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KDX has been named The Biggest Radio Station of Its Size in the World

ONCE AGAIN -- Near the end of April KDX Worldround Radio will link with WWOZ New Orleans
for the Jazz and Heritage Festival, featuring live legendary jazz right from the roots.

with the new MAD ABOUT MUSIC from Wfmt
Host Gilbert Kaplan engages guests you know, including former President Jimmy Carter, Renee Fleming,
Alan Alda and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in discussion of their personal experience with classical music.

Programs of skeptical humanism and godless atheism through the night.

No Time Now - I don't have time to give details right now, but Blare OnAir Lite IS BACK!

The Story - As relayed by the ALPB

We must announce that Live at the Concertgebouw will come to an end as a weekly 
concert series at the end of 2013. This is due to a a change in our production budget that makes weekly
programming no longer possible.
It has been a pleasure to be able to offer stations around the world the magic that
is the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra's live performances.
We hope to be able to offer future RCO concerts as specials, possibly on a monthly
basis. Please stay tuned for future updates.

Thank you for your partnership in broadcasting Live at the Concertgebouw. It's been
a success for more than two decades on the air because of you and your audiences.

All the best for a happy and healthy new year.

The Live at the Concertgebouw Team

Sunday, November 24, 20013 -- BLARE LITE TURNED OFF - The 10-minute daily BLARE ON AIR LITE radio series has been discontinued following 1-full year of broadcast. The 270 shows in the series remain available for affiliate stations to carry. The affiliates list includes
1000 AM 92.1 FM KSOL "All Solar Radio Even At Night;"
1610 AM KLNJ Banana Belt Radio "Serving Santa Cruz and Beyond!;"
1700 AM End 80 Radio Tybee Island, Georgia; 98.5 FM  WLMN The World Livewire Music Network - Grafton, West Virginia.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 -- THE WEEK IN REPEAT is back, starting Friday night, October 25th, on Worldround Radio. THE WEEK IN REPEAT brings all the journalistic programs collected from the entire week and replays them throughout the night from 0300 until Saturday morning at 1400 UTC. Programs include Radio Ecoshock, Law and Disorder, TUC Radio, Between the Lines, Democracy Now!, Shortwave Report, Talk Nation, le Show, Truthdig and commentaries of Jim Hightower and Mathew Rothschild. THE WEEK IN REPEAT left the air following the close of Free Speech Radio News daily newscasts. 

Friday, September 27, 2013 -- FSRN LAST NEWSCAST
Earlier this week it was abruptly announced that Free Speech Radio News would discontinue the Monday through Friday half-hourly newscast after September 27th. For KDX and many other non-commercial internet and AM FM broadcasters this is a major loss, as no other independent broadcast journalists provide the same quality of service as FSRN. The news program's website will remain alive with further information as FSRN seeks ways to recover from its present difficulties.

Aug. 1, 2013 -- Mischke What? Quits? -- Ya, evidentally.  http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/tv/218102671.html

September 12, 2013 -- One More Question --
So, you're saying that because unrest is reported in Syria, we can fix it by bombing it?

Anniversary of 9/11
Rethink 911
Anniversary of 9-11

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - VISION OF AM RADIO'S FUTURE

Address to the Nation by Acting Lord Carl Blare

Tomorrow is bright for AM broadcasting. A seachange is already underway all around us heading toward a great future for listeners and broadcasters.

The era of high power technically massive radio stations is passing away as the dial goes through a blight and dinosaur stations leave the air.

Meanwhile, a grassroots movement is growing into the vacant space and building a Nation of individually controlled Part 15 energy efficient radio stations.

From now on the private individual owns the airways. A personal radio station at home allows freedom of choice over program content, available by a wide assortment of audio feeds on the internet.

Only one or at the most two high power AM stations will be needed for regional service, and these types of stations are already being crafted under the name "Traveler's Information Stations," which eventually will transmit continuous health, safety and essential area information.

Every other type of programming will compete for affiliation with the millions of privately owned Part 15 home radio stations, where the listener is the gatekeeper, no longer at the mercy of budget-strapped, un-inspired, license holders.

Visionary pioneers have arrived to serve the one-for-all small radio movement, including part15.us, the A.L.P.B. (thealpb.com), transmitter manufacturers such as PhilB and others we have come to know, and at the high power end we have I.S.S. (Information Station Specialists).

You are to be congratulated for being one of the startups in the revolution of radio already taking place.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 -- TUC RADIO OVERNIGHT is now a fixture on KDX Worldround, presenting the radio programs of Maria Gilardin from 10 PM to 10 AM CDT / 8 PM to 8AM PDT every Sunday night to Monday morning.  TUC Radio was founded in 1992, and these 13-years later discovered by Carl Blare, acting lord of radio, and at once recognized for its importance as a dispatcher of essential life critical information. While KDX has been focusing on many societal problems, such as false religion, the medical mafia, vacuous "main stream" news, criminal governments and corporations, bandits in cop costumes, and the antilectual entertainment propaganda of film and TV, TUC Radio looks beyond all that to issues affecting  the future of life itself, particularly nuclear and electromagnetic radiations, genetic manipulation, and other mass extinction flirtations in progress on a global scale. The radio programs from TUC Radio are available free to all radio stations, contact TUC Radio.

Men in Costumes
A role model that can inspire a child to go on a shooting spree

Saturday, January 12, 2013  --
Dan Robert's Shortwave Report heard weekends on KDX Worldround Radio is featured in a wonderful news article.
Link to Article About Shortwave Report

PHILOSOPHY TALK -- hosted by Stanford Professors John Perry & Ken Taylor scheduled Fridays 8 PM from Wfmt NETWORK.

BIG PICTURE SCIENCE with Seth Shostak, co-hosts and guests.
Every Sunday at 9 AM CDT

MONDAY - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam
Mariss Jansons, conductor

December 19, 2010  Badly Breaking News
Tinky Winky and the Tele Tubbies disavow any affiliation with Winkileaks.

Monday, December 13, 2010  HOMESICK CREED
If you see anything, say anything.

Tuesday November 30, 2010  FREE FROM RELIGION
When the radio network Air America shuttered-up, the program Freethought Radio lost numerous outlets across the country, but co-presidents/hosts Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker continue undaunted with many remaining affiliates, including KDX Worldround Radio (see the open letter from The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) exhibited 1/22/10). These months later the accumulation of new radio stations scheduling Freethought Radio has taken a major burst with the addition of 35-new stations. The FFRF is active on the frontline in defense of separation of government and religion.

August 12, 2010  Extra Large Bird
KDX Worldround Radio operates from the Internet Building in the center of North America, midway between a bamboo forest and a woodland garden, populated by circulating species of wild birds, including a gigantic owl. Frequently at dawn or sunset I step outside just as the cat sized bird is standing on the bird bath and it up fluffs to a high perch to out-wait me. Like many of the inhabitants it is accustomed to my presence and simply puffs aside while I do whatever I do. When it passes through the air it's like watching a brown pair of pants flying by.

June 8, 2010  STORM NEWS
Frequently on recent days KDX has shut off because of large electrical storms nearby. Lightning can damage electronic equipment, as can high wind.

May 20, 2010  ANNOUNCING le SHOW
Fifty-four minutes after acting lord Carl Blare sought permission to air le Show, host Harry Shearer replied, "Absolutely, milord."
See both Programs and Schedule pages.

May 13, 2010  DEMAND RADIO
KDX offers two kinds of radio. At our Home Page you'll find access to KDX1, our streaming service, which operates like traditional radio by feeding a continuous string of programming in real time. And our Demand Radio service is a new generation of radio programs on demand, which can be listened to by choice.

April 11, 2010  Blare Dewarded
Carl Blare has received a unanimous thumbs down from The Put Down Artists Guild for the 1st year in a row.

Radio Free Everywhere

Most of the world thinks and acts in tempo with UTC, Coordinated Universal Time, much the same thing as GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, from the Royal Observatory in England. Of course here locally we get shoved back and forth between Daylight and Standard Time in the Center of North America, but it's not fair to expect the entire world to adjust to our local clock, so we've put both types of time on our Schedule Page (link above).

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