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January 2019

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Large Audience of One
- YouTube
Sunday January 27, 2019

The Solution to the #METOO Problem
by Carl Blare

Women seek at all times to be attractive as possible.
But they don't always want to attract.


News Talk Takes a Back Seat at KDX

Every day KDX Worldround Radio delivers the most informative fact-packed 

world affairs programs while conditions grow worse and it's very cold now.

Something different needed to happen and we discovered the escape hatch is 

a series of programs called "(dis)PERSE Dispatch", 2-hours per show of ambient, 

experimental, noise, soundart, shoegaze and difficult music 

hosted by Alan Herrick of Auricular Records from DFM RTV, Netherlands, 

in English with over 400 programs from Internet Archive 

under Creative Commons Attribution, No-Derivatives, International, 3.0/4.0 License.

Every evening at about 9-local we switch to what we call "The Hour of Entropy" 

and run these refreshing programs all night made up as they are 

from musical spare parts, stray sound-effects, 

sincere bad music that displaces ordinary dreaming and transports sleepers up and over life's walls.

Friday January 25, 2019

From Generic to Genre - C. Blare
Not so very long ago there were only three categories of music,
those being classical, jazz and pop.

Things began to change when a Frenchman, Phillippe Genre (pronounced Fee-Leep' John'-rah), began to divide, sub-divide and micro-divide musical types into a greater number of categories which we have come to know as "genres" (jjzzone'-rahs).

The number of different musical kinds reached such a high number that the music industry decided to break ties with Phillippe Genre and he is today a furloughed employee of the Government Accounting Office, making a list of food lines available in the Fondulac, Wisconsin area.

Asked whether he has a favorite musical genre 

Mr. Genre told The Blare Blog that he likes "shoegaze".

Saturday January 19, 2019

State of the Station 2019
Every year we at KDX Worldround Radio Proudly Present
our State of the Station Blare OnAir Broadcast
by way of which we exhibit what's been accomplished
during the past year of broadcasting.
This year's program began as an improvised unscripted effort,
but soon became a PreAmble consisting of
a veritable tour of our Internet Building facilities
and a history of FCC Part 15 category radio stations.
Part 2 is a Celebration Breakfast from the Forest Park Cafe.

KDX State of the Station Part 1

KDX Celebration Breakfast Part 2

Wednesday January 16, 2019

Letter to TUC Radio
Among the important programs aired on KDX are those from TUC Radio in northern California produced and hosted by Maria Gilardin. This note went out to Maria this morning:

Dear Maria:

The newest from TUC... Ray McGovern Russiagate Part 2... has made it out of your soaked rain-zone
and landed in the KDX hard-drive where it is set to launch at 8 PM Tonight PST.

Outside the plate-glass we see what's left of 14" of weekend snow with the twisty path I shoveled so the mailman
could arrive by our 100' driveway (the drive is straight but I look back and see that my shoveling is bendy).

The destruction of the U.S. from the top-within continues to be heiled by the self-superior
as journalsim online continues to expand for a largely unreceptive populace,
while Aijet's minions re-arrange the wiring to block reports-from-reality
to the benefit of staring sedentary masses and their crinkling bags of snack food.

Your work at TUC is an ever steeper uphill effort regardless of being on top of your mountain.

Down here at KDX we continue to pass the word along so long as there is an along to pass it through.

If we could build a wall between us and stupidity it would be worth 5-billion-dollars.

not-fired for the 11th straight year
Monday January 14, 2019

Blare OnAir - "Hunkered Down"

Thursday January 10, 2019

We already have a wall.
The Wall of Separation between state and church.
- Carl Blare

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