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February 2020 - Part One


Saturday February 15, 2020 10:40 PM CST -- Mysterious Carrier at 105.3 MHz

As we do from time to time we viewed the electromagnetic spectrum to observe signal levels from our KDX AM and FM transmitters, and noted them all steady, on-channel, and looking healthy. But we also found a silent carrier at 105.3 MHz and naturally wondered if we were causing that signal in some way. A quick look at Radio Locator's website showed that 105.3 is a 99 Watt translator station for AM 1380 and is located on a tower less than 1-mile from us. We checked 1380 and heard normal program modulation, suggesting that the station had lost audio to its translator. It's been over 24-hours and the situation continues.

Saturday February 15, 2020 12:26 NOON CST -- FreeThought Matters Added to KDX-TV

KDX-TV kind of half-exists. First, KDX-TV is a webpage on this website peppered with links to select video programs around the internet. Perhaps second, KDX-TV is a low power TV Genie UHF Channel 14 transmitter once advertised in TV Guide and on the back of matchbook covers but which fell outside of FCC rules and was confiscated by the FCC except for those already sent to customers, therefore ours cannot legally be turned on but we have it ready to go in the event of a change of regulation. Third, KDX-TV is a would-be video stream which exists as a future potential pending further "how to" education on our part. In the meantime KDX-TV is a webpage where visitors become TV engineers able to click links.

FreeThought Matters is the weekly TV show of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Nation's watchdog for separation of state and church. The audio version is now part of the weekly schedule on KDX Worldround Radio.

Saturday February 15, 2020 12 MIDNIGHT CST -- KDX is Transmitting On All Channels

Well, not quite. Some of our channels are awaiting repair. For example, the Carrier Current Channel is waiting for the head technician to order and install parts to get the LPB transmitters back in operation. KDX AM 1550 needs antenna repair and re-tuning. KHZ AM 1640 is laying around the room waiting to be installed on the indoor bamboo tower. KDX AM 1670 doesn't exist (yet) because it will need a transmitter. KDX-Shortwave depends on circuit cards being installed in a metal case, everything neatly lined up down on the workbench. And so on.

Meanwhile, KDX-OGG is now sending Radio Sputnik 5-overnights a week and soon KHZ-MP3 will be sending a 24-hour string of programs and The Blare Blog, which is very much considered a "channel" is going public after a month as a Private Key Affair for our trusted confidants.

Friday February 14, 2020 11:57 PM CST -- Friday Night Beer Blog

Electric Tower Beer

Friday February 14, 2020 8:53 AM CST -- Laptops vs Desktops

Artisan Radio Responds --

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I've been reading
your blog.  I haven't felt much like commenting on anything until I read the
latest plea from a fellow Part 15 broadcaster for a rather large
donation to purchase a laptop.

I'm not sure why there are those in the Part 15 world that believe that
laptops make suitable automation computers.

Laptops are NOT designed for heavy duty, 24/7 operation.

Laptops ARE designed for intermittent, portable (size & weight)
operation, and often for fashion as well.  The portability factor
generally means that you're getting a slow and flaky (due to poor heat
dissipation) computer, all other things being equal.   Laptops are a
compromise solution at best for non mobile computing.  It has to be
recognized that there are many more factors that make up a fast and
stable computer other than the CPU brand and memory size.  Plus, the
only way to expand a laptop is via USB, which can be problematic at best.

There is no doubt in my mind that a desktop computer is the only way to
go for radio automation, preferably a tower solution that allows for
plenty of ventilation and room to expand.  The added bonus is that
usable desktop computers can be found dirt cheap - my favorite computer
store is the local thrift shop.  I don't think that I've paid over $20
for any of the computers that I'm currently using (including monitors).

My general purpose computer is an i5 SFF tower, running Windows 10 with 4GB
of memory.  It easily handles any video or audio
processing that I throw at it.  I've added a 2TB HDD and even though it
has built-in graphics, plan to add a low profile graphics card at some
point.  I'll also probably add some more memory, just for the heck of it.

My automation computer is an Intel dual core Compaq tower with 4GB
memory, running Windows 7.  There's more than enough power in the beast
to handle any automation software.  I've upgraded the power supply,
graphics, and added a 1TB HDD to hold programming material.

All in all, the cost of both was under $100.  And that's Canadian dollars.

The only downside to desktop computers is the space required to house
them (including monitor, keyboard, etc.).  If you have the space, you'll
get a stable, long-term radio automation solution (and more).

The money that this individual wants to spend on a laptop would be much
better spent on getting some test equipment to monitor his signal and/or
to ensure that it is legal.  But then, he wouldn't have a sexy new
laptop to play around with and show off.

- Artisan Radio

Wednesday February 12, 2020 3:38 PM CST -- Great Stuff

Hi Uncle Carl!
Great stuff from the blog, as I
read it at almost 4:AM local time.
Thank you for putting in the link
(and info) about the C Crane FM transmitter.  The new one is packed with a bunch of other
stuff bound for the new location.
I am still using the old one because it works most of the time.
Very Best Wishes!
- Brooce

Wednesday February 12, 2020 2:14 PM CST -- Dire Emergency

Brother Mouw's missionary effort to benefit a fellow broadcaster passes along this down-on-the-knee appeal:

Dire Emergency Donations ons Needed for a New Computer for The Legacy. because our system is showing signs of failure. As most Should Know we have over 1 Month of NO REPEAT Album Oriented Rock. This requires serious hard drive space. NextKast requires serious RAM to run it. Our station is ran on two sound cards one for the main Internet stream and the other for the AM transmitter.

NextKast is a Radio Station program that is highly dependent on a High performance PC or Laptop and as some should know this cost between $700-1K+ for a good system. Renting from Aarons rent to own is not possible because of our $140/Mo car payment we Had to buy a car because of our area its impossible to go without transportation.

I have the station running on a string and we are both on disability and its tight after my Wife got sick and still has poor health. Those who enjoy True Album Rock can donate at our website. You will be surprised how $20 can go when several loyal listeners do so. Satellite Radio may have some of what we play but remember you are Forced to pay not a choice rather you want to donate to the Radio or not. Ours is a choice and it doesn't have to be monthly though I see some listeners have set a monthly donation. We will immediately purchase a high end machine when we receive enough donations and so Deltaville doesn't always have to listen to PSA's from time to time until the old computer goes dark for good we'll run that separately while away so you get full time music for 1640 AM only.

Wednesday February 12, 2020 1:34 PM CST -- What Difference Does It Make Whether We Have Listeners

The desire to operate a radio station has to do with many things that interest us. For many there is a drive to "be heard". For the most egocentric it is we ourselves who wish to speak and be heard because we feel strongly about what we have to say and believe it important to be agreed with by others. This is part of a species instinct starting in early childhood when we want to demonstrate to our father that we can throw and catch balls. As social animals we naturally seek approval from peers which bolsters our self confidence. More common among the low power radio crowd is a desire to be admired not for what we say but for our wonderful taste in music. This primal instinct often goes frustrated among micro-broadcasters because there's no definite measure of who's listening or whether they're paying close attention to our brilliant playlists. Therefore the radio forums overflow with wistful musings about building an audience, attracting ears, being the better station among those available.
Expecting others to provide the feedback we crave can be a rut into which we invariably slide, never achieving the dream.

Most people fail to gain the critical-thinking and self-analytical skills to recognize the handy way of short-circuiting the endless disappointment of feeling ignored by simply realizing that the approval we seek ultimately must come from ourselves. It is possible to go on for decades without recognizing that we are striving to please ourselves; that we are the ideal listener; we are the judge and jury of our own art. The most successful radio station is broadcasting for its own sake; great without need for the approval of strangers. If you approve of what you're doing, the unknown population is lucky if they happen to find it on their radio dials. If they don't find it it is they who are unlucky, not you.

Broadcast programming is a generosity, not a plea for approval.

Monday February 10, 2020 11:04 AM CST -- The S___ and F___ Words Cause for Worry

Many of the programs heard on KDX originate as podcasts, and as such there are no language restrictions as evident in the frequent use of F___ and S___ mingled with otherwise informative and intelligent discourse. Our re-transmission of these shows on the KDX internet stream is not worrisome but what goes out on AM and FM is discomforting because there are always persnickety types who might raise a fuss if they happened to tune in. If our station was licensed we'd be required to avoid such language on air but under part 15 authorization there are no content rules but the average citizen is ill educated to make such distinctions and would be equally inclined to complain about language on cable television or any other medium. Public bureaucrats are not apt to think in terms of rights or rules and are typically inclined to react to complaints by putting a stop to perceived "offenses" even when it goes against individual liberties. We have three choices in dealing with the language question: 1.) KDX can continue as is and carry the risk of allowing "free speech" of program hosts and their guests; 2.) KDX can exclude discretionary programs from AM FM and send them only online; 3.) KDX can refrain from carrying any programs that cross the language barrier. What would be best is if the FCC lifted the word bans which they have talked about doing.

Saturday February 8, 2020 2:30 PM CST --Greydon Square Joins KDX Program Lineup

Having earned a worldwide reputation as a gifted artist on many levels over the past several years Greydon Square occupies a singular place in hip hop as an atheist rapper. Greydon first came to our notice several years back when he guested on one of our regular skeptic shows and we've been waiting for the chance to place some of his work on KDX. That chance came today when he guested on FreeThought Live with co-hosts Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker. A quick web search turned up all kinds of work being produced across the media on YouTube and other platforms. As I round out this Blog-mention Greydon Square's podcast is premiering on KDX from his home studio in Arizona.

Saturday February 8, 2020 1:04 PM CST -- Things Are Set to Happen Following a Brief Postponement

The Blare Blog is going public! The decision is final and starting soon The Blog will welcome everyone and anyone to these writings about low power radio and intellectual thought. There is an equal chance that a Private-Vintage Closed-Circuit blog will also be kept, we have yet to know.

Demand Radio will return to this website, a page devoted to contact links to select radio stations and programs. Artisan Radio's forthcoming public-domain opera station will be among the premier offerings.

KHZ-MP3 will sign on a second stream from Worldround Radio presenting a rotational 24-hour string of the very best in progressive and alternative programming, coupled with KHZ AM 1640, an experimental station dedicated to indoor antenna development utilizing an AMT3000 transmitter.

Saturday February 8, 2020 11:35 AM CST -- C.Crane FM Transmitter Mod

Brooce received a new C.Crane FM2 Transmitter which has three differences that I know of from the earlier Model FM1:
1.) FM2 has an entirely re-designed circuit;
2.) a small audio background hiss has been eliminated;
3.) the modulation LED now has two colors - green to show modulation & red to show over-modulation.
A secret power adjustment control exists in both units (to the best of my recollection) accessible as described in this link:
This Link

Saturday February 8, 2020 11:21 AM CST -- Likes

I liked the writings about Hypersanity, a new term, but instinctively it feels like I understand it. I've met people who seem to be numb to the world, and hoped that they had some kind of fantastic outside life I didn't know about. Even if you're not into Hypersanity, you have to like an article that mentions the Bird Of Paradise and Diogenes the Dog, it mentions our animals!

I'll see what Larry King has been doing with the human-Dog relationship experts. There's a name from past media, Larry King, on late night radio doing his interviews, and Art Bell would be on too, kings of late night AM radio, though in these past few decades he's dropped off my radar.

Art Bell has left radio earth while Larry King is in his 90s and doing shows for RT America.
Look at All These Shows at RT

Friday February 7, 2020 1:18 AM CST -- Hypersanity
Are You?

Thursday February 6, 2020 6:47 PM CST -- Blare Blog Internal News

Presently The Blare Blog is Closed-Circuit Only not open to the general public and available only to our Designated Correspondents by Exclusive Executive Password-Key. Yesterday we decided to open again to public visitors but a busy schedule kept us from getting around to it. This morning we again felt that perhaps being private is good for now and delayed taking further action. The fact is we want to exist in both dimensions, public and private, but believe that maintaining two separate blogs would over-tax our minimal staff. Previously we used the "designated holiday" method of switching from one mode to the other but that became too demanding and didn't resolve the matter of keeping certain information available only for discretionary viewing. Fortunately we enjoy this kind of extraneous minutia and will endeaver to extend the explanation as long as possible. But not right this second.

Thursday February 6, 2020 6:44 PM CST -- While Aijet Was Listing His Accomplishments His FCC Undercounted the Number of People Without Broadband

Thursday February 6, 2020 6:28 PM CST -- Spies on Shortwave
The Conet Project

Thursday February 6, 2020 3:29 PM CST -- Word On Brooce

Our good correspondent Brooce is in the process of moving and expressed confusion as to all the details involved, so we offered some advice that simplifies the process:

Put things in boxes, put boxes in truck, drive truck to destination. Once you get there you'll know what to do. Couldn't be easier.

Thursday February 6, 2020 3:06 PM CST -- Innocent Sun

In our time the public is warned to "avoid too much sun" because skin cancer. But I have never believed such unfair scape-goatage of our nearest star and giver of life on earth. It has been my suspicion that increasing numbers of microwave radiating satellites are the true cause of human risk in full daytime AND NIGHTTIME!

The story picks up from there...
Setting the Sky Ablaze

Wednesday February 5, 2020 12:19 NOON CST -- Creative Bloggery to Come

What this Blog could use is a cartoon series. We have been kicking around an idea for a Bob Fwordly Cartoon, based around the exploits of a hostile takeover troll who is to the low power radio community what Juan Guido is to Venezuela. The challenge comes in the fact that there is nothing funny whatsoever about Bob and his two followers (the submissives), together known as Bob's Mob. What we know so far is that unfunny people hate being the butt of jokes, which explains why Trumpy looks so grumpy all the time, being the unfunniest butt in the Nation made fun of on an international scale. Fictional though he may be, Bob Fwordly emulates Trump and has even experimented with strangely long neck ties made from the scrap rags left over from cutting Klan sheet outfits. Still not exactly funny, but we're on the scent of something that could rank as a reference for classic failed cartoons.

Wednesday February 5, 2020 12:14 NOON CST -- We Wouldn't Know About Aijet's Accomplishments if He Didn't List Them for Us

Like any other person known mostly for their srew-ups and misdeeds, FCC Commissioner Aijet Pai wants us to also know that he claims to have accomplished something. What? I personally don't know what, so let him tell us:
Aijet's Claims and Fames

Wednesday February 5, 2020 10:40 PM CST -- Signal Booming in from the East

Hi Carl, some fodder for you.

Thanks for putting your blog up this month, and on with some replies to it.

It's been a problem to find a Part-15 AM antenna transmitter with a 50 ohm output, since for convenience most transmitters have built-in loading coils and tuning made for 10 foot wires and rods. Having the loading coil in line is so important, it makes the ten foot antenna about a thousand times more efficient than if there was no coil between it and the antenna.

With a 50 ohm output transmitter, you can make a loading coil on a piece of PVC pipe in an external box. That's how it was done when Ramsey made AM transmitter kits, their models were 50 ohms output, and the instructions showed how to wind a loading coil to put between the transmitter and antenna for extra signal and serious broadcasting.

As for sewer gas as a source of fuel, in these environmentally conscious times, that's something I'd like to see research on! We surely need natural gas in America, and why not get it from sustainable sources. I might draw the line at putting poop out on the curb for recycling services though. Maybe start with pet poop harvesting.

"Everyone Needs One. Or Two. Or Three." I've done every part of that entry, using small transmitters on several computers to allow listening around the house. It frees you from being tethered to a PC and its speakers or headphones, and you can tune the audio on any radio on the property, just like any other radio station. Maybe people don't think about transmitting to convenient radios, because they're marketed more high tech solutions like wi-fi, infra-red, wireless speakers and Bluetooth.

I like using different radios to listen to shows and music. Each one has a different tone caused by the amplifier, speaker and cabinet, and also where it's placed in the room. I find that after listening on one speaker system for a while, it's refreshing to switch and hear programs and music on another.

I've thought of the same thing, if I bought a house with a Talking House in it, I'd want the transmitter, and the realtor would say, 'That transmitter is for OUR use', and you'd have to convince them. I've gone by to DX Talking Houses when I'd see the sign, AM and FM.

The blog of William C. Walker that you found. I like the honesty about his own situation, it's the way to do it, put it all out there, that was a great read! I care now, and hope he does find a good spot for his transmitter.

That's a new twist, to have emergency networks being deployed on regular wi-fi networks, something I hadn't heard of before, but I'm glad you uncovered it. It seems like technologists trying something new and to add a feature with value to wi-fi, which has been around for a long time.

I still wonder if politics is involved somehow. I've been pondering why the Emergency Alert System is being held up as a ever larger issue for radio and TV, at a time when traditional broadcast is losing ground to newer technologies, and there are many other routes to getting mass messages to the public.

You hear a lot about EAS, and the regular failures, and broadcasters being fined for fake alert tones being used as props on shows. Now someone wants to push it on to wi-fi internet connections, well what about wired computers at home, there are no alerts there, as far as I know. I just wonder what the big picture is in pushing for alerts everywhere.

- Boomer

Wednesday February 5, 2020 10:15 AM CST -- 51st New Orleans Jazz Festival

What has it been, maybe 10-years that KDX has carried live the Annual JazzFest? And again this year, expanded to 8-full days of live music on a national network of radio stations originating from WWOZ with this year's sponsor Shell, in April and May.

In 2019 WWOZ aired 45-live sets from such artists as Irma Thomas, John Boutte, Mavis Staples, Jason Marsalis, Terrance Blanchard, Mdou Moctar, and Gerald French & The Original Tuxedo Jazz Band.

Tuesday February 4, 2020 5:06 PM CST -- Emergency alerts using Wi-Fi networks

Could Wi-Fi networks be used for emergency alerts, like systems used by cellular, television, and radio? There’s some interest in doing so in IEEE Working Group 802.11.

Last week, 802.11’s Wireless Next Generation Standing Committee (WNG) saw a presentation from India’s Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) on alerting technology it’s developed. It’s intended for users who have online access through Wi-Fi but no cellular connectivity. C-DOT notes there are over 43,000 villages in India without cellular service.

In C-DOT’s plan, when users are connected to Wi-Fi, an application on the user device conveys the emergency message.

When users aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, emergency messages are carried on an additional SSID that has, as its name, the alert (“Tornado warning”). The alert would thus appear in the device’s list of available Wi-Fi networks. Presumably, there’d be a mechanism for notifying the user when they’re not looking at that list. Access Points would need to be appropriately configured; C-DOT proposed that 802.11 determine whether any changes to the standard are necessary to do this.

Elsewhere in 802.11, Task Group bc has started the development of an amendment to the 802.11 standard for Enhanced Broadcast Service. The service would provide for more efficient distribution of local information, such as announcements or multi-media broadcast. Importantly for emergency alerts, the information could be received if there were no association (connection) between the Access Point and the user device. Emergency alerting wasn’t initially a priority in the Task Group, but there’s more interest now, in part because of the C-DOT proposal.

This is the first time I’ve seen this level of interest in emergency alerting in 802.11, but it’s still relatively little interest. If there’s nudging from other industry interests or policymakers, it could get traction. There’d be work required outside 802.11 to make an end-to-end emergency alert system.

- Steven J. Crowley, P.E. - Consulting Engineer (stevencrowley.com)

Tuesday February 4, 2020 2:23 PM CST -- Station Tours

The Blare Blog takes us today to Covington, Kentucky, latest resting spot for broadcaster William C. Walker, recalled for his guest appearance on Low Power Hour No. 1. As you may not recall, it was William's hope, even from so many years ago, to one day find an ideal location for a low power radio station. Upon browsing his current website we regret that Covington is wimping out, but The Blare Blog gives high marks for persistence as Will's search will continue.
As confided in his Blog, we note that radio operators have personal lives.
The WIMP Blog
The Constellation of Links belonging to WIMP AM 1620

Tuesday February 4, 2020 9:35 AM CST -- Everyone Needs One. Or Two. Or Three

People who find streaming radio stations on the internet would love the freedom of mobility brought by simply attaching the audio out from their computer to the audio in of a *legal* low power radio transmitter and listening to the stream on portable radios inside and outside the house or apartment. It's not necessary to do one's own programming when the streamer is doing all the work and sending it to you. In the business this is called a "relay station".

Podcasters are the radio program producers of the internet age and would benefit all the more by running their podcasts into a *legal* low power radio transmitter for mobile listening all around the office, house, or campus of their facility. Hearing the podcast through the prism of radio allows for even greater editing perspective.

Households take fuller charge of the world at large by installing a personal *legal* low power transmitter because only then are they able to decide and control what gets heard on home radios indoors and out. When shopping for a new house make a low power transmitter a make or break stipulation before placing a contract for purchase. If the realtor has used a "Talking House (T)" type transmitter as part of their sales promotion, require that it become a permanent part of the Property Title.

Don't let lazy bums dominate the dial. Claim your part of the electromagnetic spectrum as a low power station.

Tuesday February 4, 2020 9:30 AM CST -- Free Power Under Our Feet?

Sewer gas is created by the decay of refuse flowing through city sewer systems and is vented into the air. It seems to us back here in the control room of KDX Worldround Radio that we should be capping this free and inevitable gas and using it as a fuel. What I suspect is that the gas company has very effectively prevented the public from knowing about this resource now being wasted up through the wall out the vent pipe.

Tuesday February 4, 2020 7:09 AM CST -- Caws and Curses at the Iowa Caucuses

Having a catchy headline is a time honored way of drawing attention to a news story, but if there is no story, the second best thing is to place an advertisment.

Support low power radio suppliers and programmers.

Monday February 3, 2020 4:26 PM CST -- Project in Mind

After talking about it for several months KDX still does not have a backup transmitter for AM 1680. The original plan was to use a second AMT5000 from SSTran, but you know why that can't happen.

More recently our attention has been drawn to the iAM Transmitter with the intriquing Range Extender, and days ago we also began to look at the Mosquito Transmitter, and something Boomer said has us thinking about all of the above!

The Range Extender requires a 50-ohm RF input which rules out the usual AM transmitters, but both the iAM and Mosquito include 50-ohm outs. See what I'm thinking?

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