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Thursday May 6, 2021 8:44 AM CDT -- Why Are Some Pictures Upside Down and Sideways?
Blog visitors wonder why some of the pictures submitted by Brooce are not shown in normal orientation. This is an unintended problem for the time being, as Brooce's pictures arrive very large and require downsizing but we have no control over whether they stand up or tip over. Our consultant Boomer has sent some possible remedies and we'll eventually dig into the problem but right now we are understaffed. There is an opening for the job of problem solver for single woman available without pay interviews Friday night at Carl's place.

Thursday May 6, 2021 8:25 AM CDT -- There are multi-paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on
-- Lengthy wrap-around title of an email from Boomer which arrived last night while no one was on duty here at The Blare Blog. Now that Carl Blare has showed up late for work let's see what Boomer has to say:

It's nice to see some positive think pieces about AM radio, and leave it to a site about electronics design to stay balanced, where more mainstream press is gloomy about radio broadcasting, and the radio industry looks ahead to its glorious digital future (and the money broadcasters will spend on that digital vacation). I read some of those articles and wonder if either side is even listening to the radio.

Here's another article on AM radio from Electronic Design.


On Part-15 FM, I get the same kind of multipath, even with the transmitter on the same side of the room as the receiver, and just walking into the room or moving around can cause hum and static. I find better reception when the transmitter is farther from the receiver, or going outside with a radio, that seems to clear up the multipath.

I like the idea of FM relays for computer audio and connecting a transmitter to the PC so as to listen on ordinary radios all over the house. It felt like a nice luxury, but I did always have to adjust antennas just right. I'm just using one FM system these days, and run most of my programs and music through the carrier current AM for remote listening.

You mentioned wi-fi internet radios, and I thought of that idea, one of those with a Part-15 FM as a translator. I'm glad I didn't get a wi-fi radio, they stop working when the database provider goes out of business.

That classical 'Largo' piece you posted was interesting, it sounds like movie soundtrack music, and I'm glad you could describe dream picture you painted as you were listening to it.

Music gets right to the emotions, and some songs will even make pet frogs sing. I'm glad you've kept your passion for music, some people seem to lose it. That might be a radio station problem, they don't move beyond the hits, or someone is just too busy to go on a journey of musical discovery themselves and seek out greater thrills in music.

The posts about signal strength meters on portable radios was a good look back at the time Part 15 US was a strong site. Hard to think it was just bad management that took all of the members away, but it did seem like someone didn't care after the change to ORG. Even the graphic with the mixer and headphones at the top of the page looked cheapened, not as clear after the new site took over.

Another thing that I thought was negative after the comeback, the advertising seemed to get more aggressive. For example, if you mentioned getting to the top of your tower pole to put an antenna there and you had to get a ladder out, you might get an ad banner for ladder buying right in the middle of someone's posting where the ladders had been mentioned.

- Boomer

Thursday May 6, 2021 8:06 AM CDT -- This Cruise Has Reached Morning Waters

Good morning from The Blare Blog. Another The Morning newsletter arrived by email and David Leonhardt wrote an interesting account about the extension of Donald Trump's Facebook ban from which we quote:
"The problem is that Trump lies almost constantly. Unlike many other politicians — including other recent presidents, from both parties — he continues to make false statements even after other people have documented their falseness. This behavior undermines the healthy functioning of American democracy, particularly because Trump has such a large following.
The Morning is offered free by the New York Times.

Wednesday May 5, 2021 11:55 AM CDT -- Old School Radio ReUnion
Retro Radio Rediscovered

Wednesday May 5, 2021 11:41 AM CDT -- Preserving Half a Century of 78RPM Records
How They Do It

Wednesday May 5, 2021 10:47 AM CDT -- Know Ted Cruz
Many of us know very little about Ted Cruz because we ignore dull people, but as one Hitler Wannabe moved out of the White House, it is important to realize that Ted Cruz could be next in line with his expressed mission of world domination. In this video you will discover what it is.
Booger on the Lip of Democracy

Wednesday May 5, 2021 9:16 AM CDT --
Audacity Acquired by Muse Group

Wednesday May 5, 2021 6:53 AM CDT -- Troll Season
The presence of so many trolls
makes the internet something of a sewer system

Tuesday May 4, 2021 9:01 AM CDT -- Multipath Mess
Using low power FM transmitters to distribute audio signals indoors invariably proves to be unreliable because interfering multipath conditions can arise from reflections affected by changing outdoor conditions. At KDX we use FM channels in place of hardwire to monitor several audio sources, but this week leafs have sprouted and heavy rain dampens the campus resulting in loud static interference on radio channels that were perfectly pristine during the colder bare-branched months. We previously abandoned using the FM band for STL (Studio-to-Transmitter Links) because of the ever changing atmospheric conditions that reshape and misshape signal reliability. We are reaching the conclusion that there is no meaningful use of FM part 15.

Monday May 3, 2021 5:49 PM CDT -- Brooce Report of the Day

Hi Uncle Carl!
Another shot follows this text.
Originally in this little bunch of messages I was talking about the transmitter set-up for Part 15 here, so we will put the receivers aside for a moment and get back to that.
(Sangean WIFI radio working great still.  More later.)
You will see the goofy little plastic audio mixer in the foreground of the shot.  Actually - it works very well.  It's just doesn't look like those 19 inch wide jobs.  I really like all the lights though. So it's taking audio from the WIFI radio and is feeding it to two Part 15 transmitters - one on AM and one on FM.  It can also feed a Bluetooth transmitter for my wireless Bluetooth headset. Right now FM is going out on 91.5 and AM is on 600 KHz (mostly BLANK here in  daytime.)  I usually run AM on 1580 here, but vintage radios work better on the low end of the band, so there you  are.  I was originally using 530, and that was cool.  But again, many vintage radios only go down to 550 or 540 kHz so I didn't stay there. Note the equalizer settings.  I thought there was too much bass on the 600 KHz audio - so the picture shows what I did. 
And on the left is a C Crane FM transmitter Version 2.0.  We are in the cellar so the signal is puny.  I'n just sending the FM signal to old FM radios.  A 50 year old FM receiver is in the kitchen, above, running right now.
So let's hit the SEND button.
Part 15 Audio Links
Very Best Wishes - Brooooce

Sunday May 2, 2021 -- Television News Archive
Understanding 9/11
Internet Archive

Saturday May 1, 2021 -- The most familiar funeral march is Chopin's Piano Sonata # 2 in b flat minor and there are a vast number of funeral marches by many composers including quite a few by Beethoven, certainly a batch by Gustav Mahler and this powerful one by Hector Berlioz for military band.
Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale
As of the moment 3,184,440 COVID deaths worldwide are counted by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, over a million more than the population of the St. Louis, Missouri, Metropolitan Area, almost enough to fill 1,180 concert halls to full capacity.

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