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February 2019

Monday February 25, 2019

KDX Retirement Plan
Sunday February 24, 2019

March Mystery Month is Coming
Since opening this Blog we have been receiving unsigned emails from a preaching troll who has been telling us what not to do in this Blog and what we should be doing instead.
The person's unsigned messages contain a warning that we are not to publish his diatribes which we take to be a threat to our security.
During March we plan to lay out the entire episode with revealing information discovered through forensic investigation.


Wizdumb Today

"If you are talking about a possible change in rules
then talking about the possibility if when it becomes appropriate
when were to transmit under a certain condition should be discussed."
- DJTroy AKA TheLegacy

Monday February 18, 2019

EVERYDAY "Mattress Day"
Radio Program from Everything Mattress Showroom
Presidents' Day Trash Pickup
- Special Film -
Trash Pickup Schedule
Thursday February 14, 2019

Wizdumbs Today - C.Blare

If man is built in God's image
then God must be on the stupid side.

The common man tends to struggle with life as if permanent security would eventually be attainable.
The exceptional man recognizes life as temporary and compensates by sluffing off.
Saturday February 9, 2019

Losing Hold On History - C.Blare

It was an email this week that brought our attention to a discrepency between our Programs and Schedule pages: "I see Jean Shephard is listed among your programs - but doesn't appear on your program schedule. Why is this?"
Plain and simple. Over 11-years of operation many programs have been displaced by newer programs on our finite schedule, while retained on the Programs page as a matter of history: programs once heard on KDX.
Not only Jean Shephard, but Bob and Ray, Tony Seton's newscasts, the Sam and Deidre Show, Travis T. Hipp's Commentaries... programs that themselves have detailed histories but have become part of radio's past, no longer heard on KDX and now stored in an archive.
The history of broadcasting is a sketchy affair at best and calls for dedicated specialists who have time and means to be self-supporting.
The single case of Jean Shephard, if we recall, never actually made it to schedule even as we acquired the collection of programs.
In as much as the question came up, having no staff historian, we've decided to drop the past by removing unscheduled programs from our KDX Programs page.
Why do you ask?
Tuesday February 5, 2019

Blare OnAir "Know Me"
Monday February 4, 2019

Blare OnAir "Wall in Space"

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