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October 2021

Sunday October 31, 2021 11:10 AM CDT -- Messed Up Morning --
We opened shop at 3:30 AM in the middle of the night so we could reset the entire website and radio station for the return of Standard Time, but came to realize that next weekend is when the change takes place. Well good. So we went through the startup procedure to put the radio stream on the web but were hearing no audio. Double and triple checking it appeared that our Wi-Fi STL (Studio Transmitter Link) was not funtioning, and backup gear is put away somewhere and would require an extensive rewiring, so we starting eating what would be three breakfasts. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line but there've been no straight lines today.

Sunday October 31, 2021 5:16 AM CDT -- IMPORTANT CORRECTION !! --
Standard Time returns Sunday November 7th at 2 AM (not Sunday October 31 as previously reported).

Friday October 29, 2021 5:01 PM CDT -- Sun Day Halloween Solar Flare --
Another solar flare alert.
Will the Grid Be Disrupted?

Friday October 29, 2021 4:40 PM CDT -- From the Observatory --
Dark and rainy with sirens all day but we don't know what's up. Are you having sirens in your town and if so, do you know what the problems are? Being a news station you'd think we'd have some facts but part 15 low power radio stations are not known for up to date information. We come very close to being a source of information and do a fair job of reporting on shortcomings.

UPDATE on all the sirens... A four-alarm fire took place north of here and a number of municipalities responded passing nearby. 

Friday October 29, 2021 4:38 PM CDT -- 5G Interference to Airliners --
Frequencies in Collision

Friday October 29, 2021 2:14 PM CDT -- Traces of Art Bell --
An absolute radio man and originator of the popular Coast-to-Coast AM show Art Bell was also a HAM operator and station owner in Pahrump, Nevada.
The Story Picks Up from There

Thursday October 28, 2021 6:45 PM CDT -- Alec Baldwin and KDX --
For eight years KDX carried New York Philharmonic Broadcasts hosted by Alec Baldwin and more recently we've heard some of his regular public radio series titled "Here's the Thing", the latest edition recorded October 12th with guest Dr. Anthony Fauci, to be on the KDX Saturday schedule coming up. Most sadly and tragically the fatal shooting incident took place one week ago today and investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Thursday October 28, 2021 5:33 PM CDT -- 16" Transcription Disks from the 1930s --
About 1,000 electrical transcriptions from the back shelves of the National Music Camp, Interlochen, Michigan.
A Restoration Project

Thursday October 28, 2021 2:03 PM CDT -- Hear by Listening Here --
Presenting a combined Blare OnAir and Low Power Hour done together in one program packed with radio material not found anywhere else. It's the best show we have ever done.
Radio Like it Was Meant to Be and Then Some

Thursday October 28, 2021 6:08 AM CDT -- Transmitters Put Out --
Low power AM transmitters of the variety known as "intentional radiators" in FCC rules Part 15 are usually designed with non-standard output impedances thereby requiring antennas customized for individual models. The discussion is somewhat moot by the reality that quality low power AM kits are no longer available and the more upscale certified transmitters solve the output situation by including proprietary optimized antenna systems. Regardless of reality we are pursuing antenna development experiments utilizing three SSTran units, once the premium choice for self-builders. The FCC rules permit self-built transmitters and in our fixed and inarguable opinion kits qualify as literally self built despite disagreement of many interpretors. Ours is an academic exploration in search of as yet undiscovered possibilities.

Thursday October 28, 2021 5:23 AM CDT -- As I See It --
I I I we we we. "We" find ourselves referring to our self as "we" instead of "I" but why? It might have something to do with early parental guidance teaching "us" to be humble and self-effacing, yet being confident enough to write as if "one" were an entire committee. Seems to all of us including me that "we" in this situation is known as the "editorial we", and I myself think we know what that means, but I'll have to look it up sometime to bolster our confidence. Actually there's a small amount of authority gained by being an entire assembly all behind one pen. We all agree on that.

Frequently articles about mind, brain, consciousness and the like are noticed during a day's scroll, and I have a few thoughts about it. We read that "brain" and "mind" are not the same thing, and I tend to believe that the brain is a biochemical mechanism capable of generating mind which is an economical way of saying "thoughts". An analogy might be to compare the brain to a furnace, which is a mechanism that generates heat. Heat is the product of the furnace and mind is the product of the brain. It actually seems obvious, but many writers dicker about it. To recognize the place of "consciousness" in the whole thing we could say that consciousness is the carrier generated by the brain upon which thinking is modulated. We further contend that consciousness harbors a switchboard between other biological functions plus external stimuli and "the will" which is a sub-system that determines what we do next is always at play as a driver of physical action. For example right now our will has us working on this essay while a competing message has us considering a coffee break. There were a few other ideas we planned to attach along the line but radio station KDX is about ready to sign on and I need to download a newscast from RT America.

Done Right
Steve Gibson's Picture of the Week - TWiTtv

Wednesday October 27, 2021 6:59 AM CDT -- Loose Ends --
Standard Time returns as soon as halloween dawns. CORRECTION!! Daylight Time Ends/Standard Time Resumes 2 AM SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7th!! The Nano VNA device may not have any value for part 15 low power radio because it has no accuracy when measuring very high impedances. And we have two food questions: Is peanut butter actually food as long claimed, or is it just tasty grease? Is honey really beneficial to good health according to legend or is it just sticky sugar? With cooler weather arriving we'll be advised to calk and seal the house to block cold air drafts and heated air leaking out, but here's what they never say... in a tightly sealed house the oxygen level drops as inhabitants breath and the resulting stale air will cause everyone to become sleepy and groggy as cold viruses thrive and spread.There is no upside and it's unlikely there ever will be.

Tuesday October 26, 2021 2:56 PM CDT -- Jessica Rosenworcel Now Permanent FCC Chair --
Biden Decides

Tuesday October 26, 2021 6:34 AM CDT -- The Analysis of an Analyzer --
Since first blogging our interest in an SSA-2N Nano VNA V 2.2 we have been up late at night viewing many YouTube videos about the device and become already trained on possible lab applications for it, but a key question remains  before we can be sure that special part 15 requirements are served. Because a prime use of interest is antenna analysis we know that the VNA specializes in 50-ohm readings, the standard impedance of antenna networks, but it remains that part 15 low power transmitters are idealized at a non-standard impedance owing to the short antenna restrictions imposed by FCC rule. The SSA-2N has flexibility and can be calibrated for 75-ohms, the impedance norm for cable systems and home video equipment, and also over a range of impedances, but the upper and lower limits are unknown but make the difference whether this VNA would be useful for our work.

Monday October 25, 2021 1:39 PM CDT -- Forums Reconsidered --
We're not talking about the popular NPR program. When we say 'forum' we have in mind the social web sites known by that description and offering two-way communication on designated topics, our field of interest being low power hobby radio. We have long criticized the few such forums for various reasons but haven't put our money where our mouth is by starting a better forum, although we recurringly talk about it. At this point we could post our reasons for staying clear of such an endeaver but what we'd rather see is the right dedicated and progressive person come along and do it properly so we can enjoy participation without being being stifled by stunted moderators.

Monday October 25, 2021 1:35 PM CDT --
If we could relive the past we would miss out on the future.
- Carl Blare in turning down a return to bygone days

Monday October 25, 2021 12:26 NOON CDT --
As much as we live in the world we also live in our heads.
- Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program as heard on KDX

Monday October 25, 2021 11:33 AM CDT -- Our Onion is Safe --
A serious onion recall was sent out by the Center for Disease Control.
CDC Onion Recall in the News
Of course we set about checking our onions. We had one big fat white onion purchased about a month ago, and a pack of three red ones from last week. The white one was completely unmarked nor did the store receipt give any details, while the red bunch was marked "Grown in USA" whereas the bad onions were grown in Mexico. While at the grocer stocking for the storm we asked a shelver if she knew about the onions but she hadn't heard of any recalls, but luckily another shelver overheard us and peeked around the corner to say that the recall did not affect their stores. We returned to finish out our days with a good healthy onion.

Monday October 25, 2021 9:10 AM CDT -- Weather Attack --
Yesterday afternoon with temperature at 80o Farenheit a tornado watch was declared across several midwestern states with two separate storm fronts approaching at different angles. The KDX preparedness team rushed an unscheduled grocery trip to be sure we'd be well stocked with snacks down in the sub-cellars beneath the Internet Building, being sure to park the official mobile unit out of reach of the tall tree to improve hopes of emerging with secondary shelter in the form of a hatch back car. We waited but the storm didn't start so we plunged into a sleep so deep that all thought of danger extinquished entirely and when we later regained consciousness the temperature had dropped to 52 with a chilly wind stirring in the dark so we mixed a hot chocolate and contemplated the flimsiness of home construction materials, vulnerable as we are against elements determined to devour us. A few nearby locations were not so fortunate as tornadoes demolished sections of several towns in at least two states, not managing to injure or kill any people making this a humane weather event.

Sunday October 24, 2021 8:49 AM CDT -- Shortwave Broadcasting --
Far less talked about with regard to low power broadcasting is the shortwave spectrum between 1.7 and 30 MHz and there are at least two reasons for this. For one, most individuals who take an interest in the low power hobby seek to replicate their own experience of having found AM FM formats attractive with little or no earlier awareness of shortwave. Then there's the fact that no certified and hardly any other decent shortwave transmitters exist and most radio hobbyists lack the know-how to design and build something as exotic as any kind of transmitter.

A lot can be learned about the past and present state of shortwave radio in the U.S. by visiting the website of
The Association of Shortwave Broadcasters

KDX Worldround Radio would like to see the FCC authorize a set of shortwave frequencies in the 6 to 7 MHz region especially for hobby experimentation at perhaps 1 Watt with no antenna restrictions.

Saturday October 23, 2021 10:04 AM CDT -- All the Same --
Saturday programming on KDX Worldround Radio delivers some mighty good listening. Al Franken on his Al Franken Program said, "It's easier to be an evil genius than it is to be a genius". And Seth Andrews on his 'The Thinking Atheist' ran through a list of ancient superstitions that continue to exist with no sign of letting up, such as triskaiddaphobia, the fear or avoidance of the number 13; The belief that certain things come in threes marked by the sacred triangle; and All Hallow's Eve, the evening before All Saints Day when demons, devils and the dead wreak havoc, to name three continuing superstitions. Humans retain these beliefs and certain practices that grow out of them without ever growing or advancing, a form of persistent retardation that repeats in annual cycles through simple one act scripts. We've already mentioned Halloween when everyone voluntarilly masks up and threatens mischief preventable only by petty ransom payments, and there's Christmas, the birthday of Christ where Christ is always a baby but gifts are given to everyone except the little Celebrant of Honor. Also not to forget Thanksgiving which, not formally a religious holiday, none the less calls for 'gratitude' amidst what we've taken from indigenous people while administering their genocide and marked by warmly given meals for the homeless during the one day when we're not trying to get rid of them.

We should be creative and finally invent some new variant superstitions by including radio in the mix. Let's say that all broadcast stations with the number 13 are going off the air faster than any other category. AM stations between 1300 and 1390 kHz are dropping like flies, TV channel 13 is emptying fast and even CB channel 13 has been DXing voices of dead radio pirates.

How about one more silly situation. So, you're driving on the road at exactly midnight of a very dark night while on the radio George Noway is doing the annual ghost edition of his Shore-to-Shore show. Just as he mentions 'black cat' you see a black cat sitting in the middle of the road staring at you. In a state of fright you veer abruptly to avoid hitting the cat and find yourself in a rain saturated corn field with tires sunk in the mud. A beautiful woman appears from the stalks well illuminated and tells you, "I am the farmer's daughter and I've been waiting for you." Your fear instantly dissipates as you become certain that you are having good luck. Day's later your car is found but no one ever knows what happened to you. And now back to The Blog

Saturday October 23, 2021 7:20 AM CDT -- You Can't Say That --
Those of us who haven't been cowed by robotic accusations of 'conspiracy theorist' consider ourselves aware that 9-11 was in fact and truly a pre-arranged attack on the U.S. by larger agencies than a few rag-tag do-it-your-selfers. In the interest of caution we've stopped short of naming names, even though you can find such disclosures elsewhere. The Blare Blog is not posititioning itself as another WikiLeaks, although we'd surely be better informed if Jamal Khashoggi, Jullian Assange and Edward Snowden hadn't been forced out of the picture. So, here we are again with 'official' versions of the COVID Pandemic crumbling into another self abuse war story likely based on a lab leak of weaponized virus under joint development by the U.S. and China, maybe intentionally released, but certainly again resulting in further crack-down on liberties and democratic values. The same conservatives that consider abortion taboo are loyal to mass culling of established adults leaving more of the earth's dwindling resources for the de-populated survivors. The human race may side-step extinction by achieving survival of the stupid.

Saturday October 23, 2021 7:16 AM CDT -- I Can See Us Having One of These --
Might be just the thing for our antenna development.
Nano VNA
VNA = Vector Network Analyzer

Saturday October 23, 2021 3:56 AM CDT -- Reflections on Decision Making --
Decisions are made by individuals, family/friend teams or committees and I personally like to employ all three when possible, and have recognized a fourth decision-making approach comprised of fictitious characters.

Sole decision makers are humitarian if they are empathic and rule for the common good, referred to as benevolent dictatorship. But the authoritarian dictator by comparison is a tyrant, as we've seen in the hostile takeover of the short-lived Association for Low Power Broadcasters (ALPB) wherein an ex-chairman ignored all the carefully crafted bylaws of the membership and seized control. Fortunately the renegade behavior of the ex-chair is not the focus of this brief essay, only serving as an example.

Consulting with family members and close friends is done by most of us when pondering a decisive choice, although after considering all the input we alone make the ultimate decision. Probably this approach pertains mainly to personal affairs in which the consultants have a stake.

Assembling a board of directors or committee opens the way for gathering educated advice by which to make a final decision or can be empowered to themselves render an outcome. Again we use the example of the ALPB which, in its short existence, called on members to cast votes on issues brought to the table. When their invested effort was overridden by a rogue ex-chairman, it was up the them to stand as the higher authority and use their own bylaws to expell him for behavior detrimental to the organization, but they chose instead to scatter and disband. But again I digress.

Now the meat. Over time, and inspired by radio actors and good novelists, I have found that fictitious characters can be infused with traits and varying personalities such that they constitute a virtual committee able to sort out issues put before them leading to outcomes as suitable as by real persons. Only recently my imaginaries reached consensus in approving an approach to manual labor which I've followed: When faced with a pending chore the question is... can it be done tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is a very busy day.

Saturday October 23, 2021 3:27 AM CDT -- Radio Phvern Website --
Radio Phvern

Friday October 22, 2021 3:04 PM CDT -- Radio Phvern On the Move -
Member David Holden leaving town by the back way:


Hope you're well! So Radio Phvern, my ham stations, and my businesses, are all moving. Selling off all my urban properties and buying a small farm. Might sell my cafe, don't know. Just sold my house.

Must be gone by 3/31/22. Don't know where I'm moving just yet. We're about to find out if the station will cover the acreage.

It's good to keep you in the loop, Carl. You've always been helpful and I appreciate it. I don't want to lose touch as I recall I don't hear from you on the boards. Of course I'm hardly there myself.

That was e-mail no. 1, and The Blog sent a return message asking about farming plans. Livestock? Crops?

Yes on farming. Small cattle like goats or alpacas are on our minds. Lots of suitable places to move to. I'm guessing we'll go back to chickens too but on a slightly larger scale from urban living. I'd like to have geese too (great omelettes!). This past summer we grew about a 1/3 of all our veggies urban. Our first year out we plan to go for 1/2, then all by year 3. Oh, and solitude with no neighbors close by on 30 acres is of high esteem.

So any radio other than listening to a scanner has not been in play lately. Keeping up with noting it on a website has been low priority. It really wasn't our plan to leave now, but the city is disintegrating. It's quite dangerous. When I bought here 20 years ago I had no plan to ever go but I stumbled across a cash buyer. So we go. - D - Radio Phvern

Monday October 18, 2021 5:46 AM CDT -- What is That Tall Thing Over There? --
Tall Things Explained

Monday October 18, 2021 5:24 AM CDT -- Antenna University --
Steve Rossiter on behalf of GatesAir deliveres a mighty webinar on the subject of broadcast antennas.
Tap In Tune In

Saturday October 16, 2021 3:22 PM CDT -- Boing Boing is as On Top Of It as Any of Them --
The Blare Blog has never met in person with Boing Boing-dot-Net but we feel a kinship because they tend to link things that we'd link, and often do, thanks to them. Here's one that comes really close to home. This past week we carried Sophie & Co from RT America because it promised to look seriously about what death is, and it did, and I'll have more to say on the subject as I have more time, but here's a sampler:
Death is a Perception of the 3rd Dimension

Saturday October 16, 2021 2:53 PM CDT -- It's As If It Never Existed --
An enthralled William Shatner having seen the wonder of earth from the infinity of blackness he reported seeing everywhere else allows the rest of us to be vicariously inspired by what he describes, but what we also are losing. We're not pulling out of the deathward plunge human life is costing but, philosophically speaking, does the earth's fragile beauty depend on an observer to exist? At least some of us have had the chance to be one of the observers. And perhaps the ability to see and recognize wonderment and beauty is the most important contribution our species is able to bring to existence. It seems like a genuine equation to me: beauty and its observer. Very many have devoted themselves to expressing what beauty they find through works of art including literature and music and the rest of us become each others audience to appreciate what the artistic have produced. But is an artistic creation of any value if no one discovers or appreciates it? While Shatner is concerned about the planet we are in the process of losing, I have always felt moved to spread the word about the great music and tremendous written works someone devoted themselves to composing, but have been disappointed by the dull indifference and lack of receptivity demonstrated by average people. The majority of our population will live and die with no inkling of what they have ignored. Whether it's a universe or a symphony, if no one observes it, it's like it never existed.

Saturday October 16, 2021 8:33 AM CDT -- The Arch Between the Beginning and the End --
In 1974 Jerzy Semkow, Polish born orchestra conductor, directed a performance of Symphony No. 5 by Sergei Prokofiev and I was present with complimentary tickets owing to my place as a classical music radio host. The Prokofiev 5th was known to me and well liked, but the Semkow interpretation was absolutely spell binding and shook me up so much that I attended the two additional performances that weekend. What Semkow had revealed was the arch connecting the work together from its beginning to its ending, and that ending came by shear surprise at a point when the music seemed lost in frustration and confusion. The last minute of the work entered a whole other universe and managed to be what the entire preceding movements were so earnestly seeking but then reached an abrupt end leaving us with only a glimpse of what it was all about. You had to be there. I bring it up now because this morning I learned that Maestro Semkow died in 2014 at age 86.

Friday October 15, 2021 6:43 AM CDT -- Adam Curry Guest with Megyn Kelly --
Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak host the twice weekly 'No Agenda' as heard on KDX Worldround Radio. Adam was Megyn Kelly's guest on her show.
Megyn Kelly with Adam Curry

Thursday October 14, 2021 2:37 PM CDT -- Things I Think --
One benefit of having a blog is the opportunity to say what I think. It's never necessary to ask permission or apply for a license, although it would be handy if we had a legal department that could advise as to the risks involved with being too candid, but it would have to be pro bono since blogging earns nothing except feelings of accomplishment when something smart gets thought and expressed. I think we'll very much miss the Mischke Roadshow, a rare and original program that's announced its final phase from now through the end of the year. We've talked about Tommy D. Mischke before, in the Blog, on the Low Power Hour, and within the Blare OnAir program. It was by accident that one night I was trying to hear something, anything, somewhere on the radio dial that was better than the sports & religion we're exposed to in the home town, and WCCO Minneapolis was beaming in on 830 kHz with a guy venting frustration because a guest had failed to show up due to a scheduling blunder. The host started throwing objects at the studio wall and storming a little bit over his awkward situation having 2-hours to fill by himself. It may seem peculiar that throwing pencils and staplers at the wall was what pleased me, but local radio is really that bad. It was an introduction to the only creative talent in America on that night, and when he announced his departure from the CBS station my hope for radio was clouded in dismay. At the time I had my own hobby station and threw my own items at the wall which gave some relief, but things perked up when word arrived that TD Mischke was going to do a podcast from his car driving around America! I e-mailed and was granted permission to carry The Mischke Roadshow on KDX, but now at Episode 139 finality is again in the air with the last Roadshows having been announced. I think he'll again do something creative, and I think I'll be watching closely with hopes of involving KDX in whatever it is. There's thinking to be done.

Thursday October 14, 2021 1:53 PM CDT -- All the Other Vinyl Records --
Whether it's a yard sale, a thrift shop, or an estate sale, there are places where strange LP records turn up, stuff we've never heard or heard of. The one man who has made it his mission to explore all the old boxes and shelves is DJ Frederick, also known as Moe Frederick. He is known for several radio programs including the Radio Thrift Shop, presenting the prime finds from his rummagings. But there is a deeper, dustier part of the basement and the garage where the real odd stuff resides and now you can dig around thanks to DJ Frederick's sub-series called Radio Thrift Shop: Bargain Basement. Here's the door code:
Dumpster Dive Address
OK, once you're at Radio4all's Search Page enter the words - 'bargain basement', and you're in. Wear old clothes.

Thursday October 15, 2021 9:29 AM CDT -- William Shatner Returns to Earth --
He saw Mother Earth from 63-Miles Away.
Willaim Shatner's Space Journey

William Shatner is heard every Saturday on KDX-Worldround Radio on his RT program 'I Don't Understand'.

Thursday October 14, 2021 6:08 AM CDT -- Before the Beginning --
KDX Worldround Radio first began streaming on the internet in June of 2007, but had a before-life existence dating back 25-years earlier. Cable Radio Station KDX-FM was first registered as a division of Terrestrial Broadcasting Service, Incorporated, on January 25th, 1982, in anticipation of what we had reason to believe would be a futuristic radio service opening in our area in the form of a second FM band available to cable TV subscribers. A tour of the Little Rock, Arkansas, radio market provided an early demonstration of cable FM, delivering stereophonic sound for prime TV channels Showtime and HBO, plus radio services including BBC from London, National Weather Service , and cable-only independent FM stations able to lease time to operate commercial or noncommercial radio services to cable subscribers. According to Broadcasting Magazine cable FM was a potential growth area that would merit magazine space but right at that time the FCC authorized stereo audio via television and cable FM was discontinued. No matter, because when internet streaming became possible we simply repurposed Cable Station KDX-FM and once more lived up to our slogan - Ahead of the Future!

Wednesday October 13, 2021 10:39 AM CDT -- Fair Use --
Very small non-commercial streaming radio stations might wonder whether they can dodge the expense of copyright royalties by a claim of "Fair Use", referring to a special provision of copyright law, link to be provided after a few more words. It would be our unlawyerly opinion that the answer would be "no" based on the common style of popular music programming practiced by average stations. Without elaboration we suspect there are unconventional ways of constructing music programs which would qualify under the Fair Use Doctrine but the typical micro station would find such an undertaking beyond their know how.
Fair Use

Tuesday October 12, 2021 10:30 AM CDT -- Radio

Monday October 11, 2021 2:56 PM CDT -- GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING --
Mass Solar Flare Aimed At Earth

Monday October 11, 2021 11:48 AM CDT -- No Mail Today --
KDX Worldround Radio and this website were fully offline for awhile earlier while an electrical storm moved through the area. When calm returned the website came back but there's no radio stream because we're on standby alert with continuing storm activity in a large portion of the vicinity. As we watched the Lightning Map and followed the National Weather Service outlook we noticed the use of the term 'Columbus Day' and recalled that President Biden had said something about "Indigenous Peoples' Day", but no official change having taken place the thing of main importance is that there'll be no mail delivery.
Indigenous Peoples Day Movement

Monday October 11, 2021 7:21 AM CDT -- The Ground Floor --
The informal definition of 'ground floor', according to, is "The beginning of a venture, especially regarded as a position of advantage", as - "In on the ground floor". There are several ways the expression applies to part 15 low power radio hobbyists. Those who were impressed by the age of personality disc jockeys found that fond memories of the time can be replicated by building and programming personal radio stations, and others who were literally employed in the broadcast industry during earlier times when radio and television were local and creative also discover that the romance of those times can be rekindled through the radio hobby. Perhaps broadcast engineers find an even deeper meaning in the proximity to earth of the "ground floor", pun included. Those ground floor days seemed to exist at their height somewhere between the 1940s and early 1970s, and are being preempted now in the bright glare of the 5G world of Wi-Fi wireless and online media which render "legacy" broadcasting as a holdover in search of new definition. The last voices of the original ground floor are fading fast by way of empty forums and unread blogs but things are not yet ready to go in the ground, pardon the morbidity.

Sunday October 10, 2021 1:18 PM CDT -- One's Own Art Critic --
Each day's broadcast from the Blare OnAir archive has me sitting here keeping notes as to the copyright status of each program as determined by occasional use of cuts from our record library. I've noticed a general pattern unconsciously employed as we did these improvised hours of talk. They tend to start with a kind of spastic lurch into whatever's on our mind at the time, sauntering into multi-directional threads of ever more tangled chaos until, as though breaking through into a realm of astounding insight, we reach the summit of spoken oration where the program would rank amidst the highest achievements of fine art were it not for the audience having tuned away by that point. It's a good lead in to a snack break.

Sunday October 10, 2021 6:45 AM CDT -- DIY Electricity --
So much attention has gone into operational minutia that we've postponed the bigger objective of building a self-sufficient power plant that will keep things warm when winter storms take down the power grid. For several years we've observed the off-grid experiences of TUC Radio in the woods of northern California where Maria Gilardin has constructed and maintained an ultimate solar electric system, providing an inspirational example. Because KDX resides well within the grid we have reliable electricity most of the time but winter outages can be so life threatening that we want to have a plan for survival. What we envision is a battery storage capacity the same as found in solar installations, but with this difference: rather than charging via solar collection, we'll keep the batteries topped-off with energy straight from the grid, and when the grid goes down we'll have battery power in whatever amount designed into what we build. Power outages in the middle of population areas like ours are usually under a week, so that's at least how long we hope to be self sustaining. Backups can be added to backups and adding a power generator will contribute to further security.

Friday October 8, 2021 3:05 PM CDT -- Visitor from Another Blog --
Major media stars make the rounds of high profile talk shows, and low power radio personalities appear on the blogs. Artisan Radio, both a person and a radio station, took time away from the Artisan Radio Blog to pay a visit here on The Blare Blog:

I'm still pondering the best way to program my newly conceived station. 
Between audiobooks (short stories mostly, trying to keep them under an
hour in length), Blare on Air, and other talk programs I hope to find
(mainly in the areas of arts and science), I see Artisan Radio as a
modern version of Golden Age Radio.  Not just one dimensional entertainment.

I really have to disagree with Boomer's comments re music in your latest
blog entry.  Music is the easy thing to do, both for licensed and
unlicensed radio, but does it really touch the potential that radio
still has?  IMO, no.  If I wanted to listen to just music, I can go to
any number of online services to get exactly what I want, not just what
the radio station programmers want me to hear.

Yes, you can get all that Artisan Radio (and KDX for that matter) will
offer online as well, but it's much more time consuming, and you have to
go to multiple places, never mind find the stuff. Plus, I think there's
an art to programming all this in a meaningful fashion, an art that just
isn't present in music-only formats (except maybe the totally eclectic,
which few stations do).

Not intending to gang up on Boomer, I also like to point out that enumerable free ways to find any music exist for the general public, including YouTube, Pandora and the public library, therefore putting it on radio serves no one. However, we must back off and realize that a transmitter sale is what matters most.

Thursday October 7, 2021 6:35 AM CDT -- The Past Never Goes Away --
Knightkit has a home
The author of the Knightkit website is radio engineer Jim Addie, guest on
TWiRT 564

Wednesday October 6, 2021 11:56 AM CDT -- Somebody Should Tube When You Doesn't --
A positive impression was given when we found faucet rebuilding and string-trimmer reviews and tutorials on YouTube, but other areas seem to be very skimpy and barely represented. We happened to get in a router state of mind and wanted to expand our education on the subject, but as we scrolled though available router videos we found little more than brief promotionals by manufacturers for various models shown very hastily with only basic instructions: plug it in, hook it up. And while we're in complaint mode why can't YouTube contributors learn how simple it is to hook up a microphone so their voice gets heard properly. Depending on the onboard camera mic results in terrible audio very unpleasant to the ear.

Tuesday October 5, 2021 8:06 AM CDT -- Empty Carrier --
It is likely that we at KDX are no different than other station operators in certain ways. By that assumption we suppose that you leave carriers on the air even when no programming is taking place. That's what is meant by "empty carrier". You can hear empty carriers sometimes when local licensed stations have transmitters on the air while their automation system is down and nothing is being sent out. And yes, we typically leave a carrier 'live' during hours when we consider ourselves off-the-air and off-duty, such as overnight sleep time. Memo to self: From now on no day is complete until we double-check to make sure that all carriers are turned off. Failure to comply with this order shall result in immediate demotion.

Monday October 4, 2021 7:40 PM CDT -- Music to Come --
Since I've been critical of so many small radio stations specializing in music alone and no other programming I don't get invited to many parties, but I'll tell you something... there is a kind of music I think about programming and sometimes secretly do slip in late at night... I'm talking about future hits! There's a whole realm of experimental, electronic, ambient music being produced and some of it is very fascinating! So, instead of music of the past, KDX slips in some music of tomorrow. And it's free through Creative Commons! If I had any money I'd be able to keep it!

Monday October 4, 2021 7:32 PM CDT -- Word from Jacksboro --
We blogged about Graig F's participation in one of our Blare OnAir programs from the TeamSpeak Open Room, and I think we linked to Craig's website to see that he's on the air, we sent a hello e-mail and here comes a response!

First let me apologize for not responding sooner. I read your email
and intended to respond, but got distracted with other things this week.

Yes, I am still going, my little Hamilton Rangemaster is still going.
The internet side of things thru Live365 carries the majority of my
listeners, which is still pretty low. But, as you and I know, we do
this mostly for ourselves!
I attribute the low listenership to the high quality music programming I do.

One thing this of interest, I get the occasional email from someone
that has passed thru town and heard the little station. I will
occasionally get an email from them complimenting my efforts. In one
particular case, I offered advice on how to set up a similar station
during the Covid mess last year.

I don't have much time to do live shows these days, but it would
appear that I am re-instating one syndicated show that has been
offline for a while. They sought me to see if I would air it.... well
hell yes!!

Hope you are well.

Part 15 is still alive here!!

from the center of the universe in beautiful downtown Jacksboro, TX...

craig f

Don't you just feel a little bit guilty sometimes that we're so happy with our radio stations while the rest of the world is sinking deeper into depression because of all the calamities and disasters? With radio we're on top of it! They can't turn us off!

Monday October 4, 2021 6:16 AM CDT -- Hit Carl with some music --
Message Booming in:

Hi Carl,

Hit Music seems like the most popular and normal format for small stations to run. I wasn't surprised when a new station would come in to the groups and talk about his format being 1960s to '90s hits. They feel that is what radio 'sounds' like.

What does puzzle me is why more alternative type programmers haven't joined Part 15 ranks I used to know many music freaks, cult music fans and vinyl fanatics, who would listen to the tiny stations at the ends of the radio dial for unusual music, and they wanted to tell you all about it. I'd think they'd be first in line to want to broadcast on Part-15, their own ideas on their own station.

I think hit music satisfies m
ost people, and much of the blame should be taken by the music industry and radio stations for herding listeners toward only the most popular and inoffensive music with the broadest appeal, rather than try to cultivate and push listeners' musical tastes to a higher level, as the long game.

Each time it's been tried it's the same thing. A new type of broadcast space gets established, then pioneers try a new kind of programming that starts to get popular. Station brass sees they might have something, or a bigger broadcasting company buys the station, then they start to get rid of the DJs and songs that could put people on edge and the format becomes bland.

Hey, where are Brooce from Dog Radio's pictures? He used to send his studio pictures, but I haven't seen any of those photos lately. Now you're all set to optimize photos for the Blog, and they're not there.

I hope you get to work with some loop antennas. Techlib has a loop antenna transmitter I've wanted to try:

What about a loop like that, but fed at one end only?

Not much to show here, I've been working on my SDR software radio receiver most of the time, working on the antenna. I like SDR, it's even helped to improve my station's transmission quality, since I can see and measure various aspects of the signal going out. My hit music sounds incredible, I've gotten several compliments.

I want to try a new audio processor, and it's software also. Some stations don't want to use software, but I've found it to be excellent, and reliable, and it keeps the number of parts down in the system.

- Boomer

Looping back to what you said about the Techlib loop, a system like that made from copper pipeing could also carry water for self-cooling and if infused with salt would improve the conductivity which would magnify the "loop effect" and make the station sound biglish. As far as Brooce's pictures are concerned, the latest ones would look like old furniture.

Monday October 4, 2021 5:53 AM CDT -- Bruce Hears Self --
On the last day of September we linked a Blare OnAir from 2016 in which correspondent Bruce (Brooce) phoned the show. Upon hearing himself again, Bruce writes:
Hi Uncle Carl!
I listened to the Blare On Air from 2016 and it was great!
It's been really crazy here.
And there are radio things happening but they are happening very slowly.
I'm working on some old vacuum tube radios and a reel to reel machine.
It takes a long time to order parts.  I'm going to get a replacement 6V6 audio tube for my Hammarlund HQ-140X.  The audio has been distorted but it can be delt with.  (You can sort of just ignore it.  Sort of.) 
If you don't remember what the HQ-140X looks like you can Google it.  It's a beautiful receiver from about 1954.  All of the RF sections are working perfectly.
The radio set-up in the cellar is physically blocked by furniture.  We got a bunch of new furniture - therefore - the old stuff is in the only place it can go.  And it's blocking the radios and other electronics.  However I will eventually find a new place for the old furniture after switching a bunch of things around.
I am getting another very nice large table for the radio gear.  Very much looking forward to that.
The reel to reel machine is a Sony TC-366.  I am putting a new motor "run capacitor" into it and see what happens.  There is a good chance it will work.
Right now the motor runs but it is sometimes too slow and sometimes too fast.  If this reel to reel can't be fixed, sooner or later I will find another one somewhere.  I just seem to have to have one.
ANYWAY  I hope you're doing OK.
Very Best Wishes
- Brooce
We never get new furniture here at the Internet Building and yet the equipment is blocked anyway. And I also miss the reel-to-reel days.

Sunday October 3, 2021 1:07 AM CDT -- Talking Radio --
We have seen the news (Artisan Radio Blog Oct. 2) that Artisan Radio is opening a talk format to the world from Canada. This is a sigificant contribution to the quality and diversity of programming available across the streaming spectrum as well as the low power radio service where stagnant music programming has tended to dominate.
Immediate Listening

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