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Wednesday July 31, 2019 8:58 AM CDT -- Survival of Mismanagement
According to an in-house study we have determined how mismanagement is apt to persist for generations within an organization as it has here at KDX Worldround Radio. As the Specific Manager (opposite of general manager), I've traced the history of mismanagement and attribute it to failure of the prevailing management to do anything about it. Every summer I change roles and serve as consultant to management, and again this year, for the 12th year in a row, I'm recommending that KDX clean house and make changes, something I will take under advisement once I return to work as manager.

Tuesday July 30th, 2019 7:46 PM CDT -- Quick Turnaround
Report from Broooooootz:
 I just talked to Dan about an hour ago.
He replaced 4 tubes, including the 5U4 rectifier, and THAT'S unusual.  But the rectifier was way low in voltage output.
He replaced some resistors, including one that had turned GREEN with age.  He did some work where the line cord enters the back of the radio.  It was loose, but it's tight and very safe now.  He also replaced some caps.
He wondered how the radio could work at all, considering the incorrect voltages and the messed up parts.  That's a real tribute to great design work by Hammarlund.
I'm thrilled, to say the least.  I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.
I'll let you know how it operates.
Best Wishes
Thanks Broooooootz! That's one really large radio! It looks big enough to serve as a hiding place for such things as money, Playboys, and a bottle.

Tuesday July 30, 2019 6:58 PM CDT -- Intellectual Programs
The master plan for KDX Worldround Radio included a lot more intellectual programs than we carry now but being so busy we never get around to it. There are loads of classic audiobooks in the public domain from librivox.org and it would be sublime to air hours of it through the night hours, but I'd miss most of it owing to a previous appointment to dream, so the great readings would rush by like light from a dormant star. I got thinking this way after scrolling through books available from Amazon and coming to realize that R. Buckminster Fuller wrote many more volumes than I knew including "Architecture in a Time of Radio", which has got to be displayed on the main shelf. My reason for looking at his work in particular is that our paperback copy of "Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity" has started coming unglued and it would be dandy to have a hardcover edition. I've been working on the shopping list for several years and also need some Eneloop rechargeables, a modern lantern for power failures, socks, and I'm thinking about suspenders. At least the water's back on. Sunday there was a note on the door telling that the water would be off for 12-hours while work was done, possibly related to the massive water main break that turned a major intersection into a lake last week. Our survival plan included a huge stockpile of succulent fruit including tomatoes, pears, peaches and cherries which nicely kept us hydrated. The can of tomato juice was somewhat daring, with so much salt content it's like drinking sea water, but it gives a false sense of quenching if you drink the whole can.

Tuesday July 30, 2019 8:24 AM CDT --
When god has a mean streak
he is indistinquishable from the devil.
Acts of god, in their violence,
probably suggest he's been alone too long.
-- Carl Blare, June 1, 2006

Monday July 29, 2019 6:37 PM CDT -- Turntables for the Vinyl Crowd
Good Turntables of Our Time

Monday July 29, 2019 4:11 PM CDT -- Off the Main Path
Bruce knows where to go when he wants to get it done. Danny's Radio & TV is way in back of the farther-most backstreets and I recognize that garage door. In the 1990s that exact garage door was removed from here at the Internet Building and has been put to re-use at Danny's. Friends of The Blare Blog are being taken on a tour and we'll have pictures from inside Danny's if you sit here in The Waiting Room, provided by KDX Worldround Radio, complete with out-of date magazines on the tables.
Undisclosed Location
HQ-140XA On the Bench
Back Logged

Monday July 29, 2019 1:19 PM CDT -- Wi-Fi STLs - Part 2 (Continued from 7/25)
The day the "Wireless Stereo Audio Kit" failed, we immediately set to work looking for another device so we'd again be able to send audio from the Helm out to the AM FM transmitters. We also gave the failed device a careful going over and discovered that pressing the "pairing" button it began working again! Still, a backup device was certainly needed and we searched "Wi-Fi audio" and found YouTube videos about some available choices. The one that stood out for us is the TP-Wireless TP-WT02 which transmits to any number of receivers, so we placed an order and watched for the delivery van.  - To be continued

Sunday July 28, 2019 6:38 PM CDT -- Have a Witness In the Room
Because KDX Worldround Radio is a news station we have applicants for journalism positions and are very pleased to bring in talent to man (and woman) the desks, pads of paper, pencils, and microphones to get the news reported.

But what we've found is that virtually all the applicants have a different motive which only becomes clear after they've been made part of the team. That's when they ask about pay and benefits. This still perplexes us because it is made clear up front that we are about journalism and not those whole other personal issues such as earnings and health care.

We've even been asked about "pregnancy leave" and must stand ground by reminding that KDX is not a breeding farm for future members of the human species.

After several years of this we have yet to build a viable staff of committed professionals dedicated to actually doing the job.

Sunday July 28, 2019 6:14 PM CDT -- Just Laying It Out
If a person can't hear how beautiful certain classical music is, they should see an ear specialist. There couldn't possibly be anything wrong with we music aficionados.

Sunday July 28, 2019 6:00 PM CDT -- Soiled Adult Diapers Normal for Elders
Therefore it's not something for which the President of the United States can be faulted, but his low life slurs against professional members of Congress based on their race, ethnicity, or place of ancestry are another kind of pissy shit. Nancy Pelosi has a different reason for having disparaged "the squad", that being common female jealousy for outsider women taking limelight away from the National Gentry Queen of Garden Club Socialites. Seems like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez excels at the job, so Nancy wants to mark her own territory before it slips the way slopes tend to do. This highly powerful link from Mother Jones News.
AOC On the Job

Sunday July 28, 2019 5:31 PM CDT -- Tired of Waiting
When, oh when, are we going to find out what's "supreme" about white supremists. They always come across as being mentally deficient and frankly stupid. But there is one thing they seem to get done... based on what we've seen they get the eyeholes neatly cut into their sheets; even on both sides. Of course we don't know how many sheets they shred before getting it right.

Sunday July 28, 2019 4:36 PM CDT -- It Is What You Say It Is Unless Carl Blare Says Otherwise
You can have the last word, but Carl Blare gets the final word.

Sunday July 28, 2019 2:00 PM CDT -- 100 Watts and a Wire
Good program by a broadcaster HAM about broadcasting and HAMming
Excellent if You Enjoy It Otherwise Not Your Lucky Day

Sunday July 28, 2019 1:10 PM CDT -- The Committee to Get Bruce His Name Back
Time was when Brooce was Bruce. Then along came Mister Bruce, another guy, and as a gesture of courtesy the original Bruce changed his name to Brooce to avoid any confusion. But it's been a long time since Mister Bruce has been around, so let's give Brooce back his original name. Are you with us on this?

Sunday July 28, 2019 1:05 PM CDT -- We've Solved Baltimore's Rodent Infestation
Here's the Epicenter

Sunday July 28, 2019 1:00 PM CDT -- The Last Time History Repeated Itself
We Take You Back to Donald's Source of Inspiration

Saturday July 27, 2019 4:28 PM CDT -- As the Day Rolls By
We lugged the Sangean U1 Construction Site Radio into the botanical park outside the door and trimmed greenery while enjoying KDX talk. When the mosquito bites totalled about 10 we evacuated until the next outing, and returned to what we've nominally called the "control desk" here inside the Internet Building.  After noticing a yacht in last night's free YouTube movie it came to mind that perhaps we should name this our "helm", the name for a sea vessel's control room.

It's time now for the Boomer Report: I see the blog up there, with new postings, stream links, and it looks good. It's been showing up since you mentioned it should.

I know, I was subscribed to Steve Gibson for a while, it was a long time ago, and I'm glad he's still doing his security work on the web. I got a computer cleaner program from him, and access to a port scanner, to see which ports might be open on my connection and inviting to hackers. That's long ago, like early 2000s, and he and Kim Komando kept me safe on the web at the time.

Google was the main pusher of HTTPS, and I looked into it, to find it's not something you need for personal websites. I don't know if it was marketing, or less-than-informed authors that seemed to give the impression that sites were no longer safe for the reader without HTTPS, but sites are the same as they've always been. The good news is for HTTPS certificate providers, they may be helping the economy through sales cert sales thanks to Google herding the sheep towards them.

Glad that you seemed to like the Sonic Blog, I took out all of the Google garbage, remote fonts and scripts from other places, so the blog then uses its defaults instead. That way it's like a regular, in-house web page.

Funny to get a call from Brooce in Hartford from a supermarket, I haven't communicated with him directly, but have seen his gently nostalgic replies to the forums. What initially got me to pay attention was that I believe he ran 'Dog Radio' which was close in name to some of my own projects. Good to see Artisan Radio's posts too, and how the change from radio to newer media is dumbing us down. He's keeping the groups held up.

As for boosters and seeders on forums, I think it would be less controversial if it was just out in the open what their role was. I was in another forum about internet technology, and they had one or two boosters who were knowledgeable about the forum's topic and posted articles related to it, like a new, faster router or the impact that smart speakers could have. They'd copy a bite from the article, and add a sentence or paragraph of their own, usually a question about what we thought.

P-15 groups could do it, getting articles from Radio World, Radio Insight, Radio Ink and other places, there are stories every week. For info and gossip on pressing radio topics, mine Facebook for topic ideas. I'm not a member of Face, so I can't see some of the radio groups there. If people don't use the resource of Part-15 forums, we're going to lose them eventually.


The Boomer Report is a regular ongoing feature from The Blare Blog and its email estuaries.

Saturday July 27, 2019 12:49 NOON CDT -- The Part 15 Lab
"End 80" refers to at least 3 things: The location where U.S. Highway 80 ends at Tybee Island, Georgia, its fabled radio station "End 80 Radio", not actually on the air but never done, and the highway engineer that constructed all of it, Richard Powers.
Part 15 Lab

Saturday July 27, 2019 8:51 AM CDT -- These Shoes Are Too Large
We talk in this Blog about low power radio broadcasting and the people involved in doing it. Many low power enthusiasts, legally allowed to microtransmit per FCC Rules Part 15, want more. They want to reach more than 200-feet. By their talk it seems that a few miles might satiate their desires. All to be done from a transmitter sitting on the kitchen table with an antenna dangling out the window. Their main reason being transmission of one overall radio program, typically "favorite recordings from cherished grade school memories", under the assumption that one's own taste is what strangers need and want but otherwise lack access. The FCC has to deal with this.

Saturday July 27, 2019 7:55 AM CDT -- The Undecided Future of AM Radio In the U.S.
Linked here is a letter published in a recent edition of Radio World and shared with us by Boomer:
AM Doesn't Have to Go Away
We of The Blare Blog agree with the viewpoint that the high powered stations play a necessary role in communicating important information over vast areas and become vital during times of distress, but we disagree that smaller stations should be obolished simply for mismanagement. The smaller stations have  a steeper challenge for staying in business and many go silent despite efforts to survive. As they are already established and subject to the fortunes of the marketplace there is no reason to call for their demise.

What I find perhaps silly is the talk of an LPAM (Low Power AM) category other than that which already exists. What are "smaller stations" but low power stations already extant, and many of them having trouble surviving.  The FCC rules as they are allow licensing stations for 250 Watts, the lowest legal daytime power, which in many areas could be licensed and built but serious business people aren't rushing to do it because it would probably be doomed to failure regardless of how much the owners "loved radio".

For hobbyists wanting to expand the part 15 (Unlicensed Devices) service the place to look is the T.I.S. (Traffic Information Station) rules Part 90.242. Here is what you want; stations up to 10 Watts for very local reach, right now confined as to who can qualify and what can be broadcast, but by revising these rules to meet your particulars it's ready made; nothing "new" is necessary.

Friday July 26, 2019 1:42 PM CDT --
Donald Trump is not the head of the snake
but the rattler.
-- said by Jefferson Smith, fill-in host for
The Thom Hartmann Program

Friday July 26, 2019 11:36 AM CDT -- Staying To Do Her Job
Representative Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass, plans to introduce a bill to abolish the federal death penalty. This is the kind of work members of Congress are elected to do, and KDX Worldround Radio agrees with the action and has long spoken against the death penalty, torture and other crimes of state.
Thank You Rep. Pressley for Your Service

Friday July 26, 2019 9:50 AM CDT -- Mindfulness Means Sticking Your Head in a Pile of Bullshit and Thinking About What It Feels Like
Head Pie

Friday July 25, 2019 9:15 AM CDT -- Swimming Lessons for the Head
When local organizers get together and form a non-commercial so-called "community" radio station a history of disgruntlement can expand like fierce climate change vines entangling everything.
A Garden of Weeds from Outer Space with Banjo Accompaniment

Friday July 26, 2019 9:03 AM CDT -- Promoting One's Self
When you do a show on the radio your friends and neighbors might not invite themselves to listen, so we need to convince them that you are more interesting on the air than you are in person. Here are examples on how I've done it.
How I Did It # 1
How I Did It # 2

Thursday July 25, 2019 6:26 PM CDT -- Sample Table Set Up
We have two choices on today's Sample Table.
Choice 1 brings up the KDX Icecast Server
Choice 2 brings up the KDX-OGG Stream
If neither Sample Choice works at this time it could mean your electro-static energy is low, or, the KDX stream is not on.

Thursday July 25, 2019 5:24 PM CDT -- Wi-Fi STLs (not sexually transmitted lip syndrome) - Part 1
Coming up right now is a full summary of findings and discoveries from the past month regarding the Wi-Fi Band Studio-Transmitter-Links employed here at KDX Worldround Radio for transporting our program audio from the control desk out to the AM & FM transmitters.

Several years back we installed a "Wireless Audio Kit" obtained from MCM Electronics, which as we understand it has been absorbed by another electronics firm, either Mouser or Newark. The so-called "kit" consists of a USB Dongle, actually a Wi-Fi Transmitter, and a black-box receiver, rated for CD quality 16-bit/44.1 kHz stereo. Specifications put it at a frequency of 2400 MHz-2483MHz (Wi-Fi Band) on Channel Number 38. We have yet to understand where the "38" channel number comes from, as Wi-Fi has 11-channels and the only "38" we know of is on the 5GHz Wi-Fi location, a different band. Never mind.

The performance of the "kit" has been excellent but we tried adding a 2nd receiver and found, as verified  by an MCM technician, that this device only pairs with its own single receiver. Furthermore, after we'd returned the 2nd kit for a refund MCM discontinued the device.

Years went by until one day, documented in earlier blog entries, our unit failed! We were desperate because there was no backup system and we were cut-off from using the AM & FM transmitters.

To Be Continued

Thursday July 25, 2019 4:38 PM CDT -- Other Things Today
Steve Gibson, speaking over KDX Worldround Radio from TWIT.tv on his weekly "Security Now" show just happened to say that HTTP websites are increasingly rare. This is a HTTP website, so he's talking about us. As I heard that I'd already been thinking about something else, namely the fact that I'm not inclined to leave programs streaming on KDX-OGG when I'm not personally tuned in and listening. Perhaps this marks a human limitation of not wanting to maintain a world presence while absent from the world. For example, perhaps the reason many of us don't bother with a Last Will and Testament is because we can't be too concerned about what happens after us.

Earlier we heard from Boomer who typed these words: Yes, I got to the BlareBlog fine this time, it looks like all is well, and I got caught up on postings. I'm glad that you pulled all of the wires, gears, and strings to make it work again. It looks good and it appears on my screen fast.

I wanted to show you a blog I set up for a friend using free software, minimal and fast with my modifications, but looks like a blog, and uses PHP, and an example of a flat file blog (does not draw entries from a database).


On my web space hosted at Ipower.


Boomer's blog example looks solid and contributes to our exploration of the subject of  means and methods for connecting readers and websites.

Another thing that happened today was the water company did something without my knowing about it which had the water turned off for an unknown period of time since I only discovered a dead faucet following a pleasant nap soon upon which the water was restored. Men were observed wearing orange and aqua vests with white hardhats trying to blend in with the human neighborhood, but I suspect they were from outer space. Now I view the water ascance.

No, no, don't go yet, I made some measurements involving our Wi-Fi band studio-transmitter links  but perhaps we should hold that information for another visit.

Thursday July 25, 2019 4:28 PM CDT -- Soy Milk
Just finished a call with Brooce from a grocery store somewhere in Hartford, Connecticut about the poor audio quality and low modulation level of his Talking House AM Transmitter. I said that I had never seen a schematic of the otherwise fabled Talking House, and wondered. Brooce thinks the proprietary integrated circuit chips are what makes the Talking House difficult to reverse engineer. That seems plausible to me and the other useful cultural information he had to share was mention of the rythym & blues group "NRBQ" which can be found on YouTube. The call came in on this DECT 6.0 vtech cordless phone, on a frequency range of 1921.536-1928.448 MHz.

Thursday July 25, 2019 12:04 NOON CDT -- Randy Rainbow Makes His Blare Blog Debut
Sucker Song of the Race Baiting President

Thursday July 25, 2019 7:27 AM CDT -- The Dumbing of Communication
A very compelling commentary by Artisan Radio
We Take You Now to Part15.org

Wednesday July 24, 2019 8:09 PM CDT -- On the Death of Reed Farrell
Possibly Reed Farrell is the only local radio personality that I never met, however I certainly knew who he was and admired the way he came across on the air from several local stations, both radio and TV. As part of the linked article you'll find a video of the time Reed Farrell attracted national attention by smashing rock and roll recordings on the air to signal a format change.
Radio and Television Personality Reed Farrell

Wednesday July 24, 2019 6:55 PM CDT -- Imagine a Christian Nationalist America
Little Bird

Wednesday July 24, 2019 6:42 PM CDT --

The world is run by ignoramuses, wackos and psychotics.
- Seymour Hersh, Investigative Reporter

Wednesday July 24, 2019 6:10 PM CDT -- 10 Things That Go Without Saying

Wednesday July 24, 2019 2:36 PM CDT -- Security Sweeping and Dust Pan Scooper
Our "trouble" turned into a security panic switching us into full paranoid while we called for an Air Force flyover and sent Navy Seals down under the building to search for hackers. We were told the Space Force is not yet ready and only last week placed their order for office furniture, although the offices in space may not be ready. Ever.

After being unconscious for over 24-hours kdxradio.com is back online under close observation.

Monday July 22, 2019 7:40 PM CDT -- Trouble On the Main Line
Reports have been dripping in that kdxradio.com does not seem to be online today. According to our major control panel facility located in the Internet Building we turned it on this morning at about 6:45 AM CDT and all systems appear to be normal. One guess suggests that since we've been offline so much because of the heat alert that DNS servers have dropped us and up to 24-hours may be needed for us to re-propogate, except of course we'll be offline overnight so connections might be missed and we may already be doomed to an eternity lost in cyberspace. Tell any survivors I love them even though I didn't show it.

Monday July 22, 2019 1:25 PM CDT -- MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman Sings
What - Me Worry?

Monday July 22, 2019 10:09 AM CDT -- Renewed Interest
You may know that KDX is a radio station run by its listener. During the recent heatwave we are reminded that a listener's mood influences his enjoyment of programs, hand-selected to please, and mood deteriorates as temperatures rise. The upper 90s triggers a general apathy which very much explains why we opted so often to close the station rather than endure more chitter-chatter about news, science, whatever. After all, at 123-degrees bacteria dies, and probably humans along with them. In a near-death cooker interest in life begins to flicker. Contrast that to now when temperature is a luxurious 66-degrees under an easy rain, and we've loaded the day with excellent programming and find every bit of it absolutely absorbing. Aren't we delicate.

Sunday July 21, 2019 6:51 PM CDT -- More Remarks About Boosters and Seeders
We've defined these terms as describing fictitious forum postings by artificial people in the quest to spark thread activity.  It's a controversial practice because it's deceptive, but on the other hand serves to awaken an otherwise inactive forum. Be that as it may, my objection to the seeding observed at part15.org is its limited scope.  In every case it's someone who claims to be at the beginner's stage of envisioning a radio station and wonders how to go about doing it. Invariably a few helpful contributors give the usual advice but then the thread wanes because the supposed beginner never speaks again. If done well seeding could inject life into a forum with certain objectives in mind. Naturally promoting the hobby itself is at the top of the list, but what comes after the initial thrill of "finding" low power radio? Programming would normally be the ultimate purpose of a radio station, be it music or talk. A few legitimate contributors have linked and brought attention to various program sources, but a strong white nationalist Fox News stance determines what gets accepted and allowed to remain in print. It came to my attention that a bulk of my contributions were silently deleted because of a perceived "progressive" nature of what I brought. The back-handed unspoken way in which I was silenced gave me the same feeling as a Jew in 30s Germany or a black person in the southern U.S. In response, I have gone back to where I came from.

Sunday July 21, 2019 6:43 PM CDT -- Last of the Hot
An official end to our part of the heatwave will be reached in about 1hr 15m. We already see evidence of falling temperatures... it was 90-degrees at 4:13 PM, now at 6:41 we've dropped a degree and left the 90s. The week ahead looks very tolerable and we look forward to resuming normal living and broadcasting.

Sunday July 21, 2019 11:27 AM CDT -- Night Heat
Nights that don't cool down

Sunday July 21, 2019 9:06 AM CDT -- How the Day is Shaping Up
The heat situation here in the midwaste is loosening its grip with high today expected about 92-F and high tomorrow down to 81. It means that we'll keep the website server at kdxradio.com up and running through today, with standard shutdown overnight. Streaming station KDX-OGG is following the normal Sunday schedule, programming in the morning and evening and off the air for maintenance during the afternoon. If extinction comes a little at a time it won't be so bad as it would happening all at once.

Saturday July 20, 2019 4:34 PM CDT -- Home Heating
It may be the wrong time to be discussing the economics of home heating but in only a few months it will take on much interest.
Do it with plastic waste

Saturday July 20, 2019 2:48 PM CDT -- Boosters and Seeders
Mentioned earlier was the "seeding" done by the webmaster at one of the low power radio forums to keep it active, and I just detected the same thing at another forum site, noticed also by Correspondent Boomer: I just made the rounds at Part 15 ORG, and notice some of those one hit wonders you'd mentioned before, and I'd wondered if they were booster posters, intended as a device to stimulate conversation. I know that forums have made use of boosters, but usually they're part of the forum's regular membership, and have an established role to boost. Within 2-hours of one another two "newbies" wondered how to start from square 1: "David" asked about a "strong legal transmitter" and "Bryan" wondered if perhaps the Procaster would be a good learner-transmitter. The same pattern has been used many times before, and matches the ideal expressed by a moderator whose discovery of radio ar age 12 was a high point in life. These newcomers typically trigger a string of helpful beginner tips from the membership, but are never heard from again which suggests to me that they don't exist. Starting two iterations of the same conversation  might be heat related. Part15.org's list of Recently Active Members shows a "Bryan", but does not show "David", perhaps a clue that it was authored from the inside and never entered as an actual member.

Saturday July 20, 2019 2:05 PM CDT -- Pressing Forword
Programming from KDX-OGG did not stop as previously planned, the playlist moved onward into "No Agenda" with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, a 3-hour show, which puts our next possible close-down time to 4:32 PM later this afternoon.
2:11 PM 94-degrees.
The weather forecast has been revised to predict a high today of 96-degrees (no longer 99-degrees).
They say that the brain begins to change its mind randomly as cooking progresses.

Saturday July 20, 2019 12:27 NOON CDT -- Cooked Alive
On its way to a predicted high of 98 (F) here are the temperatures so far today:
6:59 AM 81-degrees
8:58 AM 86-degrees
10:08 AM 89-degrees
11:27 AM 90-degrees
12:26 NOON 92-degrees
About 1:45 PM CDT we will sign off KDX-OGG following "The Thinking Atheist", and shortly thereafter this website will close until early Sunday.

Saturday July 20, 2019 9:56 AM CDT -- List of Lies
Growing like a very long nose

Saturday July 20, 2019 9:28 AM CDT -- Extinction Dead Ahead
There has never been a greater news story than that of humans facing full extinction, and yet extinction is rarely mentioned on the evening news, cable channels, or on the front pages of blogs and newspapers.
Place your hands over your face and read this through the cracks between fingers

Saturday July 20, 2019 8:06 AM CDT -- Outstanding Podcast Free for Radio
The IRL Podcast from Firefox is a new find for KDX, and we are totally enjoying this morning's "trial" broadcast, hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, co-founder of Stable Genius Productions. This week's topic explores the carbon footprint of streaming music on the internet. The IRL Podcast presents real stories about life online and real talk about the future of the web.
IRL Podcast

Saturday July 20, 2019 7:18 AM CDT -- The Heat is Still Hot
KDX has been offline for most of the past few days and the situation is expected to peak today with an expected high of 99-degrees F. Slightly better tomorrow with 95-degrees predicted, as storms enter the scene. Next week will bring more livable weather and longer hours of operation for the radio station and its voices, including this Blog.

Thursday July 18, 2019 2:24 PM CDT -- Heat Declaration
95-degrees and rising at this hour according to the National Weather Service, tomorrow predicted to top 100-degrees. During the hours of peak heat this Blog and the KDX Website will go offline so as to contribute our 600+ Server-Watts to the running of regional air conditioners. This afternoon's scheduled performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto # 3 will be held over for Sunday evening at 7 PM.

Thursday July 18, 2018 1:46 PM CDT -- The Floor is Open
Boomer sent this in early June, and it very much fits the discussion of the moment about opening The Blare Blog for greater reader participation:
I wonder if you'd be interested in a blogging software that might make it easier to post blogs to your site? I don't mean Wordpress, but there are many toned down styles of editors, and they allow you to just log in and type, with a simple edit bar, somewhat like forums, but even simpler. The advantage would be automatically formatting the post to appear at the top of the page, keeping a number of posts on the front page, then making pages for older posts. Some allow comments, but most should be able to turn that off or restrict it.

If interested in experimenting, the thing you can search for is 'flat file blog'. I've also tried the HTML editor method of doing a blog (Which is what we do presently at The Blare Blog), but I was lazy enough that after awhile even formatting would put me off from doing it. I found that I couldn't get from the 'inspired' stage to the point where it was 'habit' to write in my blog, it was that middle ground that always tripped me up before I got there. Making it super easy allowed more longevity.

Thursday July 18, 2018 12:33 NOON CDT -- Input Arriving
This comment from a Correspondent in response to the speculations about opening a forum:
The Part 15 'market' is already saturated with forums.  I don't believe we need another.  In fact, I don't believe that we need any more than one, given the participation level I'm seeing.  Nothing on the former ALPB site, virtually nothing on Part 15, and really only the webmaster on Hobbybroadcaster (without him seeding his Forum, I don't think there'd be much).

When I was looking at blogging software, there were some packages that allowed readers to directly enter comments to blog entries (which ones, I can't remember).  You could set things up so that they didn't appear 'in print' until approved by the blog owner, and you, as the blog owner, had your e-mail address hidden.

I think your blog is working perfectly for what you intended - your views on a number of subjects directly or indirectly related to radio.  People can choose to read it, or not.

Forums, unfortunately, allow a lot of crap in with the good stuff, and a lot of topics that don't belong (or that you, in particular, aren't interested in) and trolls.  The other side of the coin is, of course, restricting content such as Part 15 and Hobbybroadcaster do by Moderators with an agenda.

Intent is everything.

Thursday July 18, 2019 7:34 AM CDT -- To Inform or Disinform
It's tiresome to be continuously pressured to confine the discussion to the mechanics of running a radio station when the whole purpose of having a radio station is to inform or disinform the listener. We discuss the mechanical elements from antennas and transmitters right down to grounding for lightning protection, but this Blog also considers the content carried by stations across a vast gamut of lies, truths and entertainments. There is nothing outside of legitimate areas for discussion in the broadcast universe.

Wednesday July 17, 2019 5:46 PM CDT -- Forum Speculations
As mentioned, two of our regular participants have put forth the idea of a KDX Forum, which would have its own Menu Button up above the page and be open for members to type directly into it. I seem to recall that free forum softwares were mentioned in an email which I'll try to locate. The other evening I wanted to look around to see active forum sites but only dredged up software offers making our fact-finding effort thus far slow and clumsy. We'll keep this inquiry open-ended without a specific deadline. Let's call this Phase One: Spinning Our Wheels.

Wednesday July 17, 2019 4:18 PM CDT -- Listen for Distant FM Signals
But first a question: is there any chance of hearing distant FM stations amid the dial cramming in towns like ours? Now the story...
Tropo or E-Skip

Wednesday July 17, 2019 2:58 PM CDT -- Reflections On Composer's Block
Recent blog links and references about Shostakovitch and his vivid musical portrayal of the facist U.S.S.R. bring to mind the abandoned 5th Symphony by myself, which would have been a portrait of the United States of America in the mid 1990s. Without saying too much about how I happened to be writing symphonies I'll stick to the point: I wanted to express a "tone" or a "feel" that would accurately depict the police state undergirding what was usually expressed as the majestic plains of John Wayne and Aaron Copeland or the victorious military heroism of General Patton and Richard Rogers. In a word I wanted to render hypocrisy but could not imagine what it sounds like. An intellectual dead end.

Wednesday July 17, 2019 12:10 NOON CDT -- America: Love It and Stay To Complain About It
The Right to Criticize the Government

Wednesday July 17, 2019 10:41 AM CDT -- Wi-Fi 6 is On the Way
What is it

Wednesday July 17 2019 9:02 AM CDT -- Reviews and Previews
Today will be the hottest day of the year for the 2nd time this year, under peacetime conditions in the immediate neighborhood. KDX Worldround Radio is streaming globally over KDX-OGG from the Icecast Server, kdxradio.com the website is online including this Blare Blog being written to by me while hearing Radio Sputnik's Loud and Clear across KDX-FM, my having just eaten a banana while draining a 3rd cup of coffee. We're anticipating further reports from Florida about John Mouw's field tests with the Range Extender 2.5 Antenna Tuning Unit, right now the top news of 2019 about new developments in FCC Part 15 Certified transmission equipment. Also up for discussion is a proposal endorsed by two of our correspondents to expand our own media offerings by adding a New Low Power Radio Forum here at kdxradio.com., something much needed but for my part I've been hoping that some very dedicated person would come along to launch such an enterprise as we're very short-staffed at KDX and already tightly scheduled with existing operations. Um, let me get back to the Range Extender. Its maker, I.S.S. (Information Station Specialists), engineered the device in response to a cry for "more range" from low power operators, but KDX, in our first very practical reaction to the opportunity, is not seeking more range for any of our over the air stations. But, as with any creative thinker, we've envisioned a second application for the Extender. Nighttime. Right, at night the AM dial crowds up with skywave signals which suppress nearby transmissions and we suppose that the Range Extender would compensate for this inequity, for which reason KDX might sign on as an early adopter of the new technology to give our night signal better footing. O.k., so we have work to do, but one more thing... Michelle Bradley at rec.net... amazing! Not just because she's the rare woman we've ever run across in this low power radio pursuit, but her accomplishments in pursuing causes before the FCC are equivalent to a Wall Street lobbying firm plus she's the writer and presenter that we all need as a mentor! Let's take a cheese break.

Wednesday July 17, 2019 8:30 AM CDT -- This Living Document
Unlike the Bible, which falsely claims to be a "living document", the Blare Blog is truly "alive" in the fact that the ink never dries as we frequently review and revise what's been printed here. Our readers discover not only freshly published information today and tomorrow, but revisit past entries for the latest revisions, corrections, and new additions. Yes, revisionist history in action!

Wednesday July 17, 2019 7:44 AM CDT -- Return to Sender
White Supremist Returned to Place of Origin

Tuesday July 16, 2019 8:17 PM CDT
-- Paavo Jarvi Frankfurt
Franz Schmidt 4

Tuesday July 16, 2019 6:17 PM CDT -- Camps Then and Now
Pence's Pride Parade

Tuesday July 16, 2019 4:10 PM CDT -- You Peopel

Really good speller

Tuesday July 16, 2019 2:48 PM CDT -- Ground Veggie Meat
Using the expression "President Stupid" in a previous blog entry continues to circulate in our thoughts not because it's untrue but because it might incline right wingers to smash an SUV into the entrance of this Internet Building, home of KDX Worldround Radio. How can they afford to spare so many SUV's? Those parting words of  Bob Trumpalike, writing anonymously to our email box, come to mind: "You must respect the president." But we don't respect him nor does he respect most of us and he is certifiably stupid, or we could call him President Lunk, speaking cryptologically, gaining moments through confusement. The good thing is that free thinkers are able to ponder their words whereas dogmatists on the right recite their slogans ignoring critical review or further thought, protected of course by Freedom of Religion which establishes the Right to be Ignorant. They use intimidation; we hurl words by the sling-shot of speech. Not to diminish the plea from a past member of a defunct radio club: "Stop the infighting and get back to low power technology."

Monday July 15, 2019 1:19 PM CDT -- When They Come for You
Stern knock on the door!! DHS Agents (Department of Homeland Security) to warn James Schwab, former Spokesman for I.C.E. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), to say nothing about his resignation for being asked to help smear Oakland (California) Mayor Libby Scaaf for alerting residents of planned raids on immigrants and refugees at the same moment Mr. Schwab was being interviewed by CBS.
Listen for the Knock - Courtesy of Sputnik Radio TV - 11 minutes

Monday July 15, 2019 11:15 AM -- Just Like Now
People have been likening our time to 1940s Germany with regard to numerous similarities, not limited to concentration camps, persecution of certain ethnicities, surveillance of ordinary people, assault on journalism and glorified pagentry. But by no means does Germany hold an inventor's patent on totalitarianism. I was reminded of this by a YouTube movie found over the weekend, "Testimony", based on the Memoirs of Dimitri Shostakovitch, starring Ben Kingsley. The story puts us in the time of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, communist dictator of the U.S.S.R., who took a special dislike to artists, poets, journalists and composers, for expressing views contrary to the party line. Over 1-million imprisoned and around 700,000 executed. Dimitri Shostakovitch, his wife and daughter, often heard heavy footseteps as soldiers arrived in the middle of night to remove neighbors without prior notice, never to be seen again. The Shostakovich's never knew when their turn might come, and Dimitri once remarked, "They all go quietly. No one screams or speaks defiantly, they just go quietly like sheep". The film, following a chronological time-line, employs the composer's music shuffled out-of-order, but most viewers won't know that. The London Philharmonic Orchestra lead by David Nolan performs specially emphasized fragments of the music, which so vividly portray everything about the tension, terror, and severity of the communist state, filled also with an undertow of personal fear and dread coming straight from the composer's own emotion. During the funeral ceremony the composer's voice narrates as though attending his own memorial; he says: "I am dead. How else should I be smiling?"

Monday July 15, 2019 8:55 AM CDR -- Popular Ambitions
Many people believe that driving the open road and walking on the moon are exciting things to do.
Be my guest. Be sure to write.

Monday July 13, 2019 5:53 AM CDT -- Keeping It Down
The composer John Cage holds the copyright on silence

Friday July 12, 2019 8:49 PM CDT -- Then There's Bluetooth
The 2.4 GHz band is the most publicly busy unlicensed and licensed space anywhere on the radio bands. We've been watching it for several days on the RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer, and we observe Wi-Fi internet access points in use, believe there are nearby cordless phones, know it's also Amateur Radio and Part 15 (low power devices) territory. And we just started thinking about Bluetooth, which also shares the space under the designation "I.S.M.", for "Industrial, Scientific and Medical" band

Friday July 12, 2019 7:20 PM CDT -- Have a Nut Break
These Are Good for You

Friday July 12, 2019 2:07 PM CDT -- Self Conscious About Writing
Probably because of experience prior to the arrival of the internet, back when public libraries, news stands and telephone calls were the sources of information, I developed an interest in writing. The fact that I didn't have anything to say was no barrier and many words poured into a growing collection of notebooks. Reading excellent literature by reknowned authors made the skill of writing appear easy, and so it was puzzling when I'd look over my past work and wonder what I'd tried to say which got me to thinking about other readers and what they might think if they read me. Would they know what I was saying? What if they just weren't very smart and didn't have the polish to understand my sophistication? It's true that I became stilted about my own literary style even when it was a private affair, and it's much worse now that writing is done before the world audience across the internet. One improvement that's taken place is that I've become more interesting as a person than I may have been in the old days, but I don't think people today are very erudite in which case my message is probably lost on them. We stocked up big time on peaches, my favorite fruit, and have been enjoying one of them every 20-minutes. What I did here was revert to non sequitur, something that happens a lot in modern media.

Friday July 12, 2019 2:06 PM CDT -- Cordless Telephone
No Cord Included

Thursday July 11, 2019 8:04 PM CDT -- Moment of the Day
Even the richest and most gifted among us find it necessary to extend a reach to the grocery store for sustenance, and we at KDX are no different. Today it was my turn, as it always is, to saunter out on the streets, avenues, boulevards, drives, and highways to the local stock-up store. On leaving the store I encountered a woman seated on some kind of  low-profile mechanism, whether store-provided or personal wheel chair, who asked if I'd lost my car. So, I asked her if she knew where my car was, to which she admitted, "no I don't", and I retorted "then I can't ask you about it" following which she pleaded that she hadn't eaten today and wondered if I'd improve the situation with either a food donation or some change. Down alongside was her bag of accrued foodstuffs she'd apparently obtained earlier. She then bolstered her dilemma by mentioning that she needed to feed her children. I employed a Christian tone in advising her to continue seeking what she sought as I went on and found my car. Our public service in support of society is done through broadcasting, bird feeding, and the vasectomy.  KDX frequently reports on the social harm caused by religion, which more than anything else, forces global overpopulation in total ignorance of resulting environmental destruction and side-effect famine. It should be the religious fanatics out there in the parking lots providing food for the hungry who could have been prevented if planned parenthood was taught in schools.

Thursday July 11, 2019 5:32 PM CDT -- Incomplete Existence
Most of my thoughts are book length, which is not commensurate with bloglength, typically brief. Blogs are internet driven and no different than email or forums or comment bites which are always abrupt. Everything online is truncated, thoughts are intentionally redacted to avoid overly lengthy diatribes. Only part of us gets sent and the rest collapses in packet loss. Have I made myself unclear?

Thursday July 11, 2019 12:55 NOON CDT -- Cordless Phones Wi-Fi Interference
This is what I thought.
Somebody Who's Been There Done That

Thursday July 11, 2019 11:08 AM CDT -The Bunny Trail and the Rabbit Hole
For me alone the past days of chasing Wi-Fi technical questions have been a bizarre summer cruise with no destination on the horizon. Were my wife able to be here for the journey she would much rather be in Great Britain. Unexpectedly I am now thinking about cordless phones outfitted to operate in the 2.4 GHz band. Might such a phone be responsible for the periodic attacks against my point-to-point audio sender/receiver? What happens to Wi-Fi in the near proximity if several users happen to use cordless phones at the same time? There are printers and other wireless commodities being added continually to this small patch of spectrum. For internet accessers the result is a slowdown, but the constant nature of an audio signal has no way of slowing down, unless going blank is equivalent to slowing. The price of admission is still being paid but it won't get us a selfy with Big Ben.

Thursday July 11, 2019 9:22 AM CDT -- Boomer Reports from the Field
I saw a post with Range Extender ATU test results on Part 15's site today. It looks nice there on that fence, and the range more than doubled on a Sony portable. I'd like to know how it compares in a car, since car radios seem to work better with antenna transmitters than portables with loopsticks, at least that's my impression from experiments here. - Boomer
I.S.S. Range Extender Put to the Test

Thursday July 11, 2019 7:55 AM CDT -- Best Days of the Summer
Until yesterday we have maneuvered through the summer heat with a personal cylindrical tower fan with its cooling range of three feet, but under the sweltering debilitation of 97-degrees (F) we finally confronted the "temporary" storage so neatly stacked in front of the sole air conditioning unit in the control room window. It took hours because of our casual approach of moving one item at a time after carefully undergoing an in-depth study as to where it should be relocated. It was late in the evening sometime when we finally started the cooling which took several hours to become noticeable, then sometime around midnight we declared the air "noticeably cooler". Today's forecast, by comparison, calls for a very comfortable day with low humidity around 85-degrees. Given the better circumstances the middle of the night, around 2 AM, was spent in deep concentration following detailed instructions for updating the firmware of the new RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer, which already has fulfilled its planned mission of mapping the frequencies of the TP-WIRELESS TP-WT02 Wi-Fi Audio Sender. An added benefit is the ability to observe Wi-Fi traffic in the area so as to best plan our own frequency placement.

Wednesday July 10, 2019 7:39 AM CDT -- Heat Alert
The National Weather Service warns that today will be the hottest day of the year thus far, and KDX Worldround Radio will close our servers at 12 NOON Central Time to protect sensitive equipment. The KDX Website and Streaming KDX-OGG will resume operation Thursday at 7 AM Local Time.

Monday July 8, 2019 7 PM CDT -- Lie Pollution
Lies have gotten into the air and water

Monday July 8, 2019 5:36 PM CDT -- Trouble for the Voices of the Homeland
Scandals at VOA, Marti Radio & TV

Monday July 8, 2019 11:24 AM CDT -- Matchbox Microphone
Make a microphone out of a matchbox and pencil.
Matchbox Microphone Plans

Monday July 8, 2019 10:58 AM CDT -- Protection Against Robots
We are very well defended against other human beings, but have you considered what robots could do?
Robot Protection

Monday July 8, 2019 10:39 AM CDT -- EMF Detectors
Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are of interest in this century because we live in electro-magnetic smog and some health concerns remain unsettled, for which reason EMF meters and detectors are of use to many.
Some EMF detectors

Sunday July 7, 2019 5:37 PM CDT -- Beer Saving Time
There is no beer but if there were it wouldn't last very long and we'd end up right where we started. Think of all the time and effort saved by not bothering with it.

Sunday July 7, 2019 5:08 PM CDT -- Radio Programs Lose Their Appeal in Proportion to the Summer heat
Lucky that Sunday is a "down day" for KDX, meaning that we close our broadcasting activity between noon and 8. Maybe silence is cool, because it seems easier to endure under the blaze. At intervals we rolled the Brill lawnmower over sections of the campus not because the grass matters to us but out of empathy for stereotypical neighbors who look around and expect to see short grass. The poor saps. In between outside chores it's been more studies into Wi-Fi softwares and hardwares, one item catching our interest was "CommView for Wi-Fi"" which takes over the USB Adapter and essentially turns it into a SDR (Software-Defined-Radio) able to reveal everything happening on the band, except that the first version we installed was only good for 5-minutes per session with the full version costing $500. Then we chanced upon a "free version" but AVG Maleware Preventer quarantied it sensing a malicious virus. Another thing that only functions at half-power under the sun is the thinking brain which ... very ... nearly ... comes ... to ... a ... halt. Anyway, here's the next thing we'll be working on.

Saturday July 6, 2019 8:55 AM CDT -- --REDACTED---The US revolutionary army of 1775 “took over airports” from the British--REDACTED---
Early Airports of History

Friday July 5, 2019 3:54 PM CDT -- --REDACTED---It's Not Just Me Saying Things About the Guy--REDACTED---
Even as far back as Will Rogers
---REDACTED--They are my tanks and I want them! --REDACTED---

Friday July 5, 2019 3:37 PM CDT -- --REDACTED---Respecting President Stupid--REDACTED---
--REDACTED---A past chairman of a small radio club posted a rule: "We must respect the president" following which the group disbanded and the former chairman declared himself "chairman for life and owner of the memberless club". Then along comes all of yesterday's fluff over President Stupid's Grand Self-Celebration with military war equipment sales demonstrations whereas if it was to be a hardware fete we think American farm machines would have been more appropriate. Little was Education Secretary Betsy DeVoid able to inform Stupid that July 4th isn't a military holiday, how would she know?--REDACTED---

Friday July 5, 2019 2:37 PM CDT -- Decision Made We Move On
An order is placed for this
RF_ExplorerRadio Explorer Model 2.4G is a spectrum analyzer expressly for the Wi-Fi band from 2.4 - 2.483 GHz.

Friday July 5, 2019 2:14 PM CDT -- Bridge Maintenance
Within the community of low power broadcasters each one of us seems to stay on our side of the bridge. My side is mostly the creative side that deals in artistry and experimentation while another side belongs to authoritarian sticklers who try to dictate to the rest by staunch rule based on the laws of physics, God's plan and an intolerance for play. The bridge of course is the common metaphorical ground of broadcasting itself, in which we're all invested in one way or the other. We notice also a certain amount of anti-intellectualism which is probably a universal human condition but likely with its particular triggers when it comes to setting policy, standards and practices within radio culture. Bridge burnings are part of the territory leaving a veritable moat between people that decide not to get along with those over on the other side. I don't know if I'm making sense, summer heat and all, but that would really be a matter of whether the reader comprehends the message, so it might be your fault for limited apprehension skills but with the bridges all out of service I don't know how you'll get back over to your side.

Friday July 5, 2019 12:35 NOON CDT -- Peaceful Rain as We Narrow Down the Search for a Solution
2:30 in the middle of the night we got busy viewing more YouTube videos about spectrum analysis in the Wi-Fi spectrum and here is where the trail is leading as of  now.
Hand Held Device

Thursday July 4, 2019 2:05 PM CDT -- Giggle 'Till it Hurts and GigaHertz
More hours spent compiling data at the intersection of SDRs (Software-Defined Radios) and Wi-Fi (the spectrum of the I.O.T. (Internet of Things) as we've come to realize that what we want is an inexpensive spectrum analyzer that will detect, show, and report data about RF signals in the Wi-Fi band so we can know their frequency and strength. Professional gear for this purpose costs around $4,000, but for hobby purposes it is possible to accomplish with an SDR, except that typical SDRs top off at 1.7 GHz and do not detect the Wi-Fi band. Yesterday our Wi-Fi audio was interupted several times by what sounded like telephone signals and there are cordless phones utilizing the 2.4 GHz band. We changed channels, but the same kind of interference happened again today, we're sure somebody nearby decided to make a phone call. We're changing frequencies each time it happens, but it would be more scientific to A.) know the actual frequencies of our channels, and B.) observe the signal from the cordless phone so we can move outside of its envelope. Oh, and we're under a 40% liklihood of a storm.

Wednesday July 3, 2019 5:57 PM CDT -- Off Again Off Again
It seems everyday KDX closes operations to avoid risks from passing storms. Today's closure persisted for over 2-hours and although we've returned to operation lightning still flirts around the northwestern boundary of our vicinity. Meanwhile, this link gives an idea how we've been approaching lanscaping since around 1990.
The Right Way to Do Your Yard

Wednesday July 3, 2019 10:19 AM CDT -- Cellar Monitoring
Key experts like Brooce in Hartford are listening to the radio waves around the clock from many different locations, including this well equipped cellar station.
Signals keep coming in.

Wednesday July 3, 2019 8:51 AM CDT -- Communication Cramming
Hours spent watching YouTube videos about SDRs (Software-Defined-Radios), spectrum analyzers, and other ways of measuring, viewing and analyzing the microwave spectrum in and around the Wi-Fi band 2.4 to 2.483 GHz, and mention was made that some cordless phones also use this band. Well not ours, no, this phone operates on 1921.536 - 1928.448 MHz, but is that legal? Took awhile to find, but according to FCC Rules Part 15 Subpart D our phone is an "unlicensed communications service device" and (15.323) operates in the band 1920 - 1930 MHz. Our cordless phone is legal! We can talk guiltlessly!

Wednesday July 3, 2019 8:22 AM CDT -- Explosion Celebrated in the U.S. Only
Many humans in the world today shelter in terror when explosions are delivered by drones, helicoptors, airplanes, offshore warships or suicide bombers, but in "The Homeland" (formerly the United States of America) an explosion means celebration; means July 4th. So it was confusing yesterday on July 2nd in late afternoon with the summer sun blazing in the sky to be startled by a massive POW!!! coming from just west of our radio campus. Our first thought was that somebody's propane tank blew up in the midst of grilling dead-meat-patties, and perhaps a victim might require medical services. However it was simply the Mutant, out of jail again, and visiting his mother. A fellow self-entertained by exploding things in advance of the holiday and before nightfall, suggesting that the visual firework aspect is secondary in his list of preferences. Two more booms followed. Most people I've talked to about it are unaware that firework displays are replications of warfare, which is an odd deviance of mind since it is a truce or end of war that would have initially been cause for celebration, but here we are with fond remembrance of war itself.

Tuesday July 2, 2019 11:13 AM CDT -- The Other Intelligent Hobby
Undersized Trains

Monday July 1, 2019 4:24 PM CDT -- Wi-Fi Channels and Frequencies
Wi-Fi Channels & Frequencies
Cordless Phone Frequencies - incomplete, as it turns out.

Monday July 1, 2019 3:47 PM CDT -- Wi-Fi in the Rules

According to this link we went to the right place to look for FCC rules regarding Wi-Fi, it's just that the FCC failed to use the expression "Wi-Fi".
The Link in Question

Monday July 1, 2019 12:30 NOON -- Traffic in the Airwaves
In the U.S. only 11-channels (internet access points) are legal to use in the 2.4 to 2.483 Wi-Fi band, whereas 14-channels exist for certain other countries. The question arises, what is happening above Channel 11 that requires that we forfeit 3 extra channels? We went looking at the Frequency Chart.
The Frequency Chart
The first thing to notice is that the Chart says nothing about Wi-Fi and allocates 2.4 - 2.450 GHz to Amateur Radio, with the slice above 2.417 sharing space with "Radio Location". So far as we know "radio location" refers to the magnetic device clamped to the underbody of your car by law enforcement to track your beer shopping. Looking elsewhere the Part 15 rules for low power devices gives parts 15.247 and 15.249 by which the former defines "frequency hopping systems" and the latter talks about "point-to-point" with some confusing restrictions, and again no mention of "Wi-Fi". Our attempt to learn perchance to understand these microwaves at the top of the UHF band seems to have drifted toward diminishing returns although some of that has to do with today's 95-degree Fahrenheit temperature out there in Average Terrain Park.

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