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March 2019

Friday March 8, 2019

It's easier to fool people
than to convince people they've been fooled.
- Mark Twain
Thursday March 7, 2019

Ongoing Mystery of Unsigned Emails

The following notice is posted on the cover page of The Blare Blog:

The Blare Blog is unidirectional one-way communication; it is not a forum.
No response is sought. All Emails submitted to The Blare Blog become the property of KDX Worldround Radio, can be re-printed, publicly displayed, re-published, quoted, ridiculed and when appropriate submitted to law enforcement authorities. Unsigned Emails will be regarded as spam.

Ignoring this, an Anonymous Emailer wrote:
These words are meant only for private communication and are not authorized to be used in public.  The words in this message represent solely my opinions.

There are several things to say about this.

First, both legally and obviously, the recipient of a message becomes the owner of that message.

Use of the word "private" applies to the writer but not the recipient, in this case a publicly issued blog. The message originated from an undisclosed private domain and was submitted to a public publication, transferring ownership.

While it is true that "the words in this message" represent "solely my opinions", there is no "my" because the sender is unidentified.

One cannot override house rules by issuing alternative rules. You could not smoke in a restaurant by sending notice that their No Smoking sign does not apply to you.

Therefore these unsigned emails are our legally recepted spam to do with as we please, and The Blare Blog anticipates sharing them and commenting.
Wednesday March 6, 2019

EVERYDAY is The Radio Program That Could Be On Everyday
More clues in the March Unsigned Email Mystery;
talk of our expanded intra-medium outreach;
Carl's comprehensive new title TOP EXECUTIVE.
Tuesday March 5, 2019

March Mystery Month On The Blare Blog

A real mystery has come to us in the form of unsigned emails sent to The Blare Blog at

So far there have been about 4 such emails, from a return address that originates from a fake website.

The unsigned person is preaching to us about what he believes we should not say on our own Blog and makes strong suggestions as to what he believes we should say, and this has been topped off with an implied threat.

During the month we will analyze the unsigned emails starting with a discussion of the threat.


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