 15 AM installation?... You're damn right.
That's what I was going to talk about.. But then I came across this. Now I think we need to go to Wyoming and broadcast the signal to let them poor people know they do indeed exist...
Here is  a truncated version of the associated press story:

Growing online theory says Wyoming doesn’t exist
GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) — To live in Wyoming is to face a fundamental existential question: Does the state exist and if not, what does that mean for those who live here?.. .. the rectangular allotment of land labeled on most maps as “Wyoming,” are likely to believe in their own existence. And to that point, they would probably be right,..
Still, there are some who sincerely believe the state does not exist.
“It’s usually people from the East Coast or Europe and they’re thoroughly convinced,” he said..
Oddly enough, the theory that Wyoming does not exist may have originated with a 1980s television cartoon
In an episode of “Garfield and Friends” that aired in 1989, the titular cartoon cat explains to an audience that the square on the map labeled “Wyoming” does not denote a real place, but rather expresses an Italian word for “no state here.”
Wyoming is not an Italian word and Garfield did not help map the United States.. it implanted into the passive minds of kids watching television who grew up to be adults who ponder the reality of state borders on the internet..
Brazelton also has made a short film on the topic of Wyoming not existing, which is on YouTube... 

The idea even reached the Wyoming state Legislature, when a Wisconsin high school student decided to test the theory by asking the state’s 60 legislators via email whether their state — and presumably the people who elected them — exists.
Rep. Sara Burlingame, D-Cheyenne, hit him with discourse on Plato and the Great Chain of Being, positing in a response email that if existence cannot be proven for anyone, then not only may the state not exist, but he and his snarky homework assignment may not exist either, as reported by Cowboy State Daily earlier this year.
But does it exist?..
“It’s kind of a contentious topic,” Brazelton said, on behalf of the Wyoming doesn’t exist community. “There’s a lot of theories as to what’s actually going on there.
“We’re pretty convinced that at the moment, no, but we’re looking into it.”

I just thought both those stories were entertaining. But as for part 15, do you recall that little mystery I mentioned in my last email? Well, from 1974 to 1984, there were three options of broadcasting am free radiate..
15.209, or 15.219, or.. The other 15.219. 

That's right, basically there were two versions 15.219 in effect for 10 years straight. They didn't conform with each other, but either was legal.. Finding the document itself is elusive, but we know it existed because we have documentation of its eventual deletion, shown here..

- AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission.
- ACTION: Final rule.
- SUMMARY: This document deletes self-certification and labelling requirements for low power communications devices manufactured before October 1, 1975.
These requirements have become obsolete and are therefore being deleted. The intended effect of this action is to remove the subject unnecessary requirements from the FCC Rules.
- EFFECTIVE DATE: December 3,1984.
- ADDRESS: Federal Commumcations Commission, Washington, DC 
List of Subjects m 47 CFR Part 15
Communications equipment labelling.
In the matter of Part 15 requirements pertaining to certification and labelling of low power communication devices produced before October 1,1975.
- Adopted: October 18,1984.
- Released: October 25, 1984.
By the Commission.
1. Sections 15.135 and 15.136, which specify self-certification and labelling requirements for low power communication devices manufactured before October 1,1975, are obsolete.
 As of October 1, 1975, such devices were made subject to certification by the Commission. The old requirements had been retained beyond 1975 so that, when checking equipment on dealers' shelves for compliance, it would be clear which requirements applied.

 In general, it takes several years from the date of manufacture for-low power communication devices, such as toy walkie-talkies and radio control devices, to move through the retail distribution chain.
It is reasonable to assume that by now all equipment produced prior to October 1, 1975, has been sold. To the best of our knowledge, no enforcement questions concerning equipment that fell under these requirements have come up in several years. Therefore these requirements are no longer necessary and should be deleted.

 Deletion of these requirements would not affect the operational status of any such equipment still in use.

15.135 and 15.136 [Removed]
2. In light of the above, notice and comment on whether to retain these requirements are considered unnecessary. Accordingly, it is ordered that 15.135 and 15.136 are removed in their entirety, effective December 3, 1984.

3. For further information concerning this Order, contact Julius P Knapp, Office of Science and Technology, (202) 653-8247.
(Sees. 4, 303.48 Stat., as amended, 1066, 1082 47 U.S.C. 154, 303)
Federal Communications Commission.
William J. Tricarico, Secretary.
[FR Doe. 84-29F28Fled 12-2-4: &45 am]
BILNG CODE 6712-01-M

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