The Low Power Hour

hosted by
Carl Blare

Subject:  Legal low power broadcasting in the U. S. under F.C.C. Part 15

Guests:  Low power broadcasters, equipment suppliers and interested parties

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The Low Power Hour is available for Part 15 non-commercial radio broadcast.
Mar. 27, 2014

No, 87 - Not Wittingly -- Low Power In the News reports the oompah polka show from Tim in Bovey; Urgent Report on the Bandwidth Exceeded Shutdown at; Freedom To Listen delivered by Allan Weiner; Finale Rune presents The War On Poverty; is ALPB being spied on?; Rich Lieberman Show from KSCO (contains offensive remarks); Dick Future Episode 3; a moment from an ALPB Meeting.
Low Power Hour No. 87

No. 86 - CB -- CB radio is a low power medium and has its place; unlicensed FM in New Zealand; Bill Stumbo's Small Station; Dick Future Episode Two.
Low Power Hour No. 86

No. 85 - De Certify -- Low Power In the News many stories to report about low power stations from; Bob and Ray kiddies record offer; Carl Blare's Editorial Comment "Do Away With Certfication for Prebuilts"; Air check of another novel and original station that is not corporately controlled; Episode 1 of Jerry Modjeski's "Dick Future and his Dancing Stool". Some adult language.
Low Power Hour No. 85

No. 84 - Throwing Signal -- Unexplained Mystery Theater Re-enactment of Low Power Hour Stage Play; Radio Dan shares an over the air dispute between a San Diego talk show host and the KSDO transmitter engineer; we tap in on Captain Steve and Tommy Lang in the morning on KCJJ, Iowa City, Iowa; Jerry Modjeski remembers The Pylons and their Montana Surf Sound; Minutes of the Meeting from ALPB Meeting of Dec. 21, 2013; and a transmitter competition held by
Low Power Hour No. 84

No. 83 - Historic NBC -- Part 2 of NBC At 30, originally broadcast in 1956. From 1936 comes Orphan Annie, "Building a Radio Transmitter."
Low Power Hour No. 83

No. 82 - SEMINAR -- The ALPB (Association of Low Power Broadcasters) has begun a series of low power radio seminars, a suggestiion of Canadian Member Artisan Radio, and in this first seminar Carl Blare presents some guidelines for constructing a simple, easy-to-do world newscast for your station; a promotional message brings ideas on "How We Sound"; a war composer goes out of character and writes a polka; NBC celebrates its 30th from 1956 - Part 1.
Low Power Hour No. 82

No. 81 - Ancient Modulation -- The program starts with help from staff members; Low Power In the News brings Glenn Hauser from World of Radio to talk about the come back of WYFR in Okeechobee; Radio News with Tom Roe reports on Art Bell's satellite show Dark Matter; Allen Weiner Worldwide of WBCQ The Planet asks "Is AM dead?"; Manfred Tweed delivers lecture on advantages of radio;Blare OnAir Lite proposes bold new anti-audience format idea ; Carl demonstrates delivering a 3-minute message in only 1-minute; Keith Perron of PCJ Media visits Part 15 Roman FM in Florida.
Low Power No. 81

No. 80 - Come and Gone Part 2 -- In the last show we learned of the departure of T. D. Mischke from his popular "The Nite Show" on WCCO, Minneaopolis. Now we wonder why Ruth Koscielak of discontinued her popular podcast after four years, with no word to the audience. And we say farewell to Kevin Smith and his highly popular paranormal radio show on, who died in complications of heart surgery as reported by MRAM 1500. Morgan Ford introduces "The Last Minute Radio Theater" and an original radio play by Carl Blare titled: "Deadline." Another installment of the "How To" series talks about "Safe Broadcasting." Low Power in the News tells of an opening at 1640kHz AM and samples a Sony pocket recorder thanks to Radio8Z.
Low Power Hour No. 80

No. 79 - Come and Gone Part 1 -- Radio personalities leave the business, vanish without explanation, or die. In these Two programs we will present examples of all three. The personalities of interest are Tommy Mischke recently of WCCO, Ruth Koscielak from WCCO of yesteryear and Kevin Smith of paranormal radio fame. Low Power in the News will visit a Meeting of the ALPB to see what is being discussed, the FCC updates T.I.S. rules according to, news of a 1-Watt licensed station and a Detroit station that won't stay tuned.
Low Power Hour No. 79

No. 78 - T.I.S. - Travelors Information Stations are low power AM stations licensed under Part 90.242 of the FCC Rules, with support services from I.S.S., Information Station Specialists. Our guest is Bill Baker talking about the fascinating world of radio stations dedicated to public safety information. And, the Low Power In the News segment reports on the six AM NOUOs (Notice of Unauthorized Operation) issued by the FCC so far in 2013.
Low Power Hour No. 78

No. 77 - Radio Format Convention 2 - Second visit to the Radio Format Convention; Part 2 of Richard Dillman's "Radio is Magic"; Low Power In the News - NPR holding auditions, FCC may drop decency restrictions; Time Radio; How To "Radio Narcissus"; Bo Peep Church of the Air; Let the Crow Soar; classical part 15 for cows.
Low Power Hour No. 77


Low Power In the News Reporter Ragnar Danesjold from Pirates Week on FCC Actions; How To "Radio Romance"; Radio8Z On Part 15 History; Allan Weiner of WBCQ on Wallwarts.
Low Power Hour No. 76A
Low Power Hour No. 76B

No. 75 - Radio Format Convention 1 - Radio formats aplenty as we delve into Jerry Modjeski's Little City In Space Booth, RadioBoyAlen's country music booth "Push 'n Pull Boogie", and plenty of other booths to boot; Richard Dillman of KWMR portrays radio magic; Low Power In the News brings us sane remarks from a former FCC commissoner; "How To Do It - Microphone Technique"; Allan Weiner spectrum history; Police Street - Firesign Theater.
Low Power Hour No. 75

No. 74 - WALLWART MART - Failed explanation of why we are rushing; Low Power In the News - Labored explanation why we passed up the LPB AM-5 on eBay, HAARP has been playing again, reports from World of Radio and Big Picture Science" - Sponsor: Jerry Modjeski Glenn Miller River Excursion - makeover in blue - Sponsor: Shea Bob's Detail Discount Store - is the ORIGINAL and MOST POPULAR; "How To Do It - Digging Permit"; Tha Dood Celebrates 30 Years! - Sponsor: Wally Indemeyer for city council - Walwart powerstrip conspiracy, KDX now in stereo on the 48kbps stream, we have lost the place in coverage of ALPB meetings, the Schumann Resonance is not what we thought according to Brian Dunning and Skeptoid; the Final Episode of the Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde."

IMPORTANT:  This version contains the words "Christian" and "turd."
Low Power Hour No. 74 Version 1

IMPORTANT:  This version contains the word "religion" in place of "Christian", and "BEEP" in place of "turd."

Low Power Hour No. 74 Version 2

No. 73 - KWIT Radio -- Reaction on the Radio Dan Show; Ruth Today on station public files; "How To Do It - What Is An Antenna?"; special temporary download instructions; Funny Side of Bonnie & Clyde; Low Power In the News KAAY Update, Jerry Modjeski "efficiency expert" and "morning show"; Media Network Plus talks to Anonymous and Occupy Movement;  KWIT Radio Community Players Friday Harbor Tiny Radio.
Low Power Hour No. 73

No. 72 - Radio Dan -- Low Power In the News brings stories about WJJD Tallahasee, Corrosion's Voice Work, World of Radio has news about 1090 AM in Little Rock, EAS System hacked by zombies, and other stories;  Dan Delgado joins the LPH to discuss his life as a program producer heard on a growing number of Part 15 radio stations; Stan Freberg Food commercial; "How To Do It - Transmitter Comes in a Box"; Gary Owens Presents the Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde; trial run of promotional tour of KDX.
Low Power Hour No. 72

No. 71 - Starling Radio -- Wondering whence Professor Bob McChesney's "Media Matters"; discussion of radio as an art medium and Carl's home-made microphone; Low Power In the News R.F.B. named executive chief engineer for 11 Town Square Media radio stations in Wyoming; Allan Weiner Worldwide recounts a historic story about radio being used to shoosh away a starling invasion; Brian Dunning reports on the truths and myths surrounding Nicola Tesla; and the marshall in pursuit of Bonnie and Clyde gets a trim. In addition, there's a lot of talk.
Low Power Hour No. 71

No. 70 - Found in Space -- This edition is very interesting in my own opinion. Any flubs we had are fobbed off on "network difficulties." Jerry Modjeski's "Hotrods From Outer Space"; A man claiming to be "Bob Edwards" is interviewed regarding a book he says he wrote, from WDNA in Miami; In a handy self promotion Carl runs a full episode of Blare OnAir Lite"; Calendar Change Ceremony"; description of "Mobile Radio Drama"; Harry Shearer "Naval Time"; 1-Minute Zine Review D.J. Frederick "How To Make It in Radio"; Rather than interview Radio Dan, we merely promote some future interview with him; Not to mention the e-mail from KROCKS about a squeaky listener.
Low Power Hour No. 70

No. 69 - ALPB Meeting Dec. 7th -- Low Power In the News "soundbite" from the Meeting of the Association of Low Power Broadcasters, MRAM 1500 named Full Chairman, welcoming new member "Pappy" Bill Hewes from Rhode Island, with his Hillbilly Yank Show "Bad Eggs; Bonnie & Clyde Episode 14; Ongoing Conversation with MICRO1700 mentions ground rod.
Low Power Hour No. 69

No. 68 - Climate Cliff -- Before hours; Report from Hoople; Ongoing Conversation; Special Guest; Low Power In the News; Low Power Radio and the Climate; Bonnie & Clyde # 13.
Low Power Hour No. 68

No. 67 - SPECIAL EVENT -- The ALPB Meeting of November 16, 2012.
Low Power Hour No. 67 Part 1
Low Power Hour No. 67 Part 2
Low Power Hour No. 67 Part 3
Low Power Hour No. 67 Part 4

No. 66 - Rooftop Rap -- Low Power In the News - Part 15 FM Transmitter Air Show held up by TSA, Ken Cartwright is found and may not know it, Lefty plans multiple transmitters,  Brain Music, ALPB Website, Rich Powers avoids elevated antennas unless he doesn't; Electromagnetic Radiation on Free Talk Live; Being bugged on Free Energy Now; Funny Bonnie & Clyde # 12; "Ongoing Phone Call" with MICRO1700.
Low Power Hour No. 66

No. 65 - On the Wine -- Fun is had at the expense of others as we visit Chauncey L. Fitzkilpatsky in his bottle filled car under the viaduct to learn about his book written in collaboration with Percy Downer: "Sage Slogans;  the opening moments from Media Network Plus with Keith Perron;  a discussion of English words from "Ruth Today", the Ruth Koscielak Show from upriver; a sample of Carl's other show, "Blare OnAir," where he also talks about low power radio amidst foot in mouth; Low Power in The News with stories ripped from; the "Ongoing Phonecall" with MICRO1700; Bonnie & Clyde Episode 11; TWiRT is back: "This Week in Radio Tech".
Low Power Hour No. 65

No. 64 - SPECIAL EVENT -- The ALPB Meeting, The Association of Low Power Broadcasters, from Friday, November 2, 2012, comes in a two-hour SPECIAL EVENT EDITION OF THE LOW POWER HOUR. Actually, each hour is 55-minutes in length; during the final few minutes after the meeting we talk to MICRO1700 in between his pole loitering activities.
Low Power Hour No. 64 Part 1
Low Power Hour No. 64 Part 2

No. 63 - Free Form -- The 1992 WCCO Air Check of The Ruth Koscielak Show resulted in finding Ruth Today; Alex Jones and Dr. Nick Begich discuss weather manipulation and HAARP;  Keith Perron shares a teaser from Media Network Plus about the demise of RCI - Radio Canada International's shortwave service; Episode 10 The Funny Side of Bonnie & Clyde.
Low Power Hour No. 63

No. 62 - Storm Approach -- Major super storm aimed toward eastern seaboard of U.S.; 1992 Air Check from WCCO, Minneapolis, MN; the Nite Show with Mischke the critical phone caller; Latest Episode Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde
Low Power Hour No. 62

No. 61 - ALPB Meeting of Oct 19 Part 4 -- (continued from LPH#60)  Conclusion of the ALPB Meeting of Fri. Oct. 19, 2012; select reading from a pillow label and the Communications Act of 1934; visons of a super tower in Antarctica; Funny Side of Bonnie & Clyde Latest Episode; soon to come celebration of part 15 FM transmitters; affiliate stations list.
Low Power Hour No. 61

No. 60 - ALPB Meeting of Oct 19 Part 3 -- (continued from LPH#59) The ALPB Meeting of Fri. Oct. 19, 2012 (to be continued); Low Power In the News talks of Radio Boy Alan in Talahassee, Florida.
Low Power Hour No. 60

No. 59 - ALPB Meeting of Oct 19 Part 2 -- The Meeting got off to a start in the last show, now we cover a major portion of the meeting (to be continued);  The Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde by Gary Owens Episode 7.
Low Power Hour No. 59

No. 58 - Catch Up -- On this show several ongoing features are presented to bring us up to date - Part 3 of the Freepress Panel on "Policies for Advancing Independent Media" brings Carol Pearson, CEO of the National Association of Community Broadcasters; Episode 6 of "The Funny Side of Bunny and Clyde" produced by Gary Owens; a curtain call appearance by Lefty Gomez of Banana Belt Radio; a blooper from Keith Perron and Paulette MacQuarry of PCJ Media during a moment on Media Network Plus; the start of the ALPB Meeting of 10-19-12 (Part 1).
Low Power Hour No. 58

No. 57 - Banana Belt Radio -- Lefty Gomez, popular Santa Cruz radio personality, starts a network of part 15 AM stations fanning out from the Monterey Bay Area of California, Founder of ALPB; the Annual Parade of Part 15 AM Transmitters.
Low Power Hour No. 57

No. 56 - KROCKS and KMLD Meld -- RFB is the guest as he takes control of licensed FM station KMLD and melds it with part 15 station KROCKS in Casper, Wyoming; consultant Professor Peter Schickele demonstrates from WOOF in Hoople, Southern North Dakota, how we might increase sales for the part 15 line of products; Low Power in the News presents a Special Report on the TECSUN PL-310 radio with numeric field strength indicator.
Low Power Hour No. 56

No. 55 - ALPB Meets - Part 3 -- The conclusion of the ALPB Meeting of Oct. 5, 2012; Low Power in the News Reports football action from Friday Harbor Tiny Radio; Episode 5 "Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde".
Low Power Hour No. 55

No. 54 - ALPB Meets - Part 2 -- More of the Oct. 5 ALPB Meeting; Low Power in the News Reports two stations under construction and an antenna weather experiment.
Low Power Hour No. 54

No. 53 - ALPB Meets - Part 1 -- The Meeting of Friday October 5, 2012 with MRAM 1500 at the Chair
Low Power Hour No. 53

Np. 52 - Infommercial -- Special guests discuss the health and spiritual benfits of the part 15 line of products; Low Power In the News Report - Carl's shovel found, LED light bulb heard at 400kHz, Ken Norris from Friday Harbor; 1-man baseball game and announcer in one using part 15; Part 2 (of 3) from a Panel on "Policies for Advancing Independent Media"; Episode 4 "Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde".
Low Power Hour No. 52

No. 51 -  Italian RF engineer Francesco Errante signs in at; Episode 3 "Funny Side of Bonny & Clyde"
Low Power Hour No. 51

No. 50 - Citizens Band -- Sept. 13, 2012 - Part 2 (of 3) from a Panel on "Policies for Advancing Independent Media"; Pudge Gentry Snooter for political office; Carl points his mic at the window; channel by channel on the CB band; researching "kitsch"; Carl demonstrates his triangular loading coil and indoor antenna project; Gary Owens "The Funny Side of Bonnie and Clyde- Episode 2"; Skeptic's Guide to the Universe guest Billy West about radio; song writing attempt "Stop Me, Frisk Me"; definition of "Foley"; Last Minute Radio Theater "ASTEROID: DIRECT HIT!"; the book "Soil"; Morgan Ford "Coming Distractions" Carl Blare sights through his thumb.
Low Power Hour No. 50

No. 49 - Peer Panel -- Sept. 11, 2012 - Part 1 (of 3) from a Panel on "Policies for Advancing Independent Media"; Tony Riddle Alliance for Community Media,; KXJZ Sacramento "Insight" Jeffrey Callison; going from good to worse for classical station; Rockin Robin Scott WIL St. Louis aircheck early 1960s; Carl Blare was in grade or high school back then; Gary Owens Episode 1 "The Funny Side of Bonnie & Clyde"; life might amount to something if there were time for it.
Low Power Hour No. 49

No. 48 A - HOUR ONE -- Two-Hour Special - Meeting of the Association of Low Power Broadcasters - Meeting begins.
No. 48 B - HOUR TWO -- Two-Hour Special - Meeting of the Association of Low Power Broadcasters - Meeting Wraps Up;  Light entertainment from Idle American.
Low Power Hour No. 48 A
Low Power Hour No. 48 B

No. 47 -  Big Doings -- The 2nd Major Meeting of renamed Association of Low Power Broadcasters - Pre-Meeting Conversation;  the last Chickenman (for now);  comments on many things worth hearing about, worth talking about, as you will only hear here, on The Low Power Hour.
Low Power Hour No. 47

No. 46 - Planning Meeting - Part 2 -- The other half of The Planning Meeting; Chickenman No. 8;  Carl Blare runs off at the mouth.
Low Power Hour No. 46

No. 45 - Planning Meeting - Part 1 -- The Charter Members of NALPB hold a Planning Meeting Fri. Aug. 24, 2012, to plan the next full meeting on Fri., Aug. 31, 2012 on Team Speak; Special Labor Day Message from Mr. Blare;  Chickenman No. 7
Low Power Hour No. 45

No. 44 - Jupiter 1550 -- A very unusual DX interception at 1550 kHz during the AM critical hours; Bamboo Thoughts;  KROCKS Zero Point Radio AMazin AM Radio Experiment;  Ken Norris WALKIE TALKIE SHOW from downtown Friday Harbor;  Chickenman No. 6; e-mail from Tha Dood.
Low Power Hour No. 44

No. 43 - San Juan -- County Fair - Friday Harbor Tiny Radio "Walkie Talkie Show";  unlicensed station in Keane, New Hampshire;  Chickenman No. 5
Low Power Hour No. 43

No. 42 - National Association of Low Power Broadcasters - Part 2 -- Chickenman No. 4; Carl stares out the window and yammers; Radio Consultant Jackie Sinclair happens to call.
Low Power Hour No. 42

No. 41 - National Association of Low Power Broadcasters - Founding Meeting - Part 1 -- Chickenman Episode 3; The Patio Parade Promenade Orchestra plays Jupiter from The Planets; Audience questions.
NALPB LogoLogo art by Channel X 1610 AM
Low Power Hour No. 41

No. 40 - The Planet -- August 1, 2012 - The fantastic story of Radio New York International and Allan Weiner's four shortwave stations in Monticello, Maine; a re-appearance by "the out of work orchestra", also known as The Patio Parade Promenade Orchestra performing Beethoven's Fifth; Chicken Man and public transportation.
Low Power Hour No. 40

No. 39 - Re-Dedication -- July 26, 2012 - The Low Power Hour Re-Dedication Ceremony from the grounds outside the Internet Building with top dignitaries, listener phone calls, new program features, Low Power In the News - Blare and Balanced, Idle American welcomes "Snowcaps".
Ken Nordine"The Movers and the Shakers" - Ken Nordine
Low Power Hour No. 39

No. 38 - Furtherance -- July 18, 2012 - The Low Power Hour Returns with a new mission; tour of transmitter ranch; payola; Flash Frisbone final episode; DRS2 ongoing conversation.
Low Power Hour No. 38

JULY 4th SPECIAL -- Titled: "Bombast!"  a July 4th Celebration first aired as Blare OnAir in 2010
Low Power Hour July 4th Special

No. 37 - Politics -- June 24,  2012 - From the Dotage Arms Apartments; Ken Nordine's early radio story; Elect Smerd; Bob and Ray's Artie Skirmahorn from the mayor's office; start a radio station in the hood; a stop at WWV with the hosts of This Week in Radio Tech; Flash Frisbone # 13; listener calls & e-mail.
Low Power Hour No. 37

No. 36 - Monitors -- June 20, 2012 - Guest The Dood from Poca, West Virginia, with very good monitor ideas for the personal radio station;
Doggradio Studio 2 rolls through the show on his office chair; A new adventure drama is introduced.
SK-650 VU Levels for AM 1620
VU for 96.9 FM
Low Power Hour No. 36

No. 35 - Being Seen -- June 14, 2012 - Guest DRS2 Part 4; The View from Planet Nancy -"Yesterday"; Big Picture Science from SETI Institute; History of FM; Flash Frisbone # 12
Low Power Hour No. 35

No. 34 - Turnover -- May 31, 2012
Low Power Hour No. 34

No. 33 - Interupt This -- May 25, 2012
Low Power Hour No. 33

No. 32 - Tomorrow Power -- May 23, 2012
Low Power Hour No. 32

No. 31 - Land Line -- May 5, 2012
Low Power Hour No. 31

No. 30 - Cease and Desist --
Low Power Hour No. 30

No. 29 - Induction --
Low Power Hour No. 29

No. 28 - RF Programs --
Low Power Hour No. 28

No. 27 - C.C. Dedication --
Low Power Hour No. 27

No. 26 - We Don't Carry Current -- Carrier Current Update; Audition Tapes of Roadhog and Idle American; meetup with another streaming station at the hardware store; 1490 in East St. Louis; Flash Frisbone No. 3.
Low Power Hour No. 26

No. 25 - Grand Opry -- Lobbying  for 1/2 Watt; Ralph Emory of WSM Nashville Interviews Roadhog; Flash Frisbone Radio Ace Episode 2; low power ramblings; Minnie Pearl Grand Ole Opry.
Low Power Hour No. 25

No. 24 - All WEAK -- The stations WEAK; 90.1 Micro FM Austin under siege; Doggradio Studio 2 hangs on; Flash Frisbone Radio Ace.
1690_mic_drs2Doggradio 2
Views from Doggradio Studio 2
Low Power Hour No. 24

No. 23 - Start Up -- Starting the station in the morning
Serious Radio Tube
Radio8Z's Very Serious Radio Tube
Low Power Hour No. 23

No. 22 - Maintenance -- Carl deals with some interferences, EVPs, DXing and Ragnar's new program
Low Power Hour No. 22

No. 21 - Interference 3 -- Carl wins first eBay auction

CC Coupler
Carl's Winning Opens the CC Door --

Low Power Hour No. 21

No. 20 - Interference 2 -- Surprise Guest: MRAM 1500 with End-Fed Antenna Test
MRAM End-Fed MRAM's End-Fed Antenna on Toroids
Low Power Hour No. 20

No. 19 - INTERFERENCE 1 - Guest: Tha Dood AM 1620 FM 96.9
Suitcase Studio
Suitcase Studio in Tha Dood House 96.9 FM on-the-wall
AM 1620 Rack
AM 1620 Rack in Tha Dood Garage
MRAM Homesite Website of the Show - MRAM Home Page at Home
Low Power Hour No. 19


Low Power Hour No. 18

No. 17 - Even More Program Choices for Low Power Radio
Blowup Tower Fabulous way to raise the antenna submitted by Rhema Radio
Low Power Hour No. 17

No. 16 - More Radio Programs Program Choices for Low Power Radio

FSRNLaw & Disorder
Free Speech Radio News_______________________________________Law and Disorder
Occupy WS RadioTravus T. HippGardner Museum
Occupy Wall Street Radio_________Travus T. Hipp_________________The Concert
This Week in Radio Tech
Low Power Hour No. 16

No. 15 - Radio Programs of the World - Oct. 15, 2011 - Low Power Radio Stations Have Many Program Choices
PCJ MediaDemocracy Now!
_THE HAPPY STATION__________________NEWS
Low Power Hour No. 15

No. 14 - Carrier Current 3 - Sep. 26, 2011
Adjust Coil8Z Coil___ Radio8Z Adjustable Loading Coil

Nat LW Net
Nat LW NetNA LW Net
Low Power Hour No. 14

No. 13 - Carrier Current 2 - Aug. 30, 2011 - RFBurns KROCKS RADIOONE ZERO POINT RADIO
Low Power Hour No. 13

Aug. 22, 2011 - DoggRadio Studio 2Gates Sudioette
Low Power Hour No. 12

No. 11 - The Crow / Talk957 
Aug. 1, 2011 - In McKinney, Texas, edging near the city limits of Dallas and almost a border blaster with Mexico, four transmitters beam two radio formats for thousands of square inches.
Talk Radio XThe Crow
Part15 Map
Low Power Hour No. 11

No. 10 - Near L.A. with Brian
 We've heard it all before. He's enjoyed low power since childhood starting with a phono oscillator, worked his way up to HAM but still messes with loading coils and 3-meter antennae. Brian joins Carl for another great low power visit.  Look at the cool coil!
The Assembly Overall view of whole assembly
in a Toro sprinkler contoller housing.
The inductor coil has a half-inch bare strip Bare Strip
which gets tuned by the brass stylus, like playing an Edison cylinder.
Cap Hat
Not a broken umbrella, no.
It's a 10-foot high copper pipe antenna with side-wise extenders being the "cap hat."
Close View
Close up view, calling attention to the black box which houses a tiny
grain-of-wheat bulb which lights when the antenna is tuned to resonance by the coil mechanism.
Assistant engineer Lhasa doing a final check.
Low Power Hour No. 10

  PhilB at Kutztown Convention PhilB
RTBE RTBE 13.870mHz SW Transmitter Version 1.0.7
Carl's version awaiting it's nice metal enclosure Thumb
Cage Ant Cage Monopole FM Antenna on Bamboo Tower
Carl's microphone in a drain pipe with window screen & rubber band alp_mic
Low Power Hour No. 9

No. 8 - TRAIN CAR - Guest James Ganley
WDME Train Car
Low Power Hour No. 8

No. 7 - KROCKS - Guest: R.F. Burns
Carrier Current  Coupling Pics
CC_Coupling 1
CC_Coupling 2
CC_Coupling 3
CC_Coupling 4
CC_Coupling 5
CC_Coupling 6
Pictures Courtesy of  RFBurns KROCKS RadioOne ZeroPointRadio
Low Power Hour No. 7

No. 6 - MICRO 1690/1700 - Guest: Bruce
Low Power Hour No. 6

No. 5 - WORD - Guest: Marshall Johnson, Sr.
New_RhemaRhema Radio
Low Power Hour No. 5

No. 4 - MRAM1500
Low Power Hour No. 4

No. 3 - Radio8Z - Guest: Neil
Knight Kit Radio8Z Knight Transmitter Radio8Z
From Columbus, Ohio, Radio8Z writes
Hi Carl,

While listening to your program about the CarTunes adventure I was inspired to dig out my KnightKit Broadcaster. This is the one I used while in High School and College to broadcast to neighbors. At that time the "station" was on the air for about five hours in the evenings and longer during the summer. The programming was primarily music which I recorded off the air via reel to reel tape and my own records.

Now and then a couple of neighbor kids would join me in the studio and we would carry on about this and that. Their parents usually would tune in so we knew we had listeners.

I attached a picture of the transmitter which still works. You might notice that the tubes are glowing. I modified this transmitter very early on by adding a crystal to control the frequency so I didn't wander about the band. You can see this add-on in the rear of the chassis near the oscillator.

I enjoyed your program and look forward to "tuning in" in the future.


Low Power Hour No. 3

No. 2 - CarTunes -- Guest: Charles Hefti
Low Power Hour No. 2

No. 1 - WILW -- Guest: William C. Walker
LPAM WebsiteWILW Site
Low Power Hour No. 1

800 AM / 90.1 FM Leaky Cable / Independent Public Radio - London, Kentucky
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1500 AM MRAM - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - Nightly 7 PM EST
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1610 AM - Banana Belt Radio - Lefty Gomez - Santa Cruz, California
1610 AM - KJIK - Bowie County, Texas
1620 AM  - Tha Dood - Poca, West Virginia
NEXTGEN FM - Elkridge, Maryland
1640 AM  Riverside Radio - Nashville, North Carolina
1650 AM / 99.9 FM The Crow Oldies Radio - McKinney, Texas  Sunday 8 AM
1650 AM Friday Harbor Tiny Radio - Friday Harbor, Washington
1650 AM KLSR Lakeshore
1670 AM Stereo KROCKS Zero Point Radio - Casper, Wyoming
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