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Friday May 27, 2022 !2:09 NOON CDT -- My Radio Station Annoyed Me So I Shut It Off --
I wasn't really listening to it anyway. Partly because of the continuing rut the news has gotten into with Putin's ugly war, the nuclear threat, the hideous rash of school shootings, the moronic Christian-Republican attack on women's health autonomy, violent weather, inflation, wildlife extinctions, bad radio programming on the licensed stations, etc. The whole reason my station exists is so that I have something better to listen to, but what's better these days is escapism to train videos on YouTube and free streaming movies, so I've let KDX run on automatic pilot except it's gotten cranky and has been demanding attention. The 2.4 GHz studio-to-transmitter-link died for no reason. I fixed it, but then the audio sounded over-modulated, so I closed the stream and closed the local AM FM broadcasts. KDX isn't a job, it's only a hobby, yet here we are arguing with each other. It's silly of me but I run KDX as if it had an audience, but the blunt fact is that I'm its intended audience and if I'm not listening there's no point to it. Of course one thing leads to another and we end up asking why a silent radio station would have a website and a blog? It's just too much to deal with all at once and there are train videos to see, so can't be bothered with decisions as we head into a three day holiday weekend. The Depp-Heard Trial is in final arguments and that might be influencing the general emotional temperament, so feel free to visit the Blog and I'll stop by at intervals to touch base.

Friday May 27, 2022 5:19 AM CDT -- Somebody Took the Bag with the Script On It --
I guess I'll be able to keep my job at the tv station because I solved the problem I was having by waking up. Turns out it was a dream, but things got pretty tense for awhile. I was live on the air reading the news from the back of a paper back that was propped up in front of me. The studio was abuzz with people all over the place coming and going, and all of a sudden my bag was gone and my mic came on but I had no news to read and I didn't happen to know any news, so I said, "The news will continue following this break." We started a search for the news bag but only found blank bags, so I left all those people and the tv station by waking up. But come to think of it the news we get here in the waking world is going through a similar problem with Twitter, YouTube and all the oither media outlets banning paper bags if they have news printed on them.

Thursday May 26, 2022 7:55 PM CDT -- Laying Track --
Skye Storm Shows How

Thursday May 26, 2022 12:23 NOON CDT -- No Gun Zone --
Too late. They've been invented. Now we're stuck with them. We can talk about 'gun control', but we should also look at how the image of almost every movie is movie actors pointing guns; guns are an extension of the hand; guns are a fashion accessory. Along with cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and speedy cars. After talking about that we might survey how many war simulation games are popular online, where the objective is to murder avatars as quickly as they pop up. Patriotism is all about killing 'enemies', which in military parlance means 'total strangers they send you to assassinate'.  As a master sargent told us during basic training, "Humans are the ultimate quarry". He liked hunting them and bagging them. I wasn't bad at hitting the flat metal human bust on the training field and earned a Marksman's Medal, which I threw in the waste basket. I always thought guns were too loud. They don't seem to have a productive use in the workshop.

Thursday May 26, 2022 12:02 NOON CDT -- A Second Hobby --
One word. Railroad Simulation. Well, two words, but one very absorbing pursuit. In this radio program we learned of a new simulation program called 'Railroads Online', only two months old but already with many YouTubers posting very entertaining gameplay episodes.
Radio Program: The Roundhouse

Thursday May 26, 2022 7:52 AM CDT -- From One Blog to Another --
Artisan Radio Interblog Message:

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm putting my blog on hold for a
little while.

In the meantime, I'll gladly contribute to your site, and I'll post
occasionally over at Part15.org.

I've updated my website so that the links work, and I've also published
my broadcast schedule.

- Artisan Radio

A daily visit to the Artisan Radio Website is part of our schedule!

Thursday May 26, 2022 6:25 AM CDT -- We Thought It Would But It Didn't --
We worked out all the kinks involved with adding a second computer so that the first one could become a dedicated server, moving all management and entertainment functions over to the second. Along the way we checked with radio-locator.com to find that KINK-FM is licensed to Portland Oregon, operating at 101.9 MHz with 99 kiloWatts. The lamp and video monitor at computer 1 is turned off and the office chair rolled elsewhere, as Tight VNC allows controlling both computers from number 2. We thought that moving control activity away from the server computer would eliminate the little audio interruptions occasionally caused by CPU traffic pileups, but the small glitches continue to happen because that's the way the world works.

Thursday May 26, 2022 6:24 AM CDT --
We undertake what we do
Until the undertaker takes over
- Carl

Tuesday May 24, 2022 8:56 AM CDT --
You can believe anything you want,
but reality won't budge.
- Carl

Tuesday May 24, 2022 8:32 AM CDT -- Hybrid Radio --
Driving along in your car listening to a radio station. You begin to get outside the range of the station, but it continues playing on your dashboard without sounding weaker. How can this be done? A seamless switch to the station's online stream takes place by means of Hybrid Radio. Bravo! NOW we're talking about ingenius integration of over-the-air and cyber-space!
Hybrid Radio
If we can make this work with a part 15 station no one will notice how small the range is.

Monday May 23, 2022 10:43 AM CDT -- Something for Nothing --
In an earlier post I referred to the Latin expression "quid pro quo" which essentially means "a favor for a favor" which is what Elon Musk was alledgedly negotiating to arrange up in the private plane, at least as the story was told to me. His half of the offer was to be a horse, contingent upon the female flight attendant's delivery of what we'll compare to "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". What happens in the air should stay in the air if we're talking about air planes, but closer to the ground plane we want our radio waves to stay in the air only until they reach nearby radios where we offer "quid pro nulla", which is to say "something for nothing". We "give it away", as it were, in operating these part 15 low power radio stations.

This Just In: (Tue. May 24)  Elon Musk has let it be known that he doesn't use flight attendants on his planes. Take it from there.
And This

Monday May 23, 2022 9:24 AM CDT -- Prices of Phones & Internet --
Mark remarks in our ongoing discussion of phones and such:

The provider I have is Worldline. They provide their service through the existing lines so you have to be wired for a landline to get their service.
The price has increased since I signed on and that was a few years ago now but as long as I remain a customer I pay the same forever. The only other charge is 10 a month for the box and if it malfunctions they just give me another one. I had the option to buy it at the start but thought if I move and the place is not wired for bell and a landline the box would be useless. The only cell phone I have is one that stays in the car never on. Just for emergencies. I don't pay the bill my brother does! They have their place. If you are stuck with your car broken down in a blizzard in the winter you don't have to walk 3 miles to find a house in 20 below zero to have someone let you use the phone to call CAA, (or AAA in the USA). By the way Carl, if the power goes out for a bit can't you live without internet or a phone for a few hours here and there? God forbid you don't have youtube  for half a day once in a while. My station goes without a glitch on power back up. power went out this morning for an hour and I was rockin' as if nothing happened.

- Mark

Indeed, Mark, I think about that too. Although virtually addicted to internet and radio related electronics, I have had times when everything was out and I had to live the old way by entertaining myself without buttons and keyboards. In those situations I have a giant book library but when I try to read I find out that my attentioon span is all shattered and my mind keeps drifting to something else. That's also a good time to do household cleaning and repair.

Monday May 23, 2022 9:14 AM CDT --
Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world
doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar.
- Edward R. Murrow, broadcast journalist

Monday May 23, 2022 7:54 AM CDT -- There's Nothing to See Here --
After ignoring the latest rumor against Elon Musk it finally reached me this morning from the 'No Agenda' program as heard on KDX. John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry disassembled the sex misconduct allegation and showed that a misandrist flight attendant violated professional confidentiality and spread a defaming story about what was, at the most, a botched quid-pro-quo business proposition made behind closed doors high in the sky beyond any statuatory jurisdiction. She was never threatened nor in any way harmed and at most may have had grounds for requesting a discreet transfer to another plane. Her name and picture should be widely posted as "Untrustworthy". But the other matter of signing up with Republicans as a way of criticizing Democrats seems bizarre, but held in abience until we learn more about Mr. Musk's strategy.

Monday May 23, 2022 7:27 AM CDT -- Bots and Bods --
A visit to Icecast Streaming Server's 'Access Log' shows a recent history of connection activity of which only a few are actual bods looking for a good listen. Most of them are bots sniffing and surveilling for whatever purpose. We've got a persistent attempter from Los Angeles trying to 'GET kdx.ogg' which has been out of service for several months. There's another one hoping to latch khz.mp3, the Time Station we ran briefly several weeks ago. It is rude to slump and rummage inside privately owned websites leaving a slime trail, but that's about all you can say about it. There is no available way of aiming toward them with a paint gun.

Monday May 23, 2022 7:10 AM CDT -- Writing By the Drink --
Drinking and Writing Go Together
Boing Boing

Monday May 23, 2022 6:58 PM CDT -- Humans Have the Biggest Butts in the Animal Kingdom --
Don't You Sometimes Wonder About That?
Boing Boing

Saturday May 21, 2022 4:33 PM CDT -- From Gutenberg Until Now --
The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg opened the way for mass media and today we are afloat in a sea of media by which we are forever impressed. In a blog post titled 'Project Gutenberg' (today's date) Artisan Radio expands on his recent radio programming exploits into the trove of public domain audio books. It wasn't long ago that KDX, our own station, had overnight programming called 'Radio Books' featuring great readings on works by Robert Ingersol, Arthur Schopenhauer, Frederick Nietzsche and other top flight authors from the 'Age of Enlightenment'. By chance we're tooling up for another round of 'Radio Books', as I'm curious about Emmanuel Kant, a well respected philosopher that I've not studied, and the classic "Paradise Lost' by John Milton which is regarded as an all time masterpiece. I'd rather be fussing with classic literature than messing with phone questions, but with the world on the brink of extinction we must try to do it all in the time remaining.

Saturday May 21, 2022 3:37 PM CDT -- Gone and Back --
A second storm placed us in shut-down mode from which we're just now emerging. Also, there's more about fones as my education ramps up. I spoke to my one living relative and she surprised me with her knowledge of flip fones. She sported a 'Trac Phone' for awhile and actually used it for road emergencies. She briefed me on pre-paid cards purchasable everywhere to have phone-time only when you need it and no longer need to scramble for quarters at a public phone booth. 

Saturday May 21, 2022 11:37 AM CDT -- Flipping Burners --
I've found a batch of YouTube videos about Flip Phones which will be good viewing over Memorial Day Weekend (U.S.) and saw another term we have yet to explore...
Burner Phone

Saturday May 21, 2022 10:55 AM CDT -- The Ons and the Offs --
There's a lot of oning and offing going on lately. We're just now coming back from a storm offage. Just after writing our treatise on the phone situation the day turned black like a near total solar eclipse followed soon after by bursts of electricity banging and rattling the walls, so we went to the safety of a parking page with the one-word message "STORM" for one hour
until it seemed quiet enough to re-appear, although the storm may not be over. There's still an unsettled tension out on our campus and we are on alert. Thus far in recent storms we have not lost power here at the Internet Building, however thousands in the vicinity are without power and some have experienced tornado touchdowns and flash flooding earlier in the week. A man on the radio said the more severe storms are coming this afternoon, so be ready to find us closed again.

Saturday May 21, 2022 8:55 AM CDT -- Phones --
Mark submits more on the topic of the day and Artisan Radio blogs about phones:

I think that $350 a month was someone who had a smart phone, you know what you see everyone holding in their hand all their life like it is a part of your body, on it 24/7 and if on the internet or texting non stop using data, and also having apps like spotify which have monthly fees.

I'm like you Carl, I have never or will ever have a smartphone or live my life having to have this with me.
There's people that can't walk 20 ft without this thing in their hand or they will have withdrawal symptoms. The addiction overrides the harm of the microwaves and the warnings even from the companies about not having this on and on your person for extended times. And as for microwaves it's worse when you have these bluetooth white things in your ears all the time so you can be wireless......Phones...phones....phones....it's insane!

I have a land line. The phone is at home like it has been all my life. I don't get it with Bell I get it from a third party provider for $39.95 a month with internet and that's unlimited internet and no long distance charges. It's called DSL service and you get a box that gives you the phone and internet and you can turn off the wi fi and use an ethernet cable to your computer.

If I move somewhere that is not wired for a land line I would have to get a cell phone but a flip phone which is just a phone nothing else, not a smartphone, and never use it except for an emergency. It would be off most of the time and if people want to get in touch with me they can email or I can email them. A phone is not needed.
I hope they intend to replace the cable in your place.


About $40 a month for all that is a really good price, Mark! My internet only account is double that amount! But yes, a very excellent tech arrived for the second appointment and spent 90-minutes re-installing the wire to the house which is 100-feet from the pole. The first moment it was tested inside the house I exclaimed, "There's YouTube!" By the way, I do have a very inexpensive VOIP telephone subscription and a cordless phone, but it only works if the internet is up.

And I see that yesterday Artisan Radio made two detailed posts on the subject of phone plans and with all the information coming into this Blog we have something like a school on phone thinking. The consensus agrees that flip-phones are the most affordable devices, and another dimension comes into the discussion__ the "provider". There needs to be a wireless service for the flip-phone to connect with and the pricing of a provider that will be used very little is the next thing to explore. So here we go... we'll be learning about all the flip-phones in search of the best one, and service providers that tolerate very minimal customers.

As a result of all this I soon will write a brief history of the place telephones have held over the years as a tool for social contact and way of doing business. This internet age is a whole other life from our point of view and it's like we're starting all over again.   

Friday May 20, 2022 3:59 PM CDT -- Cell Phones --
Mark from Part15.org writes to ask...

$350 a month for a cell phone!!!

Just for a flip phone or something to use as a home phone not to use like a smartphone but just for necessity?

- Mark

I need to go to school because I know zero about the state of the art of telephone services available to the ordinary consumer. I used the number "$350.00" because I overheard somebody say that their telephone bill has gone up to $350.0, but I do not know what they get for that amount. Let me tell you what I do know. Land lines were the basis of the phone system and are still very smart and reliable but the industry wants to phase them out and concentrate on more lucrative microwave schemes such as 5G. I had a copper landline but became frustrated when the Bell Company ignored my begging to be given a twisted pair from the pole to the house because the old old straight wire pair that I had from decades ago was picking up Lutheran Radio from a nearby 5,000 Watt radio station. So I got cable telephone, which of course requires having cable internet and is useless when the cable goes out. The mysterious realm of cellular phones is something I've avoided because I don't want a phone with me at all hours of the day and no matter where I go, the microwaves are a health hazard (my opinion) and I've heard they are costly. You can say "Smart Phone", "Tablet", "Flip Phone", or "Cuff-Link Phone" but I have only a vague idea what it all is. Now it comes to light that I have not been taking seriously the idea of an emergency, which happens when all avenues of communication are cut off. I've given passing thought to possible scenarios, such as having the car stall on a mountain road over a holiday weekend. Even if I had a pocket phone, how would I know what number to call? Before you can reach the desired party you need a data-base to find out the right place to call. I have one living relative but she never answers her phone because she's eccentric, unlike me of course, and I couldn't go to her door because she's informed me that her dogs are as paranoid as she is and try to kill strangers. In my fear of dog attacks I have never met the dogs and so am a stranger to them. This is getting too personal, so let's post this one query: what might be a 'smart' way to have backup communication without hurting the budget and what kind of plan needs to be in place to know how to reach the vital numbers on those infrequent occasions when all else fails.

Friday May 20, 2022 8:22 AM CDT -- Electronically Homeless --

On Monday afternoon this KDX Website went offline for 'Routine Maintenance' and didn't return until late Thursday afternoon. During that time we were plunged into a world of disconnection and discovered how dependent we've become on our electronic life supports. It all began when we contacted the internet provider to request repair of the cable which was dragging on the ground and needed reattachment to the building. A technician arrived, removed the cable entirely, and drove away without making contact with us. We had no communications and found ourselves unable to speak to the world without taking a car ride somewhere.

I asked the service person at the supermarket if there was a public phone and was told I could use her phone if the call was short, but that was unlikely since just getting through the ISP's automated menu could drag on for 20-minutes so I headed off and came next to the auto service place that keeps our car healthy and was able to use their phone amidst much noise and racket, eventually reaching a service lady at the cable company. For some reason she was unable to conceive of our internet being out because her database showed that work at our location was "complete", but an appointment was arranged for two days hence.

A noon storm threatened the likelihood of things happening on time, but the sky cleared and a man with test equipment appeared at the entrance ready to come inside to determine why our "complete" system was broken. I pointed out to him the complete absence of a physical cable and that got things moving in the right direction. 90-minutes later we were seeing YouTube. We were again linked to digital society after four days in an alien analog world.

What became apparent during the ordeal is that calling for help is no longer aided by common availability of public telephones. Efficiency of scale has worked in reverse and calls now for owning a cell phone at $350 a month.

Saturday May 14, 2022 9:14 AM CDT -- That Can't Be Happening --
Being involved with computers has given humans an expanded sense of logic since every function of computer performance can be traced to very specific software instructions. If the rules are not exactly logical things fail. But human beings have another sense that superscedes the clean specificity of computers. We are prone toward superstition. There are unexplained bugs in the woodwork that make the laws of physics flicker and strange messages appear in paradolia. When logic falters the hint of strangeness can be very subtle. Take this morning's double playing of the Al Franken Program as an example of a mystery without explanation. Earlier, while setting up the Zara Playlist of Radio Programs for the day on KDX, I entered one instance of Al Franken to start at 8 AM, which happened per schedule. But at 9 AM I became aware that the same words were being spoken again and Franken was continuing for another hour. I looked at the actual time of the show. It was a 1-hour show. It was playing twice. I looked at the 'loop' button which, if depressed, would cause a repeat. But it was unchecked and was not invoking a repeat. Perhaps the program had been double-entered in the playlist. But no, only one Franken program was entered. Our best analysis has determined that no way exists for what's happening. But why would hidden forces cause such mundane mishaps to blemish existence?

Thursday May 12, 2022 8:37 AM CDT -- Under the Brooklyn Train Tracks --
A "Pirate" Radio Station in an RV
Editor's Adjustment:  Upon reading the YouTube reviews attached to this story we have come to realize that the RV under the train tracks is a webcaster and has no over-the-air presence. Then we looked more closely and saw that in posting this link RADIOWORLD placed quote-marks around the word "pirate", so we added quote marks to the word in the title of our link. Of course we know that quote marks used in this way disclose the writer's awareness that this is not truly a pirate station, but perhaps the fact that I was fooled for part of the morning goes to Mark's point that legal broadcasting can easily be confused with illegal kinds.

Thursday May 12, 2022 6:51 AM CDT -- Blighting of the Radio Waves --
Low power radio operators regulated by FCC Part 15 in the U.S. and equivalent Canadian rules maintain a keen readiness to benefit from the creeping blight of the medium wave band as more licensed stations cease operation. Already true in the Netherlands the vacated dial space opens the way for increased hobby and experimental operation. It must also be kept in mind that the vast territory of shortwave broadcast has been undergoing its own closures as legendary stations have been junking their radio facilities in favor of internet distribution. While it doesn't appear that the FCC is considering rule changes to enable creative new applications between 1800 kiloHertz and 30-megaHertz it would certainly be appropriate for them to take up the matter. This linked article gives a realistic picture of the state of shortwave:
Yesterday's Audience Has Left the Room

Tuesday May 10, 2022 3:45 PM CDT -- Property Owners Are Law Enforcers without Knowing What the Law Is --
Comment from Mark, moderator for part15.org
Regarding FCC Letters to Property Owners about "Piracy":

That really bothers me as owners will not know the difference between legal and illegal.
You want to have your Procaster for example and they will say ...no ....not allowed here.

"but it's legal"....not allowed!

That's wrong. Property owners will just say no radio broadcasting of any kind and you can't convince them it's legal and they won't care. How many people even know about part 15 and the Canadian equivalent?

This is WRONG! The property owners should educate themselves about part 15.  Property owners are law enforcers, when they don't even know what the law is.

- Mark

Tuesday May 10, 2022 3:38 PM CDT --
The way time is
it's over almost before it starts.
- Carl Blare from his popular Need I Say More?

Tuesday May 10, 2022 3:23 PM CDT -- Ceiling Array Microphone --
Shure MXA 920
NEXT|TV SmartBrief
We realize you've been our mic boom operator
over the past 75-years, but now we have the
Ceiling Array and no longer need your services.

Tuesday May 10, 2022 9:47 AM CDT --
The power of radio is not that it speaks to millions,
but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions.
- Hallie Flanagan, American theatrical director, playwright

Tuesday May 10, 2022 7:23 AM CDT -- FCC Notifies Property Owners of Pirate Radio Activity --
Letters Went Out

Monday May 9, 2022 2:36 PM CDT -- About Artisan Radio's 'Cancel Culture' Question --
Earlier today Artisan Radio blogged about the matter of streaming Russian music from the early 20th century, notably by Sergei Rachmaninoff. I'd like to add further familiarity with the question of composers and politics. It happens that Rachmaninoff and Sergei Prokofiev moved to the United States to escape previous totalitarian regimes such as those of Lenin and Stalin. For Dimitri Shostakovitch things became terrible upon the premiere of his 4th Symphony which Stalin banned calling it decadent. During one period Shostakovitch was in such fear of being arrested by the secret police that he slept in his apartment's hallway to hopefully prevent his family from being disturbed if the Stazi came for him.

As it happens I have a fondness for a contemporary Russian composer named Rodion Schedrin, now in his eighties. By all indications Schedrin is entirely a man of the international music community and tied in no way to the political administration. It can also be mentioned that he was born in Ukraine.

Sunday May 8, 2022 7:19 PM CDT -- Movie About Radio --
I was scrolling through available free movies and ran across this one.
AM Radio - a movie

Sunday May 8, 2022 1:04 PM CDT --
Every piece of paper thrown away
Is one less piece of paper.
- from Carl Blare's forthcoming 'Get My Drift'

Saturday May 7, 2022 1:11 PM CDT -- Dreamy Days and Other Daydreams --
Next Sunday is already coming up tomorrow, only two more days of the New Orleans Jazz Festival being heard on about ten radio stations as the annual WWOZ simulcast has returned after a two year absence for the pandemic. In the upriver location of KDX Worldround Radio the weather has gone from cloudy, rainy, chilly, to comfortable and sunny as we ponder the differences between our river towns. New Orleans has an intact city personality and serves tourists as a whole destination with much to offer. St. Louis, by contrast, is a fragmented city with neighborhood sub-divisioning that makes most celebrations very local to particular segments. Tourists return again to NOLA whereas I would doubt that anyone pays a second visit to the Gateway Arch, which other than standing there looking archy provides a cramped elevator ride to 630-feet up where one can squint through thick glass at a sprawl of buildings probably giving little incentive to come again. The stainless steel arch serves as a pronounced grave marker on the spot where river boats once landed carrying jazz music up and down the Mississippi. By bringing the Jazz Fest to St. Louis KDX serves as a voice from the past putting ghostly spirits into the air.

Monday May 2, 2022 6:37 PM CDT -- Street Scene New Orleans
Only in New Orleans

Sunday May 1, 2022 12:50 NOON CDT -- Here's What's Happening Now --

KDX Worldround Radio is part of a national hookup of radio stations carrying the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival from WWOZ the non-commercial jazz station in NOLA. The Festival continues until next Sunday.

For the first time this blog is being written from computer no. 2 located in the executive office and saved to the kdxradio.com web server on computer no. 1 over Tight VNC, a networking app that allows data exchange between the two computers. By staying away from the keyboard of computer no. 1 the Icecast stream for KDX-OPUS performs without any disturbance caused by potential interferences between programs competing for CPU time.

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