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"The Talking Point"

June 1, 2016 - KDX ENTERED 10th YEAR ONLINE

- from the one man think tank -  Carl Blare, thinker

Widening the Focus
(formerly 'Narrowing the Focus')
On Friday, May 20, 2026, 1:14 PM CDT, KDX Worldround Radio began streamcasting in HE-AACv2 Format, touted as being more efficient than MP3 for encoding high audio quality at less consumption of bandwidth. As of Windows 7, Media Player recognizes AAC, as do Winamp, VLC, AIMP, iTunes and a growing number of other audio players.  
KDX continues to operate MP3 streams, 48 & 16 kbps,  in recognition of the sustained popularity of the format.

This website here at kdxradio(dot)com is being re-imaged, removing our long running mission of promoting hobby radio broadcasting under Part 15 of the FCC rules. The related radio programs, including the Low Power Hour and other resources, are now linked from the Association of Low Power Broadcasters (ALPB):  FOLLOW THE LINKS

Looking Back
on the
Friday April 22 to Sunday May 1 from WWOZ
Again this year KDX was one of nearly ten radio stations across the Nation carrying Live the Jazz Festival bringing the signature music of New Orleans, closed down early on a few days by torrential rain and ankle deep water on the fairgrounds.

Apr. 19, 2016 -- CASTING BY POD OR BROAD --
Carl Blare
Podcasting died out by 2010, but has been re-invented by newcomers ignorant of history, and some of the neo-podders keep repeating the mantra that radio is obsolete because podcast.

Only 5-minutes ago I hit the stop button on "The Pub - Episode 60", the podcast of "Current", the magazine and website of public radio. Adam Ragusea was man-splaining to an audience of "Radio Scholarly Interest Group" how public stations still bear the expense of towers and FCC licenses but have branched into podcasting, clearly the liberating form of audio communication that is to radio what television was to movies. Adam said that when you turn on NPR's "Morning Edition" you'll start listening in the middle of a story, and he said that one never starts listening to the middle of a podcast, we start from the beginning.

What Adam skipped was the fact that most of us are no longer listening by the middle of a podcast because we become bored by hosts who like to hear themselves talk.

As a person of scholarly interest acting on behalf of the ALPB (Association of Low Power Broadcasters) I got sidetracked with this podcast stuff starting at 6 AM, 2-hours ago, when I decided to compile a list of the many podcasts springing up as extensions of popular news sites, since podcasts provide program choices for part 15 radio stations.

News sites that produce podcasts include Counterpunch, Truthdig, Mother Jones, Tech Dirt, Boing Boing, and soon the New York Times.

About 5-years ago the New York Times closed it's podcasts, which at the time included a 5-minute "Front Page" consisting of the news items from the actual front page of the esteemed paper, as heard on KDX Worldround Radio, the same place I'm typing. Now, probably some new people who weren't there, have announced the coming New York Times Podcasts.

On his "podcast is the future" podcast, "Radio Survivor", Paul Riismandel has come up with the idea of making his podcast serve double duty as a public radio show, but he needs our donations to make that possible.

Meanwhile, my radio program, "The Low Power Hour", is not a podcast, but many listeners hear it as though it were a podcast by listening to it without a transmitter. I don't allow that, but there's no way I can stop it happening.


Thursday, July 2, 2015, 12:30 N CDT  --  Moments ago word arrived from Bruce MICRO 1690/1700 Dog Radio Studio 2 that KDX Worldround Radio was clearly heard inside a moving car on the streets of Hartford, Connecticut.  Bruce MICRO 1690/1700 Dog Radio Studio 2 was in the car with his wife and daughter when a Smartphone was connected to the audio system and distinctly delivered programs from KDX including the last few minutes of "Free Talk Live", a KDX Universal Time Announcement, and the start of "Democracy Now!"

KDX Worldround Radio streams from the Internet Building in the Homeland's Midwaste from a Shoutcast Server.

The succcesful DX heard KDX via our (now closed) Icecast stream at 48kbps 44.1 kHz in stereo.

July 2 is hereafter "KDX Smartphone Day" and everyone is dismissed early from work and school.

KDX has been named The Biggest Radio Station of Its Size in the World

Nov. 9, 2014 -- MISCHKE JOINS KDX -
T.D.Mischke, popular radio personality, brings his Mischke Roadshow to KDX

CPR Radio News - Community Public Radio News with Don DeBar has joined the KDX Afternoon News Segment.

FSRN -- Free Speech Radio News weekly half-hour grass roots report.

Buzz Burbank News and Comment daily from the Relm Network.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 -- TUC RADIO OVERNIGHT is now a fixture on KDX Worldround, presenting the radio programs of Maria Gilardin from 10 PM to 10 AM CDT / 8 PM to 8AM PDT every Sunday night to Monday morning.  TUC Radio was founded in 1992, and these 13-years later discovered by Carl Blare, acting lord of radio, and at once recognized for its importance as a dispatcher of essential life critical information. While KDX has been focusing on many societal problems, such as false religion, the medical mafia, vacuous "main stream" news, criminal governments and corporations, bandits in cop costumes, and the antillectual entertainment propaganda of film, TV and sports, TUC Radio looks beyond all that to issues affecting  the future of life itself, particularly nuclear and electromagnetic radiations, genetic manipulation, and other mass extinction flirtations in progress on a global scale. The radio programs from TUC Radio are available free to all radio stations, contact TUC Radio.

Saturday, January 12, 2013  --
Dan Robert's Shortwave Report heard weekends on KDX Worldround Radio is featured in a wonderful news article.
Link to Article About Shortwave Report

PHILOSOPHY TALK -- hosted by Stanford Professors John Perry & Ken Taylor scheduled Wednesday at 2200 UTC.

BIG PICTURE SCIENCE with Seth Shostak, co-hosts and guests.
Every Sunday at 1600 UTC.

December 19, 2010  Badly Breaking News
Tinky Winky and the Tele Tubbies disavow any affiliation with Winkileaks.

Monday, December 13, 2010  HOMESICK CREED
If you see anything, say anything.

August 12, 2010  Extra Large Bird
KDX Worldround Radio operates from the Internet Building in the center of North America, midway between a bamboo forest and a woodland garden, populated by circulating species of wild birds, including a gigantic owl. Frequently at dawn or sunset I step outside just as the cat sized bird is standing on the bird bath and it up fluffs to a high perch to out-wait me. Like many of the inhabitants it is accustomed to my presence and simply puffs aside while I do whatever I do. When it passes through the air it's like watching a brown pair of pants flying by.

June 8, 2010  STORM NEWS
Frequently on recent days KDX has shut off because of large electrical storms nearby. Lightning can damage electronic equipment, as can high wind.

May 20, 2010  ANNOUNCING le SHOW
Fifty-four minutes after acting lord Carl Blare sought permission to air le Show, host Harry Shearer replied, "Absolutely, milord."
See both Programs and Schedule pages.

May 13, 2010  DEMAND RADIO
KDX offers two kinds of radio. At our Home Page you'll find access to KDX1, our streaming service, which operates like traditional radio by feeding a continuous string of programming in real time. And our Demand Radio service is a new generation of radio programs on demand, which can be listened to by choice.

April 11, 2010  Blare Dewarded
Carl Blare has received a unanimous thumbs down from The Put Down Artists Guild for the 1st year in a row.

Radio Free Everywhere

Most of the world thinks and acts in tempo with UTC, Coordinated Universal Time, much the same thing as GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, from the Royal Observatory in England. Of course here locally we get shoved back and forth between Daylight and Standard Time in the Center of North America, but it's not fair to expect the entire world to adjust to our local clock, so we've put both types of time on our Schedule Page (link above).

International Broadcasting Station KDX serves the Entire Human World.

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