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Central Standard Time

Monday February 27, 2023

11:40 AM -- We've Got Wind --
The gusts have picked up. We will go offline until tranquility resumes.

10:40 AM -- Office Visit --
Thanks for dropping by, grab a chair. One of those chairs is missing since it was hauled away by that Bob guy when he declared occupation of the ALPB (Association for Low Power Broadcasters). I don't think he's holding meetings since he kicked out the members, unless he counts the two people that visit his dormant website. But we're magnanimous here at Blare Blog and understand that feelings of guilt and a late life desire to be somebody can drive a man to do goofy things.

I guess we're still under a wind advisory, but from what I see out the executive window is slight mild movement of trees and not a single gust of any consequence, the day is rolling along calmly as we tend to miscellany,

Um... there was something else, but... oh well. Memory loss.

7:13 AM -- Weather Watch --
Offline overnight under weather advisory for lightning and strong winds, KDXradio.com is online this morning with an ongoing alert through the day. Conditions at our precise location are remaining stable with only mild breezes and no storms but gusts up to 48 mph are possible along with lightning.

Saturday February 25, 2023

8:46 AM -- It Was Bound to Happen --
The KDX talk schedule is now on railroad time. I was busy delivering five flat-cars to the Logging Camp and couldn't start our radio schedule until the train was delivered and properly parked, and that's the way it is now. That's all I can tell you right at the moment because it's time for oatmeal in the Upper Management Lounge. Oh, and by 'upper management' we mean 'top executives', not an upstairs lounge. We're in a rush because the Saw Mill needs more logs.

5:23 AM -- Here It Is --
Had a conversation with DXing specialist Brooce who says hi and mentioned that ongoing solar activity has opened up high frequency reception on earth radios, noting among other things that CB Band activity over vast distances can easily be heard as well as things up around 40 to 50 MHz which calls to mind our own bloggings about using FCC allowed space at 49 MHz for our own relay purposes but which begs the question: what might be used for reception at such 'off-band' location? To which the idea of an SDR came to mind; a Software Defined Radio. However with that you'd need an accompanying computer and so went the exchange and a few afterthoughts. Meanwhile I've become engulfed in the Railroads Online simulation game and need to move lumber in a mountainous region with only a small steam engine but it's the only way of generating enough 'income' to afford a stronger more suitable engine so I've got to dash off. 

Thursday February 23, 2023

11:34 AM -- Interrupted --
Our internet server/website locked up at 10:43, but we didn't notice whether it was PM (last night) or AM (less than an hour ago), nor do we know the cause of the outage. Whether related or not we also find that the Thom Hartmann Program, which is ordinarilly heard weekdays at this time is having an ongoing string of technical difficulties, but it's unknown whether the two situations are related. There is as of yet no understanding as to whether the difficulties are system-wide across the internet or merely local within our own operation. If you know anything say anything.

Wednesday February 22, 2023

4:30 PM -- All Done --
The hazardous weather and tornado watch are a thing of the past with temp dropped from 72F to 58F, sunlight, and nothing much to come. What that means is we will not need to close the website and radio streams and are able to continue peacefully toward tomorrow. Thanks for keeping the vigil with us, let's regroup in the Upper Management Lounge for treats.

2 PM -- Now Happening --
Heavy showers have arrived with slight rise in east blowing wind, but so far the nearest lightning cluster is northeast of here at the Illinois/Indiana border near Chicago.

1:15 PM -- The Morphing Weather Picture --
As of the moment skies are a bit brighter than earlier, hasn't yet rained, and the temperature is up to 72F! But all is not certain for the immediate future. A tornado warning is in effect for a county wide area about three counties north of us and we are under a tornado watch. The next hours call for a 100% chance of rain and possible thunderstorms.

11:55 AM -- KYNO Lost Its Tree & Now Needs a Tower --
The Story

11:49 AM -- Noon Report --
Today's 100% chance of precipitation was predicted to kick-off at 9, but the day is in a darkly overcast motionless holding pattern as we reach our second lunchtime, consisting of whole-wheat toast topped with white mushroom slices and sardines.

8:03 AM -- Looming Skies --
Dark morning quiet and still with 68oF in the last week of this winter month of Ferbruary. As pleasant as it may seem the atmosphere is passing through a stealthy transfiguration which may culminate in thunderstorms, strong damaging winds, and slight chance of tornadoes. But it's too soon to cower.

7:01 AM -- List Number One --
The Blog believes that human beings naturally keep a list of Big Questions that get some amount of attention through thoughts and peer discussion. Said list typically includes such fundamental curiosities as 'what' and 'why' along with 'if not now, when'. As an artificial person', The Blog shares these heretofore unanswered questions, except 'what', as it has been established 'what' a blog is, but the matter of 'why' gets asked again on occasion, and as this blog's chief author, the inquiry falls to me and off-hand I would say that The Blog is a multi-media extension of our radio station, identified as KDX Worldround Radio, a low power broadcaster on various frequencies across AM, FM and other bands, together with KDX-VORBIS, the online streaming channel simulcasting our programming. More than shifting the 'why' question over to 'why we broadcast', I would say that a broader question becomes 'why does anyone do this stuff', including in the aggregated probe a universal overview as to why humans and their artificial outlets write, speak, publish, or engage in any kind of signal sending. Right now, on the cusp of a coffee break, I would say that KDX does everything for one reason: we are friendly. 

6:52 AM -- Determined Determination or Termination --
Everyone at The Blare Blog agrees that today is a Wednesday. Following a breakfast break we will ascertain other factors pertaining to our present place in earth orbit.

Tuesday February 21, 2023

6:42 AM -- Where Has This Microphone Been All Our Career? --
Light Weight Parabolic

Monday February 20, 2023

7:05 PM -- Transmission From the Pit --
Blogging to you under cover of darkness from the Worldround Radio Control Cockpit we calculate that as of midnight, less than 5-hours from now, we will leave Monday behind and enter Tuesday, a new day entirely not having previously been traversed by our planet earth. Best predictions indicate we will enjoy peaceful passage while also knowing that elsewhere on terra, wars, earthquakes, & train disastors, are among disturbances being endured by fellow inhabitants. Throughout the day updates and informational dispatches will be posted at intervals. Have fresh batteries & canned food & remember where you parked your car.

11:12 AM -- Lucky Chicago --
At 820 right in the middle of Chicago's AM dial resides progressive radio station WCPT, 5800 W d, 1500 W n.
Hi! Welcome to WCPT Website

10:34 AM -- RE: Quietest Room in the World --
Mark from Canada wants to make travel arrangements:

I want to go there!

- Mark

When they open the door to let you in it must sound like a train is de-railing.

9:04 AM -- Time & Season Shiftings in March --
Daylight Time returns Sunday March 12 when clocks go forward 1-hour at 2 AM.
Spring arrives Monday March 20 on the Vernal Equinox at 5:24 PM EDT.
KDX Radio brings its annual playing of 'The Drunkard in Spring' by Gustav Mahler from his 'Song of the Earth'.

8:57 AM -- Trillion Dollar Military Budget Pays Off --
Amateur Radio Balloon Goes Missing

6:49 AM -- Start of the Week --
After carefully considering our present place in the vast universe we have determined that the orbital and seasonal trajectory of planet earth has entered a Monday and that always means that KDX Worldround Radio will send 'No Agenda' hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, an always informative and entertaining jaunt through current politics, health news, and other observation on happenings in our emerging civilization. It might also be a good day to review the status of our various radio transmitters, most of which are off the air pending repairs. I have the ability to repair transmitters but being self-employed, which is to say - hobbyist of record, am very lax about bothering with it.

The big highlight from last week is a loud crash heard right on the other side of the office wall, which might have been debris from a surveillance balloon dropped to earth under Presidential orders. I slapped on my security hat and stepped out to find that a bird shelf had come loose and landed on a galvanized can. Quickly applied forensics determined that a squirrel had chewed on the mounting in its attempt to expand a planned nesting area. In fact the culprit was on a nearby branch still expressing shock after no doubt having been inside the structure as it came down. "Now see what you've done," I said.

Speaking of presidents, I am informed that today is Presidents Day in the United States, held in tandem with Washington's Birthday, remembering George Washington the first president at the founding of the Nation. It would be appropriate this year to have special regard for Past-President Jimmy Carter, in the news for entering hospice care at age 95. As a federal holiday there will be no postal mail although e-mails are unaffected, banks may be physically closed but not cyberspacialy, and acknowledgment by local governments may vary.

Sunday February 19, 2023

12:05 NOON -- Quietest Room in the World --
Might Make You Falling Down Crazy

7:31 AM -- Fran Blanche On the State of AM Radio --
Is Fran Blanche a HAM?

Saturday February 18, 2023

8:52 AM -- Interesting Video --
Mark links us with NewsNation for this report on
AM radio and electric automobiles

8:32 AM -- Petition --
Mark writes regarding Jeffrey Gill's Petition:

Why is this guy not head of the FCC?

The most important of it all is this....."

c.) Impose a "get tough" policy on the manufacturers of any device that causes significant interference to AM radio. Any device causing interference to one or more AM broadcast frequencies at a distance of three feet or greater must not be allowed to enter the American market place. We must demand proof that every electrical and electronic device entering in or produced in the United States has passed a series of rigorous tests at an FCC approved compliance testing facility.

d.) Crack down on automobile manufacturers who not only install factory radios with terrible, narrow band AM sound, but also poorly shield the AM section from the various computer processes running almost constantly in any car produced over the past 12 years. I have experienced car radios where the usable range of AM stations on certain frequencies is as little as 20 percent of what it normally is, thanks to this lack of shielding. This is unacceptable! If the average desktop computer can limit the interference it causes on most AM channels to less than three feet, then why can't an automotive manufacturer stop all computer based AM radio interference, even with all that natural shielding and an antenna placed on the rear of the roof?

Ditto about the cars like my 2020 Kia Forte that because of the car's electronics renders AM useless and no night skywave exists and cars radios should be the best. The electric cars should spend the extra time to shield the electronics and put AM in the cars. The A/C grid should be cleaned up also. Big problem, no one gives a shit about AM and that is the reason for all this being allowed.

Also nothing was said about FM which in the USA could be raised to BETS-1 levels (Canada).

And I second that no unlicensed station using a certified transmitter and not causing interference to anything else and following all program content guidelines be told to stop just because a station complains because you are there....no other reason.

If I in Canada show an agent a certified BETS-1 transmitter for "Broadcasting" and I am not causing interference to any licensed station in it's protected area, or in any other place in the spectrum as per secondary harmonic rules, and following all programing guidelines, just because a commercial station doesn't like me there isn't a reason to be told to stop when the country gives me the privilege of being there.
And not only that, this stupid rule on broadcasting and nonbroadcasting should be done away with. All unlicensed broadcasting in Canada should be BETS and the AM rules of 100mW and antenna ground 3 meters should be moved to BETS-1 and RSS-210 for AM and FM commercial bands should be scrapped. All transmitters should be certified BETS-1. It's a stupid technicality .... If you have a definite area boundary you are not broadcasting but if no definite line in the sand you are now broadcasting?? Nonsense!!
This would be my petition to ISED....get rid of the broadcasting non broadcasting! Someone here with a Procaster got told to stop just because of this stupid definition of broadcasting.

- Mark

Friday February 17, 2023

12:13 NOON -- What Ever Became of Bob Foboff? --
I was thinking about my old pal Bob Foboff and learned that he lost his pharmacy and went to work for a fish cannery. His pharmacy failed because Bob, as a Christian Scientist, refused to fill prescriptions because of disbelief in medicine. Now he's being let go by the cannery because he doesn't think fish should end up in cans.

12:04 NOON -- A Petition to Expand Certain Part 15 Allowances --
Give us a Watt - Jeffrey Gill

11:39 AM -- Hello and Snagging a Graphic --
Radio PHVERN has moved out of the city and writes from his farm:


Been a while. Hope you are well.

I'm making refinements to my transmitter with a better location on my farm. Antenna upgrade for the Talking House coming by summer 2023 (but I'll have to sink a mast). I'll likely use the same mast for a scanner antenna.

Would it be ok if I snagged that flea-powered graphic from your KDX website and used it?

The signal propagation is really something out here. I've been at a mile loud and clear, and confirmed loud and clear by tonight's test from two nearby farmers.

Is your station running pretty well?  Anything new in the hobby broadcasting world I've been asleep about? I haven't logged into the part15 forum since I moved.


Radio PHVERN Propagation

Radio PHVERN Website

Hello back to you, PHVERN, you may snag the flea-powered image which, by the way, was donated by Rich Powers who also keeps in touch with The Blog.

10:54 AM -- Memorial to an Imaginary Radio Station --
Radio Majdanek

Thursday February 16, 2023

2:20 PM -- Can Radio Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?  --
Message from Bill Baker at ISS:


Here are safety-related articles that might interest you: 

Post-Pulse Public Communications
Portable radio stations in protective environments just may present a tool that could be used to maintain communication with the public after an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) disruption. How would that work?

Finishing Strong
Special event organizers and emergency managers are utilizing temporary radio stations to mitigate the mayhem that occurs when other communication systems fail, while keeping attendees informed. See how event venues are doing it.

Rock Radio Resurfaces
A heavy topic:  license-free radio stations now operate at hundreds of cement plants and gravel pits to make sure truck drivers are “in tune” with changing safety regulations. Find out more.

Don’t hesitate to comment by return email. Your input is always welcome.

Bill Baker
Information Station Specialists
616.772.2300 x102

7:04 AM -- Radio Jay Allen Transmitter Review --
The C. Crane FM3

2:09 AM -- Storms Ahead --
Carl Blare here, called in for Special Duty upon detecting distant thunder out somewhere in the night. It becomes my responsibility to decide whether to shut down the website & radio servers for technological security in the event of further storm buildup or to ride it out and hope for the best. That's enough dramatics, I want to get back to sleep and avoid being called a second time, so off she goes. See you in the morning.

Wednesday February 15, 2023

7:18 PM -- OK Then, All Clear --
The weather. Ya, those winds never materialized and what little rainy-dribble occurred was unnoticeable. That's why this website remained online and there was no duck and cover. It's definitely spring here because the doves are back at the window air conditioner cooing which I hear to my left next to this workstation. Robins are perched around looking indignant because young squirrels have moved into their secret nesting positions which has been tolerated so far in that I'm not one to evict anyone during the cold, but the squirrels are going to be surprised when I call the sheriff and have them tossed into the street. Meanwhile I've been spooked seeing squirrels walking on the side of the brick wall which creeps me out  The damn things are mutating. I don't know. About the blog I mean. In one sense I think it's a waste of time to publish myself on a global medium yet because it's possible there is an inclination to do it. That combined with the fact that low power hobby radio is fading into antiquity and needs boosters who support a movement toward restoring it to rightful glory. Artisan Radio has the right idea with his plans to rejuvenate his radio station in Canada, very inspirational. You can go back to what you were doing, I guess I'll do dinner.

Tuesday February 14, 2023

6:10 PM -- Not Quite All Clear  --
Today's 100% chance of rain lasted less than an hour and wind gusts forecast to reach 45 mph did not arrive under clearing skies, however the wind alert remains in effect until 3 AM. We remain online and on duty. 6:20 PM UPDATE: Wind advisory for overnight, gusts could reach 40 mph with no stated deadline.

1:54 PM -- UFO Task Force --
Haven't you heard? The gov has formed a UFO Task Force to look into the UFO mystery objects they've been shooting down. Have they forgotten the Space Force? Those bloons or whatever have been up there near the edge of space. What does the Space Force do all day? This seems made to order to give them a mission.

1:41 PM -- Picky About Transportation --
Artisan Radio prefers against the Zoox:

After spending my working life in computer technology, focusing on
software development, and also working in the AI field, there's no way
you'd get me in one of those things!

- Artisan Radio

10:27 AM -- Momentary Mulling -
You know, when unscheduled solicitations arrive at the door has anyone ever thought of diverting their sales push by selling them on a product you have ready and waiting? Take the Jehova couple from the other day. They were concentrated on telling me un-asked claims about 'God's Plan', but I so easily could have whipped out a part 15 radio transmitter and given a proper demonstration on how the Word of God could be sent to the whole block from a single microphone in a van parked on the street. As a transmitter salesman I could generate spare income by selling to the sellers! That's smart.

10:08 AM -- Not An Actual Appeal for Assistance --
I'm only kidding, but I'm locked inside of a Zoox driverless robotaxi that won't let me out as it continues southward on the interstate.
The Zoox
But I think I do have a point. Not only are we expected to depend on driverless vehicles to proceed safely on public ways but also must trust they will let us out at the desired destination.

9:53 AM -- Wind Advisory --
The Weather Service has us under a wind advisory with possible gusts up to 45 mph. Winds of such gust could trigger a power outage. As of this moment the air is calm but if wind starts to blow KDX will go offline for equipment security. The advisory extends until 3 AM CST Wednesday.

9:41 PM -- Sound Art --
The contraction 'soundart' refers to a musical genre whereas 'sound art' (with a space) is a branch of art.
Sound Art
Soundart Radio
Soundart Radio is under consideration for addition to the KDX Demand Radio page.

Monday February 13, 2023

5:07 PM -- Major Transformation at Artisan Radio --
Artisan Radio is remaking itself with all new plans for programming and program production, including a revised all-new blog.
Major Announcement Posted Feb. 12th

1:31 PM -- Rihanna Briefing --
Robin Rihanna Fenty
The Halftime Show
She has a strong voice. Now what we don't know is where Barbados is.
Barbados Whereabouts
Barbadians have a pleasant island whereon Rihanna is a reknowned resident with such world prominence that it's about time we learned about her.

11:55 AM -- Half Time --
I cut myself off too soon, I wasn't finished talking about the big TV Fish Bowl Game, in particular what I hear second hand about the two highlights of Half-Time, a stage performance by a pop star and the most expensive TV spots in the world. This year's Star is one of the many singers with one name: Rheona. I'll check the spelling and fix it later if needed (It is needed: CORRECTION: Rihanna), and I'll even visit her on YouTube to hear what she does. She must be good because that's a coveted gig in the entertainment world. I must say I'm put off by the spotlighting of her pregnancy, simply because I consider that to be her private business and we don't need to hear about it. As to the commercials, that was once of interest to me having been associated with advertising agencies and production of many commercials during my waned career, but commercials now-days seen on the internet seem loud, childish and trashy, so we'll stay out of it. What have you heard?

11:43 AM -- Sticking Our Head Above the Ground and Seeing More Winter --
I think today is National Radio Day or some-such but to most people that is about as interesting as the Super Bowl is to me. Football is a pointless game named for an inflated pig-skin that is not ball-shaped and an unnecessary objective in no way worth the physical injury risked by players to the howling indifference of a drunken mob-crowd. Although I can say that a Full Bowl is always worthwhile be it popcorn, salad, or soup. 

11:24 AM -- Now We Know What Happened --
As written, the other day KDX went into a freeze-up as the Zara Automation System got stuck in a feedback loop during the playing of Arthur Honegger's First Symphony, requiring an entire system reboot. Yesterday we happened upon the cause by noticing that a flash drive had lost contact, although the reason this suddenly happened remains unexplained. It's back in service now.

10:52 AM -- AI Producing Music of the Future --
True. So-called 'Artificial Intelligence' has already been hard at work producing music of various genres mostly in the pop, commercial, movie sound-track and gaming markets. Up until recently the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) able to produce synthesized orchestral and electronic music has been directed by real-life musicians. However, synthetic composition has been undergoing remarkable advances and is able to generate original scores using note and rhythm patterns borrowed from human music. Probably the only form of music difficult to match using automatic means is the classical idiom where the depths of intellectual intelligence cover a range of experience not so far mimicked by digital processes. In our own experience, we composed original music for videos as far back as the 1990s using the Amiga Computer's 'Bars and Pipes' Sequencer. And the companion program 'Super Jam' was able to be 'told' to come up with jazz or rock or hip hop or a whole gamut of forms and did usably well. As Amiga went by the wayside Bill Gates purchased 'Blue Ribbon Soundworks' and its programmers, the producers of the aforementioned softwares, paid them off, had them sign a non-compete agreement, and they've been obediently out of the way ever since. The reason we're talking about it now stems from this article:
AI Future Music

Sunday February 12, 2023

7:51 AM -- Sense Census --
Human beings are always trying to make sense of everything, but we have our five senses and that's as far as it goes.

7:36 AM -- Outside of Schedule --
Sunday programming on KDX doesn't officially begin until 9 AM, but this morning at 6 seemed like a good time to sample an hour of John Cage from Radio4All. His diminutive opera sounded like opera held in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, and a song of his resembled a lucid moment in the musical life of a dog. It was good enough to do again sometime.

6:27 AM -- Our Fourfathers --
Earlier I tried the AM dial at just the time when a local station sent the 'Our Father Who Art in Heaven' song, setting me to wondering which father they were singing about and the probability that 'Heaven' is a euphimism for 'dead dad residence'.  

6:02 AM -- Why Now with All the Bloons --
The news cycle has been taken over with balloon sightings as if stray balloons were a new phenomenon perhaps foresignaling the end of times provoked by China, but I saw a balloon-oriented object flying high over our radio campus back in 1995 when we were sitting on the porch steps testing our new binoculars. Way up there, moving on a straight-line southwesterly trajectory was a coffin-shaped configuration wrapped in numerous pink and blue balloons with a single balloon noticeably yanking toward an easterly angle as though propelled by forced-air, likely a crude steering apparatus. The thing remained observable for several minutes before leaving the arc of view, although my wife was unable to find it amid the vast sea of blue-grey sky.While our attention is directed balloonward what vital issues are we distracted from knowing about?

5:32 AM -- Both Sides and the Other Sides --
So many pundits refer to 'both sides' of issues in the news, often mispronouncing the word 'pundits' as 'pundints', when there is no such word as 'pundint' and often more than two sides. That's my side of the matter. What's yours?

Saturday February 11, 2023

3:07 PM -- Regarding TheLegacy --
Mark knows a little about it:

I think he is just doing Ham radio now. Last I heard he was trying to get another transmitter as his was damaged by a wind storm or something and some kids were playing with an antenna lead outside his place and ruined that.
Sometimes he comments here and there on Facebook.

- Mark

HAM radio seems like an appropriate place for Mister TheLegacy, whom I kiddingly referred to as 'TheLeg', since he liked to express himself openly and strongly. Probably Citizens Band Radio would have been good enough and no doubt less costly, but on the other hand a good HAM setup is apt to have further reach because of the greater wattage allowance; 1.5 kW as compared to 4-Watts. Be that as it may, we recall the determined effort made by him to get Part 15 rules upgraded to provide greater coverage for unlicensed operators so that Album Oriented Rock would reach as many potential listeners as possible. His unique way of petitioning the FCC was to ask why the rest of us weren't petitioning them, ultimately placing guilt for lack of action on our shoulders, a shame which will follow us no matter where we move. 

2 PM -- Between Stops --
After many days I have built an elaborate rail network in the Railroads Online simulation game, and this morning learned how to operate the little steam engine that comes with the game, running it up to the Logging Camp to load the flat car with logs to take to the Lumber Mill. On the way to the Mill the train crashed into a tree that got left too close to the track and derailed. Right at that moment people came to the door and knocked, which I hate when not expecting anyone. I opened and faced a black man wearing a face-mask who asked me, "Do you think God cares about you?" I looked at him for a moment and then asked him, "Why are you asking me that?" He replied, "We are here to bring Good News to the neighborhood." The other one was a massive rotund black woman also masked who stood aside observing. The next thing I said was, "I'm in here working and wasn't expecting anyone." He said, "We didn't know that," and I said "That's right. You didn't." He turned the topic to the bamboo we have growing and a graceful exit was had with a few more remarks about bamboo. I re-railed my synthetic train and got the logs delivered, but was hit by a Zara failure when Honegger's 1st Symphony went into some kind of feedback loop and wouldn't stop replaying the same passage forcing me to reboot the entire website and everything. There was no doubt in my mind that it was time for another breakfast, this time consisting of oatmeal, banana and orange. Earlier I'd had a spinach salad with yellow squash slices and shredded cheese. The website/radio station is rebooted and we're sending a 333-Hz test tone. As to whether God cares about me I have no way of knowing because he hasn't spoken to me about anything and I'm not sure why it would matter. As long as the Cardinals win baseball games that's the main thing.

Friday February 10, 2023

2:09 PM -- Mark Has This To Say About That --

I have never used the EDM so I can't say anything about it.

As for the certified ones that have fixed power and connected antenna at a certain length or like Decade adjustable length as certified the Decade is the cream of the crop although Decade has adjustable power to a point and isn't power regulated so output varies with frequency choice. But power adjustment is not in the instructions.

#1 is Decade for audio and build quality.
#2 is Broadcastvision ASX-FMTD with close to Decade sound quality but lacking a bit in low end and for the same audio as Decade you have to boost low end a bit at source. Build is mass produced with surface mount miniature components but is "still up there" in quality.

The rest don't get to the level of these and they are the two not made in China There is another from Progressive Concepts but have not used that and not certified Canada.

Have had the Wholehouse 3 but not near the top 2 and I found had a problem with not being accurate on frequency. Sold it long ago to TheLegacy.

Problem with AXS_FMTD is a grey area with Canadian certification as it has the number on the label but is not in the REL look up with ISED. A few years ago the company went through the tests but didn't follow through with the ISED (formerly Industry Canada) registration but are still sold with the IC (Canada) number.

Also as Tim's tests showed the Broadcastvison operates well above Part 15 and RSS-210 levels and more like BETS-1 (or more if it had a longer 1/4 wave antenna) and if I ever got a visit I would be told not to use it.
I recently got one but am A little nervous using it.

The two cons with the Decade is a not so readily available power supply and a proprietory telescoping antenna and connector so if it breaks you can only get a replacement from Decade. I have extras that I got from Decade. And the 16volt AC power supplies can be had at Mouser Electronics online. It needs an AC 16 volts not DC. Not easy to get, so extras of these are a good idea too.

As for AM (Procaster) you have heard the story.....for Canada you can't "broadcast" with these. Emoji

- Mark

Oh, and you mentioned TheLegacy, one of the active members of the ALPB days. Since the destruction of that membership organization he has not been heard from. Is he still on the air? 

7:10 AM -- Everything But Not Everywhere All At Once --
A message from Artisan Radio:

Don't know if this is intentional, but your 'Server is down until early
Thursday' splash page is still up.

On another note, I've owned and used an early EDM transmitter.  I wasn't
all that impressed. Maybe they've improved since then.

First of all, it's way overpowered for both Canada and the U.S. use.
Supposedly you can tune it down, but it's not obvious how to do so.
Even their specs say minimum output power is 1mw.

I found it had a lot of hum unless you used a really clean power
supply.  No on board filtering, obviously.

The sound was good, but the Decade MS-100 sounds better.

This transmitter is obviously catered towards the pirate crowd, and
while it was tempting to continue to use it (who doesn't want greater
range?), I shelved mine and sold it , replacing it with a Decade.

What the Part 15 broadcasting needs is a good, reasonably priced, and
certified transmitter to give Decade a run for their money. IMO, the EDM
isn't it.

- Artisan Radio

Thank you, Artisan, for the tip about our website being unavailable yesterday. At about the same time as you sent the email I noticed we were late signing on which I posted about yesterday afternoon.
My rate of operator error has gone up in proportion to the time I spend playing the 'Railroads Online' simulation game, in which I've become a very skilled track layout designer. Turning next to talking about the EDM transmitter, my experience with the brand is more recent than yours and I am impressed by the model we have. There are several versions, and ours has hum-free performance with audio comparable to the best stations and we found it easy to adjust for part 15 RF output. There is an internal switch between 'high' and 'low' power, and each range has a variable adjustment for increasing or lowering the output. We are using a quarter-wavelength dipole antenna marketed by the Decade transmitter maker. It should be kept in mind that these transmitters are designed for marketing everywhere which makes the US Part 15 market only a small part of targeted users. At the moment our unit is broken because a nearby lightning flash caused the final RF transistor to blow-out, and when we send it to EDM for repair we intend to purchase a second unit.

The FCC certification rule (my opinion) is a reasonable attempt to remove variables from transmitters available within the US so they cannot be operated outside of the rules. By comparison, the uncertified transmitters whether kits or ready-built, have enough changibility that an operator is in a position to exceed the rules and tune upwards for better range. While most operators are honest and reliable in living up to the responsibility of legal operation, the strongest way of removing 'temptation' is the certification process. Although, at the end of the day and speaking realistically, even certified transmitters can be 'modified', making the certification a weak 'best effort' to curb piracy. 

Thursday February 9, 2023

2:35 PM -- Give Me Another Day --
Mark, I'll get back to talking about kit marketing and home building of transmitters tomorrow.

2:32 PM -- Riding Freight Trains --
The hidden world of jumping freight trains now has a podcast.
Tickets Please

2:16 PM -- What and Why --
What happened is that our website server was offline half-the-day. Why it was offline is because I skipped a step in turning the servers on this morning following a night of predicted lightning and high winds.

7:25 AM -- EDM FM Kits --
Mark  responds to ongoing discussion of FCC 'Kit' rule:

But it is marketed. Not home brewed from an unmarketed source (a hobby magazine) or your own design. Why can't anyone just market transmitters and not go through the expensive hoops of getting certification if all they have to do is sell it as EDM does with one thing to solder?

I would like that idea by the way.

- Mark

Stand by, Mark. Later today I will continue our discussion of how I interpret the Part 15 rules with regard to home-built transmitters, certified transmitters, transmitter kits, and the jumble of different writing styles confusing the part 15 rules.

Wednesday February 8, 2023

5:46 PM -- EDM FM Transmitters --
Lest you may wonder.

4:24 PM -- FCC Rules Part 15 Building of Transmitters - Part 1 --

  15.3   Definitions.

(p) Kit. Any number of electronic parts, usually provided with a
   schematic diagram or printed circuit board, which, when assembled in
   accordance with instructions, results in a device subject to the
   regulations in this part, even if additional parts of any type are
   required to complete assembly.

This very early entry near the beginning of the Part 15 Rules settles the question of whether transmitter kits are legal. This is a well written definition of what a kit is, clearly makes itself subject to other parts of the Part 15 Rules, and because it says "any number of electronic parts" it makes legal a transmitter such as the EDM series about which it has been asked, "is this really a kit?", owing to the fact that only one solder task is required to make the units operable, the "any number of parts" totaling two. In legalese (legal language) what is not said counts toward overall meaning: this rule does not say that certification is required and it infers that kits are marketed "for sale" by a "provider".

Be here tomorrow for Part 2.

7:19 AM -- Double Security --
Double Security
Steve Gibson - TWiT.tv

Tuesday February 7, 2023

8:42 PM -- Kits --
Mark, the moderator from the original low power radio forum, responds to my blogging about 'home-built' transmitters:

You said "So long as it is built by the home-body at home and not 'bought' as one does in the case of a kit."

That would make the SStran, and the Sean Cuthbert transmitters not legal as they are "marketed" and not home built as per your design or from a hobby book etc.

Canada used to have this as I understand but it was removed.

- Mark

Not so fast, Mark. That's not the whole story. Kits ARE legal, and tomorrow I will come back to the subject and explain what I think is the full truth, confusing as it may be. Right now the U.S. President is delivering the Annual State of the Union Message and carried live on KDX Worldround Radio. I am listening so I will know what he said.

2:58 PM --- Update Notification --
Audacity V 3.2.4 has dropped; which is to say... been released.

11:14 AM -- The Grid Power is Out Let's Start the Car --
Plug the House Into the Car and Turn It On

8:24 AM -- Addendum to Home-Built --
In yesterday's blog about FCC Part 15.23 we made an assumption that could easily be made by anyone... we took the words 'home-built' to imply a home-dweller at home, in other words a 'who and where'. However, think again... 'home-built' only specifies the 'where' of the build, it does not specify 'who' does the building. Therefore we ask, 'what is the definition of home?' Many business corporations have their 'home office'; can home built transmitters be made there? I would say yes, so long as the resulting device is not for sale. Even moreso since the High Court has ruled that corporations are people. That said, I'll pile on one more variable that would fit the rule for anyone wanting to construct more than 5 of them. The solution is to do your building in more than one home. I'll make 5 at my house, you do 5 at yours, and so on. If you want to be bad, make six of them and then say nothing about it until the statute of limitations runs out. 

8:21 AM -- This Might Be Something --
Voice Meeter Banana

Monday February 6, 2023

8:13 PM -- Home Built --

This section of the FCC rules is interesting:

  15.23   Home-built devices.

   (a) Equipment authorization is not required for devices that are not
   marketed, are not constructed from a kit, and are built in quantities
   of five or less for personal use.

   (b) It is recognized that the individual builder of home-built
   equipment may not possess the means to perform the measurements for
   determining compliance with the regulations. In this case, the builder
   is expected to employ good engineering practices to meet the specified
   technical standards to the greatest extent practicable. The provisions
   of 15.5 apply to this equipment.

This rule doesn't specify where the plans for home built devices might come from. We assume that the home-owner or dweller of a home is allowed to design their own 'device', which we take to mean 'transmitter', but one might also obtain a schematic from a friend, from a magazine article, or copycat a certified or uncertified transmitter so long as it is built by the home-body at home and not 'bought' as one does in the case of a kit. But the rule doesn't really specify whether the home-built device might be 'commissioned', where-in a friend or other able person would draft a diagram for monetary consideration for 'professional services', which is different than purchasing a device. An open question lingers as to how a person would know 'good engineering practices' if he does not possess means for measurement. The allowance of five (5) units for self use seems arbitrary and it is not explained why anyone would need more than one such device. Nor does the rule refer to the frequency band for home-built units, opening the way for AM or FM builds or any other band as specified in the section of permissable frequencies and special requirements applying thereto.

5:57 PM -- A Highly Recommended Movie --
Everyone should watch this.
Being There starring Peter Sellers

Sunday February 5, 2023

12:56 NOON -- That's Funny, You Don't Look Jukeish --
Another winner from the research of Rich Powers:

Before I go check out Rags Juke Boxes, wanted to drop off this article about the new part 15 juke boxes hitting the market in 1945...
Part 15 Juke Jute Organ Boxes
Witchita Falls Record News

6:46 AM -- Internet Streaming Reference --
Streaming Media
Data Rate Units

Friday February 3, 2023

2:20 PM -- Hitchhiking Among the Stars --
Artisan Radio Blog in an entry titled 'New Old Time Radio' speaks of high quality radio plays being produced in the current day by CBC in Canada and BBC in Great Britain. Some of the shows named by Artisan have been aired here on KDX and we also house a collection of BBC vinyl recordings containing such acclaimed shows as 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', 'The Goon Show', and a batch of production music and sound effects. The national radio services of Canada and England are as devoted to radio today as networks were in the United States up until the 1950s when attention shifted to television. Times have changed again and over-the-air TV in the U.S. is being eclipsed by online streaming where original video shows have become a large industry but less effort is being invested in radio-style audio productions on the web. Only plain talk shows seem to have become plentiful in the form of podcasts along with a variety of DJ type music shows in many genres but nothing in the way of dramatic programs.

10:12 AM -- Juke Box Museum --
Down under in New Zealand Johny Cole collects juke boxes while sending 1-Large Watt of FM radio on his RagFM station. We got to know Johny while both of us were charter members of the now defunct Association of Low Power Broadcasters and he joined me then as guest on the Low Power Hour.
Visit the Juke Boxes of Rag FM

Thursday February 2, 2023

11:36 AM -- Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in Ukrainian Skies --
Plenty of Them

10:48 AM -- Gravity, Senolytics, and Jook Organs --
Our main theme in January was probably the 'scientific' proposition that a certain ultra-sonic sine-wave tone might reverse aging and our laboratory experiment attempting to super-impose such a tone during our radio stream, to which Richard Powers submits his thoughts, findings and speculations:

Hey Carl, you're really stuck on that youth rejuvenation frequencies quest aren't you? Ever since you began talking about it, it seems all of the sudden I keep stumbling onto semi-related content on the web. A LiveScience article https://www.livescience.com/does-gravity-make-you-age-slower addresses the question (quote):
"...So, if time is linked to gravity, does that mean that people on top of mountains age faster than people at sea level do? Does increased gravity actually make people age more slowly?.."
It tells us the answer is yes, it is minor, but measurable. Another article from https://www.wired.com/story/drugs-aging-medicine-biotech/ "A Drug to Treat Aging May Not Be a Pipe Dream' tells us about something called "..“senolytics,” a class of treatments that targets aged cells.." And states that by the end of the year will be proof it works in humans and not just in the rats they've been testing it on.

So maybe if you combine your youth tone with some senoltytics while at the top of Mnt. Everest, you'll climb back down as a young man. It wouldn't hurt to bring along a 49mz transmitter with 100mw input and a permanently attached 1 meter antenna (there's no mention of ground lead if used), and broadcast a 100kHz tone through that.

It's just a thought.

Before I go, let me tell you a story. About 15 or so years ago, my boss was telling me a story that began something like this: "..One night we went into this juke joint we aint never been to and...."
I interrupted him to ask: "Whats a juke joint?"
He looked at me like I was stupid and exclaimed "A bar!! You aint never heard it called a juke-joint before??"..., and then he went on with his story which was about a bar fight or something (as he was a rowdy sort). I really had never heard anyone refer to a bar as a juke-joint before or since that day.

I told you that story to tell you this; Today I also read an old but enjoyable article in the Febuary 24, 1940 issue of Billboard magazine, on page 71: https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-All-Music/Billboard/40s/1940/Billboard-1940-02-24.pdf
Why Are Phonos Called Jook Organs? Florida Offers Clue

Terminology used by writers describing automatic phonographs has descended in many cases to the use of the words "juke boxes" or "jook organs." It is suggested that the form may have come from the States on the Southeastern seaboard, where these terms are much in use.... .. ..

The article continues on from there into a delightful romp through a night, defined as "goin' jukin' at a string of several "juke joints" in Tallahassee Florida during 1940, while at the same time offering a likely explanation how the term "juke box" originated. It's a really fun read which I think you may enjoy too.

Have a drink, do the jitterbug, and quit fretting over not being young. It'll just make you older.

- Rich

Holy wrap up, Richard! This almost reminds me of a very wonderful girlfriend from my bachelor days who was puzzled why I called a juke box a jukebox. "It's jute box!", she insisted. As it turns out 'jute' is defined as 'The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plants, Corchorus olitorius and Corchorus capsularis, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.' Therefore if a box were constructed from jute it would be a jute box, but of course it couldn't play phonograph records. 

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