The Low Power Hour

hosted by
Carl Blare

Subject:  Legal low power broadcasting in the U. S. under F.C.C. Part 15

Guests:  Low power broadcasters, equipment suppliers and interested parties

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The Low Power Hour is undergoing data-base reconstruction please read below how you can help.

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The Low Power Hour (LPH) radio program is freely available for non-commercial re-transmission by Part 15 Authorized Stations. No derivatives may be taken, programs must be used intact.  Please notify KDX of your use of the program. You will be mentioned on further editions of LPH for promotional benefit and listed as an Affiliate Station.  Submissions of your own low power interviews or other clips may be included in future editions of the LPH.  Contact:
.  The Low Power Hour may not be re-distributed without express permission.
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The Low Power Hour is available for Part 15 non-commercial radio broadcast.
Jul. 5, 2014

Low Power Hour No. 92 is Now Available to Our Affiliate Stations.

I am building a database of all Low Power Hour affiliate stations including call letters, location, website and e-mail address.
Please send me this information, and include a statement as follows:
"I understand and agree that The Low Power Hour may not be re-distributed without express permission
and I promise not to make copies of the program available to others without permission."

The current affiliates list is shown below, but I do not have contact information for every one, and
do not know if The Low Power Hour is still being aired by these stations.

Thanks for helping.

Carl Blare

800 AM / 90.1 FM Leaky Cable / Independent Public Radio - London, Kentucky
950 AM  / 94.9 FM - - Farmington, Iowa
1000 AM / 92.1 FM - KSOL - "All Solar, Even at Night" - amradioman - Springfield, MO Area
1500 AM MRAM - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - Nightly 7 PM EST
1610 AM / 96.3 FM - Dolphin Radio - Delgado Community College, New Orleans, Louisianna
1610 AM - Banana Belt Radio - Lefty Gomez - Santa Cruz, California
1610 AM - KJIK - Bowie County, Texas
1620 AM  - Tha Dood - Poca, West Virginia
NEXTGEN FM - Elkridge, Maryland
1640 AM  Riverside Radio - Nashville, North Carolina
1650 AM / 99.9 FM The Crow Oldies Radio - McKinney, Texas  Sunday 8 AM
1650 AM Friday Harbor Tiny Radio - Friday Harbor, Washington
1650 AM KLSR Lakeshore
1670 AM Stereo KROCKS Zero Point Radio - Casper, Wyoming
90.7 WGCX "Hands-On Radio" Hudson Valley, NY; 3.3kW; FREE103POINT9 - 4 AM Saturday
92.3 FM KDSX - The Voice of Texomaland / The Radiator - Sherman, Texas
KJ-95.9fm "Your Neighborhood Radio Station" - Bakersfield, California
98.5 FM  WLMN - The World Livewire Music Network - Grafton, West Virginia
102.7 Busy Kentucky - newest station of Rock95seven
Radio Free Eureka - Coming Soon to Shorewood, Minnesota
Let Carl Blare know -- carl@kdxradio.comKDX Brand Site