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Sunday September 24, 2023

5:58 AM -- It's Time Now for WAIT, WHAT? --

We bring you the news you don't think you heard right on WAIT, WHAT?
His airplane is warming up on the runway ready to bolt ahead of prosecution for 91 felonies including insurrection against the United States, but he's hanging around because a growing number of the American population want him as their next President. He likes the color orange but thinks prison jump suits are too orange. We'll tell you who we're talking about following a word from our sponsor.
WAIT,WHAT? is brought to you by MAN AROUND THE HOUSE, we Do It All with one simple phone call. Gutter cleaning, leaf raking, plumbing repairs, auto mechanics, or luncheon companion, MAN AROUND THE HOUSE let's you select a handsome dude from our full color catalog. He'll hang with you all day or night as chores come up. Maybe the furnace needs looking at or you need a partner for the Halloween party, we'll take care of it. Call 565-65655-5665. That's 565-6565-5665. Now back to WAIT, WHAT? Donald Trump.
Thousands of you want every baby to be born no matter how much havoc it brings to the lives of women and you also want all of the over-population bursting and flowing over the borders to be eradicated by any means necessary.
Join us next time on WAIT, WHAT? for the story of Israely settlers chanting "We are the Chosen Ones, not them", determined to annihilate Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land.  

Saturday September 23, 2023

10:10 AM -- Twilight of Advancement --

On one of our radio programs this morning the guest commented on the prospects for finding life in the universe other than our own, saying that alien life would likely be very primitive or extremely advanced compared to us. But I spot a rip in the fabric of such an idea. Our own advancements are very close to causing our complete extinction, nullifying the prospect of further advancement. 

8:28 AM -- A Place for the ALPB --
The Museum of Failure

Wednesday September 20, 2023

7:06 AM -- Summer's About Done --

Just after midnight Friday, precisely at 2:50 AM EDT, the season gives way to fall as the Autumnal Equinox cuts night and day into equal lengths. Thereafter daylight will reduce by about one-minute every day as we wend our way into the cooler season in the northern hemisphere.  

Monday September 18, 2023

10:54 AM -- It's Rail Safety Week --  
Operation Lifesaver

Thursday September 14, 2023

3:30 PM --
Believe me when I tell you that nothing is to be believed. 

Wednesday September 13, 2023

10:15 AM -- It's a Whole New Day in Broadcasting -- 
5G One-to-Many Broadcasting Begins

Saturday September 9, 2023

10:47 AM -- Returning to Days of Yesteryear --

You can't spend time reliving the past without squandering the present
- C. Blare - in the wistful mist

Friday September 8, 2023

2:49 PM -- More Covid Deception to Come --

More Covid Deception is On the Way
Paul Craig Roberts

7:07 AM -- How Many Times is Too Many --

On the one hand I like the concept of all news radio, dedicated to continuous news presentment, but there's another hand. On that second hand there is inevitably a point when the same news gets reported repeatedly and listeners are subjected to the same thing over and over. This sensation came to me after a few hours of Al Jazeera, the 24-hour continuous news network. For the 4th or 5th time I heard an interview about the increasing popularity of basketball on the continent of Africa. My reaction is to avoid Al Jazeera in a strong reluctance to hearing that interview again. Indeed this brings out the very human tendancy to constantly seek new experiences. For example coming home everyday to the same family grows old after awhile and a person naturally starts day dreaming about moving in with other families for a change.

5:34 AM -- The Basics of Base Ball --

Many paerents buy their male kids a baseball mit in the hopes that playing ball will result in a masculine child, and it's often alarming when the child complains that what he really wants is a doll house. Israeli parents have a workaround by giving the boy a bulldozer toy along with a Palestinian dollhouse so he can demolish the house, but that's not where I'm going with this. Children know that a mit is only a start when it comes to the game of baseball. Every boy child should be equipped with a Home Plate. Then, by helping with household chores the kid can earn a full set of Bases, including 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base. But don't go overboard. Children know there is no such thing as a 4th base. Parents run the risk of appearing very stupid if they don't know their Baseball Basics. Another common mistake is giving a left-handed child a right-handed mit or forgetting the ball itself, which can be either a soft or hard ball. Soft balls are safer, but real baseball players play hard ball. This is Rock Jocko with your Baseball Basics for today.

Tuesday September 5, 2023

1:54 PM -- Between Chaos and Fractals --

I Believe That Amazing New Antenna Discoveries Are Hiding in The Morass  

Saturday September 2, 2023

9:55 AM -- Short Staffed Radio Station Management --

I start everyday with a list of what needs doing. The last item on every list is: Avoid this list.

5:36 AM -- Presidential Comb Over --
Trump Death Stare
The Face for the $3-Dollar Bill

5:25 AM -- Retirement Planning --

In my retirement I want to do away with planning once and for all.

5:04 AM -- A Bird That Never Lands --

Ever onward sailing in its own air the earth writes an infinite run-on sentence across the depths of heaven.
- From the Abstruse Doctrines of Manfred Tweed

Friday September 1, 2023

5:35 AM -- Here's What's Happening Now --

August was delivered with no missing parts.. fully 31-days as per schedule. September opens up heading straight into a 3-day holiday for United States residents, Labor Day. The earth is doing a speed of  66,616 MPH in orbit around the sun, and later this month will reach equinox for the autumnal period. We've already noticed some cooler overnights here in the midwaste but foresee more days in the 90s according to Farenheit. That's traffic and weather together.

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