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February 2022

Monday February 28, 2022 8:46 PM CST -- Thousands of Rare Phonograph Discs --
Edison Records Online

Monday February 28, 2022 12:17 NOON CST -- Listen to Ukraine from Florida on Patrolman 9 --
Radio from Ukraine can be heard on shortwave station WMRI in Okeechobee, Florida. Check their schedule and use a radio like the Patrolman 9 found on E-bay by correspondent Brooooce.

I got 3 vintage radios from E-Bay and I love them.  In my very very early days of playing with radios, from about age 12 to about age 17, I had multiband portables.  Mostly from Radio Shack but I also  had a couple of multiband radios from a department store in Hartford CT, which was called Korvettes (the department store not the radios).
When I got my first vacuum tube communications receiver I realized how limited the multiband portables were in comparison.  But I still used them and they were still fun.
NOW (to me anyway) the multiband portables (as well as other radios) can be WORKS OF ART.
I love the front dial on the Radio Shack Patrolman 9.  I just think it is so cool.
I will send you some more pictures of the Patrolman 9 (which I think came out from about 1975 to 1978 (the radio not the pictures)) and some of the other "new old" radios that came from E-Bay to my humble abode.  
So OK I am going to end this for the moment.
But there will be more.
Very Best Wishes - Brooooce

In response to Brooooce, I remember Korvettes. We had them here too in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley. I purchased something there. Possibly my Sony Mini-B&W TV set with 8" screen. Or maybe it was a pillow.

Monday February 28, 2022 11:25 AM CST --
Science provides understanding of a universal experience
and art provides a universal understanding of a personal experience.

- Mae Jennison, engineer, physician, astronaut

Monday February 28, 2022 11:12 AM CST -- Part 15 Stations & Forums Not Ready to Serve Listeners --
The low power radio stations and related online forums continue to present favorite music from late childhood with no thought of informing audience of impending world war and potential nuclear annihilation. The quest for greater range at milliwatt power for AM and nanowatt power for FM continues so as to spread non-service to the greatest possible inches and feet before it's too late.

Monday February 28, 2022 11:09 AM CST -- YouTube Suspends Ads from RT and Russian State Media Channels --
Story from Variety

Monday February 28, 2022 11:04 AM CST -- FCC Takes Steps to Protect Against Russian Cyber Attacks --
Story from TVTech

Monday February 28, 2022 10:45 AM CST --
Radio Free Liberty: Ukrainian Service

Monday February 28, 2022 10:01 AM CST --
Ukrainian Radio

Monday February 28, 2022 6:39 AM CST -- RT America Off the KDX Schedule --
We have posted often about RT America, based in Washington DC, and its many programs heard on KDX Worldround Radio which include those by William Shatner, Jesse Ventura, Holland Cooke, Chris Hedges, John Kiriaku and for years the Late Larry King's interviews, prominent U.S. media personalities who've all praised the 'open microphone' policy of the network to allow uncensored content with no requirement to deliver Russian controlled messages. Something different is true for the English language RT America newscasts which originate in Moscow and have carried some amount of sarcasm and jibes aimed at America, and most recently rather childish criticisms of Ukrainian reactions to being attacked. Only one RT news broadcast made it through since the invasion began, as now we encounter a screen from "DDoS Guard" when attempting to view the RT website with words that say "Suspicious traffic is coming from your network". A check at Wikipedia shows that "DDoS Guard" was started by two now former Ukrainians presently operating mainly out of Russia while incorporated in Scotland and Belize who founded a company that provides DDoS protection and other web related services. Therefore circumstances have intervened and are interfering with our access to RT programs. Some programmers in the world are intentionally banning the RT network whereas we at KDX would be curious to know how the American RT hosts are dealing with their situation of being affiliated with a notorious agent of war, as RT can now be described. We'll have followup reports about this.

Monday February 28, 2022 6:37 AM CST -- Coming Soon --
Radio World news magazine is starting a new radio oriented podcast series.
Running Radio Today

News from Axios

Saturday February 26, 2022 2:12 PM CST -- In Solidarity --
The National Anthem of Ukraine

Saturday February 26, 2022 8:57 AM CST -- Polarization --
Giving the finger is normally done in the up-pointing position. It's called vertical polarization. A diverse method of finger giving is done by side-pointing in the style of a gangsta from the hood. Horizontal polarity. Our Wi-Fi microwave devices are ordinarily pictured with little 4" stub antennas pointing straight up. They radiate in a 360o pattern known as omni-directional. Here at KDX Worldround Radio the TP Wireless 2.4 GHz Transmitter/Receivers beaming our programming through two rooms from control desk to AM FM transmitters have been operating vertically with the signal cutting through room-space also shared by heavy human traffic as we walk from room-to-room frequently blocking the signal thus causing audio stutter. A solution would be to raise the devices up above head-level, but there's presently nothing up there to securely hold the equipment and we don't want it crashing to the floor. So we gave horizontal a try, which aims the signal toward the target with nulls on either side to avoid wasting signal-energy toward neighboring buildings. The result is much better than expected, giving solid audio unhampered by walking traffic as we manage coffee and snack activities.

Friday February 25, 2022 11:31 AM CST -- RT America Back Online --

Friday February 25, 2022 11:28 AM CST -- More Nature Sounds --
Look for the blog entry by that name dated 2/24
The Artisan Radio Blog

Friday February 25, 2022 9:33 AM CST -- World Shook Up --
This morning the RT America website is offline. To our knowledge the website is generated from the Washington DC Headquarters of Russia Today, the International Russian Television Network, with programming in English. On ordinary mornings the audiotrack of the half-hour RT America News is carried on KDX Worldround Radio, except the program is unavailable today. In its place we are temporarilly carrying NHK News from Japan and CGTN News from China.

Thursday February 24, 2022 11:26 PM CST -- How to Fix the Internet --
A podcast presented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
EFF: How to Fix Internet

Thursday February 24, 2022 6:02 AM CST -- Bird Radio --
The Artisan Blog has posted a link to free bird sounds.
See Artisan Blog 'Birds and More' Dated Feb. 23

2's day 2/22/22 1:54 PM CST -- Delay Sought in Shutdown of 3G --
Home Alarm Industry Needs More Time to Adapt

2's day 2/22/22 12:05 NOON CST -- Black History Month is the Back of the Bus --
We recall from Black history that free'd Black slaves in America were only allowed in the back seats of public buses, until that policy was overcome by the brave civil disobediance of Rosa Parks in 1955. Now in February of 2022 we are celebrating Black History Month, but Black history exists 365-days every year.

2's day 2/22/22 11:01 AM CST -- Follow Up Response to Boomer --
The CCleaner Update does not have its own browser, but stealthily installed the browser of a different vender, AVG, known for its Anti Virus. Functioning of CCleaner does not require the AVG Browser, but is only a trojan delivery provider.

2's day 2/22/22 10:51 AM CST -- General Description of 5G and Its Risks --
Scroll to the Bottom of This Link to See Some Risks of 5G

2's day 2/22/22 9:56 AM CST -- Audition Scripts --
Employment for the job of 'air talent' on radio often calls for an audition tape to demonstrate the speaking skills of applicants. Here at KDX we are in the process of drafting a special audition script to be read as part of the audition. At the moment we are gathering select words commonly subject to abuse by people we hear on other networks and stations. Here's the list as of this time:
Everyday we hear these words mispronounced as 'nucuelar', 'ax', 'pundints' and 'exspeshly'. KDX, always striving for a standard of excellence.

2's day 2/22/22, 2022 9:52 AM CST -- Dim Duties --
With mild symptoms of CoronaVirus the Queen is limiting to light duties at Windsor Castle. This means she will be wearing the tiny crown instead of the big one.

2's day 2/22/22 6:03 AM CST -- CCleanser, safe for Formica surfaces --

Another warm one at least part of the day, to be followed by a wintery mix. It's raining as we start the station this morning, war being edged toward... good for wealthy weapons investors. Screw the homeless, buy bombs. And we hear from colleague and associate Boomer who writes:

It hasn't scratched until now. I have tried CCleaner, a decade ago, when a computer was loading the desktop slowly. I didn't know it had evolved to adding a browser. Fact checking, I found this article from 2019:


It seems spooky to add a browser without being transparent about it. It's also possible they're being paid to do so, or trying to expand their footprint on your system with more features you'll come to depend on. It also could have a library of code in it that makes CCleaner work better. If Piriform Ltd doesn't clear up this issue, how can we know?

I also wonder how it would break Zara's operation, was it that Zara couldn't connect to the streams you were looking to broadcast? What about local files, could it play those?

I think it's a good idea for transmitter manufacturer media teams to attempt to sell to online broadcasters and streamers. Some stations have talked about doing just that and having a transmitter as an extra outlet was nice, but I'd think most stations or DJs on line don't even know about Part-15 possibilities. Maybe an informational brochure could be sent the websites of online broadcasters to let them know about the options out there.

- Boomer

In response, we are not sure exactly what combination of events caused Zara to fail, which it did by refusing to start. Once we restored Zara to normal operation we re-installed the upgrades, disposing of the AVG Safe Browser, and things are fine as we look forward to a day of snacks, radio, and war watch.

Monday February 21, 2022 10:42 AM CST -- On Holiday --
Today is a federal holiday in the United States known as 'President's Day', when we take a day away from our president to rest from humiliation and embarrassment. It's also a chance for substantial savings on cars and mattresses.

KDX is streaming and broadcasting but came close to being downed by computer trouble in which our essential automation software (Zara) refused to run, setting us on a frantic scramble to recover. Looking at recent changes to the operating system we saw that the browser Firefox and utility program CCleaner had recently updated and a disturbing change was made by Piriform Ltd, the source of CCleaner, in the form of an unauthorized installation of Google Chrome Browser. They have tried this trick before, but at least provided a choice-box for accepting or denying the move. This time Chrome was snuck in without notice. Fortunately Zara was brought back to life by reverting to an earlier point in time.

Holidays always present a programming challenge as several of our regular hosts enjoy a day off, leaving us to fill the day with substitutes. Today we'll sample a 90-minute-second show called 'Bird Notes' and bring a performance of Rodion Schedrin's Symphony Number 1.

Sunday February 20, 2022 8:19 AM CST -- Aquatic Sounds --
Read All About It

Saturday February 19, 2022 11:57 AM CST -- Birds on Radio --
Bird Podcasts

Saturday February 19, 2022 11:21 AM CST -- Debt to Society --
Our KDX Consulting Attorney has asked for blog time to address certain matters of law. Ladies and gentleman, we give you Stag Pinstripe of the law firm Pinstripe, Stripmine & Shaft:
ESQUIRE PINSTRIPE:  Let me say thanks to Mister Blare of the Blare Blog for this opportunity. We've all seen Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family ridiculed, humiliated and accused over an extended period of time for alleged behavior dating back to an association with Jeffrey Epstein. It is worth noting that this ongoing public scourging of the Prince in itself constitutes a long lasting and unending punitive treatment that has tarnished his standing and that of British royalty in general. And we hear of a $7-Million Dollar settlement being made with an accuser founded solely on an unsubstantiated claim. As a barrister I would maintain that the Prince's suffering and distress under the cloud of presumed guilt should be credited to his indebtedness, as it were, and discount offered for deduction from his payment to the victim, perhaps to the extent of nullifying the monetary penalty to an equilibral $0. Or better still, the entire procedure of handling such cases moving forward should be settled beforehand by reaching an awards agreement in advance of the offence so as to discretely avoid ruinous publicity: pay now for crime later. To make another example, imagine a potential murderer serving first his 20-year prison term, upon which he would be free to murder his intended victim. It would therefore extend the life of murder victims by decades and ultimately transfer the possible crime to the victim, who would become a wanted felon for attempting to escape the fate for which the voluntarily imprisoned perpetrator had paid fully his debt to society. In these days when storylines for motion pictures and novels have gone stale we'd have a whole new genre for the refreshment of entertainment culture at the exact time when streaming is becoming the favored media mechanism of our time. I rest my case.

Saturday February 19, 2022 5:57 AM CST -- What More Can We Do --
"We" are the self-appointed low power radio stations providing 'something' for strangers within X-number of feet from us. Most of "we" send music which is more of a boomranging because we like the music and are essentially sending it to ourselves. My station, KDX, is not primarily a music station, we predominate in 'talk', and it matters to us what gets talked about. The incoming discussions, conversations and commentaries aim largely to inform me, my listener, about the more important aspects of what other humans are doing out there in the world, nominally bannered as "news". Given the repetitiveness and redundancy of most of what gets reported, I often turn it off and dial elsewhere for other amusements, but I do keep a list of subjects and topics that I'd like to add to the KDX fare including more about railroading and birds. As far as looking elsewhere is concerned we often turn to the Firefox Browser Extension called Wide World Radio, a streaming radio app that brings in several thousand 'other' stations, mostly hit music, but a few novel programmers, and I notice that many of them use made-up call letters resembling FCC call signs but which are not licensed such as "The Dot" in St. Louis claiming also to be KSKY and WCAW, playing smooth jazz. I took an interest in "The Dot" because it's located somewhere in the neighborhood, given that KDX is practically within sight of the city limits of St. Louis, Missouri, 8-miles from the absurd, useless and unnecessary 'Gateway Arch', a Federal waste-of-money monument famous for attracting dullards to the area who have no cultural taste and lack a self-entertainment gene. A real, licensed KSKY exists in some distant town and no radio-locater.com listing shows a WCAW. If the part 15 transmitter manufacturers had sales teams they could add significantly to their bottom lines by pitching to not only all the streaming stations but also the thousands of podcasters who could greatly impress themselves by having an on-the-dial presence. As far as trains and birds are concerned we have already found a few programs pushing Amtrak and perhaps today will search for a bird-centered show.

Friday February 18, 2022 9:26 PM CST --
Don't ask too many questions
and you won't get too many answers.
- B.Boatrocker - Proprietor, Snack & Barber Shop

Friday  February 18, 2022 9:06 AM CST -- Back from the Looking Glass --
We have a dresser-top 3-way mirror of the type used for applying makeup. It is useful also for doing a hair trim every few months so as to pass for a member of civilization. I happened to set a bottle of honey in one corner between two of the mirror sections and was able to see four bottles of honey and got the idea of combining this trick with a 3-D printer to somehow multiply physical honey inventory given its inflated price, but I could also see several of myselfs resulting and would hope to avoid self-replication because each of us would expect honey in our coffees and thus suffer diminishing gains. And something more came to mind as I spent awhile considering the physics of mirroring: the image seen inside the mirror is horizontally flipped on both the X and Y axis's... or would the word be 'axeez(?)'... the me looking back at original me has a left-hand opposite my right hand, and my west is his east. But that's a deception, because those polar flips are only true if described from my point-of-perception whereas his would make mine backwords. But even more anti-comprehensible is the fact that the Z axis remains true on either side of the glass, otherwise the other guy would be upside down. Come to think of it dreams do the same thing... they keep all experienced scenarios on a familiar ground-plane where down is down, which is amazing considering the fact that dreamers are horizontal at the time. What would happen if we dreamed a mirror?

Thursday February 17, 2022 9:29 AM CST -- MAC Address --
To match MAC Address to a given chipset
MAC Address Lookup

Wednesday February 16, 2022 9:46 AM CST --15-Seconds of Reality --
Visual Time Compression
For comparison we would wonder how these same scientists would describe the brain's handling of sound. Knowing, as they've said, that our vision is something of an illusion, what could be said about what we hear? Did I really hear that? What have you heard?

Wednesday February 16, 2022 5:35 AM CST -- Dream Time 4 A.M. --
I knew the church service would be dull so I brought plenty of things to do, perhaps the most disruptive of which was Zenith reverberation springs which I'd been meaning to test. Other attendees hadn't brought any pastimes and so had nothing to do but snoop on each other and I managed to become the center of snoop stage with my busy side-ventures. Two gentlemen in particular expressed themselves by making faces toward me and making an amazing array of contortions and distorted looks which I watched with admiration for the ability to cast disapproval so strongly yet silently. I was the first out the door followed soon by the rest of the congregation on our way downtown. Being ahead of everyone I was able to choose the clearest pathways between mounds of icy slush covering the sidewalk, giving no room for anyone to move past me. I walked farther into downtown than ever before and actually came to the end of downtown which was a solid wall consisting of smooth plaster with faded beige paint. About 100-feet before downtown ended was an unmarked door into the best little-known buffet in town with its nicest looking waitress stationed at the door to attract businessmen for lunch and this included me since I was there on business. Sitting at the table with strangers I heard a man and woman conversing when one of them said something funny and I joined in by saying "That's funny" but judging from their blank looks my intrusion wasn't well received. On the way out I had trouble finding a place to leave my tray so I picked a ledge anywhere while looking around for the door girl who was in a serving line laughing with co-workers.

Tuesday February 15, 2022 10:14 AM CST -- Circus --
Written by Tom Waits
Narrated by Ken Nordine

Monday February 14, 2022 3:26 PM CST -- STOPWATCH SERVICE
Courtesy Stopwatch

Monday February 14, 2022 3:15 PM CST -- Daylight Saving Time Coming Soon --
In less than a month it will be time to spring forward.
Daylight Saving Time Starting in Mid March

Monday February 14, 2022 1:08 PM CST -- FCC Antenna Rule Change Upheld --
Commercial multi-purpose antennas located in residential neighborhoods now allowed per an FCC rule change upheld in the D.C. court. Health considerations of RF transmission in close proximity to living humans left to other sections of the rules, this change benefiting the massively lucrative 5G upgrades now under construction. This brings to mind the creeping incursion of commercial business directly to the front porch while zoning bans running individual businesses in the home by residents. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.
The FCC Rule Change Under Question

Sunday February 13, 2022 8:44 PM CST -- Blinking and Pondering in a Cloudy Fog --
Been sitting here all day staring at numbers seen inside the official KDX internet router which displays MAC addresses and IP addresses for all the components routed in and out. I don't have to tell you that MAC abbreviates for Media Access Control, the fixed hardware address of a device being a unique number intrinsic to that device, and the assigned IP addresses either being 'static' or assigned by the DHCP Server. Right? The thing is I can account for three out of the four MAC and IP addresses living in the LAN. That forth one has me completely flummoxed. Alright, count on your fingers: one is the computer itself, the next is the router, the third is a VOIP Device occupying one of the ethernet ports, but that fourth one is what? It isn't the USB Wi-Fi Adapter which is not plugged in, but if it were has both types of addresses. Surely it can't be the trackball (mouse) nor the keyboard. Time for dinner.

Sunday February 13, 2022 7:18 PM CST -- All in a Day's Work Avoidance --
A small stack of notes accidentally fluttered to the floor and I picked them up. That was the work for today, the rest of which is being spent playing, experimenting, tinkering, napping and snacking. The day's entertainment came first from the morning schedule here on KDX, followed soon by part of a free movie on Crackle, and now far off radio programming from the Worldwide Radio Firefox Extension where one of my chosen stations is WQXR New York. I've been distantly aware over the years that WQXR is important to the cultural scene in the Big Apple, and tonight out of curiousity I looked it up at Radio-Locator and find it broadcasts with only 600 Watts but from nearly a 2,000 foot elevation, I'm guessing on top of one of the sky scappers. Now strictly FM, a check of Wikipedia shows it was, as my memory has it, once also a historied AM station whose overall history is quite storyfull, having started as an experimental TV station, later becoming the radio voice of the New York Times. In fact WQXR-FM is playing right now as I blog, a program titled 'Calm it Down' with some novel music very different from anything heard elsewhere.

Saturday February 12, 2020 10:45 AM CST -- B.U.T.T. Update Observations --
The most recent update to the Stream Encoder B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool) mentions among its new features the ability to show 'Song Currently Playing' information in OPUS format, previously no title information was generated by OPUS, which is why KDX streamed in OGG Mode. However, after trying OPUS all morning we find that although the B.U.T.T. Operation Window displays song titles as they are added or updated, no 'Now Playing' information transfers to directory listings, effectively rendering impotent the OPUS meta data generator. Therefore KDX abandons OPUS pending any further fixes that might follow from the B.U.T.T. authors, but rather than returning to OGG as a preferred stream format, KDX is now webcasting as KDX-MP3 at 40 kbps/44.1 kHz, by which bandwidth consumption is somewhat lowered.

Just yesterday I was thinking that The Blog hasn't talked with Bill Baker in awhile. In comes this message!


Here are a few stories from The Source newsletter that might interest you:

Untrue: "The only decent radio receivers are in cars.”
The Source reviews Midland's latest AM-FM-NWS receiver and finds it worthy. Information Station Specialists to offer discounts.

US Weather Fatalities Double in 2021
More extreme events translate into more mitigation & response. But not every state is warmer.

Nor’easter Knocks Out Power and Cellular
Communities turn to tried and true when power and communications are compromised. What works when the rest doesn’t?  

Let me know your thoughts, when you have time. Your feedback is always welcome. 


Bill Baker
Information Station Specialists

Friday February 11, 2022 1:08 PM CST -- The Return of Artisan Radio is Nigh --
Noticing that Artisan Radio Website was missing for a few days, we inquired and learned that Artisan is coming back online very soon following technical issues.

Friday February 11, 2022 8:01 AM CST -- Poorly Rated Dream followed by Silly Reality --
There is nothing more restful after a long radio day than surrendering to the horizontal pillow-top realm of dreams most of which are never recalled. Then around 3 in the wee hours I'd been handed the commission of providing a radio program by remote for which the former employer had sent a tiny mixer, set of headphones, three vinyl record albums, one turntable and a microphone. The only furniture I had on hand was a large bed where everything got covered by piles of blankets and sheets and I realized there was no clock nor audio contact with the station, so I had no idea when to start my show. Having now lost the headphones I fished around under the bedding until I was able to retrieve them, brought them over my head onto the ears where I heard what seemed like a dead carrier. I guessed that I was already late and began speaking on mic while simultaneously removing a disc from its shuck, placing it on the turntable and reading title information from the album jacket. The music played through quickly and I again was speaking live with nothing in my head but call letters and a few album notes as I readied the second disc. This went on all the way to the point where the third record was about to finish with no other program material available, and I was sure we were sounding badly and the station would be unhappy with my work. By luck I awakened and the time was 3:30 although it took awhile to overcome the feeling that I needed to come up with fill material for remaining air time, but eventually realized I was off the hook being no longer asleep.

Despite the very early hour I was in no hurry to re-enter what at that moment would possibly be more frustrated dreaming so decided to prepare coffee and watch YouTube tutorials about Windows 7 audio, which had caused a perplexing evening a few hours earlier, and everything I watched was spoken by speed readers or mumblers. An hour of this and I knew all too well how both waking and dreaming were equally absurd states and realized the only other choice would take its turn soon enough where things might pick up in the fabled theme park nominally known as 'heaven', although that seems like it could get old very fast and the claim that it will persist forever seems like an overly cynical threat.

The negative spell was broken by happening upon a historic documentary about a local AM station's great hayday in the early 60's when teeny-boppers became frantically over-excited by top 40 dee-jays, many of whom were personal friends of mine at the time. The film was well produced but had its own downside when it became clear that virtually every personality showcased from those days was now deceased. I had to wonder how they'd all feel about KDX if they were here to take the tour.

Thursday February 10, 2022 9:51 AM CST -- Yes, the Car Has a Radio, But There's a Problem --
Stuck on NPR

Thursday February 10, 2022 7:17 AM CST -- The Burning Temperature of Paper --
The late and popular author Ray Bradbury wrote beautifully about possible worlds and possible futures, including one in which fire departments start fires instead of putting them out. The point of these fires is to rid the world of books, a criminalized competitor of the bland television culture of that dystopian time. Along with many other Bradbury works 'Farenheit 451' has been twice produced in movie form and here linked as a radio drama.
Farenheit 451

Wednesday February 9, 2022 10:42 AM CST -- Nothing In the Way of Unfounded Rumors --
Sitting idly at the KDX News Desk, more of a TV tray really, this is Carl Blare thinking about all the honking and fuss at the Freedom Convoys in Canada, carried out by trucks and their drivers, or, drivers and their trucks. You'd think there'd by other transportation vehicles pulled into the convoy, such as, say, freight trains. You'd suppose that many engineers and train conductors must also be hot under the collar about vaccine mandates and crowd Canadian tracks with mile-long trains blasting their horns and clanging bells, yet there are no unfounded rumors to that effect. Or, that affect, as it were.

Wednesday February 9, 2022 10:19 AM CST -- There's More to Things Than We Knew About --
To learn about the various radio transmitters and technologies we explore as part of our daily work as operators of numerous low power radio stations we have depended on whatever product web sites tell us together with YouTube tutorial and package opening videos, while little to our awareness there are various text-based product reviews found by entering certain words in the browser search box. For example a product name plus the word 'reviews' have brought up a wealth of such heretofore unknown reports. Our first venture into this new territory brought a scathing review of the Audioengine B-Fi 2.4 GHz Device giving a very poor recommendation, and a second result praising and speaking highly of the same device. It's getting to where a person could spend whole days rummaging through what the internet has to offer.

Wednesday February 9, 2022 7:05 AM CST -- Update the BUTT --
The highly popular B.U.T.T. (Broadcast Using This Tool) Stream Encoder has an update available.
Daniel Noethen in Germany

Tuesday February 8, 2022 4:28 PM CST -- Firm Endorsement for Wi-Fi Audio Product --
Much of this winter has been spent testing and evaluating our TP-Wireless TP-WT02 Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter & Receiver equipment serving the vital task of transporting our radio program audio from the computer work desk out to the far side of a back room where the audio feeds our AM and FM transmitters for reception inside and outside of the Internet Building and its campus. The TP-Wireless was a backup system until our previous Wi-Fi wireless device, no longer replaceable, went on the blink possibly blown out by nearby lightning. At the outset of the current testing we blogged about what we suspected to be jitter distortion in the low frequency region of the audio spectrum perhaps produced by the TP-Wireless DAC (Digital Audio Converter), learning in further tests that the distortion seemed to be inter-modulation distortion generated when two different audio frequencies were being reproduced together at the same time. Stepping through our experience, we noted that when the transmitted volume level was '28' the entire audio distorted, when set to '27' the audio sounded excellent except for the jitter/inter-modulation distortion just described, and a new test finds that set to '26' the signal is completely free of all distortion, certainly a welcome outcome. The modulation method of this all digital transmitter is GFSK. Because of this happy result we plan to order a second transmitter of the same kind to hold in reserve as the official backup. Meanwhile we continue integration of another Wi-Fi audio transmission system we've blogged about: the Audio Engine B-Fi, which utilizes a USB Wi-Fi Adapter as its transmission source.

Tuesday February 8, 2022 11:33 AM CST -- Editorial Comment by Complete Stranger --
A guy knocked on the door during the height of the recent snow storm and asked to make an editorial commentary for the radio audience. Not knowing any better, Flotilla let him in:
Hello listening people. I think I figured it out.
How come the extreme right wing Trump supporters
are as stupid as door stops?
I'll bet you it's because they misheard the word 'democracy' and think it's 'dumbocracy'.

- Editorial remarks by Dab Crusty, complete stranger

Tuesday February 8, 2022 9:40 AM CST -- Pleasure Button --
This link is not being provided by The Blare Blog to titillate our readers. Not at all. We have sincere and serious cautions to be discussed right after the link:
Press Here
Here's what the article didn't reference. Past scientific experiments have found that lab mice will continue to press a pleasure button until they starve and shrivel to death. There is such a thing as too much fun.

Tuesday February 8, 2022 6:58 AM CST -- Tybee Island Under Threat --
Tybee Island, Georgia, is the home of longtime friend and colleague Rich Powers and End80 Radio, and has come under threat from rising sea levels.
Climate Connection

While in Georgia
Visit the Part 15 Lab

Tuesday February 8, 2022 5:07 AM CST -- Dreams Upon Awakening --
Piecing together the spurious thoughts from years of experience-avoidance and randomly wandering the web I've come up with an idea for improving man's physical condition in these modern days where an abundance of convenience makes us soft and flabby. For one thing I read somewhere that our species of beast, we humans, originally evolved to set out hunting even on cold winter mornings and suffer now for the handiness of food supermarkets in known locations. So, imagine if supermarkets moved around to undisclosed perhaps even hidden locations so we'd be tasked with finding them by climbing through rough terrain and even once found these supermarkets would contain fish ponds stocked with whatever we'd happen to catch after sitting for hours with pole and hook and the meat department would require our felling and butchering livestock right in the store. It would keep us in great shape although interest in sports television would certainly wane.

The morning is being helped along by piddling banter and classical music from WQXR in New York via the Worldwide Radio Firefox Extension. The idea of a classical morning program is to sound well informed on music lore without sounding too gay.

More productive is this story from John F. Becky's excellent Bruckner website telling of how he came upon an unusual organ version of a movement from Bruckner's First Symphony. This site has been bringing monthly downloads of Bruckner performances for years and is a treat to explore.
Anton Bruckner Dedicated Website

Sunday February 6, 2022 6:37 PM CST -- Checkup from the Neck Up --
Test Description:  This is a short term memory test.
Test Question:  What kind of a test is this?

Sunday February 6, 2022 10:10 AM CST -- Might Be Good Radio Series --
BBC Series with Stephen Fry

Friday February 4, 2022 9:42 AM CST -- It Depends What You Mean by 'Users' --
At the grocery store a lady with a clipboard approached with a petition to get recreational marijuana on the ballot and I quipped, "Ah, users!" We've all known users. Even during the height of the drug war I knew school teachers, attorneys, cops and a judge who were users. But that's not what I thought about when setting up our radio station's router configuration. The settings ask whether the DHCP Server should be turned on. The answer would be 'no' in the case of devices with assigned IP addresses and those include the router itself and any computers attached to the router to which I personally give specific IP addresses. But any further devices added to the router with no ascribed IP address will depend on the DHCP to automatically assign them one. One other setting is 'Number of Users'. I'm very logical and knew immediately the router does not need to know how many smokers use the keyboard, but a given computer might have several users in the sense of 'using the computer'. The router gives itself the default number of '50 users', and with critical thought sound asleep I figured the router was as good a guesser as anyone. Then all hell ensued, as the DHCP changed the IP address of the main computer, putting the Blog, website and radio station offline and off the air. After four forensic days critical thought sprung into wokefulness and we came to know that the Cisco Kid router considered computers to be users, and had no thought of keyboard operators or tokers. Another one-inch of smarts was attained, website et al came back and I know how I'll vote when that ballot comes up.

Friday February 4, 2022 8:23 AM CST -- KDX-TV on the Back Burner --
No doubt TV could burn you back or burn your back, but we're talking about putting an idea on the proverbial "back burner", as though on a stove. We have a KDX-TV page, by the way, and a channel 14 micro-transmitter which cannot be used because of FCC forbidance. Is that a word? Forbidation? They poo poo part 15 TV. Anyway, we fancy perhaps streaming a video channel showing trainsets moving on track layouts, songbirds eating seed at a feeder, mowing grass with a Brill German made manual mower, and a new idea - showing dancing spectrum graphs of our Wi-Fi radio relay digital audio signal. It looks like a jello mountain during an earthquake. We actually have an NTSC production setup that hasn't been turned on since analog TV shut down and Dave Letterman retired, so we'd probably want something more modern but haven't kept up with video technology and I'm not sure what they call it now nor the equipment needed to do it. We could probably put moving pictures right here in The Blog like other websites do. Oh, and uh, a dashboard cam driving through town. Another low power idea.

Friday February 4, 2022 7:48 AM CST -- Traffic On an Empty Road --
Last night we set the radio to KHZ the Time Radio Station so we could know what minute it was at any point during the night. Tick_Tick_Tick_Tick_Tick_"The time is zero-hours zero-minutes, Universal Time"_Tick_Tick_Tick.
It was past midnight when we began noticing disturbances in the signal as if someone or some thing was moving around in the 2.4 GHz signal path between our control desk and transmitter wall, a 35-foot pathway passing through a doorway within the Internet Building, home of KDX Worldround Radio, sister station KHZ, and Carl Blare, hobbyist-entrepreneur and author of this Blog. Except that, no physical person nor pet was known to be anywhere in the building other than me myself, removed as I was in a different room. The anomalies continued with BLUP_FISHT_BZZT_and the occasional PRSSSD, but I was too comfy cozy to get up and check the spectrum analyzer to see what Wi-Fi evidence might show. The best I could do was imagine that some neighbor nearby was operating late night microwave equipment that was bumping our 2477 GigaHerz link frequency. Or, maybe an overly large bear was exploring the grounds on the outside of the west wall causing reflections. Another idea would of course be ghostly entities roaming the darker corners the way apparitions have always done. Sleep took over and nothing more was noticed until morning when I decided to say nothing but changed my mind.

Thursday February 3, 2022 8:45 PM CST -- The Benefits of Vitamin D3 --
The Latest Study

Thursday February 3, 2022 6:31 PM CST -- Where We've Been --
This website has been offline for a few days owing to a self-inflicted code error that wasn't easy to find, but we had the free time to devote to it while a heavy-duty winter storm loaded North America with snow and ice. As of this hour our portion of the worst weather has ended with two more days of frigid temperatures, than a weekend thaw. The day before the storm we spent a 60o afternoon hacking bamboo trees to prevent their loading with ice and snow and slumping onto the electric wires which could have resulted in a power outage. One must admire the survival intelligence of bamboo, which technically is 35-foot grass and not actually a tree. Because a weight buildup of icy snow could cause them to crack, they relax all the way down to the ground and sprawl over everything until the weight-load melts off upon which they spring back to vertical.

Wednesday February 2, 2022 12:50 NOON CST -- Putting In an 8-Hour Day --
Windows may need up to 8-hours to update

Tuesday February 1, 2022 4:38 PM CST -- Mega Bolts --
Big Lightning

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