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August 2021

A Station of the Past
By Transcription
-Image from Dreamstime.com

Tuesday August 31, 2021 6:26 OM CDT -- Afghanistan Radio Station Continues operating despite Taliban.
Khost Radio

Tuesday August 31, 2021 6:19 PM CDT -- They Could Take the Train --
Afghan Express

Tuesday August 31, 2021 1:26 PM CDT -- Slinking Sloven Sloths --
Politicians are rewarded too well. It's made them fat and lazy. Most of them don't even know the job description.

Tuesday August 31, 2021 9:33 AM CDT -- Sorted, Assorted and Sordid Thoughts --
This paragraph posted by Librivox applies outside of the United States:
LibriVox recordings are Public Domain in the USA. If you are not in the USA,
please verify the copyright status of these works in your own country before downloading,
otherwise you may be violating copyright laws.

You know, thinking further about what we learned the other day, maybe we no longer need an AM/FM yard radio for listening while doing outdoor work.  Perhaps a Bluetooth portable loudspeaker might make the whole process simpler. It's something we might try. Would that render our AM/FM transmissions obsolete? Not with FM, which we use in place of wires to monitor our station at the control desk. But the AM would become a frill despite loving our Procaster (transmitter), although we'd probably keep it going out of emotional instability.

Half-heartedness is a whole category of human behavior. Being "half-hearted" means being only slightly interested in something. I'm half-hearted when it comes to the idea of setting up a financial apparatus for doing business as a radio hobby. I've already looked and learned that the IRS has no rules pertaining to hobbies. Under state law not-for-profits are a form of corporation, but a hobby falls short of requiring incorporation and need not register with any governing body. That's why I'm curious what the banker would say about having a financial component so that KDX could accept payments thereby keeping my own private bank account separate. Or, they might say that my personal account could include a fictious signator in the form of the hobby station. Maybe 2022 would be a good year for action but it's doubtful.  

Tuesday August 31, 2021 8:31 AM CDT -- Radio Books --
In past years many overnight hours on KDX were filled with audiobook readings from Librivox, a thriving source of books in the public domain caringly read by volunteers. With hints of cooling temperatures we are again thinking about returning to the book offering and it's one of the possibilities for other low power stations on the lookout for available program material. The available titles are not antiquated or obscure but in fact bring many books remembered from school or talked about by people who mention movies based on books, science fiction originated in books, philosophers whose books continue in print, and even such basics as 'The Bible'. Another opportunity goes with a visit to Librivox, always in search of volunteer readers as their collection is ever growing. In fact we've done some limited reading aloud from public domain books in our own collection, and backed off because it's not so easy to accomplish. The experience gave us deeper appreciation for the dedicated readers who see it through to deliver complete editions.
Visit Librivox

Monday August 30, 2021 4:20 PM CDT -- Storms Keep Happening --
It wasn't a storm that kept this website offline all morning. It was operator error. But shortly after getting set up some thunder started creeping closer sending us into shutdown for security against lightning damage. As the storm seemed to subside we re-appeared but the storm has continued subsiding keeping us ready to dive back to safety mode because of lingering threat. If we can hear it or see it it's too close.

Monday August 30, 2021 1:23 PM CDT -- Hurricane Ida Pounded New Orleans --
A jumbo sized electric transmission tower along the Mississippi River collapsed leaving New Orleans without power. To find detailed stories about the situation in Louisiana browse their principle newspaper:
The Times-Picayune

Monday August 30, 2021 11:50  AM CDT -- Wireless Mics and Part 15 --
The preceeding article about new WMAS technology possibly being made available for unlicensed users (Part 15) does not speak to operators of Part 15 AM FM transmitters. Such stations are ordinarilly the efforts of sole individuals intent on sending music to the neighbors but with zero interest in speaking live by microphone. What I see as the first rank of possible users of new unlicensed wireless mic technology are the LPFM stations, many of which venture live sports, live music, and other local remotes. Stations of higher class categories are more apt to obtain the licensed forms of WMAS wireless, but it's interesting to fantasize about the possibilities.

Monday August 30, 2021 11:35 AM CDT -- News of Wireless Mics --
WMAS Technology
"Though not prompted to do so, the FCC asked whether WMAS should be permitted under Part 15
for unlicensed wireless operations in the TV bands, 600 MHz guard band or 600 MHz duplex gap.
It asked about the impact of that on white space devices that share spectrum with unlicensed wireless."
- RadioWorld

Monday August 30, 2021 8:58 AM CDT -- A Whole Other Part 15 World --
While a dwindling number of oldsters continue their ancient romance with AM and FM micro-transmitters, the rest of the world has already migrated to the new wireless frontier of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Here's what happened and what we've learned as a result.

Proud of my new subscription to Consumer Reports Magazine which helped me select the right string-trimmer, I offered to research anything a family member might be shopping for. Turns out he was thinking of a portable Bluetooth speaker to dock with his phone to better amplify the audio. We went to work exploring the available Bluetooth speakers and came to realize that the outdoor models are the new yard radios of the 21st Century anywhere from 100 to 1,000 feet round about the pasture. No more fussing with cumbersome AM FM antennas or stability challenged radios.

As a sidenote I wondered whether Consumer Reports had ratings for AM FM Part 15 Transmitters and the answer is dead end: they know not. But Bluetooth speakers are plentiful. Thing about it is that broadcasting in the Bluetooth way reaches only an audience of you. The neighbors are kept deaf.

Monday August 30, 2021 6:03 AM CDT -- On Being Tuned In --
We blog on about low power radio stations amounting to little more than souped up public address systems. In fact, that's all a radio station is. A public address system consists of a microphone or record player at one end of a wire and one or more loudspeakers at the other. The announcer or 'presenter' plays recordings at his end of the operation and also serves as 'first listener' by having a loudspeaker aimed at himself, extension wires taking the signal out toward distant listeners located in proximity to additional loudspeakers. Injecting a radio transmitter into the mix radiating outward to radio receivers is, bluntly, a wire bypass and the radios are just loudspeakers with snazzy antenna pickup circuits. The whole conglomeration is never any more than a public address system.

The first radio job during the early years required sitting in a chair facing a wall in a one room FM station consisting of two RCA 16" transcription turntables, two Ampex full-track tape descks, a modernistic Western Electric Audio Board, and a wall-mounted loudspeaker for listening to the output straight from the board. Against one wall was a GE remote control for dialing up the transmitter located 8-miles away on top of a bank building. A large hi-fi loudspeaker was tuned to the station's frequency giving the choice of hearing things directly from the wall or coming back from the 16-mile roundtrip over the air at 70,000 Watts. It was always a bigger thrill to monitor the 'air'.

Destiny brought us to the former future, now the present, where listening straight from the source or grabbing the station from over the air continues to be a self-impressing ego trip made possible by micro-transmitters authorized under FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15. Streaming on the web makes it global, social, and narcississtic. Women flock around.

Sunday August 29, 2021 10:55 AM CDT -- Keeping Quiet --

Yesterday we learned the 10 AM rule for starting noisy lawn equipment, but this fine Sunday morning we are waiting for a 'first starter' to kick-off the day's noise but at nearly 11 o'clock it's as silent out there as a pristine nature sanctuary far from the city. We're all set to do some more weed-whipping but must wait for the starting gun.

Which brings us to the Judeo-Christian Ethic. You've heard the phrase, typically referring to a people with high moral character. But what about the fact that Jews and Christians are fundamentally opposed by contratictory belief systems. It was not surprising to learn that George Orwell coined the phrase while talking about propaganda. That's exactly what it is. If you don't believe me read this:
This About That

Next up is the expression "God Fearing People", ascribing to the goofy notion that people with unshakable faith in God are congregated in common fear of the God Figure. Say what? But I thought... Is it also true that Believers TRUST in GOD'S LOVE? Then, too, we ought to fear Acts of God as defined by the insurance industry, which involve the worst havoc and catastrophe often with a death toll. Mixing love and fear can result in ED and sleeplessness.

Sunday August 29, 2021 8:27 AM CDT -- We Know Definitely and Don't Know --
Scientists consistently report that they are unsure of the origins of COVID-19, while U.S. intelligence agencies say conclusively that COVID-19 is not a bio-weapon. A large choice of links brought up by a web search assert that the COVID-19 virus is a bio-weapon while others say that the vaccine is the real bio-weapon. Reknowned broadcaster 'Cheryl' from her college station in Connecticut reported for years that 9-11 was an inside job and began issuing reports that COVID-19 was the new 9-11, but shortly left the air saying she would be tending to a needful family member. Another source being followed by KDX has consistently maintained that COVID-19 is a direct result of 5G microwave proliferation acting on the biological world by resonant thermal damage inflicted upon living cells. KDX remains alert to the unfolding COVID crisis but does not endorse or validate any particular position.

In the meanwhile we were eager yesterday morning to conduct test 2 of our new combination string-trimmer/brush-cutter, expecting that 9 AM would be a safe time to subject the neighborhood to first noise. But the nine-o'clock hour was unexpectedly tranquil and noise free, the anticipated chorus of power mowers had not begun. Unwilling to violate the pastoral stillness we held off until 10 when neighbors came out their doors and fired up gasoline engines in assault against fields of grass. We joined the mixture and cordlessly trimmed until satisfied by the resulting haircut on vines and edgings.

 As we catch up on things we look forward to new AM radio antenna experiments based on ideas that so far as we can determine are original and previously untried.

Saturday August 28, 2021 5:24 PM CDT -- Memory Trail --
This afternoon I went back to August 2020, one year back, to see what our Blog had to say.
Blare Blog One Year Back

Saturday August 28, 2021 1:21 PM CDT -- Poke Me Here Poke Me There Polka Everywhere --
I don't know where that came from. Something to do with the heat again in the mid 90s (F). Well, and Boomer mentioned Tim's Oompah Hour from over at part15 dot which I'll link to if you just wait a minute. One of my regrets is that we can't air the Polka Hour on KDX because of licensing and I've spent all the money on state-of-the-art cordless lawn equipment. Polkas are the world's happiest music. Even sentimental polkas make crying in your beer a fun memorable experience. A line from a beloved polka goes "In Heaven there is no beer, that's why we're drinking it here" and to me that's real church music. I'd go to polka church. Imagine Polka Mass! Gathered with sacramental beer decanters we'd sing 'What a friend we have in Jesus - Polka Version'. Suddenly sausage seems appealing, but what does that have to do with it?
Tim's Polka Hour

Saturday August 28, 2021 6:20 AM CDT --
Old "Telefontornet" telephone tower in Stockholm, Sweden, with approximately 5,500 telephone lines c.1890
Steve Gibson's 'Picture of the Week' from TWiT.tv

Friday August 27, 2021 6:41 PM CDT -- A Flicker of Activity On the Groups (Not a Bird) --
Boomer speaking by remote:

Hi caw caw caw Carl -- are you sure you like the sounds of birds at all times? Song birds can be a pleasant addition to a neighborhood soundscape, but I've found that certain excessively loud birds can annoy: a crow close by, or those dark gray birds that stop in trees a hundred at a time and set up a racket, and even that cat bird that sang at night last year started to get annoying when my windows were open for air.

Now the real audio scourge is the fall insects buzzing in the trees, those are constantly loud and I can't even hear the birds. When I first got a pocket video camera in 2005, I was filming scenes on the street. It was late summer like this. Playing it back the audio track was constant insect speech, which could be heard even over passing traffic, all the recordings were full of it!

I've noticed the low usage of the Part-15 groups, and thought to myself one day, "It looks like they're abandoned."

When they close I'm hoping I can still get Tim's Oompah Hour, which I've started running this year at the urging of a friend. He said, 'You live in PA, you ought to be running polkas on your station'. I replied, 'There's a polka show that's been going for years on Part-15 stations', and so I started to get the Oompah mp3 download every week, and run the latest episode 3 times every sunday. I really like that Tim does this and cares about the realm of polkas.

It seems like the P-15 groups have been slowly running down for a few years now. It could be from transmitter companies closing, like Ramsey or SSTRAN, low power radio changing its direction in these virus times, a move of discussion to big social networks that keep their pages locked and users herded in, lack of landlord or moderator interest.. Tim even said it himself, we have our stations running, no more questions to ask, and set himself as an example.

Even promotion seems to be gone from the groups, where are the bots and seed posters who would come in and ask vague questions to get things started and then were gone? I don't know if the roller coaster analogy holds up, coasters like to run full cars and go fast, and all I see is sloth on the groups.

I've been playing with SDR lately, and a tip for you, put your antenna outside! It picks up much better. Forget the whip antenna those come with and run a coax outside with a loop of wire on it.

Thanks for the article on lightning from Accuweather. I'd guess that lightning would hit the TV tower more than a building, because the tower is pointy.

Keep playing those oldies!

- Boomer

Thursday August 26, 2021 7:52 PM CDT -- Welcoming Guests By Radio --
Word from Bill Baker of Information Station Specialists.


Here are a few stories from The Source newsletter that may interest readers of The Blog:

A Bumber Crop of Visitors
The pandemic has made it clear that conventional radio technology has an upperhand when it comes to getting instant information to motorists approaching a big outdoor event venue: detailed directions, severe weather alerts, parking info, road closures. Next week's Farm Progress Show in Illinois illustrates how a simple radio signal can save patrons time, money... and even their lives.  Read More

Safety First, Ya Know
Guests will enjoy a visit more if they are mentally prepared for arrival -- from "are there health requirements?" to "where do I park?"  Zion National Park and Beech Mountain, NC, provide examples of how an Information Radio Station can make all the difference.  Read More

A Rail Good Time?
The nation's premier historic railway is telling their unique story via radio while giving inbound motorists the "nuts and bolts" they need before pulling into the parking lot.  Read More

- Bill Baker
- Information Station Specialists
- The RADIOsource

Thursday August 26, 2021 10:37 AM CDT -- Lightning Strikes More Than Twice --
Radio Masts Often Involved

Wednesday August 25, 2021 4:27 PM CDT -- Part 15 dot Ugh --
The almost defunct radio forum Part15.ugh, after weeks of inactivity, came briefly to life with an appeal from member Tim of Bovey questioning why there's been zero participation for weeks going on months. Oddly, the x-moderator who'd been previously banned from the site for hostile removal of most of the contributing members, made an appearance to say that "activity was up and down like a roller coaster". What a deception!

Wednesday August 25, 2021 3:55 PM CDT -- And Another Thing --
We can instantaneously airlift tens of thousands of Afghani citizens as a humanitarian gesture, but we look for better ways to push homeless encampments out of U.S. cities.

Wednesday August 25, 2021 2:28 PM CDT -- Philoso?hy Talk --

San Francisco, CA — August 24, 2021 — Philosophy Talk, as heard on KDX Worldround Radio, the nationally syndicated radio program hosted by Stanford’s Josh Landy and Ray Briggs, has been listed as a finalist in the Social Issues category of this year’s New York Festivals radio competition. With hundreds of entries from over 30 countries, reaching the finals is quite an achievement for “the program that questions everything—except your intelligence.”

The three episodes named in the finals are The 2020 Dionysus Awards, Philosophy Talk’s version of the Oscars, Covid Conundrums and Moral Dilemmas, a show that discussed listeners’ real life ethical quandaries raised by the pandemic, and Time for Summer Reading, which marked Philosophy Talk’s 500th episode and so focused on books about time. All three episodes are ‘radio magazine’ shows, which is a slight departure from Philosophy Talk’s usual format, taking the best of that style and making it more sound-rich.

Philosophy Talk was founded in 2004 by Stanford philosophers John Perry and Ken Taylor, who hosted the program together for over a decade. It previously won the Gold (2013), Silver (2012, 2017), and Bronze (2016), but this is the first time it entered the competition with Landy and Briggs as co-hosts. Landy joined the team when Perry retired in 2018, and Briggs came on board after the tragic and unexpected death of Taylor at the end of 2019.

It’s nice for Philosophy Talk to receive this recognition,” says Landy, “since there are relatively few shows about philosophy on the radio. John and Ken pulled off quite the feat in creating a show that might appeal to a broad audience, and achieve such longevity.”

Philosophy Talk faced significant challenges in 2020 and 2021,” Briggs adds. “I feel good about how we overcame these challenges to produce these shows, which address philosophical issues raised by the pandemic (like persevering through adversity, combating disinformation, and maintaining solidarity in relative isolation). I like to think Ken would be proud of us.”

The 2021 New York Festivals Radio Award winners will be announced on October 12 at the annual Storytellers gala taking place in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, all three episodes can be streamed directly from Philosophy Talk’s website.

Wednesday August 25, 2021 11:08 AM CDT -- The Delicacies of Empathy --

In an ordinary conversation with a co-worker something got said by this Trumper about his disdain for people seeking refuge at the southern border, his lack of empathy on auto-pilot, uninformed and indifferent to the humanitarian aspect, willing repeater of brainless Republican hate speech. Now we have the Afghan crisis where it's taken for granted that the U.S. is prepared to airlift thousands of asylum seekers to refuge in safe countries, including the U.S., the Trumper's being oblivious to similarities between the two calamities. Meanwhile the anti-maskers and vaccine deniers take personal umbrage against those who freely choose vaccine and masks, sometimes lashing out physically in ways reminiscent of road rage. These are the unhinged who will kill us and steal our food when disaster reaches high velocity. Empathy fades during extinction events.
Wednesday August 25, 2021 9:21 AM CDT -- Hot today expected to reach 97-F. We've already been out tending to campus landscaping and expect today to receive our cordless brush cutter which will speed things up and get us closer to installing an outdoor antenna for WRRI our shortwave station. Also, while enjoying this morning's Blare OnAir we've come up with a limited time offer. Knowing that there are three or more anti-intellectual critics who vigorously bad mouth us behind our back, we announce the "insult me to my face" opportunity for these sub-literates to come forward and confront me on a candid edition of Blare OnAir. Contact us in care of this station.

Wednesday August 25, 2021 9:02 AM CDT -- Common Myths --
On this morning's Blare OnAir program we get into a discussion of well known myths that almost everyone assumes to be true. One of them is the idea that "it's heroic to die for your country." The real question here is what happens when one dies for an abstraction. Imagine dying for your neighborhood. What would follow? The family would get your bank accounts, put your radio equipment in a yard sale, but the neighbors as a group would realize no benefit. Maybe one of us could 'die for radio'. In a sense part 15 low power radio is a form of near-death, since no one can actually hear it but even if they could would your 'hits of the 50s' be sorely missed after actual death? Among other myths is the claim that "God heals all".That'll be the day.

Wednesday August 25, 2021 9:00 AM CDT -- The FCC Podcast --
FCC Podcast

Tuesday August 24, 2021 2:36 PM CDT -- Maybe Trump's a Dumbass --
Alex Jones Flips On Trump

Tuesday August 24, 2021 7:17 AM CDT -- Let's Ketchup --
Since posting our intention to employ dead air in place of musical tidbits we've expanded slightly to now include a ticking clock and yard sounds to fill small time-gaps in our radio schedule. We own the clock so cannot be required to pay copyright royalties, and although 'yard sounds' often capture neighboring audio activity, we maintain that once someone's sound crosses our property-lines it belongs to us. We are prepared to defend the issue in court.

When the service mechanic told us our tires had 'dry rot' he didn't seem urgent nor were new tires recommended, so we continued blissfully rolling around, but got to thinking: if our vehicle was new in 2007 and the year now is 2021, it would take a calculator to figure out how old the original tires have become. So we consulted the user manual which advised replacing the tires after 6-years, which would have been 2013. Right away I blamed it on a management failing, my being the responsible party. But politically I could boast brilliant foresight in the scale of efficiency in running tires years beyond their shelf-life without a single blowout. Arrangements were made, fresh new tires installed, and I drove around as kind of a one-man success parade rolling on fresh rubber.

Those who've read some recent blogs this month may have noticed the daring risk of saying things 'one must not say'. It is therefore consoling to find that another creative mind is tackling the matter of politically incorrect speech.
John Cleese Cancel Culture Special

One last thought (for now): if you're a person who spends time pointing guns you're either a dangerous culprit subject to police intervention, or you're a movie star in a typical American action movie.

Monday August 23, 2021 5:37 AM CDT -- New Life for Dead Air --
Internet talk radio is *mostly* in a different class when it comes to copyright consideration. The copyright scramble in internet radio is mainly focused on music uses, large and small. Talk radio tends toward small music use for opening closing themes and interstitial music between programs. The 'within' part is controlled by the program producer but the ultimate responsibility for streaming that music falls on the shoulders of the station and not the producer. Knowing this, professional producers often employ in-house musicians to generate their self-owned music, or utilize 'buy out' music which includes licensing as part of the purchase. Therefore music within professionally produced radio programs is usually 'safe' for station use. But station's often look to music as a convenient means of plugging up 'time holes' in the day's schedule; extra moments between programs. Resourceful stations have made the good faith effort to satisfy this need by stocking up on 'license free' and 'free' music, and this is a legal way to satisfy copyright responsibility. But real life isn't so simple. Copyright agents may or may not challenge a station's innocence by placing a claim upon the small musical fragments used by that station, forcing the matter into the courtroom where the station, considered innocent in its own mind, is able to argue the case before a judge, who will deliberate and, after some length of time, render a verdict. But getting to this point costs $$ and the defense fees far exceed the damage claim falsely made by the copyright authority, resulting in most cases settled out of court by reluctant payment bogus claims. Note that it is legal to call these claims 'bogus' and 'false' and they very well may be, but that falls by the wayside if the court hasn't decided the same, by which time vastly more expense would have accrued by a radio station whose 'crime' was filling a minute-and-a-half with second-rate music.

Why do stations try so persistently to fill time-gaps with little music swatches? Because of the dread of dead air. Radio programmers are certain that a moment of silence will drive the listenership away thinking the show's over, and that's a likelihood, but KDX has decided to embrace that risk as opposed to that described in the first paragraph. Already we have captured hours of total silence in pristine high resolution digital and plan to fill time gaps on KDX with these calm, peaceful perfectly recorded dead airs.

Sunday August 22, 2021 1:54 PM CDT -- Unsold At Auction --
We've been following FCC Auction No. 109 which put hundreds of mostly low power FM frequencies up for bid, but of greater interest to us were four AM channels in the St. Louis market available for starting bids of $50,000 each. At auction's close no bids had been placed on these AMs, making it uncertain what will happen to the now blank frequencies. Two of them in particular would be worth consideration, in our opinion, those being 1430 kHz with 50 kW day and 5 kW night; and 1190 kHz with 10 kW day and about 260 Watts night. We thought about it at Worldround Radio, but this is a time when we're considering purchase of a cordless string trimmer, budgets being what they are.

Sunday August 22, 2021 1:50 PM CDT -- Tomorrow's Hind Sight --
Whatever we do today, at some time in the future we'll wish we'd done something else.
-From Blare OnAir May 31, 2015 titled "Toidi"

Sunday August 22, 2021 1:45 PM CDT -- Hunter's Lament --
It's no longer any fun to hunt extinct animals

Saturday August 21, 2021 6:13 PM CDT -- Fexible Radio --
There's always more to learn about radio as evidenced by the YouTube film noir picture titled "A Strange Adventure" in which two hoodlums from Omaha brought a shortwave radio with them to a California town so they could listen to a music broadcast from Omaha.

Saturday August 20, 2021 1:04 PM CDT -- Garage Studios --
Radio World Magazine for July 21 includes a podcast profile for WTF with Marc Maron who operates from a studio in his garage which has hosted almost everybody of name in acting, music and politics but his show wouldn't work on radio because of untamed words. I'm writing about it because of the garage. Back before becoming unsuccessful we had a large garage that would have made a dream studio except that half of it was rented for classic car storage. That may have been a campy touch... broadcasting alongside a classic car. Water goes under the bridge and the bridge washes out. If we hadn't crossed the bridge when we did we'd be stuck on the other side.

Saturday August 20, 2021 11:42 AM CDT -- Carl's New Invention --
While scrolling through hundreds of cordless lawn mowers I noticed that the space on top of the mowers serves little purpose, so I thought of a baby carriage attachment so the baby could be strolled while cutting the grass. Running the idea by our staff attorney, Stag Pinstripe, he warns of several possible hazards that could ensue, starting with the baby rolling out and being mowed, bringing a charge of negligent homocide, and for getting thrashed into a hundred pieces another charge of destroying evidence. We have no babies at Worldround Radio, but the general public has a lot of them.

Saturday August 20, 2021 9:50 AM CDT -- Crazy is a Drive Away --
Among things that drive me crazy is an Irish brogue. I scarcely dare admit it, because criticism is now lumped with prejudice, and predjudice is not freely speakable. There's a lot here that needs clarification, even though my main point is that being 'driven crazy' never seems to reach its ultimate destination. When, exactly, are we finally crazy? Yet so many things drive us in that direction.

I had a fine breakfast then tried NPR where a woman was saying things in a standard stereotypical brogue. I switched it off because of my dislike for that particular style of speaking. I am as easily offended sometimes by Black speech when it runs words together, slurs words, mispronounces words, and sounds all alike for every person who speaks what has been called 'Ebonics', but which really is no more than broken English. Obviously that must be kept to myself or I'd be #hashtagged in some unpleasant way. No doubt imitating Black speech, or Irish for that matter, would be counted as hateful against peoples whereas the dislike, not hate, is merely disapproval not against peoples but against speech patterns. Politicians from the South sound like hicks and bumpkins, but in all fairness they are not all hicks and bumpkins. I don't know why I can't simply practice my free speech without exceeding what's permissable to say, perhaps the right of free speech is the same as the right to fly. I'm not talking about airplanes. We have the right to fly under our own power, but who does it?

To use 'brogue' in this morning's Blog I needed to look it up for spelling purposes and happened to notice that the word is specifically in reference to an Irish dialect, whereas I'd incorrectly believed brogue to apply equally to any distinct dialect, let's say a German brogue. But no. 'Brogue' is expressly Irish, making the expression 'Irish brogue' redundant.

Saturday August 20, 2021 8:56 AM CDT -- Cognitive Fog --
But I thought I did.
How often do I hear myself saying that?
Several times a week.
Take yesterday for example.
I thought I'd correctly switched from the overnight 'Parking Page' that tells visitors the website if offline unil tomorrow,
and switched to the Official KDX Website ready to welcome morning visitors.
But word came that the Website was offline, so I checked, and found that the 'Parking Page' was still turned on.
So, why do I have a memory, now in doubt, that I'd turned it off and the other thing on?
The same thing happened with regard to KDX-OGG the SuperStream Radio Station,
believing that our programming can be heard around the world
only to discover that I only thought I'd opened the stream 'port', but found it was still 'off'.

The subject is changing now as I talk about my concentrated search for the right cordless lawn tool to remove low lying vine-brush and restore lawn areas. I have learned a few things by watching YouTube videos about lawn equipment. For example I know that what I want is a combination string trimmer and brush cutter. The string trimmer whips a string in a circle to trim along grassy edges, and the brush cutter spins a small circular saw to bring down brushy foliage. I was even able to pin-point a possible brand for best quality and price, but in stage two we'll subscribe to 'Consumer Reports Magazine' for a final recommendation.

It's very quiet today because KDX is totally silent. I think I'm on strike against the news because no matter how many newscasts we have broadcast in the past the news continues to become more and more disturbing. The entire country of Afghanistan has been thrown into turmoil by U.S. military botchness, insane disorder is growing regarding COVID-19 with even medical people disagreeing with each other about what to do, fires are consuming towns, tropical storms are targeting coastal locations, men are being driven from professions because women are angry that their attractiveness has lead to attraction, and Elon Musk thinks we have a chance on Mars.

Friday August 20, 2021 12:23 NOON -- Mysterious Solutions --
There is no such thing as a solved mystery.
If it is solved, it's no longer a mystery.

Friday August 20, 2021 8:56 AM CDT -- Our Place Among the Stars --
There are superstars, perhaps on the playlist. So, what are we?
Well, low power stars, of course.

Friday August 20, 2021 6:15 AM CDT -- Humanitarian War --
We must feed those we don't bomb.

Friday August 20, 2021 6:06 AM CDT -- Lies That Live --
Every trouble in the world can be traced to a religious cause.

Friday August 20, 2021 5:57 AM CDT -- Leftover Stories --
Be nice to grandpa. He thinks he's president.
Oh wait, he is president.

Thursday August 19, 2021 8:44 PM CDT -- Congress with Marjorie --
In Few Words

Thursday August 19, 2021 9:47 AM CDT -- Thinking At the Borderlines of Meditation --
This morning's Blare OnAir titled "Time Machine" imagines some of the situations that would unfold if you knocked on your door and answered the door, the visitor being you from later tonight when you are destined to invent a time machine. Maybe I'll link that episode for future listeners since the first airing is already past.

I had further thoughts about time travel, picturing what it would be like to keep a date that I stood up in the late 70s, except that now I'm decades older while the woman would be the age she was then, so there's a bugaboo with time travel... it doesn't make the travelor correspondingly younger.

Not quite finished with ridiculous ideas I thought of using a 3D printer to print the parts to build a 3D printer.

Is attention the same as consciousness?
Is conscious attention redundant?

Wednesday August 18, 2021 5:29 PM CDT -- How To Gain a Lot of Attention --
Man Climbs Phoenix Radio Tower

Wednesday August 18, 2021 8:33 AM CDT -- Newsroom News --
Good morning and welcome to 'News in the Newsroom', the Daily Report of what we do in this room. As Carl Blare, I'm finding it especially interesting to hear re-airings of shows I did in past years and have forgotten about. This morning's Blare OnAir was introduced by Pat Robertson of the 700 Club and closed with a tuba rendition of the National Anthem. Nothing said during the intervening hour was familiar to me and made little sense, and yet it was definitely my voice. You can hear these Blare OnAir re-airs by tuning KDX-OGG any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday according to the KDX Schedule. Some of them get linked here on The Blog. For legal purposes KDX holds that a radio station cannot be held responsible for things its host doesn't remember doing.

Tuesday August 17, 2021 8:52 CDT -- Overlapping Coincidences --
At about the same time as Artisan Radio launched into a detailed look at copyright complexities in determining the right to broadcast certain previously recorded audio material, it happens that two related issues have spontaneously surfaced in airings of Blare OnAir programs from 2015, those being DMCA and DPRA. Contributing to overall chaos is the fact that Artisan comes from the point of view of a Canadian radio station while KDX is nominally situated in the former U.S.A., now known as The Homeland. Learning acronyms is only the first stage of delving into copyright and performance issues, and ours mean Digital Millennium Copyright Act and an extension of that act called Digital Performance in Sound Recordings Act, applicable to The Homeland but not part of Canadian law. Nobody could withstand both of these Blare programs, so we'll post only one of them here, the better of the two because we drifted off topic and started talking silly.
DPRA as a reason to drink

Tuesday August 17, 2021 5:18 AM CDT -- From the Wayside --
The morning's first inrush of coffee during station startup sets the brain in many directions. Before the day's programming begins it's quiet in the office except that minutes ago we were hearing ABC News on a local talk station until the fat lady started bellowing GOD BLESS AMERICA... an electric charge that prodded me to turn off that damn noise as soon as possible while muttering "shut up!". It's my new decency policy to never say "godammit" or "fuck shit" so I always just say "shut up!"

The Artisan Blog is among the first things to check and right now there are interesting entries about Windows 10 and copyright. As far as Windows 10 is concerned, a spare backup computer that we keep on standby has Windows 10 installed, but the computer I'm typing into right now only has Windows 7, which works reliably for now and we're not curious about what would go wrong if we attemped to upgrade to Windows 10. Our original Windows XP tower is getting dusty since it blinked out but we eventually want to breath new life into it and will probably be saying "shut up" many times before it ever works again.

On the copyright front I am somewhat jaded because I believe that even the most sincere lay person can never be confident or secure by studying and researching the law in hopes of staying on the right side of legal obligation. The system is geared toward baffling the user of copyrighted material and, here's where my jadedness really kicks in, lawyers will take your business and set up a very professional billing scheme to cost you high recurring amounts but behind their suits and conference tables even they can't bring copyrightness into absolute focus. It's a huge "shut up."

I have to go now. The "shut up" clock says it's time to start RT News so we can hear about Afghanistan, the Pandemic, tropical storms, earthquakes... in other words news from yesterday that's still happening.

Monday August 16, 2021 4:46 PM CDT -- Deluxe Canadian Railroad Route Comes to the Western U.S. --
The Rocky Mountaineer

Monday August 16, 2021 8:42 AM CDT -- Fresh Water Re-Invented --
Science News Out of North Korea

Monday August 16, 2021 7:22 AM CDT -- A Movie of Great Importance --
We haven't said much about the films we watch because the main focus of this blog is radio, and much commentary would have been very negative because we find most movies to be mass-processed junk based around explosions, car chases, reckless use of guns, brutal fights, and boring sex scenes which are none of the viewers business. But I watch them in a determined search for 'something better', usually hitting the stop button within 10-minutes and never seeing an entire film. At the moment when I lose interest in a movie I say in my head, "I don't care how this story turns out".

So imagine my joy that after years of trudging through inferior pictures we finally come upon a perfect movie! It is so good that it will never again be necessary to view any other picture because watching this incredibly excellent movie will be good again and again probably from now on.

At present it's available FREE on PopcornFlix, and although it's categorized as 'comedy', it could easily be considered 'thriller', 'drama', or even 'horror'. I might even give up radio and watch this movie from now on. Its title is

Sunday August 15, 2021 7:47 AM CDT -- From Toast to Comeback --
We lose count of all the professional icons who've abruptly become toast because of some complaint against them. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo may be the latest and we recall CBS Anchorman Dan Rather who was demoted into oblivion as one of the first big name exiles in modern memory. But Rather never let go of journalism and today runs his own shop.
Dan Rather's News Comeback Headquarters

Sunday August 15, 2021 6:52 AM CDT -- The Irony of Life --
A good radio manager always knows that what's needed is better management.

Big Pole
The Telephone Company Began in a Tent On the Side of the Road
Steve Gibson Picture of the Week by TomGerold - TWiT.tv

Saturday August 13, 2021 4:59 PM CDT -- Outside Circles --
It doesn't matter much when YouTube and the social sites block content we agree is misinformative and false,
But it's just as likely they'll block material we would benefit from knowing and we won't realize it's happening.

Saturday August 13, 2021 11:59 AM CDT --
All roads lead to where they go
No matter how far you take them.
-- Carl Blare, 'Journey Journal'

Saturday August 13, 2021 11:41 AM CDT -- The Other Way Around --
- Written by Carl Blare Jan. 23, 2017

I know god isn't true
The stories which attempt to support the notion are too ludicrous.
But human animals told lies since childhood
are captivated by stories
and attach to mythos.

The underside of the lie might be the truth
The underside is evil
and true author of creation.
Creation is bleak, alien, cold, toxic
and devoid of life.

But evolution from evil
insistently sprouts and flowers
however briefly
as wonderment keeps trying to arrive.

I don't see a god;
only a persistent attempt at one.

Saturday August 13, 2021 9:29 AM CDT -- Circadian and Other Rhythms --
A personal radio station is brought into being not simply by various mechanical processes that follow a real-time clock but, especially in the case of KDX, by the biological clock of its human operator. The mission of KDX is providing hand-selected radio programming for its primary listener, myself. The mission is fulfilled, therefore, while the sole listener is tuned in and hearing the programs. Mechanically, KDX is capable of functioning 24-hours a day without sleep, but the listener is dictated by his Circadian Rhythm, the body's internal clock which can also be viewed as a day's cycle of moods, which sustains the listening temperament for about 10-hours starting pre-dawn, but shifts eventually into indifferent malaise usually marked by signing the station off the air and turning toward other pursuits, maybe viewing free movies or reading books.

Therefore operation of a 24-hour radio station would require imposition of a less personal and more altruistic point of view, such as believing that spread of good programming potentially benefits the general population. To maintain such an enterprise would be philanthropic and such a higher state of mind would require adherrence to the cause over and above the impulse to break camp and fold tent. As evidenced by this essay it is seen that we give the matter a moment's thought, especially in cooler weather. Now for lunch.

Saturday August 13, 2021 7:58 AM CDT -- Up Periscope --
Let's take a look around and see what's going on. Since before 5 this morning we've been deeply occupied digging through the internet finding more and more progressive radio programs to consider for the KDX schedule. Now we take a break and notice that Artisan Radio is back online following about 2-days of too much heat, and finally the temperature there in Vancouver is a pleasant 68-degrees F. It's about the same here in the center of the U.S. at 73-F. And we've stocked the playlist with today's programs and will be on automatic pilot for the rest of the day, streaming from KDX-OGG and groping for radios in the local area with AM & FM radiations. Besides any number of snacks and meal breaks, we'll be out in the campus chopping the overgrowth and tending our fat mulch pile. Some of us are still alive in this Coronavirus Pandemic, and the living are expected to maintain gentrified appearances.

Friday August 13, 2021 10:01 PM CDT -- FCC Found Slacking by DC Court in Regard to 5G RF Emission Standards --
Multichannel News Report

Friday August 13, 2021 11:35 AM CDT --  Free Women --
The pro-life attitude is a sin because it deprives women of their God given free will.
- Carl Blare, citing religion's own contorted reasoning

Friday August 13, 2021 7:59 AM CDT --  Radio Resources Newsletter --
from Information Station Specialists

Friday August 12, 2012 6:38 AM CDT -- Off and On --
Again last evening our website, blog, and radio stream were abruptly taken offline for refuge against a violent thunderstorm at the peak of heat for the day at 98 F. At the same time we were aware that companion service Artisan Radio had ceased operation according to plan under extreme heat conditions with dangerously bad air from multiple wildfires rated as 'out of control'. While heat conditions moderate for us in the Mid Mississippi Valley of the U.S., deadly heat will persist for Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. All this while the COVID Pandemic rages everywhere with populations urged to become vaccinated so that should they become sick they won't be 'as sick' as the unvaccinated. Degrees of sickness.

At those opportunities to resume routine operation as a global low power radio station our newly launched morning schedule of programs is proving satisfactory to our critical listener, talking about myself. In other words it can be said that 'I like it'.

The computer closed due to storm gave us the opportunity to page around in Frederick Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good and Evil' looking for quotations suitable for sharing as long as they don't put us too far out of context:
Insanity in individuals is something rare -- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.
- F. Nietzsche, Apophthegms and Interludes 

Thursday August 12, 2021 10:07 AM CDT -- At the Top --
As a radio talker the uphill career track reached its summit with this edition of Blare OnAir from February 17, 2015 and has remained at the top ever since, if I say so myself.
Hello from the Heights

Thursday August 12, 2021 5:20 AM CDT -- Morning startup --
The Blog was left online overnight because the operator fell asleep and didn't take it offline. As usual, no disiplinary action will be taken against myself.

The morning e-mail brings this quotation:
Speech is a very important aspect of being human. A whisper doesn't cut it.
Said by James Earl Jones, actor

The possible exception to today's quote is this:
When a woman whispers in a man's ear it can start a whole branch of the family
Said by Carl Blare upon hearing Mr. Jone's quote

Speaking of speech, as I often do when complaining about poor radio speakers, we recall the hands-on approach taken by a very successful radio boss not so many years ago, who distributed an inter-office Pronunciation Guide that mapped out official station pronunciations of hundreds of names and words. One example I recall was the prefered way to say "Associated Press", the station's news provider: 'A-so-SEE-ated' was policy, whereas 'A-so-SHE-ated' would get you fired.

For us here in the midwaste, today will be the last day of a prolonged heat spell, at least for awhile. According to reports, TUC Radio, a KDX program provider located in Northern California, has been fighting small fire outbreaks in the forestland surrounding their facility while Siberia, normally the coldest place on earth, continues to experience wildfires. We can't help but wonder whether planet earth might be turning into a sun. Forget that I said that, I don't want to start a panic.   

Wednesday August 11, 2021 1:49 PM CDT -- Nationwide Emergency Alert Test --
FEMA in conjunction with the FCC is conducting a Test of the EAS (U.S. only). The Emergency Alert System reaches out through radio, TV, cell phones and the internet, but does not engage the Part 15 low power stations.
More Information

Wednesday August 11, 2021 10:50 AM CDT -- Right Wing Radio Hosts Dying for their Cause --
An astounding number of right wing talk radio hosts are dying to "prove" that vaccines don't work. Many of their listeners are dying because they are "convinced".
The Story from DAILY KOS

Tuesday August 10, 2021 5:35 PM CST -- Advertisements In Space --
Not already involved in enough pace setting projects, Elon Musk has a plan to put advertisments in space.
That Plan

Tuesday August 10, 2021 5:12 PM CDT -- Low Power at 13.560 MHz --
Radio Guy connects us to some useful antenna information for experimentors broadcasting on a favored shortwave frequency.
We Take You Now to Low Power Radio Blogspot dot Com

And another generous tip from Low Power Radio Blogspot...
Free background music from JewelBeat.com

Tuesday August 10, 2021 2:34 PM CDT -- The Come Back Trail --
We had a rumbler with heavy rain which has moved southeast leaving us in afternoon cloudy darkness. During the voluntary outage our own KDX radio being unavailable we listened to local radio which is almost never a pleasant experience. We landed on a commercial talk station where two guys were talking about their rationalization for prisoners killing each other over disapproval of the other guys crime. Two women who talked like very loud cats joined the show when one of the men said that when he pees he always spits into the urinal. This lead to a 20-minute on topic conversation. I tried public radio but they were in a loop naming underwriters, giving their own personal names, and promoting how great noncommercial public radio is. There didn't seem to be an actual program anytime soon.

Tuesday August 10, 2021 1:10 PM CDT -- Fixed Up and Ready to Go --
Wait a minute. I hear thunder approaching. I need to go disconnect the AM ground radial system so lightning has no pathway into the transmitter room.

There. I also peeked out the door and notice it's getting darker and we may need to shut down if things turn wild. Maybe there's time to mention what we've done about our morning schedule. As already mentioned, we canceled the 6 to 9 AM program (Fault Lines from Radio Sputnik) and have quickly sketched in a batch of excellent replacement programs which can be viewed on the KDX Schedule Page.

Tuesday August 10, 2021 7:21 AM CDT -- Taking the Horns by the Bull --
Alright, that's it! Time to change!
Yep, this morning I had all I could take of the jumbly chittery chattery indistinct sloppy speech habit of one of the morning hosts on a program heard on KDX daily from 6 AM to 9 AM. I've mentioned it before. People on the radio need to be qualified to reach a certain standard otherwise listeners will tune away as I am doing.
I'm not going to contact programs to provide free unsolicited consultancy. KDX accepts programs as they are, and some of them are going to have imperfections that get them rejected.
Not long ago we dropped an otherwise enjoyable program because the host peppered everything with the 'fuck' word. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I finally decided to let fear of the FCC guide my actions and I scratched the program.
And before that was the live nightly call-in show that spent too much of it's time as a veritable infomercial for Bit Coin.
Wow. With this morning's cancelation I have saddled myself with 15 air hours in need of something new.

Tuesday August 10, 2021 6:38 AM CDT -- Too Hot to Trot --
Heat forecasts for the KDX operational area have ramped up as August wears on. Night time temperatures around 80 (F) and Wednesday, tomorrow, reaching a daytime peak for the week of 98o. There's a chance of electrical storms in the mix, and by the weekend conditions will be moderating. That's for the mid-Mississippi River Valley.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, partner station Artisan Radio anticipates even higher temperatures and likely will suspend operation during the height of the heat.
Vancouver. Can you pick out the Artisan Tower Building? Clue: Look for an antenna.
By David G. Gordon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Monday August 9, 2021 10:49 AM CDT -- Talking About Talk Radio --
This week Ralph Nader talks with Michael Harrison, publisher and editor of "Talkers" magazine. This is a highly informative
in depth conversation about why radio today is the way it is.
Ralph Nader Radio Hour
The voice of Michael Harrison closely matches that of 'Flash Frizbone', for a very good reason. During an earlier career in radio Mr. Harrison produced the satirical series, as heard on Carl Blare's 'Low Power Hour'.
Talkers Magazine
The other way around...
Michael Harrison Interviews Thom Hartmann

Monday August 9, 202110:35 AM CDT -- Harvard Study Finds That Men Should Toss 21 Times a Month --
I've done some math for months with 31 days... August, for example, has 5 Sundays and 4 Saturdays, that adds up to 9; take Mondays off, then go at it during all the Tuesday through Fridays... I think there'll be an extra day when you can maybe take a bonus (perhaps a pun(?))... that gives the 19 days needed to reach the recommended number of 21.
Harvard's Study
The next thing to look for is some kind of comparable benefit to women for pursuing a similar regimen.

Monday August 9, 2021 8:14 AM CDT -- Unexpected FM Range Discovery --
Within the past few days we submitted a response to an Artisan Radio blog about the range of his Decade FM Transmitter. In my case our main program feed is sent by a C.Crane FM2 Transmitter and I described our typical range, but a day later while backing out the driveway (named 'Wireless Way') I noticed that the range at that moment was significantly less than previously experienced. At first I was baffled but now I realize why the difference. You see, our FM transmitter is located together with the Procaster AM Transmitter and shares audio and power connections, except that the AM transmitter has a clip-lead connecting to a ground radial system that extends under the flooring out into the campus which is disconnected during storms to avoid bringing a lightning strike into the building. We now know that connecting the AM ground radial system significantly improves our FM outreach!

Monday August 9, 2021 7:08 AM CST -- Blueprint for the Overthrow of Top Level Executive Leadership --
In writing this we have no particular president, governor nor media star in mind, but within the #METOO bring down of highly ranked men without legal due process, we see the opportunity for a horror movie screenplay tentatively titled: 'ATTACK OF THE SNITCH WOMEN'.

Monday August 9, 2021 6:47 AM CDT -- A Part 15 Dream --
Marking perhaps a first, a 4 AM dream centered around my personal low power radio station operating under FCC authority based on Part 15 of the rules, and within the dream it was also the middle of the night when I unexpectedly found a total stranger doing an air shift in the basement studio. Before I could learn who it was and how he gained access, I began discovering that every glass electron tube in the station had been smashed like eggs and another mysterious volunteer arrived for the next shift, so I gave him a tour of all the broken glass while I was trying to figure out how so many people were getting into the building. Outside on the street there was hard crusty snow and a black woman came up to me pressing her nose against mine while thanking me for giving her a chance at radio experience, upon which she and her children went inside and climbed the stairs up into my private residence as I called after them to come back down but I was ignored. Before I could gain control over the situation a crack of thunder woke me up and there was no one else in the building and the radio station was closed because of the storms.

Monday August 9, 2021 6:39 AM CDT -- The Storms --
Late Sunday afternoon this website closed in the wake of a violent electrical storm that showered our operational area with a massive number of lightning bolts. Also forecast was the possibility of hail and high winds but to our fortune these did not materialize. During the overnight hours two more storms passed by with nearby lightning strikes and heavy rain and this morning as we resume operation the potential exists for more storm activity. Looking ahead, late morning is flagged as the start of a several day high heat alert during which we expect to remain online with website, streaming radio, and blog services. 

Monday August 9. 2021 6:37 AM CDT --
The past is a place where everything ends up.
- C. Blare, 'Advanced Thoughts', self-published

Sunday August 8, 2021 2:02 PM CDT -- The Academic Years --
Artisan Radio posted a well earned review of tall claims made by a webmaster at one of the less attended part 15 forums, the character enlarging his expertise by reference to 'time spent in academia'. Artisan sets things straight by defining 'academia', which perhaps the webmaster doesn't realize. The whole thing reminds me of my days in academia, back when I used the pathways on the campus of a major university as a shortcut and took girl friends for walks at a very stately seminary with its stone buildings. I once drank from the water fountain inside a prominent women's college. I don't mean to brag.

Sunday August 8, 2021 11:56 AM CDT -- Seriously Pirate Radio --
The Verge (news-site) provides a serious look at the matter of Pirate Radio.
A podcast series

Sunday August 8, 2013 11:03 AM CDT -- So We're Idiots. Now How Do We Achieve Savantness? --
The part 15 low power radio hobbyists generally tend to qualify as idiots. But does having great radio skills qualify them (us) as fully-fledged idiot savants?

This is Carl Blare with the Educational Portion of The Blare Blog, in which we come oh so close to learning a thing or two.

Perhaps the main point I can make is that the term 'idiot savant' is out of mode and the new expression is 'Savant Syndrome'.
Here's the story

Sunday August 8, 2021 8:15 AM CDT -- Unembarrassed Riches --

We completely blew past the 8 AM sign on for KDX because we were so ensconced in other back office activities. Usually Sunday starts at 8 with Glenn Hauser's 'World of Radio' but when I checked the time it was 8:15 and there's no way, not even with good software, of rewinding time. So then you ask, what was so captivating, Carl Blare?

At 5 AM while it was still dark we began watching cordless lawn mower review videos on YouTube as the time has come to upgrade from the wonderful Brill German made manual razor cut mower in use for many years. Cordless battery technology has reached a maturity where rechargables are ready to take on a lot of workload. Also this morning we checked the email and found a reply from our computer consultant regarding comments we'd sent about the brain-dead silly slogan 'defund the police', which never should have gained popularity. Our ongoing conversation on that and the topic of space exploration is so well expressed that perhaps later today we'll edit it for sharing
here on The Blog.

The 'make good' broadcast of Glenn Hauser will occur this afternoon at 1 PM CDT following Reverend Billy's 'Church of StopShopping'.

Server Room
Server Room
Steve Gibson's 'Picture of the Week' - TWiT.tv

Saturday August 7, 2021 7:17 AM CDT -- WEBSITE AND BLOG NEWS REPORT
KDXradio.com and The Blare Blog has been available only on weekends for the past several weeks in part as a response to excessively hot weather. During the interim, Artisan Radio has been online around the clock providing website and blog services. Effective today several changes are planned.

KDXradio.com and The Blare Blog returns to daily online service as of today.

Meanwhile, Artisan Radio will be offline effective Wednesday August 11 as a major heatwave returns to the Vancouver, British Columbia, region of Canada. Artisan Radio operates from an upper floor of the Artisan Tower Building.
Artisan Radio Link
Between now and Wednesday Artisan may be offline briefly during routine maintenance.

Artisan Radio and KDXradio.com are the Websites of Record for low power radio station operators of the north american continent.

Saturday August 7, 2021 7:00 AM CDT -- A Lot of So Called Classical Music
The classical music purists who worship the genre don't want to hear me, Carl Blare, say that a lot of such music is pointless and plain boring. Professional musicians probably agree with me but can't come out and say so because they need the work. But the less interesting stuff deserves at least one hearing or we'd never know how dull it is. And just once in awhile there's a fabulous new discovery to be found in the plethora of continuously enlarging number of composed works so we'll never be rid of the duds and music librarians enjoy full careers because of the glut.

Sunday August 1, 2021 1:43 PM CDT -- The Third Web --
The original web was the province of spiders just like Throckmorton, the resident bathroom spider here at KDX who left his post July 4th and hasn't been back. We'll count the world wide web as the 2nd web given its ubiquity and familiarity in everyone's life. Less known to the general person are various kinds of spider web and cobweb antennas unique to amateur radio HAMs, in varieties large and small. Along with everything else we've been talking about, I, Carl Blare, have been binging on YouTube loop-antenna videos concentrating especially on Spider-Web Antennas, with particular enjoyment from the series by Roger Liefert from his Kainka Labs. The next stage in our inquiry will involve building working models of certain designs. Keep watching.

Sunday August 1, 2021 1:05 PM CDT -- Stop Listening to My Production Channel --
There are disgruntled feelings among users of Part 15 (FCC low power radio rules) regarding the paltry nanowatt allowance for FM transmission. The gripe is based in a general wish to reach outlying listeners which the present rules surely prevent. We here at KDX have no complaint because we only use FM within very limited confines inside our building to monitor our streaming webcast and audition productions in progress during recording sessions, with some time spent hearing soundtracks of streamed movies. It makes no difference whether nearby residences detect our radio station schedule which is also available on AM radios and the internet, but we'd like to privatize the audition channel because of the personal nature of recording sessions and movie dialogue. So we'd like to move that activity somewhere out of the way.

We're looking at FCC Rule 15.235 which allows 10,000 microvolts per meter @ 3-meters in the band 49.82 to 49.90 MHz putting a much stronger signal than we have on the FM band; hidden in a space where no radio tunes. That would be the problem. I mean, we have a diagram for building the transmitter, but it's not known what could be used to receive it at the other end.

At KDX we develop ideas as fully as possible until we get stumped by an unanticipated obstacle and document these incomplete projects in file folders collected in a cardboard box.

Sunday August 1, 2021 6:25 AM CDT -- The Trouble Is --
CARL:  To kick off a new month here on The Blare Blog I would like to present a guest lecturer with positive advice for everyday life. We are lucky to have psychotherapist Dr. Sigmund Sickie of Sickie Psychy Services. Good Morning Doctor Sickie.
DR. SICKIE:  Tank you Cawl. I vould like speak you on too active da brain. It stawts innocen enuff. You ton on computa, deys lots a messages. You stawt tinkin bout dat, but deys lots updates to da soffwah. Meanwhile, you hopin spend quiet time learnin how do handyjob on da YooToob, fix da fawcet, but you awready had lotsa coffee and you begin scroll da news and tinkin about da vaxeen which ya been poseponin. Too much ta tink abow. Now waddaya do. Bess ting is valk avay and breeth goot.
CARL:  It sounds like you're describing my morning Doctor! Thanks so much for being here.
DR. SICKIE:  I vasn't finish!
CARL:  We'll be having you back.

Sunday August 1, 2021 5:31 AM CDT -- Side Thoughts --
Sunday is the day of rest
Because it's the day when we do the rest of the work.
- C. Blare, one Sunday

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