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Saturday August 31, 2019 11:59 PM CDT -- SIGN OFF ANNOUNCEMENT
This concludes the month of August 2019. The Blare Blog will return on Sunday September 1 with new word arrangements that say things left unsaid during these earlier months. The Blare Blog is owned and operated by KDX Worldround Radio and serves the consuming public.

Saturday August 31, 2019 7:55 PM CDT -- Straight Pride Parade
Tonight on Free Talk Live we heard a report from a Straight Pride Parade. One float featured a guy in a football Helmut with a Trump 2020 banner. Another float carried a group of men and women avoiding intimacy by facing away from each other.  The KDX Pregnancy Float was banned and covered in blue tarp. The Hashtag Me Too Float contained 25 women pointing at themselves and shaking their heads "Yes". The parade dissolved after two blocks because only 7 people lined the street. U.S. Vice President Mike Pant's limozine arrived 1-hour late to completely empty streets so he turned around and spent the rest of the day aboard Airforce 2 parked on the runway.

Saturday August 31, 2019 12:38 NOON CDT -- Damage Was Done
According to recent reports yesterday's violent weather caused power outages to thousands in the surrounding area. Fortunately KDX was spared and experienced only rain.

Saturday August 31, 2019 5:23 AM CDT -- Maybe KDX Should Start Testing at 1510 kHz
Earlier this morning, when I was debating whether to enter this world or stay in sleepland, my brain connected two thoughts: Thought # 1 is the fact that we have an LPB 5-Watt carrier current transmitter tuned for 1510 kHz. Thought # 2 is the fact recently learned that a local station at 1510 kHz has gone silent for financial reasons. See where I'm going?

Otherwise we'd planned to re-tune the transmitter for our usual carrier current channel at 970 kHz.

1510 on the local dial is a daytime channel because after dark a big city station (Nashville, Tennessee) many miles away comes blaring in with 50,000 Watts (WLAC). But that's of little concern here, in as much as KDX tends to operate during daytime hours owing to the fatique factor of our listener.

Saturday August 31, 2019 4:44 AM CDT -- Tornado Sirens
KDX-OGG (stream station) and KDXRADIO.COM lef the web abruptly Friday evening when Tornado Sirens sounded! Rapidly changing weather conditions were monitored from our below ground bunker with no damage to our facility. The surrounding area was impacted mainly by traffic mishaps due to blinding rain and pre-holiday crowding. Labor day weekend in the U.S. marks the first holiday since July 4th, so the general public is very eager about it.

Friday August 30, 2019 3:10 PM CDT -- National Slinky Day
I just ran into this exciting news...
Slinky Day
The slinky is significant because the metal version offers an experimental form of radio antenna. When we became aware of this an expedition went out but only found plastic slinkys, until dilligence finally reached the destination which I think was Kmart where we obtained two metal slinkies which are on the shelf behind me awaiting antenna trials.

Wednesday August 28, 2019 7:54 PM CDT -- Scientific Intelligence
The best time to land a rocketship on the sun would be at night.

Wednesday August 28, 2019 6:55 PM CDT -- The Blog in Brazil
Besides the nasty treatment toward all of South America by the vulgar President Trump the Amazon Rain Forest is burning away as seems to be civilization itself. What more can reasonable people do but go about their crafts and professions? In the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Roberto Minczuk conducted the Orquestra Sinfonica Brasileira inside the Sala Sao Paulo Culteral Center, housed within a railway station, performing a work composed by 19-year old Sergei Rachmaninov.
Symphony No. 1
(Not to be confused with other symphonys numbered 1)

Wednesday August 28, 2019 6:13 PM CDT -- Die Toteninsel
Rachmaninow with the Frankfort Radio Symphony
Edward Gardner, Dirigent

Wednesday August 28, 2019 3:33 PM CDT -- Self-Taught Manager
When serving as staff announcer on radio & TV I naturally wanted another job that looked more important. I considered myself management material and after several years have now been manager of KDX only to find that I'm not very good at it. But that's only because I'm the sole employee of the station and have no staff. A real manager needs a staff so they can be scapegoated when jobs don't get done and you can fire them.

Wednesday August 28, 2019 3:24 PM CDT -- Fingers Crossed
KDX Worldround Radio has enjoyed exceptional internet service, a bit expensive perhaps, but from tales told by other users around town and in other cities it seems that reliable internet is not always attainable at any price. We could play the game of signing up for movie cable to obtain a 6-month reduction in cost, but after the introductory period the price would shoot skyward unless we talked to somebody about another re-arrangement and to us it's worth taking the easy road rather than wrangling with incremental changes which might result in quality loss through something being mis-set up on the pole. If something works don't change anything.

Wednesday August 28, 2019 2:37 PM CDT -- Diversity
"Diversity" is the wrong reason to be tolerant of other people. Yet we've been told that everyone deserves equal standing in society with their differences amounting to "diversity" .  Are we not thinking? Diversity is not a quality in itself. Rabid bears circled by swarms of flies are merely diverse members of the animal kingdom. An out of control self-driving car speeding through a playground is only taking a diverse route. An earthquake of 20-Richter is a diverse seismic event. Biodiversity can range from 130-degrees Farheit in the Sahara Desert to minus-60-degrees F in Antarctica. Cultural diversity can range from cannibal barbecues to KKK arson parties. Who comes up with such shallow notions?

Wednesday August 28, 2019 5:54 AM CDT --  Expo Comes to KDX
The 2019 Sex Education Expo will be held at the Multi Purpose Hallway on the Worldround Radio Campus.

Wednesday August 28, 2019 5:45 AM CDT -- Summer Gets an Extension
On his radio show yesterday Thom Hartmann kept saying it was the last week of summer.  No, it's only the last week of August. Summer will continue until September 23, the Autumnal Equinox, when the next season begins and leaves will drop.

Tuesday August 27, 2019 11:14 AM CDT -- Ultimate Guide to Audio Bitrate & Audio Formats
The Guide
A note of appreciation to engineeringradio.us for giving this link

Tuesday August 27, 2019 8:23 AM CDT -- ReInventing the Fortress
Oxygen is about to follow the fate of  food and water, becoming more scarce as rain forests burn and populations grow. Your neighbors will take an obsessive interest in your pantry and change jar gathering in mobs to conspire, all talking over each other until consensus is reached on their next target selected on the perception of weakness and resented for old grudges: never went to church, didn't keep his grass cut, thought he was better than everyone else, probably a Democrat! The hoards ride again! Meanwhile, back in history, fortresses were invented as a means of defense against the hoards and already in our time we see a plethora of so-called "security devices" cramming on the Wi-Fi band as our electronic fortress that can be controlled from continents away by internet. Robotic guard dogs from Amazon (not the rain forest) do not require walking but can nip and bite. Drones open the potential for spying on them before they gather intelligence on you. The way to improve the neighborhood is to eliminate it. But no matter how you do it, be sure to protect the only two listeners of your low power micro radio station.

Monday August 26, 2019 6:04 PM CDT -- My Miniature Jumping Spider
It probably rode me in from out in Average Terrain Park, it walks around on the computer screen and jumps to the modem, the wall, the curtain, and makes the rounds knocking off whatever small bugs it confronts. It stands up, turns in a circle like a micro-military robot, and resembles a walking IC chip. The leash law does not apply to jumpers.

Monday August 26, 2019 5:52 PM CDT -- Also National Dog Day
Our main office has been notified that August 26 is also National Dog Day, in addition to being Womens' Equality Day. There is no relationship between the two, unless you consider women who love dogs. Hillary Clinton once said about her husband Bill, "It's hard to keep the dog on the porch."
About Dog Day

Monday August 26, 2019 4:57 PM CDT -- The Tab
My bar bill has gone up under Bill Barr.
-- Carl Blare

Monday August 26, 2019 11:18 AM CDT -- Womens' Equality Day
Only moments ago Thom Hartmann announced that it's Womens' Equality Day so we interrupted our yard work to rush in, Officially Designate today as a 'holiday' and open The Blog. This is not to say that I am settled in my own mind that women are "equal" in the full sense because they're not, but to say what I think is not to claim some "higher ground". We could not designate an "Animal Equality Day" because it's obvious animals are not "equal" to other animals, not even within given species. Come to think of it men are not "equal" to each other either despite the longstanding slogan "all men are created equal". That's even doubly wrong because men aren't "created" in the first place, but perhaps we mean that all men have "equal rights" which could be a legitimate position except that under Trump equal rights is not recognized. I have previously said that "women are equal but different" and for now, until we call upon Arthur Schopenhauer, we'll lay down the pen.

Monday August 26, 2019 7:28 AM CDT -- Musician Uses Audio Engineering Skills to Find Mystery Beep in His Home
Step By Step 8-Microphone Method

Monday August 26, 2019 7:07 AM CDT -- Bend, Staple or Mutilate
If KDX had Sunday night listeners they would have been disappointed last night when I wasn't in the mood to run the program schedule and kept the station silent.  That's actually a very modern thing to do, I say by way of rationalizing the practice, making our schedule more of an "on demand" experience with me doing the demanding. The two programs involved, Le Show with Harry Schearer and The Ralph Nader Radio Hour, are just about to air following the Monday morning News from RT, and that's the evolutionary state of the station which exists for the sole reason of providing myself with quality programming IF and WHEN I'm in the proper mood for it. "Mood" reminds me of the dairy and we're just about to see about breakfast.

Sunday August 25, 2019 9:29 AM CDT -- Just Thinking
I'm almost a bad enough writer
to do filmplays for American cinema.
-- Carl Blare meditating following a 2nd breakfast

Sunday August 25, 2019 6:46 AM CDT -- At the Tone
A trip through the world of library music, soundtracks, test cards, easy tempo, psychedelic pop and shortwave radio. Another novel program from D.J.Frederick.
Length One Hour

Saturday August 24, 2019 1:11 PM CDT -- Scouting Shelved
CENTINEL reports that plans are off for now as far as the Scouting Show owing to lack of response, so he built a transmitter.
Vectronics AM Transmitter
Vectronics AM Transmitter

Saturday August 24, 2019 11:29 AM CDT -- The Scout Movement
During the past several weeks CENTINEL of RadioPhvern made the rounds offering a several part radio series about scouting which he'd like to produce. The response from the low power radio community was dismal. At the part15.org forum there were no replies whatever and CENTINEL was utterly ignored. Things weren't much better here at KDX where we declined the offer because the program schedule here is already packed with more programs than we can schedule. However, I have gotten to thinking about scouting... what do I know? What are my viewpoints? Never having been a scout, I've viewed it as a patriotic paramilitary training organization to prepare youth for military culture. But that's a prejudice and perhaps not fair, so we're opening a new discussion on the subject.
To be helpful in support of CENTINEL'S project KDX recommends the Scouting Radio Episodes be linked at the RadioPhvern website to provide access to station's wanting to use or sample the shows. KDX plans to open our Demand Radio page and will supply links to RadioPhvern and its programs.

Friday August 23, 2019 6:44 PM CDT -- When Honesty Fails
Recently we shared our experience with the futility of "genre" categories that appear on our station's directory listings, in the case of KDX those are "news, talk". To remind why it's not useful to expect these descriptives to attract listeners who seek those particular categories, many music stations claim every genre so as to maximize their presence across the entire directory. The only thing left is to lie about it and claim to belong in a category that may have seekers who will try KDX in the quest to earn rewards in heaven. We may do an experiment in this area by naming ourselves "Christian". It's the Republican thing to do.

Friday August 23, 2019 9:34 CDT -- Life May Get Simpler for Podcasters
At present there is no easy way for podcasters to obtain the right to use popular music on their podcasts. This may change.
Talks Underway

Thursday August 22, 2019 3:00 PM CDT -- Holiday Declared!
Because we missed National Radio Day on Tuesday August 20, we'll hold it Friday August 23 instead!!

Thursday August 22, 2019 2:23 PM CDT -- National Radio Day
Thanks to Bruce for bringing National Radio Day to our attention and we've added it to the List of Designated Holidays when this Blare Blog will be kept open. Unfortunately this year we missed it by two days. We also mention that World Radio Day is held in January.
National Radio Day

Thursday August 22, 2019 9:49 AM CDT -- Severe Weather and Transmitter Planning
Suspense today as KDX waits through a 50% chance of dangerous weather while we contemplate future transmitter installations.

Back behind the Internet Building, home to KDX, extends Average Terrain Park for a length of 100-feet, where we'd like to install a 3-meter tower/antenna structure at the far southern edge. Original plans called for an AMT5000 Transmitter from SSTran placed in a weather-proof box, but the unfortunate closing of distribution makes this unit unavailable forcing us to consider other possibilities. Our inclination is to build our own transmitter rather than risking an expensive device such as the Chez Procaster in the relatively unsecure location.

With the recent introduction of the Range Extender 2.5 from I.S.S. (Information Station Systems - not to be confused with the International Space Station) we visualize a pole installation directly behind the building, given the 25' length of the coaxial cable delivered as part of the package.

Either of these projects would expand the coverage for KDX, which may seem to contradict previously expressed self-imposed limitations based on FCC Rule 15.15 (c) "The parties responsible for equipment compliance are encouraged to employ the minimum field strength necessary for communications." And certainly we hold regular drills to improve receiver sensitivity while attenuating RF fields from our campus. However, when heading out by car an extended range would concievably allow station monitoring for longer distances, our present threshold for AM transmissions being about 600-feet.

Wednesday August 21, 2019 5:45 PM CDT -- No One Wants to Live Near a Tower
Report from WSAU Wausau

Wednesday August 21, 2019 5:01 PM CST -- Visiting the Directories
Radio Station KDX-OGG, streaming out of the server located next to this keyboard, can be found in three internet locations by interested listeners: directly from this website or from either of two online directories, those being steamcast.com and dir.ziph.org. Today we made an inspection tour of our affiliated directories to find out what's going on.

At the moment of our visit Steamcast reported having 795 streaming stations and we know that sometimes they have many more. There were 12,509 listeners, although most of the stations had no listeners, indicating select few popular stations. Our station's two main genres, news and talk, used as search terms, bring up a batch of stations of which KDX was one of very few actually running news or talk programming. We've found that many stations falsely list every known genre so as to appear in every possible search. Therefore listing our genres is of little use, and this applies at Ziph.org as well.

Ziph reported 13,827 streaming stations but gives no total listener count. A scroll through the station list shows most have no listeners, and only a chosen few have good numbers.

Yesterday we visited the Icecast Directory (Ziph.org) and listened to one station after another to find that virtually every one is airing music.

There seems to be no mechanism by which KDX-OGG could stand out so as to be found by the news talk audience, and it is doubtful that that audience is searching because of the futility of finding anything other than music.

Wednesday August 21, 2019 7:51 AM CST -- The Naming of Jimmy
A "rescue dog" is not a dog trained to recue people, even though there are such dogs, but what we call "recue dogs" are those that are rescued from homelessness or disposal. These dogs are given names early in the process, perhaps previous owners named them or as paper work is generated a name gets put down on the line marked "Name" and as time goes on their handlers refer to them by that name and eventual owners carry forward with the names already assigned to these rescued dogs. That is how "Jimmy" arrived, ready-named, at the Bruce household. As previously reported, Jimmy imprinted with Mrs. Bruce and instinctively feels that Bruce is a competitor and shuns him in the gambit that Bruce will move away. It is our suggestion here at The Blare Blog that Bruce reverse the game by shunning Jimmy until the dog feels ignored and unrecognized which will cause him to begin using some charm and attention-getting tactics in hopes of gaining Bruce's notice. I've used this trick many times over the years to obtain generously offered house keys from women who'd started out by snubbing me but succumbed to my more determined snub. Unlike dogs, women often change their names when they join a man's family.

Tuesday August 20, 2019 4:32 PM CDT -- Space Force Prepared to Launch
This seems like a joke. These people can't run a planet, much less dominate space.
Vice President Pants will do the honors.

Tuesday August 20, 2019 4:16 PM CDT -- The FCC Podcast
We acknowlege Part15 Engineer and his posting at part15.org for this resource link.
Subject: Pirate Radio Enforcement

Sunday August 18, 2019 7:22 PM CDT -- Introductions Are in Order
At this time The Blare Blog would like to introduce Mr.Herman Hesse, German writer. Someone worth knowing about.
On Being Alone and Finding Your Destiny

Sunday August 18, 2019 12:10 NOON CDT -- Here's How It Plays Out
Suppose we criticize a public official, perhaps Mike Pants or  Mike Plumpious. Then along comes some critic like Bob Fwordly who lambastes our criticism by criticizing us for making it. How is the one any different from the other? It turns into a daisy-chain of one person criticizing another for criticizing someone else. The fact that someone feels justified in criticizing me would seem to justify our privilege to be equally critical.

KDX Worldround Radio from the Center of North America has won the 2019 Total Success Award from the Success Determination Bureau, Carl Blare CEO.

Sunday August 18, 2019 11:29 AM CDT -- We Don't Know That Jeffry Epstein is Dead
Conflicting stories that don't hold up.
Conspiracy of Confusion - Paul Craig Roberts

Saturday August 17, 2019 8:39 PM CDT -- The Rescue Dog
The dog delivery seen transacted in an earlier photograph followed a national dog search by Bruce and his family selecting from a dog rescue operation in South Carolina. The chosen dog was delivered by a fellow who makes it his mission to transport dogs that have been recued from homelessness and match them to new owners. According to first reports the dog prefers Mrs Bruce and scampers away from Mr. Bruce but is slowly adapting to its new home. Meanwhile, Bruce has continued making stacks of mysterious radio reception equipment.
The Thing On Top Has a Tuning Range of 100kHz to 30 MHz

Saturday August 17, 2019 10:49 AM CDT -- Dog Vendor
Mrs. Bruce buys dog out of the back of a truck.
Dog Shipment
The Dog Underground

Saturday August 17, 2019 10:38 AM CDT -- Listening Station in Space
Bruce plans to launch a space satellite as hobby expands
Salleite Kit
Satellite Kit

Saturday August 17, 2019 9:52 AM CDT -- Things In a Photograph
Bruce explained in lavish detail what this equipment does and I thought I'd remember, but now I can't recall exactly what it is, except that the piece on top looks like an audio equalizer and the item below might be an antenna phaser, but why they would be shown together is not at all certain.
EQ Phasing
Wood Paneling with Equipment Blocking the View

Friday August 16, 2019 1:43 PM CDT -- Woodstock Replay on WXPN Philadelphia
50-years ago Carl Blare was doing the all night shift on an alternative rock station and became facinated by Janis Joplin, but didn't hear about Woodstock until later.
All 3-Days including Rain Delays
Janis Joplin

Friday August 16, 2019 9:36 AM CDT -- KDG-OGG Streaming Returned to Normal Operation
Tests with KDX-OPUS are complete for now.

Friday August 16, 2019 8:17 AM CDT -- KDX-OGG Server Returned to Service
Continuing tests with KDX-OPUS, KDX-OGG has been re-started and both servers are in operation as testing continues.

Friday August 16, 2019 5:35 AM CDT -- KDX-OPUS Experimental Streaming
This morning at 5 AM KDX-OPUS began streaming from the KDX radio server, replacing KDX-OGG during an experimental period. "OPUS" is the name of the newest generation of open-source codecs released by the Icecast Project, an evolutionary advance beyond the OGG VORBIS Codec.

Wednesday August 14, 2019 11:49 AM CDT -- Garden Train
Alongside low power radio broadcasting, building a garden train is another great hobby, practiced to the hilt in this cab (a train cab, not a taxi cab) ride on Vancouver Island.
I've thought of 3 very practical uses for a garden train here on the campus surrounding the Internet Building. It would provide transportation of yard cuttings from throughout Average Terrain Park (the alternative name for our campus), all the way back to the mulch pile where yard waste decomposes into fertile black dirt. From inside the building, at the social gathering table in the Upper Management Lounge, the train would enter through a pet-door mounted at table height so we could send vegetable waste back to the mulch. And once a day the mail car, located under a chute from the mail box, would deliver the day's mail to the executive desk. The train would roll into the basement for overnight storage at the top of a long storage shelf.

How would you use a yard train?

Tuesday August 13, 2019 4:11 PM CDT --HO Scale Model Train
These train layouts are amazing, fantastic, wonderful, astounding, tremendous, stunning, glorious, beautiful, impressive, fabulous, neat, cool, and great.
HO-Gauge Train Wonder of the Room

Sunday August 11, 2019 5:23 PM CDT -- Amazing No One Fried
You take acres of wet ground and speaker stacks 60-feet high and all the electricity involved to make Woodstock happen and don't you think there'd be some accidental electrocutions? But nothing of the kind is ever mentioned. Might we consider that as proof that an Almighty God sits atop this world and calls the punches? Or perhaps there's a giant coverup to suppress negative news about what really happened. Thr FBI will spin the story in their own favor, which would be contrived after the fact since they didn't anticipate Woodstock.

Sunday August 11, 2019 3:30 PM CDT -- Sara Davidson was At Woodstock
Our Blare Blog Correspondent Boomer brought up the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock and we turn the full attention of KDX Worldround Radio to that Historic Festival of Humanity.
One Who Was There

Sunday August 11, 2019 12:42 NOON CDT -- When Important Things Go By the Wayside Because Something Unimportant Consumes All the Attention
Back on Thursday August 8th we were blogging about something else and happened to refer to Symphonic Dances by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Sharing a common interest in sonic brilliance as we all do, I today embarked upon the tedious task of sampling over 20 YouTube concert videos from numerous world orchestras sharing their performances of this large scale work. "Concert videos" include those with live camera action watching the orchestra do its thing, and this piece is large and often sounds large but collapses at times into very intimate voicings from its instrumental palette: a piano, harp, saxaphones, intricate woodwinds, solo violin, mass strings. Because the complexity of the job of audio mixer is beyond the skill of most I found a video from July 3, 2012 which is perfectly mixed and has other qualities as well. The videography is not "over worked" as many are; it is smooth, inobtrusive, and does not try to impress the viewer. The camera shots are thoughtully choreographed into the event taking place. The conductor is completely in charge and not trying to be a jumping hair flapper like the American caricature of a symphony conductor.

I have no names or identifying information to share because the text describing this video is Czechoslovakian, and this keyboard doesn't know those fonts. Another obstacle is that the first 4-minutes of the video consists of an introductory conversation in the same Czech language, so you might skip past that but don't miss the beginning of the music. The second thing to know is at the conclusion of the Rachmaninoff the orchestra performs an encore which we think is a Dvorak overture so you can stop if you choose.

The audio is perfect in respect to balance between loud and soft owing to deft use of compression-limiting that avoids the bad over-used practice of allowing the wide-open ultra-dynamic-range of digital sound, so disappointingly common, by which subdued pianissimo sound becomes inaudible and high-level fortissimo sound scares the neighbors and sets off car alarms. The Czech sound engineer tailored a sound that fits the ordinary room or carseat of today, with its air conditioners and background noise taking some of the acoustic space.

We'll call attention to one other significant feature of the audio quality in this recording: the mass strings have a texture and depth that you can feel.

And in closing let me say that YouTube has novelty versions of these Symphonic Dances such as versions for 2-pianos, 2-organs, and military band.

Further, as we close, let me just say, that one needn't be able to dance to enjoy this music. The composer might have called it his Symphony No. 4, but he didn't, for whatever reason. Take me for example. I can't dance. I won't dance if you ask me, not even the most beautiful woman in society, who actually did ask me to dance. But I'll say this. I wanted to see her dance.
The Last Major Work of Rachmaninoff

Sunday August 11, 2019 10:46 AM CDT -- Time Machine Working Model
The concept of time machines has been tossed around in fiction and scientific speculation for a long time, and the general consensus of the day is that humans will never build a working time machine. Yet, all around us and before our eyes the earth itself is a working operating time machine that smoothly carries us out of the past and into the future! All we need to do is scale it down a bit and build versions of the earth that can be controlled from a dashboard interface and avoid the risk of carrying nearby people involuntarily out of the time path of their choosing. Because there's also the matter of constructing small solar systems with  relative actions that contribute to the process we could never have done it by hard-wiring because of the massive clump of entangled extension cords that would have resulted, but now we've got Wi-Fi! I believe we'll all be able to meet yesterday for lunch!

Sunday August 11, 2019 9:22 AM CDT -- Deep Under the Hood
I just realized, the title could be taken to mean: "Deep Under the Neighborhood", but it doesn't. It's a figurative reference to a car hood, often used to connote a deep look into any mechanism, in my case the software underlying the vast KDX-OGG Streaming Megalith. I've always intended to explore the log files kept by the streaming server and its components, so early this morning we finally took a look. Here's our report.

Three key components keep logs, those being the Icecast Server, the Altacast Encoder, and Zara the Automatic Playlist. In fact Icecast keeps 2-logs, those being an Access Log and an Error Log. The Access Log shows all the server activity while it's online and running, such as "listener connections" which is not proof that anyone is listening, it may simply be a pre-teen in Kentucky trying to hack into a checking account or it could be an Estionian spy looking for a power plant to shut down. The Error log is good for troubleshooting because it shows what's failing as the Icecast server runs.

The Altacast Encoder converts the KDX program audio into the OGG format for transmission on the Icecast Server. The Encoder Log shows that the Encoder is doing what Encoders do and at what time it does it. It also reports errors.

The Zara log is probably the most important one because it shows every program that plays with specific time information about when it played. Of course the other logs are important too because they show that streaming was taking place at the same time as audio playing. We are of the belief that Federal rules, the DMCA, requires streamers to log everything streamed so they can employ thousands of attorneys to look for copyright abuse without needing to seek a search warrant to build a case. While the radio station blithely goes about a calm Sunday morning in the privacy of the Internet Building Home House a jail cell is being checked for working locks and foul air in anticipation of the roundup of copyright violators that will be taken off the streets. You may be honest, but can you afford to prove it in court?

Anyway, within the last 2-days we had connections from the state of Oregon in the U.S., and from the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico and Thailand. All very brief.

Sunday August 11, 2019 7:46 AM CDT -- The Blog Experiment Continues
A dialogue -

BOOMER: I read that you're going to be open for business on the weekends and holidays. Maybe that's when we need it, counter to many businesses that are shut down on those days. I've always liked the after-hours programming on radio, off the beaten path.
CARL: I can't understand why radio stations, in particular, fill weekends with infommercials and 2nd rate time-fillers while the majority of listeners are home from work and available to listen. KDX puts more logs on the fire during weekends.
BOOMER: Good that you've found a raft of good progressive podcasts, and today I also received a list of shows that Tha Dood is also airing on his station. I feel that there's more I could be airing, but that goes along with more than I'd want to take responsibility for and not having the station be a fun thing and burn out on it.
CARL: That's the thing about it. Every few days I go through that cycle. I add more programming out of a sense of obligation, then I totally burn out and cancel a bunch of stuff.
BOOMER: As it is, my station is mostly music, but not high school rock, it tries to focus on underground music, and obscure vinyl releases, not on other formats. Not all I could do, but I feel that having it there is better than having just dead air on my frequency, like a hole in the dial.
CARL: Don't underestimate the potential of dead air.
BOOMER: As for music events, Woodstock's 50th anniversary is coming next week, so this would be the right time for music on many stations, as a tribute to the festival.
CARL: Woodstock is a one of a kind cultural event.
BOOMER: I wonder how the big media clusters are going to celebrate? Obviously music stations would want to get in on it, but most national stations have long since abandoned "hippie music" on their stations.
CARL: One way to celebrate would be to flood out the ground in your yard or a nearby park and wade through mud while listening to the music. Woodstock went on despite a drenching rain.
BOOMER: It makes me shake my head that they don't play more of that era's music, I guess it's not seen as being in step with the times today, but once upon a time, 50 years ago, that was the hippest music around, the now sound was hippie rock, psychedelia, heavy rock and funk that dominated the airwaves for years.
CARL: The reason that era's music is avoided, I think, is because it was awakening and played a role in making people realize they were being screwed by life-taking war that only benefitted the profiteers. The corporate media clusters today have gotten the masses into a trance again and have more wars than ever. Effective music could F it all up.
BOOMER: I'm going to do my version and play all that, call it Woofstock, playing the soundtrack albums and all of the bands.
CARL: Well, your station! I mean, what's it called, does it have a website and what kind of a ground-lead do you use? Can Woofstock be heard in our area?

Sunday August 11, 2019 7:33 AM CDT -- We Heard Back from Centinel
On August 8 we Blogged about returnee Centinel, back from the past, with new radio plans. Here's the note he sent:

You're too funny, Carl. Yeah, go ahead and gossip.  Shoot me the link after you post it.  I think I found your blog on KDX. I can be found at radiophvern.wordpress.com.
Interesting Website at Radio Phvern!
We notice the crosstown move, Centinel, into another part of town where I also have a past. The famous Bevo Mill was built by beer barren August Busch, Sr., as a top quality restaurant with European style elegance. I've often met clients there for executive power lunches.

Friday August 9, 2019 8:37 PM CDT -- George Carlin
Explain It to Us

Friday August 9, 2019 7:36 PM CDT -- The Shrinking of KDX
In 2007 when this enterprise took its place on the web there was no doubt it would grow and expand and to small degrees it did, but the governing factor that hampered every attempt was the underlying reason it exists. KDX Worldround Radio exists to provide selective radio programming to its owner-listener in a market where radio is trite, sports and religion oriented, and barren of content. For that purpose KDX is successful. Two main program categories have led this effort, those being reliable news and secular sanity. But here's what it's coming to: speaking as listener I clearly know the current news and am fully aware of secular realities. Therefore the station is beginning to miss the mark. What is left to hear after you agree with everything that's being broadcast?  Resulting from this is a reduction in hours of operation during which we contemplate alternative purposes for providing a streaming radio service.

Friday August 9, 2019 7:21 PM CDT -- At the Last
When everything is finished there is no better piece of music.
Beethoven Opus 127

Friday August 9, 2019 7:09 PM CDT -- Evolution On the Wing
Before our eyes the presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is evolving into the hope for our success as a species in universe.
Her Words Come from Heaven Itself

Friday August 9, 2019 12:49 NOON CDT -- New Blare Blog Schedule Effective Immediately
The Blare Blog will be open and available on Weekends and Holidays. At all other times The Blog will be offline.

Friday August 9, 2019 10:22 AM CDT -- Bernie Sanders Visits Joe Rogan
Excellent Conversation

Thursday August 8, 2019 6:03 PM CDT -- I See Where They're Going with This
The Fuhrer of Nationalist America is rounding up the Latinos and now, using gun violence as a pivot point, declares that the mentally ill should be rounded up and involuntarily detained. People with true mental-emotional problems have already been rendered vulnerable by the cutting of budgets and services.  Like the rest of the Fuhrer's grand plan this marks another return to the dark ages when asylums for the "insane" provided a ready means of eliminating protest and dissent. The psychiatrist lobby will be smelling blood in the water as they did with prison torture. To keep you safe The Blare Blog is considering the issuance of Mental Health Certificates for our readers and listeners to carry with their citizenship papers.

Thursday August 8, 2019 12:05 NOON --
A few days ago an associate from the past sent a message:


Just checking in on you.  Hope you're well.  I logged into part15.us and noticed you were absent for a few months. Hey, shoot me a short reply and let me know you have a pulse.  We're all wondering about you.



We remember Centinel from a year ago when he decided to abandon his low power radio station which had been experimental. We also recall that his family operates a neighborhood diner in a part of town where I did a lot of dating by streetcar a few years back. This was our reply:
To: Centinel:

Hello Centinel and very glad to know you are getting back at running your own radio station. It was not happy seeing you sign off, as part 15 is the greatest hobby in the world.

I no longer post on the forums because of an exclusive contract with my own kdxradio.com and The Blare Blog where I ramble on about radio and the universe, but I follow the forums regularly and take an interest in how everyone is doing.

If you like I can gossip about you on my Blog, but only if you want to see your name in print.

As far as having a pulse is concerned I detect nothing.


Well, we've received a reply to our reply and will Blog about it later today or tomorrow.

Thursday August 8, 2019 11:16 AM CDT -- Simple Proof
Having asked what it is that makes white nationalists so "supreme" let's not be naive. Their supremacy is quickly demonstrated by killing. Being smarter is of no use to a dead man. Stupid wins.

Thursday August 8, 2019 10:44 AM CDT -- Wake Up with Smelly Coffee
It was Sunday while KDX was off for routine maintenance that I surveyed 1/4 of the progressive news sites and compiled a list of podcasts and radiocasts and am astounded by all the activity in this area. It is absolutely a boom time for audiocasts on the internet and here I am getting lazier and cutting back on programming. So, driven by guilt, we've been slowly fitting some of these finds into the schedule, and am, again, astounded by their quality. No other low power stations we know of are carrying these programs, therefore it falls to us at KDX to rise up and go beyond ourselves rather than all this time squandered on YouTube watching live symphonic performances, such as last nights astounding Symphonic Dances by Rachmaninoff. We'll have to watch that again, and maybe tell the family about it. But they wouldn't care about it. My own family wouldn't comprehend the genius and mastery of the world's classics, but by the same token are you any different? And when it comes down to it none of you have the slightest interest in all these astounding news programs I've been talking about. If we have anything in common it's probably a concealed curiosity about pornography, but what can you say about that? It speaks for itself. So in this one paragraph I've decided to take my microphone, the cables, computers, lawn equipment, and book collection and go where I'll be better appreciated, possibly at open sea.

Thursday August 8, 2019 8:05 AM CST -- My Dog Walks All Over Me -- as seen on a tee shirt

Boomer sent his portion of a Blog conversation, and now, hours later, I'll add my part, so to synchronize:

CARL: Boomer, you go ahead and start.
BOOMER: Hi CB, radio,
CARL: Hi Boomer, baby.
BOOMER: There are people who want your body over on Part-15 ORG, what are you waiting for, hurry!
CARL: Really? I'll go look see.
BOOMER: I know, pets are okay, as long as they stay, over there..
CARL: These days I've got one black cat that circles around me all the time and sometimes we happen to be in a place where we see each other and it waits to see my reaction and I just return to what I'm doing. In past years I'd try to teach cats that they weren't welcome by running at them, but the concept was lost on them.
BOOMER: I'm hugely into pets, I'm a petophile extraordinaire, the biggest petophile I know! It's the way I grew up and know the world. That barked, it's good to be a responsible pet owner and not let your pet walk all over others, it gives pets a bad reputation. I think owners are more responsible nowadays, and see pets as part of the family more.
In my area, Dogs had houses in the yard and some would be out there constantly, and lonely Dogs would bark, and sometimes we had a neighborhood chorus of Dogs barking at night. Dogs and cats were let out to wander the neighborhood, and get into fights and get hit by cars. Now it's so different, if you see a pup or kitty wondering the neighborhood by themselves, it's a strange thing indeed.
CARL: Dog houses go toward my idea of providing a dog habitat and I think I'd be a good architect in this field. For example I believe the typical dog house is too small, more of a dog closet. They should have enough room to walk around inside and possibly have guests. And, don't interupt me, the doorway should face toward an area the dog wants to watch, not toward a wall or fence, but also not toward the glare of the sun. And indoor lighting could be improved by possibly a skylight.
BOOMER: Betty White used to advertise for the Latham Foundation, that was for responsible stewardship and being aware of your pet's surroundings and other people. I wondered how they really felt about animals, but with Betty White, I figured it must be something good.
CARL: Well, Betty White!
BOOMER: Tech matters: My main computers tend to stay on at all times, like for my radio station, the 'up time' has been a half a year at this point. I haven't had good results with sleep mode, in the past the computer has come back to consciousness with errors, or sometimes not at all and had to be rebooted. Maybe computers are better about sleep mode today.
CARL: That's good to know. I've been using sleep mode for about a week and found that on the XP machine it's called "standby mode". So far so good. Did you see my Blog about FM noise?
BOOMER: From what I learned in the early days, FM hiss comes mostly from the circuits inside of the receiver itself, thermal and junction noise (diode noise), made audible because of the extreme amplification of the FM receiver's IF and limiter circuits.
CARL: Huh! I never would have thought of that. Also, I compared the noise of the FM band to known scientific forms of noise and decided it is more like Brownian noise and less like either pink noise or white noise.
BOOMER: Good about your history with C-band satellite, I was interested in what could be found there, but didn't get into it at the time it was a hot item.
CARL: The experience we had involving the C-band satellite dish back in the early 80s ended when the local municipality sent a Take Down Notice claiming that satellite dishes were against local ordinance. I discovered that a neighbor had complained about it as being "unsightly". When I spoke with a city official he suggested I bring it to court to have the ordinance overturned and I told him I wouldn't bear the cost of doing that and that I was going to allow the city to abridge my rights. I dismantled the dish, laid it on the ground where it collected rain water and bred very vigorous mosquitos.

Thursday August 8, 2019 7:33 AM CDT -- Give It a Few Hours
Yesterday evening we were giving serious thought to closing The Blog. Negative thoughts. Doubts. The sense that for the effort we weren't really saving the environment. We wondered if we should end The Blog without saying anything, or maybe give a paragraph about why we were ending it. The uncertainty of how to wrap it up kept it open and this morning The Blog seems like a pretty good idea and is certainly more succesful than our streaming radio station. The Blog has more than five regular followers and the radio stream only has 1.3 listeners one of which is an IP number and may only be a bot. A couple months ago this Blog did end when we posted-- "The Blare Blog has expired." But the next day it was back with the explanation that although it was over we had entered "post-existence", a kind of spoof on the "afterlife".  Maybe this is a "near life experience".  And what that kind of talk does is enter philosophy territory where we begin analyzing the nature of consciousness and existence, what some people call "mindfulness".  That brings us around in a circle because the feeling that our mind is "too full" results in wanting to have fewer thoughts by discontinuing The Blog. It's not easy to share these feelings because now I have to proof-read and spell-check and hope that no law suits will be levied.

Wednesday August 7, 2019 2:36 PM CDT -- WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BUILDING

Tuesday August 6, 2019 2:43 PM CDT -- Under Shelter
Most of the lawn here at Average Terrain Park is trimmed, as we wait out a second weather event. According to the Lightning Map furious bolts of electricity are streaking the sky 30-miles SW from here and our future hangs in the balance. We'll keep things running unless danger draws nearer.
4:13 PM CDT -- Hours Later
Ah! Nice nap during "This Week in Radio Tech", then a fresh look at Lightning Maps to see the storm is still out there but has moved slightly souther and our sun has come out. So I asked myself if I was going to finish the lawn and decided that tomorrow would be ideal for that. "This Week in Radio Tech" ended and I cut carriers on all wireless transmitters until later when we have a few more programs coming up. KDX usually doesn't mess with sign off anouncements any more than freight trains bother to have a caboose. If they don't need one neither do we.

Tuesday August 6, 2018 7:41 AM CDT -- Before the Dumb Down
In the middle of the last century the large networks filled television airtime with interviews bringing prominent world thinkers before the mass public.
Bertrand Russell Message to the Future

Tuesday August 6, 2019 7:21 AM CDT -- The National Weather Service is My Scapegoat
Procrastination and slacking require their own kind of strategic plan such as yesterday when I viewed the grass strip in need of mowing and compared it with the weather forecast which called for one more dry day before the rain, so I was able to postpone my grass cutting job by yet another day. But this morning an unpredicted thummer sunderstorm toyed with my hold on reality and it's all "their" fault (the NOAA).

Monday August 5, 2019 6:51 PM CDT -- Misguidance of the Unschooled
We talked about the white nationalist sleepers who conceal their identities with sheets while playacting as stout Christian Americans, but when they get to talking they'll issue their standard eviction notice: "Love it or leave it". To that I say "If you love it fix it", but when it comes to guns we're taken again off-topic by pointless talk about controlling guns and treating "mental illness". The evil that's being promulgated by presidential miscunduct has to do with bad education from the president on down and personified by the monumentally ignorant Secretary of Education. At least the white supremists agree that I have the freedom to say what I think, right?

Monday August 5, 2019 6:47 PM CDT -- Bucky's Dymaxion Future Car of 1933
The philosopher-inventor R. Buckminster Fuller liked being called "Bucky" and pursued many ideas including his novel Dymaxion automobile.
Brief Ride

Monday August 5, 2019 12:07 NOON CDT -- The Yesterday USA Radio Networks
We learned a moment ago that Bill Bragg, founder and long time operator of the Yesterday USA Radio Networks, died in June of this year (2019).

It was 1983 when we received Bill Bragg's permission to carry his Old Time Radio Network feed on a local area public station, all we had to do was build a C-band satellite dish, which we obtained with the help of broadcast colleague Charles Hefti (Low Power Hour No. 2 - CarTunes). We erected the dish and aimed it toward the satellite.

So many years have passed and here we are on a day of rediscovery.
Yesterday USA Radio Networks

Sunday August 4, 2019 4:05 PM CDT -- Sleepers in the Room
Why is it that white nationalists conceal their ideological hatred so as to blend in with the group like just regular nice guys. We've found it in our own low power radio ranks and now that I know, and they know I know, they've gone extra quiet. Odd to see proud patriots hiding themselves and their hatred.

Sunday August 4, 2019 3:42 PM CDT -- An Astounding Thread at Part15.org on OTR Copyright, Royalty, Licensing, Performance, and Preservation
Artisan Radio Launches Viral Thread
My exclusive contract here at The Blare Blog doesn't permit my posting on another website, so I'll say here that I once met an attorney who incidentally owned the original mixing console from Kapp Records and claimed to have visited the U.S. Copyright Office where he determined that most OTR programs were never put under copyright, but later a collector told me "Ya, but the scripts were copyright". Then some ownership claim was made regarding the sci-fi series "X-1" which was later overturned allowing the series to show up. This is all anecdotal and amounts to heresay.

Update: Artisan has notified us that otrrlibrary.org is repaired and again dispensing authentic old time radio shows!

Sunday August 4, 2019 3:37 PM -- Radio Science Question
We all know what causes the various static conditions on the AM medium wave band, but what causes the continuous rushing sound on FM as if a waterfall was looped infinitely on the word "rushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"? I think it's called "Brownian noise".

Sunday August 4, 2019 2:18 PM CDT -- Managing Importance
People of title rise to perceived importance among their public and too in their own self-esteem. This inflationary sense of social height is apt to place the titled on a plane well above the common man, bestowed in privilege and immune to the downfalls of ordinary peons. That is why Members of Congress ride around in limos and give lip service to "fixing something" while everyone else becomes foreclosed and cannot afford to file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, here at KDX, we want you to believe that we know what we are doing, and to avoid being ineffective owing to our lofty titles, have developed the position of "Director of Importance Management", responsible for reminding each other to "remember the listener", those people who can't figure out how to start their own radio stations. We know what it's like to be lazy and apathetic.

Sunday August 4, 2019 2:00 PM CDT -- Antique Radio Collectors Often Operate Micro Radio Stations
There are websites devoted to the stately hobby of collecting original radio sets from the early years of broadcasting, and to authenticate their virtual home museums the radios are tuned to a house frequency putting old time programs on the air for veritable time traveling. Archive.org hosts many of the old shows, and I noticed yesterday that many many more can be found on YouTube with still-frame pictures added so as to qualify for inclusion on the video site. We noticed, for example, many of the NBC Symphony Orchestra programs under conductor Arturo Toscanini are available, from years when corporate America assumed that an enlightened educated audience was worth cultivating. I myself don't like the "nostalgic sense" because wistfulness tends toward sadness and who wants that? However, the work done by performers on those big microphones is to be greatly admired, so just get a bottle and wallow into it.

Sunday August 4, 2019 1:00 PM CDT -- How Often Should We Restart the Computers?
Here at Worldround Radio we restart our computers every morning to Sign On our Website and Streaming Radio Station, then late in the evening we do a total shut-down.
According to this link maybe we should be using Sleep Mode.
Get To the Point

Sunday August 4, 2019 9:42 PM CDT -- Work in Progress Station -- WAD - What a Dog! radio
== Done in the form of a dialogue ==

BOOMER: Hi Carl Bloggin' Blare.

CARL: Oh, hi Boomer.

BOOMER: I also replied to Tha Dood about LPAM in the Netherlands, and I think I Carbon-Copied the reply to you and the others on his list too. I agree it should be done if big companies don't want those airwaves and aren't willing to change their broadcasting styles or programming to fit with what is needed on the AM band today. It also may be broadcasting rules not allowing stations to reconfigure, like using smaller antennas and synced AM repeaters for spot coverage of towns.

CARL: Those are really good points.

BOOMER: The feeling I get from the press and opinion on AM radio today is that people are griping that it's failing or at least fading away, but then they just keep clinging to the same format, knowing it's fading out? Why would you let your business do that without trying something? Maybe AM isn't in as much trouble as we're being led to believe?

CARL: I wonder about that myself.

BOOMER: I think the Part-15 disclaimers that some stations use might be based on the standard P-15 notice found on consumer electronics, I've seen something close on the back of a walkie-talkie years ago. The Radio Shack AM Broadcaster kits had a similar notice in the back of their instruction book, that you agreed to operate by Part-15 rules, and a place on it where you could sign and date it, like you were signing a junior broadcast license to yourself. I built my first AM kit before I was 12, and at that time it was cool to really have a licensed station.

CARL: I also signed one of those years ago.

BOOMER: Maybe having a notice posted at your transmitter site or on the website for the station is a way to assure that you've thought about the rules enough. It could be seen as a step up, or image polisher in a time when people are saying that pirates put up transmitters and openly defy the rules or many times don't know anything about broadcasting regulations.

CARL: I don't know any radio pirates today, but in the old days I knew some techies who built illegal transmitters just to experience the game of tuning it in across town, but they played music over it and never spoke.

BOOMER: I wonder if the fear being accused of being a radio pirate could be a reason why the ranks seem to be thinning in the Part-15 scene? People could be worried that the FCC is going to visit them and ask questions, and they don't want to even deal with it. It may seem that there's more danger of a visit, with new focus on pirates by the FCC, and the press releases they've come up with.

CARL: I think the FCC is trying to fob off its enforcement responsibilty by prodding others to do it for free, like righteus HAMs with authoritarian tendencies, professional engineers guarding their licensee's turf, and local police who look for reasons to generate crime stats.

BOOMER: I may have been the one who got on you about devotion to pets and magically sent you some sort of psychic signals about the issue, before even reading what you wrote, maybe before you even wrote it, my version of an apologizing Pet-15 notice. I'm the biggest booster of Pet-15 that I know of! Now for sports boosting, I'll let some linebacker take care of that.

CARL: Oh no, I can honestly say that I've been pushing better pet control for years and its one of the top reasons people don't like me, the other reason being my religious duality. If you think about it I'm actually very concerned about pet welfare when I suggest building separate habitats for their benefit so they don't have to share space with our odd human species.

BOOMER: As a teen I thought that Dogs were better than humans, and issues of unfairness between humans and Dogs concerned me greatly at the time, and I wrote poems about Dog licensing and thought about Dogs in kennels and pounds. I'm still all 'Up With Dogs!' these days, and I would rather look after a Dog than a human child I believe. I've had 3 Dogs in my life, and they brought great joy in their ways, especially my last, an American Eskimo breed, he was a real cutie.

CARL: Dogs can do a lot of things better than we can, in fact probably our main aptitude is that we're so much better with hardware. You never find dogs buiilding radio transmitters, driving cars, or doing their own shopping.

BOOMER: I've only babysat human kids before, so maybe I shouldn't be thinking about it since I haven't owned a kid yet. There are sides to everything.

CARL: A lot is expected from human parents, and it would be even tougher if the leash laws applied to kids, but it would prevent a lot of delinquency. Oh, and the mess in this upcoming link would be prevented if the dog had its own space.
Dog Embarrasses Owner

Sunday August 4, 2019 9:21 AM CDT -- Jim Hightower On the Blog
Fake Wall Talk

Sunday August 4, 2019 8:59 AM CDT -- Grab Power This Simpler Way
The thing looks more like a UHF antenna and might go unnoticed were it not for the red arrow.
Here's What We're Talking About

Saturday August 3, 2019 4:43 PM CDT -- My $0.02 worth on LPAM again. Tha Dood

Sorry Tha Dood, KDX doesn'r have $0.02 to send you, but we will use your submission. You were saying?
I had to ring-in on the comments of this again.
Netherlands Proposal for Low Power AM
Yes, the Dutch made this proposal in 2015 but we haven't heard any more about it. It's a good proposal in any case and could be the way to go for us here in the U.S. The further comments about opening more FM territory between 76 and 88 MHz would also relieve the crowding now experienced, but you're right that many present receivers aren't able to hear those channels.

Saturday August 3, 2019 12:29 NOON CDT -- The Low Power Apologists
No doubt the fear of being wrongly accused of being a "radio pirate" is why so many low power radio stations post a boiler-plate excuse they hope will be believed, something like this:
Station WAD is a legal, unlicensed, radio station
compliant with FCC Rule 15.219
with less than 100 milliWatts to the final stage
and an antenna no more than 3-meters.
I'm telling the truth, believe me.
First of all the words "legal unlicensed" sound like a contradiction in terms. Secondly, the rest of it sounds guilty as if WAD is making excuses. We'll suggest something better:
Station WAD operates under FCC Authorization
According to the Rules & Regulations Part 15.219
On a frequency of 1610 kHz
With signal strength of  100 milliWatts.
Since there's no license involved why bring it up? What's the point of slicing and dicing the milliWatts into increasingly smaller numbers? And because most people don't understand math they'll think you have 100-million watts. The size of the antenna is spelled out in 15.219, so you don't need to mention it again. Besides, what is an "antenna" to most people? An antenna is an enigma that ordinary people cannot visualize. If you want more jibber jabber throw in your GPS longitude & latitude and perhaps a few other relevant 15.xxx rules that apply in some way. Possibly toss in a recommendation for spaying & neutering pets. Then stop. Say no more.

Saturday August 3, 2019 10:08 AM CDT -- Lawrence Ferlinghetti Photographs
This is part of an email I sent to Maria Gilardin at TUC Radio in Northern California:
"Wondering as I was, I found on your TUC website a "Maria/News & Reports" menu choice but it only led to "Nothing Found". I don't believe that as I suspect there is "Something To Be Found", you just haven't gotten around to putting it up."

Maria's reply:
Thank you very much for letting me know that these features exist on my web site. Did not know they were there. I will use them ("them" because I found another unused one.)

In reality I'm totally pre-occupied by this:
Aug 9, Friday, 6:00pm-8:00 pm opening reception.
Closing Exhibit Date: Saturday Sept. 14
50 Scott Street, San Francisco
When We Arrived in Normandy, June 1944

Maria Gilardin produces the weekly TUC Radio Program heard on hundreds of stations including KDX Worldround Radio Wednesday mornings.

Saturday August 3, 2019 9:22 AM CDT -- Artisan Radio Update
Inbox: Message from the Canadian West Coast -
I wanted to update you on the status of Artisan Radio, given that you mentioned it in your blog.

Initially I was planning on having the station broadcast public domain classical music (not just opera, but certainly including it) over the air and streaming over the Internet.

However, I've been sidetracked to some extent in that I'm also considering adding Old Time Radio to the mix, and maybe even making it the primary focus.  To that end, I've been organizing my collection, gathering the best quality versions of the various shows that I want to air, and figuring out how to make the playlists.

That's how I discovered that ottrlibrary.org has disappeared (the site is still there, but all the shows have been removed).  I posted about this on part15.org.

Most OTR is in the public domain in Canada, and our laws are much less draconian than the U.S. (at least right now).  So I'm also busy searching out and finding as many additional shows as I can find before they all disappear.  I suspect that, like otrrlibrary.org, sources are going to find it easier to just remove show downloads rather than engage in potentially costly legal battles.  It's not like anyone (even the so-called ownership claimants) are going to make much money out of this stuff.

Luckily, there are always newsgroups to fall back on.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know.  It's not like there's any set schedule for me to start operating.  The station will eventually come online.

Artisan Radio -- p.s.  Still really enjoying your blog
Response from The Blog: Starting soon we'll be opening our Demand Radio page here at kdxradio.com featuring links to outstanding low power radio stations and programs with Artisan Radio featured prominently. By our estimate Old Time Radio (OTR) is the second most popular format among low power operators, right after hit music.

Friday August 2, 2019 9:03 PM CDT -- Rise of the American Gestapo
To the victor go the spoils. Following WWII we became the victor, the "spoils" include what the Third Reich had shown.
Read On

Friday August 2, 2019 7:35 PM CDT -- Picture of Parts
Broken parts removed from Bruce's Hallicrafters 60-pound communications radio.
Removed Parts
Replaced by Danny

Friday August 2, 2019 6:36 PM CDT -- Jumbled Thoughts
97.9% of all people on earth love their pets and 98.6 % of all people are sports fans. No group turns against me and mischaracterizes me more often than either of these two groups, but it's not fair! Innocent things I confide in them are taken the wrong way and they accuse me of hating dogs or cats or hating sports and I don't hate either of them! All I attempt to do is make the ocassional critical observation about these categories because nothing should be above criticism but they always defend their pets or sports in a death struggle against any critique. The reason this keeps happening is that I intend being honest and open with people rather than guarded and cautious because I respect people to have the maturity and intelligence to understand the nuances in commenting on various experiences. But people relinquish their higher mindedness in a descent to the level of their animals and sports competition with me a team of one on the losing side. Consider this example: I was going around suggesting that anyone who keeps pets should be required to obtain a degree in zoology and build a separate habitat suitable to the species being kept. It's obviouys that pets feel ill-at-ease around human furniture. I may also have said that a dog bark is the worst noise in the world. It gets worse when I suggest that pre-teen children should be put in cages under house-arrest with ankle-tracking-bracelets on account of being untrustworthy wild animals until at least somewhat educated. And I've proposed giving football players each their own football so they wouldn't risk head injuries by battling it out over the one ball. Just today in the news I read that a woman in her 80s was eaten by her dog and I think that sort of thing happens more often than we hear about and would be prevented under my plan. The only real advantage to being a sports celebrity is that they have the best looking wives in the world which diminishes the remaining supply, however those women often burn themselves under the beach sun until they need to avoid being seen.

Anyway, I'm very impressed by service animals that provide physical and emotional support to their owners, and appreciative of the job market created by public obsession with sports, though maybe a bit jealous that I can't buy into it because my revulsion prevents my knowing anything about it. No sports radio station would give me the time of day.

Friday August 2, 2019 3:49 PM CDT -- The Squeeze-Ball Bottle Organ
Coming soon is Artisan Radio's All Opera streaming radio station, which we naturally think of while hearing this song from Mozart's Magic Flute opera.
A Thing of Beauty

Friday August 2, 2019 12:46 NOON CDT -- When Radio Took Authority Away from Parents - a Book Excerpt from R. Buckminster Fuller
Human fathers and mothers for multimillions of years served as the memory-bank authority that showed children what they could safely eat and how to communicate. The parents told the children what they could or could not do to get along with "the system" into which they were born.  The parents told the children what they should and should not believe. To history's children the parents were "the authority" .

In the 1920s it was disclosed to the world's children and their parents that the voice coming over the radio had more up-to-the-minute information regarding many more subjects than had the parents. The parents did not tell the children that the radio people had more authoritative information-- it was self-evident to the children, who witnessed their parents running next door to the neighbors to tell them what the radio people had just told them.

The people who were selected as broadcasters by the radio stations were selected for the commonality of their diction in contradistinction to the millions of esoteric jargons with which the parents had communicated. The radio people were also picked for the size and richness of their vocabularies and the facility with which they drew upon such conventionalized vocabularies.

Because it was self-evident to the children that the radio people were greater authorities than their parents, the children now emulated the diction and vocabularies of the radio people.
--R. Buckminster Fuller -- Abbreviated from page 230 "Critical Path"

Friday August 2, 2019 12:15 NOON CDT -- Make America Better
Right now I'm inclining toward Marianne Williamson for several reasons and, as well, various of those presently put forward might do well enough as far as Democrats go, but what we'd also like to see is the Republican Party transforming into something adult and less prone toward anti-human inside-jobbing. There's no reason America can't be great, although the potential is close to its expiration date, but as a country founded on sports and war a last-minute come-from-behind victory would stir the cheering crowd.

Thursday August 1, 2019 12:57 NOON CDT -- Fire Commissioners Call for Real Investigation of 9/11
Paul Craig Roberts brings the story CNN ignores

Thursday August 1, 2019 11:04 AM CDT -- The Physical World Is Still in Business

As a social recluse housed in the monastary of an online radio station, it serves our world awareness to take the rare expedition into the physical streets to get a gist of how civilization is doing outside of their home theaters and wall-wide screens, albeit never detached from their palm-screens. Traffic was narrowed to 1-lane for many miles in all directions to allow room for deep-street below-ground upgrades and repairs, possibly part of Monday's water outage. We forget that the pixels in the room depend on massive physical infrastructure so that the artificial world that holds our attention can be delivered reliably to positions as nearby refrigerators as possible.

Thursday August 1, 2019 10:54 AM CDT -- The Chat We're Having about Websites, Forum Sites and the Like
Boomer asks a sidebar question:  I see that Part-15 org has a spark of voltage going through it, over the Rolls FM transmitter. Oh, I was going to ask, are you a member of the radio fraternity who has a Decade brand transmitter? I was showing their site to JaSonic and thought you had one.
The response: Oh, no, I don't. But from everything said about them I have no doubt they're outstanding. What we have here at Worldround Radio are a CCrane FM1 and FM2, 4x Scosche FMT4 Transmitters FCC Certified for 87.7 & 87.9 MHz, a Ramsey FM35B, an EDM and a Wholehouse 2.0. As far as that Rolls device is concerned, I looked into it once and am among those that noticed it is not FCC compliant but the fact that it does exist is part of the inventory we all keep as spectrum farmers.

Thursday August 1, 2019 10:42 AM CDT -- The New Days Are Just Like the Old Days
Remember the days when first class hi-fi and stereo components formed the center of luxury living? It's happening again!
Marantz Presents the Present!

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